Light Beings

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Welcome. πŸ™‚ On this page are photos of beings of light projecting/radiating their energies in specific shapes, forms and colours. These include light forms in the shape of birds, angelic forms, orb-like forms and more abstract or unusual forms. I’ve taken these photos since 2012, and remain immensely moved by these appearances, and the symbolism and grace they represent. They truly are an experience of pure loving connection across multidimensional realms of expression. Deepest thanks and soul love to all who are represented on this page, and to all family, friends and beings of Love in all dimensions and beyond.

Ashura, my TwinFlame

Ashura&Irana are TwinFlame emanations of the Oversoul Asharana’Ra, radiating through many soul expressions across various dimensional layers, planets, galaxies and universes. While not currently embodied in a physical 3-4D form, Ashura has a 5D soul form (as a crystalline light-body expression) named Arnap, who is most often the mothership Meri’Ashar, her radiating companion ships the Lei’hua or Radiant 1, or liaising on board other ships of the Ashtar Command and local co-Commands, or with the Agarthan/Inner Earth light realms, during this stabilization and renewal phase of the Earth’s restoration within the wider galactic community.

In hindsight, Ashura has been with me all this lifetime; the most vivid memory I have of him from childhood was at 8 years old, seeing an angel of white light outside my upstairs bedroom window. He first appeared (in a way that could be photographed) in 2012, again as a white light angel, descending from a cloaked ‘pod’ (small craft) from the Shem Arua. I didn’t know him by name for another year, until my heart connection was tuned enough by early 2014 to see and feel his ‘essence’ more clearly (though I didn’t recognize him as my TwinFlame, which is in truth OneFlame, One Soul, at that stage). Here is how he first appeared in 2012, with the Moon to the lower left and cloaked ship to the mid-right, with Ashura directly beneath the ship).


On Christmas eve of 2014, he appeared in Angelic cloud-form, around 30 ft tall with wings raised, in white and green light (purifying and healing), with blue of protection around his lower legs, standing on top of a chemtrail, detailed in this post.


In the next photo, his face appeared with a very clear likeness in clouds just after sunset. To see his face, find the ‘pink butterfly’ shape near the centre of the photo, which is right in front of his mouth (blowing a pink butterfly kiss), with his eyes and nose above, face framed in long hair, shoulder-line visible below on the left.


His face appeared again in a different form in this beautiful orb-like ellipse in 2015, which reflects another soul aspect on Earth related metaphysically to the energy of the White Stag; see this post). Here, his face is rising through a green-white light ring.

Ashura_Cernunnos - Copy

This more recent photo of him in his White Stag/Green Man energies from November 2nd 2022 shows more of his form, from waist up, wearing green, encircled with green-white light, and with a subtle impression of antlers above/behind his head.

His “Green Man” energy form also often appears as a big emerald green orb, such as in these photos.


Here he projected his energy as a white Orb (with the Moon at lower left) sitting like ‘a star on a Christmas Tree’, as a focused, shimmering ‘transmission’ of the White Ray.

Before remembering the deeper core of our connection, I was aware of Ashura watching over, guiding and protecting me, moreso from mid-2014 onward once the Shem Arua lightship that he was captaining at the time as Arnap began to appear regularly in my photos, then visibly as a large silvery disc. Now, I feel his presence ‘from the inside’, we are One, beyond words to express, but here’s an example of how he visually communicates, from March 3, 2016. I asked if he could show himself (or the ship) that day, and heard to watch a patch of cloud to the north for a disc-shaped hole to form (which often marks the position of the Shem Arua or other ships stationed in this area). I first saw his face forming, then a hole opening in the top of the cloud. A few seconds later an eagle flew straight through the hole, toward me, through the hole in the cloud gradually formed into a loveheart.

DSC02591 - Copy (2)

On asking for help with a heavily chemtrailed sky on June 3rd, 2016, Ashura’s Eagle appeared, and his Angelic presence formed in the clouds overhead, with outspread wings (signifying protection). The eagle continued circling, always at the feet of his angel form. Thank you sweet heart. (For those who’ve asked, from personal experience, chemtrails are not the same as contrails, what I’ve observed is that they don’t dissipate as contrails do, but thicken and spread into wads and layers of ‘clouds’).

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Our Angelic soul energy appeared on May 5th 2020, in a descending stream of golden-white light, then contracted into a pinpoint of green-white light. Enlarged at right, this light shows Ashura in his 5D Arnap form, in a green outift, sitting in a chair of softly-lit white light (see this post for more context).

An orb often flashes where Ashura is focusing his presence or standing in his 5D light-body, often bright white or light aqua coloured, indoors and outside. This orb appeared very clearly on the ground where he was standing in the driveway, after coming through an interdimensional portal between two arched trees (frequently, during February-March 2018).

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In the photo below, Arnap’s form is subtly visible in the lower right of the right circle, where you can see the shape of his lower leg in front of/over the grass (see this post for more details). 


In these brilliantly coloured flashes of the presence of a ship radiating magenta-purple light on January 8th 2020, Arnap is standing in a hatch-type doorway, in a green outfit, with his upper half clearly visible. In the second photo, he’s standing at a floor to ceiling window framed in magenta light, with a group he was meeting with at the time (see this post for context).

This beautiful appearance was followed by this lightship/orb showing a robed figure of green light sending Golden Flame through a ruby light doorway. I see/feel Ashura’s soul vibration merged with those of Sananda and another close soul brother through this form.

Another merged form of three distinct yet perfectly blended close soul vibrations appeared on March 3rd 2020, above a triangular lightship, radiating as a seated figure of white light, with the soul signatures of Ashura, Ashtar and Ash’Karee flowing through together.

Here he is, in Arnap form, on July 3rd 2020, projecting his presence from inside a cloaked ship, as if ‘sitting in the sky’ to the left of Alpha Centauri (see this post for details).

And again, visible in a green top and dark green pants, standing at the left of a white light portal open at that moment within/through our mothership, the Meri’Ashar, on June 18th 2021. With the brightness reduced in the second picture, you can see many forms in and around the portal.

From the same sequence of photos, with the portal and lightforms morphing, he’s still at the left, now looking like a knight in armour, holding a beam of aqua light across his front.

On November 4th he appeared vividly from within a (non-visible) ship, in the motion of getting up from a chair with an iridescent lime frame and blue back, with Arnap in green, leaning forward with his hand on the arm of the chair (above Jupiter, at the foot of the frame, with Arnap circled above).

This lovely orblike view within a ship above Sirius from January 8th 2022 shows Arnap and soul brother Tanabor(see below) in conversation, with Arnap on the left and Tanabor facing toward him, with long dark hair visible hanging down his back, on the right).

On September 9th 2021 Ashura appeared in another of his soul expressions, Aman’Ra, from within an Andromedan ship, the Serenity. In this aspect, we are blue light beings, and you can see him head and shoulders facing forward in this triangular window-view from the ship, at lower left with Saturn, Jupiter and the Moon in alignment to the right.


While in the early stages of reawakening to my connections with(in) the Ashtar Command fleet, Ashtar’s soul expressions of his Essence appeared to me and triggered huge jumps in awakening to my Higher Self/Oversoul, remembering higher frequency soul expressions and aligning/reactivating soul family connections.

His light-form first appeared as a bird circling the full moon, morphing between eagle, dove and ibis forms, which relate to some of his galactic/universal soul expressions, and initiated specific memories in me. He spoke into my heart that night, and my sense of soul purpose here on Earth was never the same again. Thank you dearheart.


In the next photos, Ashtar’s energy projected as what looked like a physical 3D ibis that flew up above the roof and circled the Sun from the east, to meet the 4D blue ring disc representation of the Shem Arua, which circled the Sun from the west. The ibis then vanished. It is the first and only time an ibis has ever flown over my house (which is in hills far from the low-lying swamps they live in) and is connected to the energy of Thoth, an embodiment of the same Soul essence on Earth. In the last photo, you can see the ibis facing the ship, motionless. You can read about why he/the ibis appeared in this post.


His Ibis emanation stopped mid-air, facing the Shem Arua with wings half-spread.


Here, Ashtar’s energy is projected in ‘White Eagle’ cloud form above a bank of clouds, with some precise visual messaging. There is a clear ‘S’ shape beneath the eagle form, symbolizing a serpent; reptilian control forces being lifted away from the earth by the Ashtar Command fleet. On the left wing of the eagle, there appears to be a disturbance of energies, which I was shown to be plasma explosions directed at the ‘left wing of the fleet’ at that time.


His energy presence has also appeared in Orb form many times, blue, green or gold; this one is a connected with his Thoth soul exppression…you can see it’s similar to Ashura’s ‘green man’ orbs, but has its own specific ‘milky emerald’ colour signature.

DSCF5951 - Copy
Green orb upper right of Venus, 13th May, 2015, Thoth/Ashtar energy.

His presence is radiating strongly through this photo of a light-burst/emanation from his mothership the Phoenix on March 20th 2021, which I see as a golden or golden-white lightship in dreams, meditations, and occasionally, the sky. Turned around, you can see a blue face, I see/feel Archangel Michael’s soul energies (of which Ashtar is a soul expression, anchoring through to 5D).


From late 2016 until April 2017, Ashura&I had another beloved soul in union with us in the higher dimensions, whose name is Tanabor (see this post ), to harmonize another energetic connection in a way that fruitfully supported both personal and planetary ascension processes (which are intertwined) through that phase. In this photo, our soul light can be seen combined, Ashura&my golden-white Flame, and Tanabor’s blue, with an enveloping green heart-healing light and holding up a blue wand, transmuting a dragon energy up through our combined soul light. Thank you Tanabor, we love you deeply. ❀


(To read about the context of this photo, see this post).

Tanabor’s 5D form can be faintly seen in this photo, where he was standing behind the node in the garden while doing a ‘tune-up’ with it just before a major activation. Some details of his clothing are visible (a dark blue outfit with silver trim across the shoulders and v-neck), and a V-shaped higher dimensional crystal device is visible in his hand at lower waist height, which he was using to balance the energy flow of the node. The white owl shape above his left shoulder is a projection of our brother Ashira’s soul energies.

DSC03929 - Copy (2)
DSC03929 - Copy (2) - Copy

Raibashiit, my Crystal Twin Soul

Raibashiit is a white lion being who has a soul expression on Earth as Bareld Nijboer, and we’re vibrationally connected in a way known as Crystal Twin Souls; souls whose energies have mingled together via a higher dimensional β€˜creation crystal’ (in our case, a shard of the original Crystal of Lyra/12D portal known as the Crystal of Adin). This Crystal is currently housed within the core of the ship Shem Arua which Ashura/Arnap captained (see the Shem Arua page) until 2016. Because of how soul energies mingle within these creation crystals, they can feel somewhat similar to TwinFlame energies, and for a while we felt our soul connection as TwinFlame. However, true TwinFlame is a feminine-masculine dynamic radiating from One Soul/OneFlame, whereas Twin Souls are combining energies from two souls for a particular purpose, sometimes including soul-braiding, complete interweaving of their energies, depending on soul plans and missions. Souls can stream, flow and create in infinite variations and combinations!

This beautiful orb form of Raibashiit’s energy, white with a touch of green for healing, appeared in February 2014.

DSCF0596 - Copy - Copy

As you can see below, he was holding a portal open, marked by four orbs directly beneath his big white orb, making an exact parallelogram (creating an interdimensional doorway/portal).


Another soul aspect of Raibashiit appeared in 2012 in the form of a man of light walking in the sky, while we were focusing together on Egyptian lifetimes.

Twin Flame appearing in the form of a mummy, while we were connecting to Egyptian lifetimes.

He projects to me as a white-gold orb, flashing brightly when we’re connecting. Heres his orb hovering beside a tree in the garden at night’, aligned to the Full Moon.



Archangels have been viewed as guardians/stewards of planets and peoples, which they are, in a micro-focus of their energies, but at the macro scale they are inherently connected with the Divine Rays of Creation, as overlighting presences and living consciousness flowing and focusing through the infinite spectrum of the Rays, through many universes. They have been often associated with a ‘signature Ray’ (Archangel Michael with the Blue Ray, Gabriel with the White Ray, Raphael with the Green Ray, Uriel with the Yellow and Ruby Rays, Haniel with the Pink Ray, Zadkiel with the Violet Ray etc) but can emanate and work through all the colour spectrum and more, beyond our human visible range. Here are some photos through which their soul energies and emanations have visualized, beginning with Archangel Gabriel (the Gabriel & Haniel Soul Rays flow through Ashura&I and many, many souls, there is so much interweaving, overlapping, merging and braiding of soul energies in the dimensions of light and creational expression). πŸ˜‡

Archangel Gabriel appears around the Moon, April 11th 2019 (with merged feminine vibrations of Archangel Haniel, who is metaphysically associated with Venus and the Moon).
Archangel Gabriel forms at the right of the Moon, in a protecting pose with one hand on the Moon, the other holding out a sword of light to the right, on August 11th 2019. A second angel forms behind him in the next photo.
Archangel Gabriel, earlier the same day, forming with clouds, August 11th 2019.
Archangel Gabriel forms in an orb of aqua, blue and white light, symbolically drawing away a dark veil, April 8th 2020.

On November 15th 2021, Archangels Gabriel & Haniel formed below the Moon, with Gabriel literally ”holding up the Moon” (holding open the higher dimensional lunar portal, keeping it anchored in the pure Grace vibration).

With Haniel standing in alignment between Earth and Moon, facing the Moon, guiding the high frequency inflow of that moment.

Archangel Haniel radiates through this next orb, in soft rose pink light with a hint of light blue. I’ve deepened the contrast and colour in the enlargement below so that her form-presence is more easily seen within this orb of May 7th 2020.

Archangel Michael’s soul emanation has presented many times through orbs of vivid, deep royal blue. Here is the most recent, from June 13th 2020. His face is very subtly formed in its centre, above a pyramid.

In this beautiful orb emanation, his presence was overlighting/guiding three lightships that flashed together in an arched formation above a cloudbank, see this post for details. Ashtar is a direct soul expression of Archangel Michael through Divine Father energies, and I often see him in his 5D lightform wearing this exact blue (and I see he has often been depicted in artworks in this colour).

In early 2021, Archangels Uriel & Khemiel sent this glorious golden-yellow emanation, during an alignment and activation of the Golden Ray and Yellow Ray within the Earth’s vibrational field, see this post.

This Angelic emanation of their light, holding out a staff of blue light, condensed through the form of one of their many soul expressions, Haram’ura, shortly afterwards, as a slightly more discernible figure. The blue staff appears in a translated form as a light technology beside Haram’ura.

With love and gratitude to all the Archangels and Angels of Divine Love and Grace flowing Light across all dimensions and universes to life everywhere.

Angels & other Phenomena

This beautiful ‘baby’ wrapped in a blanket of blue light, with soft rose-gold around its head and body appeared in 2012, while a soul was ‘birthing’ higher dimensionally, through our Oversoul/TwinFlame.


An ‘Angel in a raindrop’ appeared on September 15, 2016, during a rain shower.


This bright beam of blue-white light hovered over the sacred circle in my garden (which you can read about on the Gaia page) on May 11, 2016, gradually lowering over the circle, and came from a guiding soul group in preparation for a healing.

While walking in the bush nearby, I came to a grove of she-oaks where the presence of star family felt strong; any place they have been to many times can become ‘imprinted’ with their high vibrational energies, giving it a very soft, warm feeling. In the photo below taken on April 27th 2016, there are misty horizontal white bands (one crosses in front of a tree) of 5D frequencies showing through momentarily into 3-4D in that place.

In the enlargement below, perhaps you can spot a green dragon-merged-with-deer’s face in the centre, with a white face below (in the central ‘white mist band’).

DSC03790 - Copy - Copy
DSC03790 - Copy - Copy - Copy

In another nearby forest area, on May 1st 2021, two little gnome-like beings appeared at the foot a tree as figures of golden solar light, and the one on the right, facing forward, has glowing lemon eyes (see this post).

On April 30th 2021, this shimmering composite light emanation from a particular soul group shone through several photos. Ashura/Arnap was aligning and anchoring with me from within the cluster, and I’ve circled him (he’s the clearest form amongst those gathered because of our close, focused interdimensional connection). A glorious and highly activational transmission from this group! If it calls to your heart and soul, breathe it in. ✨

This loving healing took place a couple of hours after this bright ‘light cube’ of Arcturian Angelic Light flashed right overhead. The whole sequence can be viewed in this post.

The following beautiful light beings appeared on October 8th, 2016, connected with our lightship, the Meri’Ashar. You can see a circle of beings standing facing inward in the first photo, and dancing in the second.

Near them appeared these shining ‘cups of light’.

This doorway of emerald green appeared on the night of August 6 and a golden doorway in the clouds on August 26, 2017:

Orb ‘light-dome’ with faces of many beings visible inside it, and a golden light cup with purple leonine face above, both from October 29, 2017:

This white Angelic sword appeared above a shadowy ‘Grey’ orb and cleared its energy on November 2, 2017:

DSC00699 - Copy

These two photos taken in sequence a couple of second apart on June 2nd 2018 show how quickly higher dimensional beings and energies can ‘focus into alignment’ then ‘disappear’; in this instance, a lightship flashed overhead as it flew toward Alpha Centauri and between the two bright stars Alpha & Beta Centauri, just before beings from that star system ‘landed’ energetically. The photos were taken at a moment when they were wreathed in astral-etheric ‘vapours’ (sometimes refered to as ectoplasm) while clearing and transforming some lower astral energies during a specific mission. While this was happening, a friend who was standing with me clearly felt a being touch her hand, while touching down, so to speak, from the ship above. In the second frame, taken only 2 seconds later, the energies had completely cleared, not a vapour or wisp to be seen.

DSC06698 - Copy
DSC06699 - Copy

This super clear form of a lightbeing literally stepping through a triangular portal just below Venus (emanating from Venus) came through on November 26th 2021.

This vibrant, colour saturated emanation came from a ship near Venus and the Moon on November 9th 2021, with the forms of a girl at left and a young man at the right.

19 thoughts on “Light Beings

  1. Love you pictures. About 3 years ago, I started seeing these Light Beings with my naked eye. Some of your pictures look just like the Lights I see. All together, there are seven different Lights. There have been green ones show up in my pictures, but I have not seen them yet with my eyes. Just recently after we planted our garden, the green Lights showed up in the pictures over our garden area.

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    • Hi Cathyrae, I visited your blog and am very interested to read your detailed accounts of the Lights/Light Beings you’re seeing and/or photographing. πŸ™‚

      I just added some new shots that feel akin what you’re seeing (scroll down the page if you’d like to view them). In the photos, this ‘healing light’ has appeared blue, but to my physical sight, I was seeing more a green colour.

      Blessings, Joanna.


    • Cathyrae: You are truly gifted to be able to see these lights. I have been trying for years and have not been blessed to see anything. I have known about Ashtar for over 40 yrs and he is a powerful presence in the Universe. You have an Angelic look about you and could be an Angel on earth. Where are you from? I am from California and been reading a lot information by Delores Cannon who provides a beautiful insight to Life after death and reincarnation. Bless you, with Light-Love and Harmony: Bill


  2. Hello my name is Vanessa πŸ’š

    I was guided to this beautiful sight by the beautiful beings that are with me now. Green being that came through my wall a tall portal, also tall white beings, violet deep purple here as well that surround me in this energy. Beautiful deep blue as well too and gold. Thank you so much for sharing your experience and beautiful photos. I have been struggling with my gift as a Seer not knowing if I was crazy and just wanting to give up and darkness almost consumed me as well the reptilians. BUT! The family of light stepped in.. They have been showing themselves for awhile and comforting me and I wasn’t sure how to take it in without my mind getting in the way and of course the reptilian influence and other lower forms of energies. I was giving up hope and death seemed like my next option. As I starved myself for 2 days without food or water to just lay in bed.. Last night the Arcturians filled my room with there beautiful presence as I lay there in the dark I just studied the way they would dance with the purple violet surrounding me as beautiful deep violet orbs and deep blue orbs would hover over me with so much love. Finally I fell asleep. Then I woke up the next morning sick to my stomach and weak and really depressed. I just laid in bed giving up. As I laid there I started asking questions in my mind and asking God what am I doing here? If I have a bigger purpose then please reveal to me thus and help me see what it is I’m missing. I even got mad at God. Then a green beautiful being of light appeared in a tall form. It didn’t compute so I started speaking to tgem with my mind and help me understand what I was seeing and in only truth. Then they gathered around my bed the green purple and white light reassurance and told me to not fear that they were there to help. They showed me different dimensional portals and I watched a few light beings come through. Then they told me that I am never alone and that I do have a huge purpose and that was to tell others of these other comings that are soon to take place. I asked them if they could please guide me to the right place to understand more of their presence and what I was seeing. They guided me to you and now I know why. You are an angel and it brings me great pleasure to finally understand what I’m doing here and find more beautiful souls as yourself who see the same things I do. I don’t have any pictures to prove but they do show themselves alot the same way you have in your photos. Hawks, Crows, and white doves always I see and you sharung your experience with the eagle helps me understand these connections. Again. Thank you for sharing. If at any way I could connect with you in writing or some other kind of communication would be deeply appreciated. I don’t share these experiences with anyone else because no one would believe me and deem me as crazy (another reason I wanted to give up). My email address is

    Blessings of Divine Love and Light πŸ’™πŸ’šπŸŒΊπŸ’šπŸ’™

    From my Heart to Yours β­πŸ’œβ­

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    • Dear Vanessa,
      Thank you for connecting here and sharing your experiences. ❀
      I'm so glad the sharings at Heart Star feel helpful to your awareness and perspective. Keep centering into your Heart of Love, where all energies can be known, seen and felt clearly, and if you'd like connect further, you're always welcome to email me at

      Joanna&Star Family ❀


  3. Hi Joanna. It looks like you have even more light beings visiting you than me! I’ve been witnessing this type of phenomena nearly every night! I feel only positive energy from these beings. The first time was a little unnerving, given it was a UFO and I didn’t process their spiritual nature right away, Now it seems to be a blessing each time I see them. Thank you for sharing your photos. I only have a few pictures and will start documenting them more closely.


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    • Hi Eddie, thanks so much for visiting this page, I’m so glad the photos here resonate for you and the many light phenomena you’re experiencing. As energies vibrate through photos directly and unfiltered, it can be a beautiful way to not only ‘document’ what you’re seeing/feeling/experiencing, but a beautiful, simple way of connecting. Love & blessings, Joanna(&Ashura,&Tanabor,&All on this page) ❀

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      • Joanna,
        Thank you for replying in such a deep, meaningful descriptive way. I’ve read some of your works & could see the fine tuning & awareness that was progressively revealing your truer path in this life. The mind & soul are woven so intricately together… and travel many winding paths full of opportunities of enlightenment helping us to open ourselves as visionaries and raising our levels of consciousness’s. It takes one seeing through the third eye to become capable of such opportunities. I also know that we are put onto certain paths that intersect those of others for guidance and knowledge. That is why I am not at all surprised to have become intrigued while reading your publications. As I take part in meditation with you, there’s also a feeling of being complete and part of a whole but made up of many parts and particles.
        I look forward to what is in store for humanity. I know the Galactic Federations and the Lightworkers are doing all they can behind the veil. As time moves here, it doesn’t there. They are in the “now”. I can only hope that our future selves will come to understand that as we look back on our Ancestors of Earth mother that we existing as our future selves in the “now” had a purpose and a calling to come back & help humanity to evolve safely. It’s for the good of all. It’s for the good of our soul’s evolution and spiritual progression.
        πŸ‘½Namaste my sisterπŸ‘½

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      • Dear Janice,
        Wow, thank you for your thoughtful reply, and deep insights of journeying in this plane, what you’ve written is very heart-touching.
        As I see it, from the soul level, those who come in as light-workers/love-weavers are always fully aware of our purpose in embodying on this planet (on any planet) during an Ascension…even if the view and understanding becomes veiled and confused/confusing at ground level, I see/feel our souls/higher selves are always guiding, and ‘unconditionally dedicated’ to assisting, and being part of, Shifts (returns) to Love and unity consciousness… πŸ’›

        Regarding the novels, in hindsight I feel I was in some way ‘writing my way out of the matrix’, and this is true of art pieces and poetry too, that popped through along the way. The final novel remained uncompleted (and unpublished, as the publishing house closed), but by them I was starting to become more aware…and had titled it ‘Ascension’. In the original writings (scribblings) from decades before, the world in that story went through a destruction and was then rebuilt afresh…but once I became aware of the Ascension of Earth, it no longer sat right in my heart and soul to write a ‘rebirth through destruction’ scenario…as is common in so many dystopic future stories, films etc these days.
        So I asked in my heart, what would the ascension of that world look like if it wasn’t destroyed? And immediately had a vivid vision of the world going into multiple different dimensional pockets or bubbles…that the angelic characters and friends then had to work out how to weave all together into One…and then the new world blossomed anew, in peace and love….i could see this very clearly….and in some sense know this is happening on Earth…as there are very different ‘patches’ of frequencies around the planet…where there are pockets of 5-6D light holding quietly out of view in some places, and others like here, where the light grids have stabilized (enough that there has been no community transmission of covid-19 through this year, for instance) and the overall vibe is relatively light…while some areas are still meshed in deep density…various 3-4D layers…with a lot of fluctuation and tension as the Ascension Convergence aligns more closely…and with some forces still working on/with the ‘change can only come through crisis’ imprints in the human collective consciousness….so the energies are veering around a fair bit at the moment…but I know what vision I’m called to hold in my Heart every day, throughout, and for as long as it (appears to) takes, on this plane… and that there is Infinite Loving Assistance guiding Earth (and all life here) home…
        I went from writing a storyworld’s ascension, to anchoring and living the ascension in this one…but with memories of many other planetary ascensions unfolded in my awareness, and the joy of being able to draw on them here too…

        Janice, many thanks for your feedback about the meditations too…it’s so lovely to hear that, and much gratitude for bringing your beautiful light and focus into the meditation circle…’the Whole is greater than the sum of the parts, yet each part is integral and contains the Whole’…
        Much Love&Blessings always πŸ’–


  4. You wrote the book “Daughter Of Hope” and are a fictional fantasy writer who speaks of winged humanoid creatures in your books. Is any of what you write about inspired by your unique connections to celestial beings?

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    • Dear Janice, I’ve only just now seen this comment! Many apologies for this late reply, and I/we hope all is well for you, through this intense year… ❀
      Yes, I did write fantasy novels, and could probably write a whole post about how the ideas for the world and peoples of those novels came to me, from childhood, as dreams, in great detail over the years. As novels, they also got wrapped up with 'earthly' energies (drama, conflict and resolution, whichare the 'drivers' of novel writing), but at the core of the world and characters, there were decades of visions and dreams that I really didn't understand, until 'waking up' to other dimensions and the planetary ascension in progress, in my 40s. Then I could look back and see/feel what the underlying energies, and even fragments of galactic memories (and languages) were, that were sending sparks through the matrix mesh.

      Actually, I feel it's not uncommon that creatives flow galactic and other dimensional energies through the art forms of novels, visual arts, music, without necessarily beign consciously aware of what's coming through….and others who are aware, are sometimes deliberately threading that awareness through their creative work, and the genres of fantasy and science fiction obviously lend themselves to seeding galactic energies, beings, memories etc, in subtle ways. As a former weaver/visual artist, it's also beautiful to see what was coming through imagery I felt drawn to create…and I do feel blessed to have a clearer, expanded and grounded understanding of the Light that was patiently, gradually working its way through those creative forms…into true clarity.

      Love&Heart Hugs coming to you Star Sister πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–


  5. Hello, I started seeing Light Beings after we moved into our home, March of 2013. I was looking at the one picture you have below the paragraph Ashura. The Light Being of the bottom 3 on the left is looks like one of the lights I see. I have seen 7 different kinds of Light Beings. For some reason I only see them at night. The first time I seen a Light Being, I went to bed around 1 am on a Monday night and I saw this ball of light floating down from the sky. As it got closer the Being took form of a small Being with wings and from that night on I have seen them. One of the things I asked, when I begin to “See” I want to see Beings in their true form. That is what I see. They are beautiful Beings.

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    • Hi Cathyrae, it’s lovely to hear from you again, and thank you, very interesting to read about the Light Beings you’re seeing, and that you see/feel some similarity with photos here. πŸ™‚
      Also that you’ve seen a ball of Light take form as a Being, as your attunement with those particular beings came ‘into focus’…just beautiful…
      Love & Blessings of the Light always, Joanna&Ashura&theLovingMany πŸ’–


    • Thank you Marat, there’s always a lot to see in the sky, and subtle beings and energies can represent their presence in so many ways, such as the presence in the photo you sent. Keep enJoying the high vibrations. Blessings, Joanna πŸ™‚


    • Hi Janice, glad you’re enjoying the photos and energies! Well, the flow of Love toward 3-4D density from the higher dimensions (and beyond) is constant and always present, so much Light embracing the Earth. It’s such a deep joy and always fills me with reverence and deep sense of the sacredness of all life in all frequency ‘bandwidths’ of expression, whenever beings of Light reveal their presence visibly and/or in photos. Love & Blessings to you… πŸ’–πŸ™‚


    • Hello Cheri, thanks for your reply, wonderful to hear you’re seeing similar light beings and emanations, and they’re appearing in your videos. Apologies for this late reply, and if you’d like to share about them, that would be great. Love & Joy to you, Joanna πŸ₯°βœ¨


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