Lightships 2019

Welcome to this year’s page for lightships that appear in the skies over the Perth hills and nearby areas of Western Australia, following on from the photos collected on Lightships 2017-2018 and previous pages. 🙂

The ships of higher dimensional light represented on this page step their energy across dimensional frequency bands to connect with Earth from the Ashtar Command fleet of the Galactic Federation/Intergalactic Confederation, who are here supporting, guiding and assisting the current planetary Shift into higher consciousness. They (and our own higher dimensional selves, including many of your higher selves, dear readers) focus with stabilizing and progressing this global transition of energy and consciousness on and around the Earth (and Solar System) into freedom in love, unity and peace. Deepest love and gratitude go to all star family groups represented on this page, as to all beings of Love holding and flowing highest Light here and throughout the galaxies and universes. 

Continuing to share their presence into this year, our star family are always present around the planet, and fly or station ships overhead here, often giving bright flashes or positioning near stars and constellations that have a particular relevance to them, or to missions/focuses they’re involved in at that moment. Occasionally, ships give a clear, ‘decloaked’ flyover, but at this stage I’m seeing them most often as subtle pulses of light or subtly outlined in clouds.

It’s a joy and honour to continue connecting with ‘ground crew’ friends here in Western Australia also having star family connections and experiences, to share in ‘ship-watching’ together and commune with our higher dimensional brothers and sisters….brothers and sisters to all of humanity in the infinite Universal Family. ❤

If your heart calls to connect with star family, we recommend reading this post: Tips for Ship-watching and Star Family Contact

I’ll keep adding to this page throughout 2019, and would also like to link Wispy Clouds, website of dear friends Rob & Shelley Hartland, who live nearby and see (and photograph) many of the same ships and beings.

Lightships of 2019

We’ll begin with photos of multiple ships that appeared in the sequence below on January 14th 2019, in straight alignments to particular stars within the constelllation Orion, shifting all aorund the constellation, firstly in straight alignments to the stars Saiph and Bellatrix, then just above Rigel, with an orb below, then two ships straight-lining lower right of Betelgeuse, symbolizing higher adjustments of energies in and around that constellation, and the alignment of those energies in relation to the Solar System and Earth’s energy field.

In the photo below, a lightship pulses brilliantly from just inside the False Cross asterism (which we call the Elysian Cross, in line with beautiful energy transformations there this year, see this post) on January 29th 2019.

The following night, January 30th, activity was focused around Orion again; in the photo below, two ships flashed together in an angled alignment to Bellatrix.

The next night, January 31st, a pair of ships ‘switched over’, aligning to Betelgeuse from the right/east (the High Council of Orion, from star family communications, is based on a planet of Betelgeuse).

Throughout this year, the Alpha Centauri – Southern Cross – Canopus region of the southern sky has been a major star fleet focus, culminating through May with stellar and planetary ascensions (upward vibrational shifts into love and unity consciousness) in areas of the Centaurus constellation, led by star family of the Alpha Centauri star system. The photo below taken on February 17th 2019 shows an ship flashing beside Alpha Centauri, then a few seconds later passing in front of the Southern Cross, signalling movements of ships and energies between the two constellations.

A few nights later, on February 20th, lightship emanations became spectacular around Canopus (and the Southern, Diamond and Elysian Crosses) as the Ashtar Command mission underway there at that time intensified. The beautiful ships below come from planets of Canopus (see this post for more about Canopus and this Galactic Council Update about the lead-in to the Elysian Cross clearing). These lightships can be seen working in tandem together, in precise positions and angles in relation to Canopus, with a blue sphere directly above Canopus in the first photo. There are faces of the Canopan beings projecting through some of the ships.

On February 25th, still in the same area, a pair of ships stationed in the middle of the Diamond Cross asterism, along a straight axis between the vertices of the diamond (lower left, with Elysian Cross upper right).

As the clearings of lower vibrational ships and beings peaked in that area, and the release reverberated into the Earth’s energy field, the rectangular outline of a large ship appeared in the base of a ‘cloud pagoda’ on February 27th (see The Elysian Light for details).

North of the pagoda, the form of a running or flying horse (representing Alpha Centaurian star family presence) appeared at the tip of a cloud streak, and behind the horse a black (lower vibrational 4D) ship popped into view as the Alpha Centaurians led it away from the Earth into what star family describe as a ‘light containment field’. In the enlargement, you can see a slight trail behind the ship, and a shadow of its shape in the upper left of the cloud streak, where it crossed dimensions and became visible.

With the vibrations lifted in and around the Elysian Cross area, more beautiful ships revealed themselves on March 18th, flying around freely, such as the two below (the first is next to Canopus, with the Elysian Cross to the lower left).

On the same night, two ships could be seen flanking Canopus, flashing simultaneously on either side of the star.

One of the ships continued pulsing light from beside Canopus in the next shot.

With a powerful ‘mirroring effect’ of transformations between Canopus & the Crosses (south in the sky) and the Orion region (north in the sky from here), through the next week communications came through about higher clearings and stabilizations in Orion, particularly of Saiph and Rigel, and on March 24th, a rose-white coloured flash from a ship lit up the sky between Saiph and Rigel (with another ship visible near Adhara in the Canis Major constellation).

During the afternoon of March 27th, the first of an ongoing series of Carian (bird-like beings) diamond-shaped ships was subtly outlined in clouds, along with a defined donut-like disc in the second photo.

Coming into April, star family gave many signals of their presence, firstly in the morning of April 3rd 2019, beginning with the clear outline of part of a double diamond-shaped ship’s rim in a cloud (small cloud at right; this type of ship comes from the Carian/bird-being soul groups).

That night became very active, firstly with two ships flashing in mirror position above and below Canopus and Sirius – the two brightest stars in the sky – which are are vibrationally connected with each other (see Oestre’s Gate for more about mirror nodes).

The ships then shifted into a closer formation to these two stars, with the ship on the left very close to Canopus, on a horizontal alignment to the right-hand ship, which positioned itself midway between Sirius and Mirzam (second brightest star in Canis Major after Sirius).

To the south, a single ship flashed from the centre of the Diamond Cross.

And to the east, a small pod-ship decloaked for a moment very low down over an aeroplane. Quite a busy night! In the second photo, a blue orb is visible next to the pod-ship, which can be read about in The Star of Four.

On April 7th, star family again signalled that they were working again in the Orion constellation, with a bright orb appearing next to Rigel in the photo below, at the same moment a ship flashed in alignment with Orion’s Belt.

In higher dimensions, interdimensional portals exist within stars, some planets and moons. The photo below shows a green lightship (the Neptune) guiding a large reddish colorued orb toward the Lunar Portal (open at that moment within higher dimensions of our Moon). The two stars at the right are Castor and Pollux, the Twins of the Gemini constellation, and the reddish orb represents energies from the Jellyfish Nebula, within Gemini, in the context of a transformation occurring in that nebula…with the orb becoming a lighter pink-white as it neared the Lunar Portal, on April 11th.

A dear friend in the Ashtar Command fleet named Turo peeped his small pod-ship from behind a cloud overhead on April 17th.

Close by him, deep bow-shaped curves formed in the clouds, signalling Arcturian presence (Turo/Arturo has an Arcturian Angelic higher self and his 5D soul expression is on board an Arcturian ship, the Elam’Ashar/Sapphire Star).

The next night, on April 18th, an Arcturian bowship gave a spectacular appearance directly above the Full Moon, at the top of a cloud that formed into the shape of a bird-like being standing on a curved platform (see Oestre’s Gate for more details).

On May 1st, the Carian double diamond-shaped ship that had appeared on April 3rd showed itself again in a similar way, revealing part of its signature ‘diamond around a diamond’ rim within a cloud.

More triangular and diamond shapes formed in surrounding clouds (with a Sirian feline face showing softly through/around the triangle on the left.

As energy adjustments continue within the Centaurus through the Crosses to Canopus region, lightships have frequently signalled their presence, often with very subtle brief flashes near particular stars, but sometimes more clearly, as with this beautiful fly-by of a decloaked ship passing from Alpha Centauri past Beta Centauri (upper of the two Pointers) toward the Southern Cross, on May 6th 2019.

In this sequence from May 12th, a lower vibrational orb projecting from a part of the Centaurus constellation (that appears as three stars in a line above the Southern Cross) which is now in a rapid uplifting transformational phase, can be seen changing from a grey to clearer green colour in the last photo, as an Alpha Centaurian ship flashes below it and uplifts its frequency (the vibration of the soul group represented by that orb).

This next sequence from May 15th comes from soul family of a beautiful high light Carian being known anciently on Earth as the hawk-headed ‘god’ Heru’ur (Horus), from a ship that dipped down through clouds directly overhead, and gave a brilliant white light flash in the final photo.

On May 19th, I took a few photos while on a train, passing across a major ley line/Earth energy flow line during an Ashtar Command focus into that alignment, with a ship named the Shem’Arua above the train and smaller ships flanking on each side. The photo below shows one of the flanking ships, as it popped in and out of view, coasting along beneath a cloud.

Above this ship was a magnificent cloud formation that looked like layers of waves stacked with rows of disc-shaped ships. Can you see a dolphin-like shape curving within the upper crest of the wave?

On May 21st, a very large deep triangular or chevron-shaped ship was subtly present within clouds overhead.

The same long, rectangular Pleiadian lightship that had flown along beside the train on May 19th appeared again on May 26th, as it moved out briefly from behind a cloud.

On the night of June 6th 2019, a series of purple flashes flickered across the nightsky, and this beautiful ‘flying saucer’ shaped ship of rose and blue-white light appeared where one the purple flashes had been, whizzing east to west across the sky, with a small pod/scout-ship trailing it to the right, and in the second photo catching up as it passes below the larger ship.

This beautiful ship of Venusian type and energies showed in a couple of frames before disappearing; here it is again, this time showing only the upper part of the ship, above the central ring, with the interior of the ship visible, showing two lovely star brothers, close to Ashura&I, who we’ll introduce in more detail soon. I was in (telepathic/heart) communication with the star brother more to the foreground of the ship at the time, who is seated on the left hand side of a teal blue semi-circular seat, with the second dear brother standing behind it, tending to the ship’s controls. Two more star brothers are faintly visible at the right. This ship decloaked so clearly as a greeting from close friends within the Ashtar Command and associated Solar System local Commands who have come into my conscious awareness recently (this very clear decloaking most often happens when we’re working/focusing into missions together in the higher dimensions) and they share their presence here with much Love for All. ❤

The next day, June 7th, this small, perfect ring shape was clearly defined in the clouds, and resonated as the same ship.

Below this small clear disc/ring (which I hear/feel was the same ship that had appeared clearly the previous night), a huge diamond-shaped ship was softly outlined in the clouds, with a bow-ship to its left.

On the Solstice, June 21st, Arnap (5D soul expression of my Twin Flame Ashura) brought a small, round silver-white ‘pod ship’ through a portal directly overhead, which can be seen as a triangular shape behind the little pod.

Following this, he flashed the pod ship straight above a stone with a curved fissure through its centre, which he sent a beam of (higher dimensional/metaphysical) light through, into the earth, as part of our energetic anchoring on the Solstice.

Several disc-ship outlines appeared in multi-layered clouds over Roleystone in the Perth hills while a group of ‘ground crew’ aligned high dimensional light into a series of nodes/alignments on July 27th.

Arnap flashed his small pod-ship overhead on July 7th, just before we went into a deep focus for the 7-7 gateway (7th day of the 7th month), which is always a high ‘mission’ moment for us.

With continuing energy shifts, openings and transformations occurring in rapid sequence among our Solar System planets and moons during 2019 (see this post), there have been lightships frequently winking and flashing around Jupiter and Saturn in particular, like this one that flew between Jupiter and Saturn on July 17th. In the enlargement below you can see it has a light violet colour, and was morphing between ship and orb, with a horizontal cross on top of the ship, and overlapping faces visible below, the largest being fox or dog-like.

Another beautiful lightship that I’d been aware of flying in a slow, wide orbit around Jupiter gave this radiant light projection of its energies on July 23rd. This large mothership, the Iyasha’Raya (Aurora), has been stationed near Jupiter, and is showing in this photo that she is now moving between Jupiter and the Earth. During the previous couple of weeks, I’d had visions/dreams of this beautiful ship as being a chrysalis about to birth as a butterfly and spread her wings…and the way she came through this photo has that glorious spreading open of rainbow light, filled with faces of loving beings connected with her. (Jupiter is at the right, with the Iyasha’Raya at the far left).

On August 2nd a perfect crescent appeared low down in clouds over the city of Perth, the outline of a large Arcturian bowship (see this post for more about these ships) among spectacular angelic, leonine and feline energies, that you can see more of here.

On August 8th, we had a most beautiful ship decloak, preceded by the clear outline of the prow of a triangular (Sirian) ship in clouds overhead.

August 8th is the peak of the Lion’s Gate each year, and while aligning golden-white light with the Phoenix mothership high overhead, this gorgeous golden-white ship flashed brilliantly through a portal which opened inside an arc/crescent that formed straight overhead. I’ve circled the arc in the first photo, then you can see the ship pop through in the second, with a faint triangular portal between the ship and the crescent. Ashtar was on board this lovely ship, and his energies can be felt radiating through it, along with thirty-three loving beings (see the Light Beings page for more photos of Ashtar’s emanations, and 33 for the metaphysical significance of this number). So very beautiful, thank you Star Family… ❤

The following night, August 9th, there was a lot of activity around the moon, with several beautiful multi-coloured lightships connected with Jupiter appearing in the photo below.

This beautiful deep blue-green lightship hovered in alignment to the ‘Pointer’ stars Alpha and Beta Centauri on August 24th (faces can be seen ‘projecting’ through its light in the close-ups below) – the stars are at lower right, ship upper left (see this post for more info).

Following this beautiful blue-green ship, a second ship flashed above the Pointers, triangular with soft rainbow colours, then appearing more defined and greenish coloured as it descended into a straight alignment with Alpha&Beta Centauri, pointing toward the position of the first ship.

Four nights later on August 28th, ships again appeared in alignments to Alpha&Beta Centauri, signalled firstly by this lovely peach-white orb above those stars, followed by an orange-white coloured ship flashing to their left.

This was followed by a ship and orb forming a precise ‘V’ formation with Alpha Centauri as the lower point of the V (‘V’ is used by the Ashtar Command in honour of the first Galactic Federation base established in our local galactic region, on a planet of Vega, alpha star of the constellation Lyra).

On August 30th, a beautiful star brother who has been known to people on Earth since 1957 as ‘Valiant Thor’ brought his lightship in close over the house, along with several star family groups on different coloured ships. You can see four ships forming an arc beside the roof in the second photo below, with Val Thor’s ship stationed above, flashing blue, aligning to an orb hovering below on the roofline which is a light projection of his soul energies (you can see his face in profile, facing to the right, with other soul expressions overlaid within it, in the enlargement of this orb). We’ll share more about Val Thor and his loving friends and family soon, but for now, see this post.

On the night of September 7th, with the Moon appearing perfectly equidistant between Jupiter and Saturn (at left and right of the Moon respectively in the photo below), a mothership I’ve never photographed before made a very beautiful orb-like appearance within the Moon’s halo. This ship’s name is given as the Miranda, Twin Flame mothership to the Neptune (which is commanded by Ashira Sheran, and the Miranda by Ashira’s Twin Flame, with the ship named in alignment to her 5-6D soul expression Miranda), and an impression of its soft, flowing green-blue interior colours and light is projected in this greeting to all. 🙂

On September 12th, this glorious ship from Polaris flashed as a very bright rectangular ship close to a star named Fomalhaut (see this post for context), then drifted slowly south-east behind a tree, still visivble between the branches, until it winked out/recloaked (right at the bottom of the frame in the third photo). In the enlargement below, with the brightness reduced, the rainbow spectrum of colours are incredibly beautiful, with faces visible, especially of a beautiful golden seal-like face with large eyes and an emerald light on her third eye, who hailed as Miniwe’ha, an ambassador from the Polarin High Council.

The next night, September 13th, there was another beautiful appearance to the lower west of the Moon, followed by a pair of ships flashing on a horizontal alignment close above the Moon (these appearances are visually signalling various missions and assignments underway where and when the ships decloak, and the specific beings and groups focusing/working together at various moments). In the enlargement below, three figures are clearly visible, with Ashura (my Twin Flame) at the left, standing slightly forward, a being in green in the middle, and another in white at the right (with soul light/vibration of Mira of the Pleiadian High Council coming through).

On September 20th I was asked/guided to walk along with the global climate march in Perth (Western Australia), and anchor light from the ships that would be flying overhead. I’ll write about this more soon, as some amazing energies were activated, but for now, here are two photos from the end of the walk, with around 10 000 people; Arcturian bowship forms softly outlined in the clouds overhead, followed by Ashura flashing his silver-white pod ship for a moment just above/upper right of a police helicopter. 🙂

On September 23rd (the September Equinox), this beautiful triangle formed above Serpentine Falls in Western Australia during a higher dimensional activation with star family, signalling the presence and ‘trinity’ light of the New Jerusalem (Na’Heru’Shii’MuRa’Ima) mothership.

A beautiful silhouette of an Arcturian bowship appeared in a patch of cloud over the Canning River in Perth, Western Australia, while a group of friends&I cleared an activated a ‘water node’ with Star Family on September 30th. Thank you family on the ground and above (see this post for details). 🙂

On October 9th, the rim of a triangular ship was precisely outlined by five orbs, with the brightest at the tip/nose of the ship, followed by a pair of ships flashing to the right of the Moon (see this post).

A lovely disc-shaped ship coming from an Aquatic star fleet ‘sat’ on a cloud over a particular alignment we were focusing Love into, on October 10th.

With heightened contrast, the lights on its rim become more visible.

On November 6th, a beautiful ship called the Victor Five (one of a fleet of ships known as Victor Class ships, under the oversight of Valiant Thor) flashed brightly above the Moon, and then moved below the Moon, joined by two more ships in a triangular formation (with my Twin Flame his his merged 5-7d form Ash’Shari on board the lefthand ship, and another clsoe star brother Alione on board the middle ship).

Three ships flashed in a shallow arc below a spectacular deep blue orb (Archangel Michael/Ashtar’s soul energies) on November 9th, with the Victor Five in the centre, directly beneath the orb, with a Canopan ship at the left and a Venusian ship to the right.

This was followed by the appearance of an unusually shaped ship that looked like a ‘sea skate’ and hails from an Angelic-Aquatic soul group who call themselves the Elessa’Nyani, from a planet of the star Canopus.

On the night of November 15th, a Star Family mission initiated in the Orion constellation, untethering non-benevolent influences from holding points in the Earth and returning them to their point of origin within the Orion nebula (in the Sword of Orion). Here you can see firstly two pairs of ships stationed symmetrically on either side of Orion, while a lot of energy was released through it (the smoky cloud plume billowing up through Orion, through which the stars of Orion’s Belt are visible, is profoundly symbolic).

As the cloud cleared, another pair of ships flashed brightly from below Orion’s Belt, in perfect mirror symmetry to the stars of Orion’s Sword (above the Belt, as this is taken from the southern hemisphere)….symbolizing the action star fleet was, and still is, taking to deflect unwholesome energies, literally bouncing them back through the Belt, into the source in the Nebula (see this post for details).

Among continuous ship flashes within and around the Orion constellation, this beautiful glowing blue cube appeared in several photos, moving slowly above Orion on November 17th, representing an overseeing group of light-beings, whose forms can be seen in the enlargement below.

During a meditation gathering at the home of star brother and sister Rob & Shelley Hartland (of on November 19th, among some beautiful ship greetings/flashes to the group ‘on the ground’, a ship flashed within a long diamond formed by four orbs of different colours, representing different soul/star groups (aligned around Mars, the bright light next to the bright green orb in the centre of the frame).

This was followed by a ship that flashed a pink-white colour, at the far left of the next two frames (with a stream or orbs flowing behind it into the frame in the second photo). In the enlargements below, the first one is showing an ‘interior’ view of a being standing on a luminous platform/ascending through a hatch, and the second photo (of the same ship) shows its deep bow-shaped exterior form, in beautiful, distinct colours.

Some of the orbs enlarged have softly formed faces within them.

This ship appeared on November 22nd, with a brilliant green orb straight above (the soul group connected with this ship overlighting it) to the upper right of Achernar, alpha star of Eridanus, the Celestial River constellation, home of many different Aquatic star groups.

On December 5th, this brilliantly lit ship flashed beside the star Aldebaran, alpha star of the Taurus constellation, signalling its origin. Enlarged, faces can be clearly seen overlaying the white-golden disc area of this ship, the Radhika. The blue-hued face at the upper right is the Radhika’s captain, Anrata. A male and female couple can be seen at lower left, the man’s face being blue-skinned, and the lady’s face a pale pink-white, merging into the ship (projection of Krishna&Radha soul lights through the ship).

On the night of the December 12th (during global meditations for planetary ascension in peace, love and unity through the 12-12-12 Gateway), this beautiful lightship and orb arrangement appeared around the star Canopus, with two golden lightships flashing in a vertical ‘holding axis’ of light, to the right of the star, and a large orb of merged Sirian and Canooan soul group vibrations to the left.

The two ships flashing golden light were visible for some time, in a beautiful signal of the success of the Gateway, and the lower of the two can be seen flashing in the video footage below, a little earlier in the evening (the steady light to the lower centre is the star Achernar, with Canopus just behind the trees at that time of night). This was the Shem’Arua (Light of the Lion), with my Twin Flame on board, in his currently merged 5-6-7D galactic form, Ash’Shari, in which he is embodied in the already-ascended New Earth vibrational plane. (You can hear my neighbours chatting and whistling, lol, in the second continuation video, oblivious to the ships flashing brilliant light overhead! Soon more people will be able to see them, as the 2020 deep light shift flows through this Earth field).

On December 17th, certain parties made efforts to disrupt the energies here, and I’ll start with this chemtrail over the top of the house, as you’ll see how this relates to the ‘vertical’ forces applied. We (Star Family above, me anchoring on the ground) transformed the chemtrail with Pink Diamond Light, which showed wonderfully and instantly in the trail, turning toxic chemicals into shimmering high light frequencies. 🙂

Later that night, while looking toward Canopus, and feeling some ‘pressure’ nearby, a cloaked hostile ship that attempted to breach the high light field around the house and light grid here was swiftly fragmented by a lightship that hurtled through it like an Angelic sword. I hear the beings on board were safely gathered into a light containment field and transported away from Earth, into the guardianship of light-beings who choose the role of assisting beings who have forgotten the light they are back home to Love (Canopus is the bright light at the left).

On December 21st (the Solstice alignment), the Meri’Ashar projected this blue-green orb in front of it, with an Arcturian bowship flashing white above it, inbetween the stars Canopus (left) and Achernar (right)….the blue-greens are radiating from the Canopan and Achernarian aquatic beings attending a meeting on board the Meri’Ashar. In the enlargement below, standing figures are visible around a central table.

And finally, this gorgeous lightship appeared near Canopus on New Year’s Eve, removing dense energies and radiating beautiful aqua, violet, and green golden healing vibrations into the early hours of 2020.

With thanks and love to Star Family of the Ashtar Command ~ Galactic Federation ~ Intergalactic Confederation and all associated light beings, fleets and co-commands of Universal Love. We look forward to what 2020 brings, and a deeper opening of the way for the presence of our multidimensional, interplanetary, intergalactic and multiversal soul families and friends within this Earth plane and the collective conscious awareness of humankind.

Photos and videos have been added to this page throughout the year whenever Star Family have been able to reveal their presence, and will be continued soon on a new page for 2020. We hope you feel uplifted by these photographic sharings, with a closer sense of connection to the loving light beings of the higher dimensions, star brothers and sisters of humanity who quietly assist us and this planet in the background of Earth’s current, ongoing shift in consciousness and vibration.

We hold the vision of more open sightings and love-based connections with our star brothers and sisters all around the Earth, in love, peace, joy, wisdom and growing awareness. If your heart calls, please join us in holding this vision and intention, for the highest good of All.   ❤

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