Heart Harmonics in the Garden

Dear Friends,

While working on a ‘post-Blue Moon-to-Red Moon sharing’ which is taking me into the geometries underpinning Life, today’s post is a little prequel. I’d love to share a bit of Spring from my garden, and talk about plant consciousness and the opening of the inner heart.

The spiral of the blooming Rose expresses the golden ratio-Fibonacci spiral.

The spiral of the blooming Rose expresses the golden ratio-Fibonacci spiral.

Everything is consciousness, frequencies of light organized through and by metaphysical Light (the flow of Unconditioned Love), along specific constructional principles that include phi (the golden ratio), the logarithmic sequence (Fibonacci), and many sub-structural modes, expressing through dimensions of light, sound and flow beyond the normal grasp of our physical senses, yet which extend through the slowest ‘light speeds’ and ‘sound waves’ of first to third dimensions, where our senses experience consciousness reflected & refracted as seemingly dense material forms. The focus of the mind/third eye can perceive, explore, interpret and categorize these forms, while the inner sense of the Inner Heart  – seat of the soul – can see, feel and connect with that which is reflected into form, in the forms ie; Love’s extension through frequency bands of metaphysical Light, into the condensation of forms, and recognize the whole expression.

The centre of a daisy expressing the golden ratio.

The centre of a daisy expressing the golden ratio.

Our souls are naturally tuned to recognize, connect and feel oneness with the whole expression, delighting in every unique Essence flowing within the whole. This is our soul’s state of innate harmony. Tension is experienced when will is steered off-alignment with oneness, utilized in resistance to oneness, which reflects in a stretching, then splitting away from the whole, where the Essence is refracted into life fragments that (appear to) lose connection/communication with each other, and drop into the tension of a sense of aloneness, separation, wandering in the illusion of the Void, its inner sense/innocence Veiled, searching for reconnection and security in material objects, relationships and psychospiritual projections, until the Inner Heart opens again, allowing conscious re-union with the soul. Then the Void-and-Veil dissolve away, and that life fragment remembers that it was never truly apart, always a-part-in-oneness, always whole.

When we open our inner sense to patterns of consciousness reflecting in the natural world, we connect with the whole, and attune to the expanding, evolving focus of consciousness in the vibrational patterning within every living thing (including that which is apparently inert). Plantlife shows us stages of consciousness in its visual forms. Flowers are a continual gifting to all life at this 3D level, to remember the highest expression of our own consciousness. This is the higher nature of the plant world and its elemental helpers, to reflect into 3D the remembrance of peak consciousness, demonstrated in flowers, as the vibrational pinnacle of plants. On the physical consciousness level, plants learned to modify some of their leaves into petals with colours and scents to attract pollinators. On subtler levels, flowering (and fruiting) plants vibrate the energy of completion of a journey – from reacting to duality to healing and opening back to the whole, in harmonic unity, as they put forth flowers.

The pattern of seeds in a sunflower expresses the golden ratio.

The pattern of seeds in a sunflower expresses the golden ratio.

In the duality ‘eat or be eaten’ consciousness, plants have developed all manner of defences to ward off predators – thorns, bristles, tough bark, poisons, acids. Creepers cling to trees for support and deprive them of sunlight, while others have become direct killers themselves, trapping insects and absorbing their bodies. Yet when these plants blossom, at a vibrational level they pinnacle their consciousness into perfect harmony. As a reflection to humanity, in the interconnectedness of all consciousness, they remind us how to heal and uplift ourselves into that higher harmony. They are communicating Love, each one with a specific unique focus.

When I sit and walk through my garden and surrounding bushland, feeling this interconnection and exchange of energy, it is so natural to feel love, appreciation, and gratitude. That’s what the plant kingdom speaks to, our inner heart. So I’d like to take you for a walk through the garden, and then my morning walk in the bush. Centre in your heart, still your mind, notice the shapes and colours, feel what attracts you most among them, and how each flower connects to certain chakras, emotions, states of mind, with the potential to help uplift them.

White daisies with a few orange nasturtiums.

White daisies with a few orange nasturtiums.

These daisies have 13 petals, number of the Divine Feminine/Mother energy.

These daisies have 13 petals, number of the Divine Feminine/Mother energy.

Pale yellow Banksia Roses.

Pale yellow Banksia Roses…

...intertwine with bright pink geraniums.

…intertwine with bright pink geraniums.

Geraniums and nasturtiums wander between trees...

Geraniums and nasturtiums wander between trees…

...and flow over the fences.

…and flow like a wave over the fences (no boundaries).

Apple blossom geranium, delicate pink-white...

Apple blossom geranium, delicate pink-white…

...and blazing with the red of life force...

…and blazing with the red of life force…

...changing form in native Bottlebrush...

…changing form in native Bottlebrush…

...cooling into cups of blue...

…cooling into cups of blue…

Now we've walked a full circle, ending with a cascade of orange.

Now we’ve walked a full circle, ending with a cascade of orange.

And into the Perth hills bush, brimming with life!

Purple fringed lilies, striped inside with five-pointed stars.

Purple fringed lilies…

Orange pea flowers...

Orange pea flowers…

Yellow hibertia, which starts flowering in winter under grey skies, bringing sunshine to earth.

Yellow hibertia, which starts flowering in winter under grey skies, bringing sunshine to earth.

Soft, furry cat's paws...

Soft, furry cat’s paws…

White trigger plants...

White trigger plants…

...and pink fountain trigger plants, like flocks of floral butterflies...

…and pink fountain trigger plants, like flocks of flower-butterflies…

Brilliant coral pea.

Brilliant coral pea.

Peachy coloured heather...

Peachy coloured heather…

Sky blue leschenaultia...

Sky blue leschenaultia…

...and blue dampiera.

…and blue dampiera.

Blue lilies, six-pointed stars...

Blue lilies, six-pointed stars…

And our iconic 'state flower', kangaroo paw...

And our iconic ‘state flower’, kangaroo paw…

...balancing red chi with the green of relaxation.

…balancing red chi with the green of relaxation.

To connect with the underlying harmony of the planetary consciousness, its higher dimensional heart grid, and the harmonic vibrations expressed and resolved in the plant world, naturally aligns us with our own higher harmonic resolution. If you don’t have access to a garden where you live, look at photographs of flowers with the intent to connect with them from your heart. Allow them to blossom in your inner heart garden, where everything can be connected to energetically, and the magic of Life will unfold.

Love to you all. Namaste,

Joanna. ❤


PS: If you’re new to this site, and would like to feel in deeper with flowers and some examples of how they can assist in higher vibrational practices, I’ve collected a few visualizations with specific flowers on the Practices page.






I Know What I Saw: The Momentum of Disclosure

Dear All,

Disclosure of extraterrestrial presence around Earth is gaining momentum. I Know What I Saw, from director James Fox, is the latest documentary film to be released that assembles evidence from a range of witnesses, from civilian to military, and offers a good introduction of the subject to people who are as yet unaware or disbelieving of the reality of ETs.

From UFOTV: “Director James Fox brings together the testimony of Air Force generals, astronauts, military and commercial pilots, government and FAA officials from seven countries; their accounts reveal the reasons those involved at the highest levels have chosen government secrecy over public disclosure in I Know What I Saw.”

Dr. Edgar Mitchell, former Apollo astronaut, describes this film as “The most compelling film on the subject to date.”

If you don’t know of it, a focused action for formal government Disclosure is currently underway in the US, led by Steve Bassett of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure. DVDs of witness testimonies given at the National Press Club in Washington DC in April/May 2013 have now been sent to every member of the US Congress, with the call for a congressional hearing on extraterrestrial presence on/around Earth. In the Disclosure movement, there’s a widely held view that if a congressional hearing takes place (the first in the US since 1968, on the topic of ETs) then the ‘truth veto’ will be impossible to maintain, and global Disclosure by governments will swiftly follow.

From Steve Bassett: “The evidence for an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race is now massive, and polls show over half of the American people are convinced this presence is real. It is long past time for the U.S. Congress to hold comprehensive hearings and assert its investigative and oversight responsibilities.”

The Intergalactic Confederation has been sending emissaries to Earth’s governments since the 1950s, if not earlier, and as many of you know, if they had not been rejected we ‘d be living in a very different world right now. The galactics have upheld, and continue to uphold, the vibrational choices of humanity – while human and non-human powers behind governments strive to preserve plutocratic rule under the guise of democracy. Please know that in this situation, every bit of genuine disclosure, from all angles – official, civilian, large or seemingly tiny – helps.

Photo I took of two V-shaped/chevron ships of the Ashtar Command, which flew through the halo of the moon, dec 4, 2014.

Photo I took on December 4, 2014, of two V-shaped ships of the Ashtar Command, which flew through the halo of the moon.

Every connection made with the loving beings watching over and assisting Earth’s evolutionary Shift establishes another conduit of light, and when I look around the higher dimensional heart grid of this planet, lights are ‘switching on’ all over it. Disclosure is the prelude to massive transformations and, despite extreme confusion at present about ‘who is who and what is what’, through a plethora of contradictory beliefs, it is happening.

Keep steady through this process. Listen to your heart’s inner voice, rather than be swayed by messages and stories that have been ‘interfered with’ by the 4D matrix. Whether looking at ‘hard facts’ or disinformation/hoaxes, channellings or research, whatever it is, the mind works in clarity when it is fully aligned with your inner heart, the seat of your soul ~ a peaceful heart is a clear light through which to see and feel.

We are experiencing a period of intensified light, and intensified resistance where old template energies have not yet been cleared, both of which express individually in our psyches and bodies, collectively in harsh events and increased levels of distraction and stress – and in movements for freedom, respect, compassion and equity. Love your Self and all beings,all Life, like never before, lift it further, and the veil of lower energies disappears. Then ‘disclosure’, on all levels, simply IS!

Colours of Love: rainbow orbs, photo taken December 6, 2014.

Colours of Love: rainbow orbs, photo taken December 6, 2014.


Namaste. ❤


PS: Another facet of Disclosure is represented in the work of Robert Hastings, who for more than forty years has been researching the phenomenon of UFOs hovering over nuclear missile launch sites and storage facilities and deactivating weapons, around the world. He has interviewed over 150 former missile site technicians and personnel in the US, and is also seeking financial assistance from the public to complete an upcoming documentary about UFOs and nuclear weapons. The following interview with him is in English,  after an intro in Spanish:


PPS: My Disclosure Petition is still running. If you’d like to sign & share, please do.

PPPS: The following update was just posted regarding Steve Bassett’s Congressional Hearing Initiative:

The social media campaign to ensure the DVDs are reviewed by congressional staff is moving forward rapidly. The number of tweets and Facebook messages with hashtag #disclosure since Oct. 31 is over 600,000. The campaign is being run from three web site locations: www.faxonwashington.org, www.disclosure.media, The Disclosure Lobby (Facebook).

Please continue to tweet, email, post and share, to keep the energy high for this Disclosure effort. ❤



Healing Meditation with Mount Fuji

Dear friends,

I’ll continue my posts about star family contact soon, but for now, wish to share a meditation with you, especially for the coming fortnight. ❤

Following recent dreams/visions of Mt Fuji in Japan, I had a meditation image this morning of a Heart Pool Temple (see below). I often see it with Earth floating above the pool, and it shows me the state of the planet. Today, a whale swam around the Earth, in a spiral way, and as it swam, all the waters of the planet, including in the bodies of all living beings, filled with white shining light, the Light of Ascension.
Also, the face of Dr Emoto (who dedicated his earthly life to revealing the way consciousness affects and is ‘in’ water, and who passed out of physical a few days ago) was there…he smiled and gave his blessing, in a role of overseeing the Lighting of the waters.
Mt Fuji appeared in front of me, with a golden key above it, pointing down into the crater at the top of the mountain.


In sync came this link:
And this one:

The Key over Mt Fuji is given to unlock the flow of Gaia’s inner ascension light, which will help anchor many light spheres currently being positioned around the planet by star family, along with the crystalline structures of water in us all and around Earth, to intake and hold more higher dimensional light.

Please feel free to join in meditation, visualization, chanting or prayer, whatever feels good to you, from the current New Moon until the next Full Moon, and hold the intention or vision of the golden key descending and turning in the summit of Mt Fuji, opening a flow of soft white Mother Light to all Life

Loving you All. Namaste! ❤


Here is the Heart Pool Temple, as I ‘see’ it, for anyone who would like to connect in this way:
How I see it, is in the Inner Heart ‘realm’, and if you’d like to work with it in this way, just go into the inner heart-land (for starters, if you’e ‘heady’, see yourself walking down a staircase from your head into your heart, and open the tiny door there. When you walk through, there’s a stream (the Source Stream) with a bridge over it, that goes into your 5D+ creational space. On the near side of the stream is 4D landscape, which is ‘collective’. The Heart Pool Temple is in the 4D space. It’s a Mu (Lemurian) style healing crystalline light pool within a sacred space, and above it is suspended a light form of planet Earth; because you’re ‘in’ 4D, you can ‘see’ the whole 3D aspect of the planet at once. The truth of this has been borne out to me many times, when I’ve gone in and seen what energies are flowing around different parts of Earth, then read of flares, conflicts, group healings etc, and it all is exact reflection. When you walk, free of blockages, in the Inner Heart, everything in it is a perfect mirror, of group consciousness on the 4D ‘side’ and your own consciousness and that of close ones in the higher D spaces…..
In the Heart Pool Temple, you can work with the Earth, and all who need healing, as a whole, and see the energies And you can zoom in to particular points, like Mt Fuji, within the sacred space of the Temple, which is within, you might say, the protecting Bow of Mother, and focus specific intents.

Enjoy ~ We meet in Love ❤

Convergence: All-Time is of the Essence

Dear friends,

My understanding of ‘time’ has been going through some refinements recently, and it seems fitting to speak about it on the Equinox, the twice-yearly point of equipoise of day/night in our planet’s annual ‘time cycle’, and address a bit of confusion around timelines, time spirals and a certain ‘Event’.

We experience the passage of time while incarnate on Earth, at least in the Age we’re in the process of leaving, through a combining of the masculine Source energy of the line (arrow) and the feminine Source energy of the circle (bow, arch, that which wraps the arrow). We identify with ‘moving through time’ in a physical body as a line – in 3D a finite line from start to finish/ birth to death – that is propelled through a series of circles; from the minute (a circle of seconds), a day (a circle of hours) to a week, to a month, to a season, to a year, to a decade, and so on…

The line and the circle cannot be separated in our lived experience; the line progresses forward, merged with the rhythm of circles/cycles, and the merging of the two, the ‘forward projecting motion’ of the cycle along a line, forms a spiral. Just as our Sun is moving through-and-with the movement of the Milky Way galaxy with its spiralling family of planets, so the ‘linear circling’ form is ever-present in the double helix strands of our (old template) DNA.

dna - Copy

When we focus our energies into timelines or time cycles separately, we align to one or other of the masculine or feminine motion of Source flow, rather than the unified Whole, and reinforce not only our connection to the limited 3D duality template and 2-strand DNA, but to its continuance at a collective level. By the way, 3-strand DNA has already been observed in human babies, such as this child born in Manchester, England in 2011. His third strand of DNA was only ‘discovered’ because doctors were trying to find the cause of disabilities he was born with. Unless there is a reason like this to look at the DNA of a baby, it would go unnoticed, so there could potentially be many souls arriving now with a third strand active, slipping in unnoticed. 🙂


Celtic triskele: return of triune energy, trinity DNA superceding duality DNA

Celtic triskele: return of triune energy, trinity DNA superceding duality DNA


Yin, Yang, Yu: three modulations of the wave form of creation

A very important experiment by NASA slipped under the radar of mainstream media, also in 2011, which proved Einstein’s theory that the Earth (and by extension, all planets) sits in its own localized fourth dimensional fold of time-space. The understanding that our planet exists in its own local 4D ‘pillow’ (follow this link to read the original article) is as huge a time-space paradigm breakthrough as humanity graduating from the flat earth to round Earth concept. It is a profound ‘shifter’, to say the least; imagine if the whole of humanity was aware of itself existing in fourth dimension, projecting the illusion of a third dimensional template. Changes the mental/emotional ‘hold’ of 3D, doesn’t it?

Artist's impression of the 4D spacetime fold around the Earth, NASA archives.

Artist’s impression of the 4D spacetime fold around the Earth, NASA archives.

Higher dimensional beings exist beyond the time-space framework as understood on Earth, and can express themselves through ‘All-Time’ at will – in other words, they can (and do) reach through to our awareness by, as my soul aspect Rowena has been explaining to me, modulating the wave form of time. She says all energies exist as wave forms, whether light, sound, time etc. Indeed, we are modulating them every moment, according to the projected vibrations of our consciousness, mostly unconsciously. Star family do it consciously, in alignment with the whole Source flow, and literally bend space and time to move lightships, and themselves, across dimensions (more on this in the next post) to be visible to us.

violet arc top centre-right

First photo I took showing the arc/bow (spacetime bend) of a lightship crossing dimensions, May 5th, 2013.

violet arc enhanced

Contrast enhanced, shows clearly the ‘pull’ of the Convergence/wave modulation, in the clouds at lower left, sucked up in a vacuum effect toward the ‘bend’.

Higher frequency beings conduct and express through Convergence of energies that alter their relative ‘angles’ in relation to our time-space focal points, and when we are connected to/merged with our own higher dimensional aspects, we too Shift into streams of Convergence. I notice this as a feeling of ‘time standing still’ or of ‘time racing’ in great disappearing chunks, and converging strings of numbers. Last week, the last numbers I saw on the computer screen at night were 14 degrees C at 11:14. The same happens in the car, such as leaving home in a temperature of 10 degrees C at 10:10 am and driving back into the carport in 11 degrees C at 11:11 am, so I’m seeing 10:10:10 on the screen, then 11:11:11. The more in heart centre I AM, looking/feeling through higher frequencies, the longer and more frequent the numeric strings. (The drafts of this post saved at 11:12:13, and 1:44:41)

To feel star family’s ‘relative position’ to you/us, visualize a right angle, for instance, a V-shape, with its ‘arms’ facing to the Earth/3-4D. If it touches the Earth, it forms a triangle or pyramid, with Earth as the base of the triangle. The energy of Convergence meets in the centre, the heart of the pyramid, and merges in that ‘point’ of All-Time. This is precisely the ‘meeting in the middle’ between Earth humanity and Galactics that precipitates the ‘Event’ of mass awakening on this planet.

Be clear on this; the Event we are bringing about, a breakthrough moment of the old template into the new, does not hinge on certain dates and times, it hinges on a Convergence of frequencies. This is already happening as more souls on Earth individually experience moments of connection (sightings of craft, orbs, communications) that become more continuous as they clear blockages and stabilize more deeply, providing anchors with star fleet. Small groups have started to form, and larger groups will follow, of people able to hold their balance in the Converged frequencies of Inner Heart.

Enjoy the equipoise balance point of this Equinox, dear Hearts, and flow with kindness to yourself and others when it comes to all old releasing energies. Focus into your equal-IB-rium, the IB, the Heart of You, in the centre of Convergence that you are, beloved of Source.

Namaste! ❤





Seeing through the Arch

DSCF2918 - Copy

Double rainbow, Aug 18, 2014, Darlington, WA.

Dear friends,

At a time when duality reflections are being pushed to an extreme on planet Earth, it is vital for the crystalline heart grid to continue being filled with our love. The deeper we go into our inner heart, the steadier we anchor there, the more multidimensional our experience and viewing IS.

We know negative actions/reactions emit a dense vibration that supports our connection to the old 3D template, while energies of love, joy, compassion and harmony support Gaia’s new 5D unity template, and bring it into our ‘reality’. Awareness comes with responsibility for the energies we radiate constantly, whether in response to personal or global ‘stuff’….yet without stressing about it….staying in peace, centered, and if we have a moment of ‘drop’ in our energies, choosing to pick ourselves up again without fixating on old stories, and without beating up on ourselves. 🙂

We are called, by our higher selves, to focus our aim very clearly, for ourselves and all life…..going into our Inner Hearts, connecting our third eye and ego mind with the heart’s deepest love, anchoring through our root….and allowing Source Light to stream through us, for All. Let’s look at dimensions 1 to 6, for now, and feel what it IS to embrace an expanding viewing point.

dimensions1 - Copy - Copy (2)

There exists firstly the Zero Point, the predimensional state of all potential, and from that point develops the line (extension) of First Dimension. Imagine the view of a being existing in First Dimension, within the dimension of length; they would see only in points….points along their length. So the view from First Dimension existence is, literally, linear pointilism. Second Dimension then extends another line/length to another point, which gives height; length and height create the plane. Point >> line >> plane.

dimensions1 - Copy - Copy

Now imagine that plane as a piece of paper, put your hand on the paper, just touching it with your fingertips. A being viewing from Second Dimension, the plane, would see the circles (points) where each of your fingertips touches the paper, and if you laid your hand on its side, they would see the line created by the length of your hand. So a being focused through Second Dimension sees both points and lines/length.

dimensions1 - Copy

In Third Dimension, an extra extension of length angles to create width/depth, giving volume. A being focused through 3D exists in space, can move around in that space, and sees through Second Dimension, the flat plane. Only the play of light describes depth of field to the 3D viewer. Take light away, and that being is stumbling around in the dark, so to speak. With light, it can view objects in space, but it cannot see around them. For instance, if we’re looking at a tree in daylight, the fall of light gives us a sense of the trunk’s roundness, the space it occupies, the texture of bark, nuances of colour. But we can’t see the back of the tree. Because we (and the tree) exist in a spatial field, we can walk around the tree to see its other side, but then we won’t be able to see the first ‘side’. So our vision is planar, two dimensional.

tempoh4 - Copy

Four Dimensions

Fourth Dimension adds infinite angles to the 3D cube, forming the hypercube or tesseract. From an inner understanding, to know 4D is to enter the tiny space of the Inner Heart, where our own Core Point exists, zero point of stillness, and behold/immerse in our Heart Core ray-diation, pure love, that connects through All-Time to all of existence. A being focused in Fourth Dimension sees through three dimensions, so beyond the planar view of 3D, a 4D being sees the whole cube/space at once, back, front, sides, top, bottom, and interior. Suddenly, Third Dimension becomes transparent. This is what is meant by seeing the llusion of 3D, simply that its ‘reality’ becomes ‘see-through’ from higher dimensional viewing.

Five dimensions

Five dimensions

So how does the view expand further for a being focused through Fifth Dimension, existing in the unified field of All-connections? The 5D hypersphere or crystalline light structure is that which amplifies (augments) Love infinitely. In the field of unity with Source, the concept known to medieval philosophers that ‘love is the glue of the universe’ can be seen. It is visible, always felt, always known, beyond confines of time or space. A 5D being sees through Fourth Dimension; we not only see (through) the entire cube, the hypercube, we see/feel all its expansions at once from (and inside) every ‘angle’, simultaneously.

Can you see/feel how different ‘reality’ looks and feels to a being whose focus is entrained through 3D, viewing through the play of light and shadow on the 2D plane, and to a being focused through 5D who views through all planes and angles? Do you feel what it means to be a Fifth Dimensional being housed in a Third Dimensional body, an augmenting conduit of Love in union with Source? And why we are called to maintain our focus through the 5D ‘field’ of infinite Love, no matter what those of less light throw across the planar view?

Sixth Dimension of Light

Sixth Dimension of Light

With Sixth Dimension making its mark in the heart grid of Gaia, let’s feel into this viewing point too. A being focused through 6D, beyond physical form, yet free to represent as form at will in the dimension of pure light, ‘sees’ through the unity field of Source, all and everywhere, infinitely, in immersion with the unity. It sees/feels/IS the formless light preceding form, planes, angles or points, as an imperishable unique spark of awareness.

Look for a moment at the tribulations of 3D humanity, the planet, the environment, animals, the 3D way, and notice how responses lock in, contract, focus, fluctuate. Then look at/feel the same energies through 5-6D. Now we’re in the viewing of our Heart Core, seat of the soul, in unity, embracing All, loving, flowing only joy….bringing Heaven to Earth…… ❤


I am asked to show this photo, taken in February this year; a visual message from higher dimensional beings representing their Light in orb form, arranged as an arch around a tree.

They come with these words: Feel the way of the Arch (Archangels), dear souls, the view that wraps and penetrates as One, holds the ‘tree of life’ in Light, sees the sacred Source Flow through every leaf, every vein. We reconstitute geometries of Life, re-open the Wholeness of the way. Keep steadfast, souls on Earth. Anchor deep, see through the Arch, refresh your heart, perceive from its ever-growing Light, as one with us. We love you!

I love you too, sisters and brothers of the Shift! If you feel weary along the way, be still, breathe golden light into your heart centre, relax, let it pool there and spread throughout your being……refresh yourself with loving kindness, and let it radiate out for all….

Namaste ❤


Enjoy Asha’s musical refreshment…… for your heart pool; may it BE a shining reservoir of immortal gold!







New film: Dr. Edgar Mitchell, 6th Man on the Moon

“We went to the Moon as technicians; we returned as humanitarians.’                                         Dr. Edgar Mitchell

Hello dear friends,

For those of you who don’t know about it, The Space Less Traveled, a biographical film about former Apollo astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, sixth man to walk on the Moon, has been in production for a year. Its producers are seeking funding to complete the movie through the Kickstarter programme, and as the life-work of Dr. Mitchell – the raising of human consciousness and disclosure of extra-terrestrial presence on/around Earth – is close to my heart, I’m posting a link here where you can help support the film.

At 84, Mitchell remains a tireless, modest, courageous and insightful advocate for Disclosure, new energy, and the advancement of human consciousness. I look forward to watching the completed film!

Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 astronaut

Dr. Edgar Mitchell, Apollo 14 astronaut


The Space Less Traveled is a feature length documentary about Apollo 14 astronaut and sixth man on the moon, Edgar Mitchell, whose three day return flight to Earth in 1971 was a revelation, shaping the rest of his life. The Space Less Traveled shines a light on Ed’s ceaseless exploration since his return, focusing on his work as a scientist, philosopher, author, poet, and humanitarian. With unprecedented access, we’ve spent the last year filming Ed and his closest friends, colleagues, and family. This has culminated in numerous never before heard stories and insights. Ed’s pursuits in the areas of consciousness, healing, sustainability, cosmology, extraterrestrials, and the paranormal have made him an outsider to many, and an icon to others. Previously unknown information about Ed’s days in NASA are revealed, and serve as a launching pad for a lifetime of achievements, from Ed’s formation of The Institute of Noetic Sciences, to his current mission of harnessing zero point energy, and everything in between. The Space Less Traveled promises to be an enlightening, fun biopic about one man’s ceaseless exploration.

Follow the link, watch the trailer, and please share widely, as there are only four funding days left in the Kickstarter campaign.


I also have a petition for world ET Disclosure, addressed to the Secretary-General of the UN, here, if you would like to read and/or sign it.

Most of you reading this will know I’ve had contact with members of the Galactic Federation for several years, and have taken hundreds of photos of ships and our ET brothers and sisters. Here’s a photo I took in April, last year; the Moon is behind thin cloud on the left, and in the upper right of the frame there is a faint disc (small cloaked ship), with a ‘white light’ being descending directly beneath it. I’ll introduce this dear friend in more detail soon.  🙂

Photo taken April 21, 2013, from the Perth hills, Western Australia.

Photo taken April 21, 2013, from the Perth hills, Western Australia.

Close-up of the above photo.

Close-up from the above photo.


Love to you all, dearhearts. Have a wonderful week, and stay in high heart energy! Namaste ❤

A Place in the Sun

To all our animal companions, with gratitude ❤

Dear friends, today’s post is dedicated to my beautiful bunny, Pixie, who left her body last night following heart failure. ‘Heart’ was indeed her inner name, her soul name, as she described it telepathically, ‘Anahata’ (name of the heart chakra in Sanskrit). She came into my life as a rather shy one year old, we bonded instantly, and her character shone through; sensitive, strong-willed, funny, curious, brave, loyal, protective, affectionate and above all, constantly beaming love.

Pixie, July 17, 2014.

Pixie, July 17, 2014.

While I was unwell for a few months, she barely left my side, always curled up next to me or ‘guarding’ at my feet. Since I was unable to pick her up, she hopped along everywhere I went, and after going to her food bowl or litter tray would always look up into my eyes and ‘check on me’, then snuggle up close.

"Are you okay, Mum?"

“Are you okay, Mum?”

What she gave was pure adoration, and I am reminded now of all the animals in this world who flow their love to humans, a most lovely experience on Earth of unconditional love, a ‘reminder’ of what love truly means, what it IS, the utter simplicity of it, whenever our ego minds have got into knots and divided us from ourselves and others.

Pixie washing my hand.

Pixie washing my hand.

So I send out a prayer of thanks now to all the beautiful animals, and hold the vision of Fifth Dimension on this planet, of the return of the vibration of paradise, where the lion lays down with the lamb, and no human would conceive of harming another, or any living being. Behind the array of ‘body suits’, we are all One Life, connected and interweaving our energies endlessly.

To Pixie, sweet, soft friend and devoted Heart, thank you for being in my life, rest in peace now, our love continues across ‘the veil’. May all beings have a spring in their step like yours, and literally jump for Joy! 🙂

This cloud-form appeared a few hours before she passed; star family often ‘sign’ a V in the sky….this one also looks and feels Heart-like.

Photo taken July 19, 2014.

Photo taken July 19, 2014.

My son and I picked flowers currently blooming (it being winter here) for her grave. What a joy to find a single Rose in bloom, peachy golden yellow, colour of the Sacred Heart. And so it is….

Pixie's resting place.

Pixie’s resting place.

Love IS! Forever……

Namaste, to you all ❤


This one’s for all the dear animals….’A Place in the Sun’…