Gaia is the planetary consciousness of Earth. What does that mean? Gaia is a soul, a beautiful divine spark of Source who expresses in 3D manifestation as the precious blue-green pearl we live on, co-creating the current collective global ‘reality’ in partnership with Gaia and all life here, whether we know it consciously or not.

Gaia is currently in the process of Shifting her planetary body from a 3D-4D to 5D vibrational experience, transforming dualistic expressions into a shared, lived experience based in recognition of the divine Oneness in all life. The new planetary template is already in place, based in Unity Consciousness of harmony, peace and unconditional love for all life, while the duality template of separation and experiencing through contrast & competition is diminishing. The process is graduated, to keep it as smooth as possible. For those taking this journey with Gaia, tension/stress is felt where there is resistance or blockage from the ego-mind, personally ands collectively, until it allows itself to relax, trust, align and flow with the higher template way of being.

The higher dimensional template embraces and realigns the lower, converging the energies into one stream. This is true of Gaia and all life travelling with her, and that template extends what I see as a ‘goldenprint’ (the renewal of the ‘golden frequency’ structural harmonics of Source’s sub-creation) into the subatomic level of our dna/rna, into our light-energy body, just as it does through Gaia’s planetary template, subtle dna/rna, and energetic field. Everything is in perfect reflection. Just as the chi (life force) flows through the meridian system in our energetic body, so the chi flows through Earth’s meridian system, the ley lines, song lines or dragon paths.

Our chi pathways can become blocked or weakened, as can the Earth’s. Some of this has been done deliberately by control-oriented entities, to lock down the vibrational field of the planet, some is due to residual energetic contamination. Here, I’d love to send out a big ‘thanks’ to all the beings and people of many dimensions (Earth humans included) who are involved in uplifting and renewing the clear, natural chi flow of the planet with Gaia; it is truly a ‘labour of love’ (and joy!) to rebirth ourselves with our planet into full alignment with Source’s Golden Frequency of Creation again.

We can all connect with Gaia’s higher dimensional crystalline Core, in our hearts, just by feeling immense love for the planet and sending that love down through our feet to the centre of the Earth. Wherever we are on the planet, we can attune our being to the energies, the chi flow which is everywhere, in all life. We can feel the great rivers, rivulets and tributaries of light unblocking and purifying within the planet’s surface, just as they do in our own energetic body’s meridian pathways, when held in pure love, compassion and lightness of being. We can pillar metaphysical light from Source’s infinite field of love through our light bodies, into the 5D New Earth grid of Gaia, and support and strengthen it until a vibrational tipping point is reached, that melts out the illusional veil of separation from our individual-and-collective experience…and feel undistorted immersion of essence-in-Oneness, which is our true nature.

On this page I’d like to share two of my experiences of anchoring with Gaia’s grid, at the two properties I’ve lived on from 2011-2020, both in the Perth hills. Prior to this, I had for some months been attuning in Inner Heart meditations and dreams with Gaia, reawakening a deeper personal connection, which in a sense ‘brought me’ to these two locations. Both of them are situated on a ley line that runs north-south under the Darling Range, a ridge of hills running for over 400 kilometres down the western coast of Australia. The first  place has a natural circle of granite boulders over a ‘mini-node’, a junction point of the major north-south ley line and a smaller crossing tributary.

120623-1445 - Copy

Following inner guidance, I collected pieces of quartz crystal from all over the garden and arranged them in harmony with the node, with a beautiful red centre stone gifted by a friend, that came from an area near an Aboriginal sacred site in the Kimberley region of north Western Australia. It has the energy of a mini Uluru, and was a perfect physical reflection of the energetic portal I opened with star family. (We also removed a blockage from the smaller ley line near the node, to resynchronize the chi flow there). At that time, ships from the Ashtar Command starfleets became more numerous, like the two below, flying in at dusk over the node.

Two bright white-light disc-shaped ships fly in over the garden, late 2013.

Two bright white-light disc-shaped ships fly in over the garden, late 2013.

Beings were visible to me close to the node; the first I saw there were about 9 ft tall, figures of pure white light walking among the granite boulders next to the sacred circle. I was in communication with many star family members by that time, and they gave both verbal and visual reminders to ‘pillar the light’ into Gaia’s heart grid, such as forming Orb pillars.

Pillar formation, in sync with visualizing myself in a pillar of white light, April 2, 2013. Orbs often reflect or instruct like this.

Pillar formation, in sync with visualizing myself in a pillar of white light, April 2, 2013.

At the beginning of 2014 I moved to my current home, a little further south along the same ley line. I was closely guided by Ashtar (Ash’Ta’Hor) and Seshat (Sehaya) to make another sacred circle here, with specific shapes and numeric values, within a grove of beech trees, where there is a beautiful ‘heart’ energy node in the earth. This is the form that took shape.

DSCF4758 - sacred circle

This circle also has a centre stone sent by a friend (in the USA, a piece of emerald from the Colorado River – emerald is the colour of the heart chakra).


Here’s the grove, seen from a higher level of the garden. The ley line runs horizontally along the ‘level’ of the sacred circle. A crescent of baby beech trees sprang up on the east side of the circle, and grew at a beyond-normal rate, with their roots in the chi stream of the node, which star family had unblocked.

DSCF4759 - looking downhill to the sacred circle

Once reopened and cleared, the node was constantly guarded to make sure the energy flow stayed pure and stabilized, with small corrections made to balance and protect it. A single Orb is often present, signalling soul family checking and adjusting the flow (the sacred circle is also, basically, the ‘keyhole’ of a portal). The next few photos show Orbs above, or even ‘sitting in’ the sacred circle.

P1010091 - Copy


DSCF1498 - Copy

DSCF1342 - Copy - Copy

Photo March 1, 2014: Ashtar's orb sitting in the centre of the Sacred Circle.

March 1, 2014: Ashtar’s orb sitting in the centre of the Sacred Circle.

Ashtar’s projected energy form has appeared several times beside the circle, as have other starfleet members. They remain deeply ‘cloaked’, as there are neighbouring houses very close by, and if higher dimensional beings unveil their light forms, they send out a radiant glow (which I have witnessed inside my house, and in their soul Orb forms). Ashtar’s head and shoulders, with diagonal sash, can be seen just upper right of the circle in this photo.

Photo 16-2-14 Ashtar semi-materialized to right of the Sacred Circle; head, shoulders, upper chest visible.

16-2-14 Ashtar semi-materialized to right of the Sacred Circle; head, shoulders, upper chest visible.

My Crystal Twin (a particular type of Twin Soul connection) has also stood in the circle when it was newly made, in one of his higher dimensional soul aspect forms, named Samarias. He appeared in a long robe in this photo, head and one hand visible.

DSCF2800 - Copy (3)

DSCF2800 - Copy - Copy - Copy

On one occasion, we also had a small ship on the ground in the grove in 4D, a silver disc-shaped craft which was cloaked, with just the shape of its rim able to be seen.

Close-up of cloaked ship (see Lights in the Sky: Love on the Ground in Nov. archives for full shots and details).

Close-up of cloaked ship (see Lights in the Sky: Love on the Ground for details)

Visible rim-line marked in.

Visible rim-line marked in.

In the next photo, Ashura, my Twin Flame (captain of the Meri’Ashar in his 5D soul expression, Arnap), can be seen standing between trees in the grove, in the process of placing protective high frequency pyramids and diamonds around the perimeter of the grove.

dscf1254-copy-copy - Copy (2)

dscf1254-copy-copy - Copy

The next photo was on 11-11-15 (yes, certain dates do increase the higher flow, but once portals around the planet are open and stabilized, they remain open and flowing). There are two figures just visible in the second photo below (compare it to the first one to see where they appeared); they were here to maximize the 11-11 frequencies through the node.

DSC00930 - 11-11-15

DSC00929 - Copy - Copy (2)

DSC00929 - 11-11-15b

I hope this gives an idea of how much input goes into stabilizing and protecting open nodes and cleared chi flows from blockage and distortion amid a dense, dualized energy field. Just as acupuncture can be used to rebalance and rectify chi flow through our own body’s subtle meridians, so Star Family and ‘love anchors’ on the ground catalyze, open and balance the chi flow of the planet ~ not with needles or lasers, but with precise flows of higher dimensional light. Right now, I see/feel more and more portals and high frequency pockets lighting up and holding firm around the planet, supporting Gaia’s Shift and the renewal of the divine ‘goldenprint’.

As soon as the portal was opened here, other Orbs also began appearing in photos, the energies of lost or hurt souls seeking healing, guidance and love, drawn to the Light. In the next photo a large Orb with a ‘hole’ in it is escorted into the grove by two small companion Orbs.

Orb with large hole arrives for healing, assisted by two small orbs.

Orb with large hole arrives for healing, assisted by two small orbs.

As well as the network of ley lines, nodes and tributaries around the planet, remember everywhere you stand on the Earth is sacred ground, an expression of divine creation, and where the chi flow has been blocked, weakened or polluted, your unconditional love, connected with Gaia, helps to renew the life force. Love is Life!  💖🌏


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Update from the Grove

Water from the Chalice Well at Glastonbury ‘charging’ on the centre stone of the first sacred circle:


*As there is so much activity in the grove, around the node, I’ll continue updating when I take photos with orbs/beings visible. The photos below were taken on December 8, 2015. I was standing in the sacred circle, facing west to take pictures of the beautiful purple native hibiscus in bloom on that side.


There was a slight blurring between the leaves a few feet away.


Native hibiscus, with a slight blurring patch between leaves to the right of the ‘sunlit arch’ under branches, Dec. 8, 2015.

In close-up, the blurring area is faintly purple, with the faces of several beings showing in it.

DSCF7387 - Copy

DSCF7387 - Copy - Copy

The clearest, in the centre of the photo, is a feline-looking face with large eyes, small nose, and a rounded ear visible on the upper left side of her head.

DSCF7387 - Copy - Copy - Copy

These photos were taken on December 12, 2015, when I was guided to remake the outer ring of the sacred circle with pieces of white quartz, that needed to have been in water. I went to the nearest river – the riverbed now dry in early summer – and collected the quartz. While making the new ring, there were a lot of ‘presences’ watching, that showed up in the photos below.


DSCF7432 - Copy (3)

There are many beings visible in this photo. They come to bathe in the node’s open stream of higher dimensional light, and some are the grove’s guardians. Bless their beautiful souls.

DSCF7432 - Copy

DSCF7432 - Copy - Copy

DSCF7432 - Copy - Copy (2)

DSCF7432 - Copy (2)

DSCF7432 - Copy - Copy (3)

DSCF7432 - Copy - Copy (4)

On December 13, while charging a piece of quartz (to wear on my heart) on the emerald in the heart of the circle, a ship appeared straight above.


DSC01271 - Copy

DSC01271 - Copy - Copy

This is one of the pair of ships that appeared as below on the full moon of November 26th, 2015, of Tau Ceti origin.

DSC01102 - Copy (2)

Two small ships from Cetus, taken Nov. 26, 2015.

DSC01102 - Copy

These beings of the Cetus (Whale) constellation, connected with the 6D+ Whale and Dolphin beings of Sirius C origin, come with the message that with the Leonine Beings, they create and hold the ‘Sound Frame’ around/within Gaia, integrally fused with the chi/light flows of the planetary grid, and ask humanity to open their hearts and connect with them now. At the 3D reflected level, think of a blending of a cat’s purr and the singing of whales, and feel this in your heart and soul. Sound and Light of creation. Let it move through you, and harmonize you with Gaia’s higher dimensional flows, with Source creation. We are all One.

These little Tree Spirit beings appeared in the native hibiscus tree on January 19th, 2016 (look for them in the hollow above the leaves, upper centre part of frame).

DSC01892 - Copy - Copy

DSC01892 - Copy - Copy (2)

And these little blue beings on November 27th 2016, with this first one peeping shyly over a leaf.

DSC08397 - Copy - Copy

DSC08397 - Copy (2) - Copy

DSC08397 - Copy (2)

I/we’ve recently been working with cleansing/lighting the Belinus Line. For anyone feeling inner guided to attune with this global flow-line, the line I’ve drawn below is its approximate flow around the world (it crosses under Western Australia about 50kms south of where I live).

Belinus Line (2) - Copy