March 2020 Equinox Update

Dear Friends,

The vibrational wave building into the March 19th-20th 2020 Equinox is coming in strong, with immense transcendence and resurrection energies, that from a galactic perspective, are being aligned now through the stars of the ‘Crowns and Crosses’ north and south, which we’ll talk about below.

During the Equinox itself, there’s a stellium (triple conjunction) of Jupiter, Mars and Pluto on March 20th, which brings profound clearing and transformation of ‘aggressive and death/destruction-oriented’ vibrations (including viruses, natural or otherwise). Jupiter takes up the rebirthed, lightened Mars/Aris and Pluto soul energies, and gives them a ripple of expansion, in this stellium alignment to the Earth. This ripple flows straight into Saturn conjuncting Aquarius at 0 degrees on March 21st, catalyzing the Alpha-Omega Gateway vibration that culminates on the December 21st Solstice (the Alpha-Omega energetic gateway anchors pure re-creation codes entering the Milky Way through the Galactic Centre, ending the old programme of limitation and separation, rebirthing the Earth and collective consciousness into love and unity, via specific galactic and planetary alignments outlined in the previous post).

This flow through the Equinox carries vibrations of transcendence through March 20th, into resurrection on the 21st, and at the galactic level, these two currents are flowing into the equilibrium moment of Equinox from four constellations that hold a mirror vibration with each other to the north and south of the Earth in the nightsky. Two Crowns and two Crosses, holding the 2020 ascension vibration in place, through the vibration of four, the steady foundation of Love. As you may have guessed, it’s no coincidence that the vibration of Transcendence is actively streaming from Corona Borealis (the Northern Crown) and Corona Australis (the Southern Crown) during this corona-type viral pandemic.

Credits: Southern Cross photo by Akira Fuji, Northern Cross/North America Nebula photo by Gianni, Swan by Ari Helminen.

Counterparted by the Southern Cross (Crux) and the Northern Cross (Cygnus), actively streaming resurrection vibrations and light codes, this Equinox and its alignments gives a heightened opening for not only transformation of coronavirus/viral pandemic-as-chaos trajectories, but also the first of a two stage anchoring of the highest planetary ascension pathway. After a couple of months of ‘muzzy timeline variables’, there’s been a heaven-sent shift in the last few days (phew, and thanks go to all aligning light and love at ground level). For those who feel called to participate, we’ll post a meditation link below for the Equinox, then the follow-up gateway of April 4th-5th, which opens a strong anchor-moment for the high ascension pathway through a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, with Pluto crossing its own node on the 5th (which will ‘chime’ the galactic creation codes into the Earth’s field; see previous post for details of how this works).

Beyond the lock-downs, social distancing, health and economic stresses, the corona cloud does have a Silver Lining of bringing out cooperation, unity and myriad acts of kindness, it has given Mother Earth a chance to breathe, physically (with less traffic and air pollution in many cities) and energetically (with sacred nodes in certain places free of dense human energies, suddenly and providentially open to high vibrational in-flows) which Star Family and many assisting Beings of Light are optimizing right now.

To tune into the energies of transcendence and resurrection streaming from the ‘Crowns and Crosses’ at a heightened level through to Equinox and follow-up gateway on April 4-5th, we’d like to share some photos relating to both…that go back firstly to this beautiful appearance of lightships from Corona Borealis on January 9th 2020 (during the lead-in the the major January 12th planetary alignment that has set so much in motion this year). The star brothers and sisters of Alphecca, alpha star of Corona Borealis, come through a light signature of magenta and purple, with a touch of amber gold. (You can read about them, and the Angelic soul collective that flows through Corona Borealis, in more detail in this post from 2017).

In this beautiful alignment of ships to the Moon on January 9th 2020, they were literally giving a ‘window in’ to their ships (with the lower and middle ships being Alpheccan, and the upper ship Arcturian; they/we are all closely connected soul kin).

Three ships flash in a straight alignment to the Moon on January 9th 2020. The two lower ships hail from Alphecca, alpha star of Corona Borealis, symbolized by strong magenta and purple light, and the upper ship is Arcturian.

My Twin Flame, in his 5D soul expression Arnap, was liaising with the Alpheccans at the time, and enlarging the ship closest to the Moon, the Corona Borealis magenta and purple colour vibrations are very clear, framing a hatch-type doorway in which Arnap is standing, in a green top, dark green leggings. The soul vibration of another close soul brother Ar’noah, is radiating through him, their energies merged. The magenta vibration radiates emotional freedom, emotional expressions aligned with the soul, free flowing, and merged in the Corona Borealis vibration with the purple of compassion, giving for the joy of giving, without desire for return or recompense. Just feel this vibration embracing the Earth, flowing through all constructs of lack, competition and systems of exchange, blossoming in the hearts of humankind, more and more, wider and deeper.

See how this intense magenta and purple light forms a frame, in the enlargement of the middle ship below, wrapped around a group of figures in blue-green light standing by a floor to celing window together, in this visible section of the ship (following a meeting on board this ship, of several star groups). With the contrast heightened in the second picture, you can see there’s one figure closest to the window and several more in the background.

Following these ships, two ‘floating’ figures appeared, showing Ashura and a close soul brother in their higher angelic energies. Ashura is at the upper left, our brother at the lower right, coming through the White Ray and Blue Ray, with some other soul braids showing in rose, greens and golds, with divine feminine and masculine angelic energies flowing through.

The Corona Borealis and Corona Australis mirror node vibration, activated at the angelic level, began a continuous flow around the Earth from January, which a group of us (thank you dear ‘ground crew’ sisters and brothers) grounded through two sacred nodes in King’s Park, overlooking the city of Perth, Western Australia, on March 8th 2020. Among many ships, the Alpheccan mothership Caritas(Amrisha) was above us, sending her beautiful magenta and gold light stream down into the nodes, meeting with Gaia’s inner heart light and flowing through the Earth’s light-grids. The ships weren’t visible over the city, except for a quick flash from the Lei’hua, support ship of the mothership Meri’Ashar, and she showed up in two photos, as a silver-white lightship, with her shape showing clearly in the second photo.

Our dear friend Rob Hartland (whose lightship photos can be viewed at also took a photo in which the Lei’hua appeared, and I saw/felt his 5D soul expression on board with our (Ashura&my) merged 5-7D soul expressions. This might seem a little confusing, but our multidimensional aspects are constantly interweaving, according to how we choose/feel to meet each moment (as are yours, lovely readers, we’re all multidimensional beings ~ souls expressing in countless co-creative ways across multiple dimensions). 🙂

Photo of the Lei’hua taken by Rob Hartland overlooking South Perth from King’s Park, Perth, Western Australia, March 8th 2020.

The next day, on March 9th, exactly two months after the alignment of the Corona Borealis ships to the Moon (activating transcendent emotional expression, soul-aligned emotions and passions, through the joy of giving), the counterpart energy of resurrection that aligns through the Northern and Southern Crosses was gloriously signposted in the southern nightsky. Firstly, in the afternoon, a pyramid formed clearly in the clouds, with a beautiful ‘Eye of Horus’ to its upper right, symbolizing the overlighting guidance of a clearing of pyramids in distorted energies around the planet, so they can reactivate in the higher harmonic flow of the global pyramid network. You can literally see attachments being swept off the pyramid in this photo.

Pyramid forms above the trees on March 9th, showing attachments/locks being released off a pyramid (pyramids in distorted energies and locked off from flowing with the higher dimensional pyramid light network). There’s a beautiful ‘Eye of Horus’ in the sky upper right of the pyramid, representing overlighting guidance.

Then that night, a ship flashed rose-gold light over a star formation we call the Elysian Cross (which networks with the Diamond Cross, over to the Southern Cross, as a trinity of crosses in the southern sky)…with a line of ships above, and another pair of ships flashing close together to the right of Canopus.

Multiple ships flash in shallow arc above an orb-like ship shining bright rose-gold over the Elysian Cross, with anotehr pair of ships at the far right visible near Canopus, March 9th 2020.

On enlarging the orb-like bright ‘ship’, it reveals a clear green Christ figure, standing in a green light portal rimmed in ruby-rose, sending out a Golden Flame (the golden light of resurrection/restoration/renewal of divine-aligned creation). Powerful energies of rebirth flowing to the Earth, from the emerald green heart chakra of Love, grounded through the ruby ray (ascended red life force vibrations).

So coming into this Equinox and the April 4-5th Gateway, feel these awesome light flows coming in, bringing stability and equilibrium, new co-creational potentials through compassion, joy, and emotions aligned with the true soul essence expressing through each human being, every living thing, in this Earth plane…clear, flowing through unique soul signatures, yet in loving unity, in Oneness. This is a beautiful opportunity to anchor transcendence and resurrection, defusing misqualified energies of all kinds that have a tendency to ‘go viral’, and steadying the higher collective ascension trajectory with Gaia, with each other. Breathe out any tensions, and know ‘we’ve got this’, together (and that’s a very large, multidimensional ‘together’)!

Love, Peace & Joy to All,

Joanna&Ashura,&Tanabor&Friends 🙂

*We have this meditation for the Equinox at the LoveLight Circle, and will post another for April 4th-5th. In Unity with the many group and individual meditators for Planetary Ascension around the world, blessings to all.

Divine Mother smiling and radiating Love, above the Moon, with the bright Mother Star Sirius shining close by, March 5th 2020.

15 thoughts on “March 2020 Equinox Update

    • Hi Anne, well you have quite a power-packed birthday coming up! if you’re feeling spacy/dizzy with the energies, centre in your heart and connect to the heart of Gaia…focus on the energy connection between your inner centre and the centre of the Earth in her higher dimensional crystalline light heart. ‘Seeing/feeling yourself as a tree’ with the Light of Source flowing down through your branches, steady and strong in your trunk, and through your deep roots going into the Earth, to the centre of the Earth, can be helpful too. Love&Blessings, and Happy Birthday for the 4th. ❤ 🙂

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  1. The energies in past weeks….phew! I think “muzzy” is most apt 😀 Thank you, dear Joanna, for once again bringing us such positive news and astounding photos ❤ ❤ There's so much unfolding behind the scenes….Star Family have their hands full! HEARTFELT GRATITUDE to all, and to you, Ashura,Tanabor, and Friends. Happy Equinox! Much Love and many Blessings ❤

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    • Hi dear Grace, yes pretty intense stuff! We’ve been calling for a Miracle with a capital M, and it’s been awesome to feel the energies, like a ‘swell in the light-wave’, come through to steady up the higher ascension timeline/pathway (which still has some variations in it, but not of the ‘muzzy’ kind)… 🙂 Now to see how this translates through to the 3-4D densities…with continuous subtle help from the higher dimensions! One thing Grace, you might like to tune in with (as I’m feeling to mention it it you), is the pure pillars of Ascension Light being streamed into nodes that are suddenly free of human ‘programmed’ energies; for the first time in I’m not sure how long (as pagan Arabs did this well before Islam), there isn’t a human vortex motion around the Kaaba in Mecca, it’s completely still….and the Vatican is all but empty (which is built on top of a Divine Mother node)…and so forth, all around the world, many temples and node sites….and there are light rays going into the nodes, clear of certain influences.
      Happy Equinox to you too dear Star Sister, the energy is still flowing strong into today’s Alpha-Omega gateway activation, all good… 🙂
      Gratitude, Love&Blessings coming back to you from ‘Us’ ❤

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      • Dear Star Sister Joanna….what you wrote here left me stunned and with Soul-bumps!! I kid you not ~ as I’m responding to you now, there’s a huge energy field around me that’s supercharged 😀 I SAW those Pillars of Light just yesterday when I was greeting our Sun!! Thank you immensely for this message ~ I didn’t know what to think of it when I saw them and now I know ❤ ❤ And also thank you for confirming that the Vatican is built on top of a Divine Mother node, and for pointing out that these places are now empty, and Light is able to transmute them finally and take residence once again. Omigoddess I feel teary….
        So much Love to you and your Team, dear Joanna ❤ ❤

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      • That’s just beautiful to hear, dear Grace … blessings to you! If you saw them, you were anchoring them… 🙂 What an Equinox! Tears of joy here too, all love to you, ‘Joanna&Team’… 🙂 ❤


      • Lots of Love to you dear Marta, and seeing Italy bathed in the Silver Light of Transcendence, Blessed Golden Divine Light of Renewal, and Rose Heart Light of the Divine Mother ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. And its like you told me not to share that yet. It would go in a deaf’s ear. So I will follow the guidance and not post that article before reading it and absorbing the datas it contains. The thing is that I don’t have a huge amount of time. Myself, I must say that hopefully this comes with pictures. I am more into cartoons and comic-strips than into reaserchers’ graphics, charts and analysis!!!! But it is saturday time today and I have to move my ass up a bit!!!! Lol::: Lots of Laugh and Love!!!! Blessings from your starbrother in disguise!!!!!!!!

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    • Well, it’s always okay to share the posts, dear Francois, from our point of view, as even if the messages/information is not resonating for everyone, there’s Light vibrating through the photographs we share, that can touch people’s hearts and souls, and open inner remembrances, inner recognitions. For that purpose, all the posts come with ‘pictures’. 🙂 Blessings to you too ❤


    • So glad these energies resonate for you 🙂
      If you click on ‘Follow by Email’ at the top right of the page, new posts will be notified to your email. Or you can follow in the WordPress Reader (scroll down right hand side and click). Love & Blessings to yoo.. ❤


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