Inner Heart


The Earth is in the midst of a rise in its vibrational field – as are the beings, all life, travelling with it – from a three dimensional frequency band (of apparently fixed ‘solid matter’ and carbon-based form) to a fifth dimensional frequency band (of mutable light body crystalline-based form), from a duality-based experience of contrasts to a unity-based experience of harmonious oneness with all life, often referred to as the arrival of a new Golden Age of Earth.

For those here in human form, aligning with this planetary shift is enabled by being unconditional love. This sounds very simple and indeed it is, because we are Love. Love is the basis of all life, the force that holds it all together, in a divine geometry of flowing light, sound, of essence focused into soul expressions of Source, the One, exploring and co-creating within its infinite field of being.

While projected into the contrast arena of 3D in a state of perceived separation from our essence, from Source, by the ego-mind, the ‘way in’ can seem complex, blocked, or difficult to stabilize. The exercise below is shared for going into your Inner Heart, connecting with your higher self, and becoming settled and steady IN there. Feeling and knowing yourself centered and anchored in your inner heart, allows you to move gracefully with the intensity of the shifting energies, personal, collective, planetary and galactic. It’s also the space from which we can feel the vibrations of all energies as they truly are, unveiled, including those stored or hidden within us that need clearing or healing. Above all, it’s the space from which the new is created and unfolds across dimensions, in harmony with Gaia’s ascension.

In Love, Grace, Providence & Joy,

Joanna&Ashura. ❤


*If you have questions about taking this ‘step’, and for more specific guidance for healing and creating with(in) your Inner Heart realm, you’re welcome to contact me by email at


Going into your Inner Heart

Get yourself into a comfortable position. Relax, with deep breathing, feel it filling your whole body right down to your root (base chakra). Take a deep breath now, and as you breathe out, speak your name and date of birth (and if you wish, place of birth). Do this three times, and your Merkaba will start spinning gently.

Now focus into your head. Feel and envision yourself in there, a little you inside your head. Maybe it looks like a room, and you’re sitting on a chair. Now see before you a spiral staircase going downward, which ends in your (metaphysical) heart centre, within the centre of your chest. Put your foot on the first step, feel it for real. Now the second step, and keep following down the spiral stairs, all the way into your heart, until you are standing in front of a little door.

Put your hand on the door, feel the wood under your palm, and press slightly. Does the door open? Do you see into a forming landscape, beyond it? Or does it remain closed, perhaps even locked? Doing this, you are showing yourself whether your Inner Heart way is open, for you to enter into, or whether there is some blockage that needs to be cleared, some healing to take place before you enter. Have no judgement, nor try to use force (ego), you are simply showing yourself what is the present condition of your inner heart connection. Be calm, patient with yourself, for this is self-trust. Ask Source for highest guidance for entering your Inner Heart, and you will find a guide appears, in whichever form works best for you.

If your door opens, and you are able to walk through, you will find there an inner landscape, your inner realm of creation. It will reflect to you, visually and in other ways, your state of being on all levels. Just look, see, and feel….and know that in this place, you can clear all that needs to be cleared, heal all wounds, and create anew, infinitely, from the seat of your soul. So always create with pure unconditional Love in this place.

We recommend using the Three Foundational Heart Practices (and other exercises on the Practices Page that resonate for you) to centre in your heart and lift your frequency before and in conjunction with going into the Inner Heart. Creating a daily rhythm works best for not only taking ‘the step inside’ but maintaining stability with/in your centre-point. Enjoy!


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