Lightships 2016

This page continues on from the Lightships 2014-15 page, and I’ll post photos of ships appearing throughout 2016, updating throughout the year.

This year began with a beautiful, bright full decloak by an Antarian lightship. I’ve had dream and telepathic connections with people/beings from the star Antares (alpha star of the Scorpio constellation) since late 2015, who you can read about in this post and this one. I took these photos on January 18th, 2016, of one of their ships called the Terebinth, which appeared with lovely clarity of form after I’d been aboard it in dreamstate/astral travel while asleep.

DSC01783 (2) - Copy


DSC01790 (2) - Copy

DSC01790 - Copy

This small but very bright emerald-green/blue disc ship appeared on January 24th, 2016 (ship is at the top right of frame, above the trees), with its structure very clearly defined.

DSC02128 - Copy

DSC02128 - Copy (2)

On March 24th, 2016, another beautiful Antarian ship appeared near the Moon, a large disc ship which I hear named as the Meretahu, of which only the rim is visible (you can see the curve of the rim) with a slight suggestion of a translucent canopy…and with a small ‘pod’ ship descending directly below it. You can read more about it here.

DSC02933 - Copy

DSC02933 - Copy - Copy

I took the next photos from the home of Rob and Shelley Hartland (of, who live a few streets from me and have extensive ship sightings/contact, on April 3, 2016. I asked Ashura (my Twin Flame – see this post) if he could decloak the Shem Arua, which I felt above us. He replied, No, but they would send down some small ships. Rob, Shelley and I all saw several ships zip across the sky in front of us, very fast, looking like bright flashes of silver-white light. The photos below show one of the ships pulsing light.

DSC03085 - small white ship pulse

DSC03085 -

A larger, cylindrical ship also showed up faintly in this photo, in the top left corner, which I felt as Pleiadian-Andromedan.

DSC03084 - cylinder ship_pleiadian - Copy

These Lyran type pyramid-shaped ships appeared high overhead on April 7, 2016. In the close-ups, you can see their colours ~ golden light bases with green, white and violet above. The first one is visible as a tiny light in the top left corner of this photo, see enlargement below.

Photo taken April 7, 2016.

Photo taken April 7, 2016.

The first ship is showing its golden light base, with green visible on top.

DSC03171 - 7-4-16-

Here’s the second one, showing the white, green and violet light on top of the ship.

DSC03168 - 7-4-16

On the same night, a small triangular ship appeared beside a white orb (Ashura’s energy) directly above the peak of the roof.

DSC03182 - Copy (2)

On April 14th, a ship appeared in the late afternoon which felt ‘heavy’, and on enlarging, can be seen to have a black snake shape within it. You can also see in the cloud to the left in the photos below, the serpent shape is reflected in the lower part of the cloud, and in the top of the cloud a heart shape is forming…which was a visual message from star family, that ‘We’re on top of it’…’Love is on top of it’. Faces and precise shapes are common in the clouds around or next to ships.

DSC03427 - Copy

DSC03427 - 14-4-16

DSC03430 - Copy

This second enlargement shows a black heart shape within the ship.

DSC03430 - Copy (2)

In the cloud message, the heart within the upper part of this cloud shows the higher dimensional frequencies of star family (Ashtar Command) above the lower frequency of the serpent.

DSC03429 - Copy

On the night of April 21st, two beautiful ships flew overhead by moonlight. The first is an Arcturian ship, very clear in its form in the enlargement, above an orb of Arcturian angelic beings.

DSC03624 - Copy

DSC03626 - Copy (2)

In the close-up, the ship’s shape is beautifully clear, as a pale green crescent or bow-shaped ship, with a disc of light in its centre. See this post for details.

DSC03626 - Copy

This deep blue ship appeared moments later.

DSC03639 - Copy (2)

DSC03639 - Copy

Star family often show their presence in the clouds, by delineating the structures of their ships within cloud-forms, such as these ones which were above me while I was out walking on April 27th, 2016.

DSC03803 - Copy

DSC03804 - Copy

DSC03804 - Copy - CopyAs these ship structures formed, an eagle flew in overhead and stayed above me for the rest of the walk home, about half a kilometre. This happens a lot; where ships appear, an eagle also appears, as a sign of protection and overlighting from star family.

DSC03810 - Copy

Clear forms can also be seen in these clouds, on May 3rd, 2016. There are Sirian triangular ships present, but this is also a visual ‘message’ about pyramids, which I’ll post about soon and link here. You may be able to see a (not very happy) face in the background, reflecting from an entity/energy being removed from the astral plane, and a light, which if the photo is turned around, can be seen as a light flaming from the ‘apex of the pyramid’.

DSC04034 - Copy (2) - CopyDSC04034 - Copy


A small silver-white ship overhead while I walked in nearby bushland on May 10, 2016, not far from an Ashtar Command/Intergalactic Confederation base (held within a 5D sphere of light) which Ashura and I are closely connected with.

DSC04206 -

DSC04206 - enlarged

On the hillside below the ship, the presence of star family was tangible, and they are slightly visible in the photo below. I’ve circled the one whose form is most obvious, as they were phasing in and out of visibility, interdimensionally. Their appearance on the ground is a sign that we’re getting closer to the moment when our star kin can reveal themselves and connect with Earth’s humanity openly (which means our frequencies are converging/coming into alignment).

DSC04156 - - Copy (2)

DSC04156 - - Copy

Here are two more views of the beautiful green-blue ‘mer-ship’ posted earlier on this page, firstly from a ‘front-on’ view, with the disc’s rim brightly lit and slightly ‘wavy’, with a deep blue dome above. The captain of this ship hails as a mer-being of the Neptune Command (an intergalactic wing of the Ashtar Command based locally on/around Neptune’s largest moon, Triton). He communicated that he is remembered as ‘Glaucus’ in ancient Greek myths (with his ship being one of many support ships of the mothership known as the Neptune).

DSC04442 - Copy (2)

DSC04418 - Copy (3)

The Light energies continued to build toward the May Full Moon. These photos are from May 20th, firstly of our blue-green Mer-friends again, coming in top right of frame.

DSC04545 - Copy

DSC04545 - Copy - Copy

And from the same night, this lovely green and violet Acamarian ship, with clear glowing markings in the enlargement below.

DSC04516 - Copy

DSC04516 - Copy (3)

This next ship appeared on May 24th. The enlargement shows a clear ‘double hulled’ ship, or two ships very close together, flying side by side.

DSC04631 - Copy - Copy (3)

DSC04631 - Copy - Copy

This beautiful ‘Cube of light’ is a representation of an Arcturian healing light chamber that was visible overhead on June 1st and appeared rotating and changing colour, captured in 9 consecutive photos (the whole sequence can be seen at the end of this post).

DSC04901 - Copy

DSC04901 - Copy - Copy

Later that night another beautiful healing light appeared, of Sirian origin, a lightship/ray of leonine and feline beings which changed shape as it moved.

DSC04921 - Copy

DSC04921 - Copy (2)

DSC04925 - Copy

DSC04925 - Copy (2)

On June 3rd the sky was covered in chemtrails and I asked for help with neutralizing them. In this photo, a small white ship (Ashura’s ‘pod ship’ which he flies out from the Shem Arua) is hovering directly over a black object.

DSC04962 - Copy (2)

DSC04962 - Copy

At the same moment, an eagle flew in above the treetops, and (Ashura’s) angel shape formed above it, with the eagle continuously flying at his ‘feet’.

DSC04965 - Copy - Copy

DSC04972 - Copy

The Shem Arua flew at a distance low on the horizon beneath the Moon, before veering upward as it headed north, on June 9th, 2016 (the sky looks orange because of Perth’s city lights reflecting off the cloud cover).

DSC05120 - Copy

DSC05121 - Copy

This beautiful Sirian-Procyon ship, related to the Antarian ship Terebinth at the top of this page, appeared clearly on June 18th, 2016. You can see two emerald green ‘pod ships’ underneath the rear of the ship.

DSC05285 - Copy (2)

DSC05285 - Copy - Copy

This is Ashura’s little pod ship again, close above the tree-tops, on June 27th.

DSC05432 - Copy

DSC05432 - Copy - Copy (2)

On July 1st, while walking in the area near the star base, I felt the presence of star family close above, and at the same time a helicopter appeared, flew low down over me and straight toward where the lightship had been seconds before; a clear sign that those who seek to prevent open contact have a technology with which they are able to pick up on the energetic presence or ‘signature’ of our ships. Be aware that in some areas, ships may ‘decloak’ less frequently ~ for the moment ~ but their presence can still be felt through a loving attunement, and they can project their higher dimensional forms and representations via our 3D cameras.

DSC05606 - Copy

DSC05607 - CopyThe following photo from July 15th appears both orb-like and ship-like, ‘visually describing’ the meeting of two brothers aligning the ‘Green Man’ divine masculine energies, through the merging of their soul energies and their ships, which they’ve shown in this moment literally folding their light into each other (my TwinFlame Ashura & our brother Ashira, in two of their many soul expressions).

DSC04592 - Copy (2)

DSC04592 - Copy

With the brightness reduced, the colour becomes more apparent.

DSC04592 - Copy - Copy

Their kinship can be seen/felt to this small half-decloaked ship that hovered nearby (related to Glaucus’s sea-green lightship shown earlier on the page) which comes from the command-ship Neptune, guided by Ashira Sheran).

DSC04592 - Copy (3)

This beautiful ship appeared on July 29th. These I see/feel as close kin of the Arcturian Angelic-humans, and they send their name as Alectians. Their home planets orbit the star Alcor, in the Big Dipper (or Frying Pan) asterism of Ursa Major, the Big Bear constellation. They have close kin, the Alexians, whose homeworld is near the star Mizar, which forms a double star with Alcor.

DSC06152 -

DSC06152 - Copy

On August 8th, a gigantic Sirian pyramid-shaped ship could be seen outlined in the clouds overhead. More can be read about it in this post.

8-8 Sirian stargate energy

The next day,  the skies were very active, starting with this ship that pulsed white light in the early evening of August 9th.

DSC06317 - Copy

Later that night, there was a spectacular display of orbs, which were also the ‘projections’ of ships, as well as representing certain stars.

DSC06321 - Copy

DSC06321 - Copy (3)On August 12th, a ship popped up from behind a bank of clouds, in a visual greeting and also a reassurance of being watched over (at the time of writing this, extra safety measures have had to be taken in regard to the base mentioned above, due to actions of those hostile to open acknowledgement of the presence of the ETs of goodwill engaging with Earth). The ship is at the lower right corner just above the clouds.

DSC06395 - Copy

DSC06395 - Copy - Copy

And from August 16th, this is Ashura’s pod hovering overhead. He pulsed its light twice, which you can see as shining silvery-white in these photos.

DSC06478 - Copy (3)

DSC06478 - Copy (2)

DSC06494 - CopyThis beautiful white ship, August 31st, is related to the golden one above, and is a Carian ship (birdlike beings), of the family of Heru. It first appeared visibly as a very bright white flash of light next to the triangle of stars in the photo below, then I took this photo of the ship hovering to the right of the line of stars beneath the triangle.

DSC06777 - Copy - Copy (2)

With the brightness reduced, the triangular shape of this ship is clear, with structures on top of it (the ship is facing forward).

DSC06777 - Copy (3)

DSC06777 - Copy (3) - Copy

On September 19th, two ships positioned themselves beside particular stars, and one of them was a luminous pink glowing colour I’ve never seen in a ship before, which is related to the release of the ‘Rose Candle’ energies spoken of in this post.

On October 1st I was at the house of some dear friends (whose site with ship and orb photos can be found here), and took this photo from their veranda after seeing a single pulse of light. On enlarging the photo, this was the ship near the top of the frame, but there were also two more below, forming a triangle just below the clouds.


Here they are with the triangle marked in so you can find them, as they are small.


This was followed by a clearer, closer view of the same ships on October 4th: the first is a small bow-shaped Arcturian ship, though it looks diamond-like here, associated with the Meri’Ashar mothership.



The second ship came down well under the cloud cover, and in the enlargement below you can see it is donut-shaped with a hint of a triangle framing it – a ship with Sirian and Antarian feline beings on board.


This small lightship crossed from right to left in front of a star formation low in the sky on October 9th. It’s oval shape is clear in each photo, but its colour and light altered as it moved. In the first photo, the ship is moving out from behind the tree on the right.


In the second photo, the ship had moved inbetween the two bright horizontal stars and pulsed light as a ‘hello’.


In the third, it has dipped down to the left, below the stars, then went out of view behind trees.


Enlargements show the shifts in the ship’s light.

This long, narrow cylindrical silver ship appeared in a gloriously clear sky on October 10th, with two prominent white lights clearly visible at each end of its underside, and three dark ‘hatches’ between them, which I see/feel as docking ports for smaller pod-ships. The beings/people on board this ship name it as the Rut’ish, and of Pleiadian origin (captained by Hamil & Keira, galactic humans with strong and evident similarities to Earth’s humanity in form and stature).



The next day, October 11th, I took these photos of a ship from the Chittering Valley, Western Australia, as it flew fully ‘decloaked’ slowly overhead, absolutely beautiful. My TwinFlame in his 5D form Arnap was aboard this ship at the time, with Hyadean and Pleiadian soul family. It was visible for about 5 minutes, and could have ben mistaken for a plane, except for being completely silent and moving too slowly for a plane. 🙂




Here’s the same ship two days later over my house, October 13th, only visible this time as a brief flash, but in the photos can be seen from three different angles while turning.




Two ships flashed brightly on October 25th, in a visual message of ‘alignment’ to Venus, which is the bright light to the lower left, with the ships in a straight line at an angle to the upper right.


The pink-gold ships below appeared on November 3rd, and can be read about in this post.



On November 9th, these lights defined the rim of a disc-shaped ship.


The outlines of several disc-shaped ship were visible in clouds and smoke overhead on November 12th, which can be read about in this post. The clearest of them can be seen in the enlargement below.



On the night of Full Moon on November 14th, three ships formed a straight line, at angle just above the Moon.



A small pod-ship can be seen in these photos from November 17th, flashing for a moment right above a plane, almost touching it (the plane appears like a strip of light, with an after-image as it flew by, with the pod obviously quite tiny in relation to it, above).



The cylindrical ship posted earlier on this page (Pleiadian ship Rut’ish) can be seen as a long white shape high overhead beneath clouds in this photo from November 19.


On November 21, also just beneath clouds, a triangular/pyramid ship of Sirian-Lyran origin flashed brightly overhead. A friend who was with me in the garden at the time saw it pulse light visibly about 30 seconds before I took this photo.


dsc08273-copy-3On November 25th, three pods flashed in a precise triangle formation.


And finally for this year, my TwinFlame Ashura (in his 5D form Arnap) had his pod ship positioned above the light-grid node activated in the land here on November 25th, while I made a new sacred geometry pattern on it, which you can see in this post.



Thank you, love & blessings to all visiting this page, and to all Beings of Love visiting the Earth, in support of the Shift in consciousness in motion here. 💖

*Please read Tips for Ship-watching & Star Family Contact for advice and suggestions for connecting with higher dimensional ETs of love & goodwill.

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