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Welcome to our sanctuary of Universal Love. 🥰💛✋

Heart Star is a portal for multidimensional presences and beings of Love who connect ‘through the veil’ to lighten hearts, supporting humanity’s pathway into deeper connection with the Source of all Life, within and all around us, assisting our transition into a more joyful, loving, peaceful way of being, in deep affinity with this beautiful Earth and kindness to all life here, blossoming into a galactic civilization in harmony and frutiful cooperation with our local galactic community and beyond.

The Pages and Topics sections contain many photographs, video footage of lightships, visualization and meditation practices, and communications from beings of Love whose ‘energy signatures’ appear as orbs, angels, elementals, light beings and lightships of extraterrestrial origin, from my inner connection to them, with some beautiful examples also shared from friends, soul brothers and sisters who have visual/photographic and other forms of connection. These photos provide direct light emanations, soul signatures and light codes that can be highly yet gently activational, and are gifted by star family and other light beings with much love and joy!

From our perspective, there’s a Planetary Shift in frequency and consciousness underway, quietly calling all life on Earth to open to frequencies of light we can refer to as ‘dimensions’, shifting from a 3-4D experience structured through contrasts in a duality expression to a 5D+ awareness and creative expression unified in harmony with Universal Love ~ which aligns through the zero point of the inner heart centre (seat of the soul) and heart-mind union.

In this view, we are all multidimensional (and metadimensional) beings extending our soul light/energy/vibration through many expressions across multiple frequency bands, as emanations of the One Source. With focus entrained to a duality experience that, on Earth, became veiled from universal loving awareness and stretched into extremes, humanity has collectively screened its 3-4D experiencing aspect off from the Whole, becoming entranced by the drama of survival-programme ups and downs and keeping that drama energized. Now we have an exquisite opportunity to remember the deeper core of who and what we already always are, One with the Source and all Life, and unfold that remembrance into infinite connectivity within a conscious Universe.

We have incarnated on a planet whose living consciousness has already activated subtle 5D and higher frequency attributes, which is touching and shifting this reality and how we and all life here can potentially experience and co-create within it. The more we align with Gaia’s already active Galactic New Earth vibration (anchored in and flowing through the planetary light-grids), the more we open ourselves to living and expressing in a state of grace, clarity and well-being, personally and collectively, as we open again to the Infinite Love that is our deepest essence, naturally radiating through our beings to All.

Meditations and visualizations which open, expand and strengthen our Heart Centre, and clear and steady our energy field, can help us unfold an inner experience of love and joy, with a clear, calm, compassionate view of the energies at play in the denser levels of ‘the current collective reality’ on Earth. Relaxing deeply into our Inner Heart, seating ourselves in the tiny cave within, in our zero point that dissolves the hold of the veil of denser vibrations, allows us to feel all that is truly aligned with Universal, Unconditional Love, through the inner essence of Love we are.

If the call to open and transform resonates with you, no matter where you’re ‘at’ in your journey, take a roam through the Heart Star sanctuary. Comments on posts, in the spirit of Love, are always appreciated. We have also shared meditations at the LoveLight Circle, and if you feel an inner call to hold this focus with the Galactic New Earth, they remain online as an archive to assist with inspirational and intentional focus 💛🌟

About the Author

I was born in 1964 on Christmas Island, Indian Ocean, have lived in many parts of Australia, and spent a few years living in the UK. My home is now in Mandurah, a small coastal city in south Western Australia around ocean and estuary areas that are home to dolphins, waterbirds and a wonderful array of sea life.

My life journey has evolved through several phases, coalescing through the last twelve years into a deeper awareness that continues to develop, unfold, and anchor through this embodied expression ”Joanna”. Opening my heart to the divinity in all life opened awareness of soul connections to many star systems (including Sirius, Arcturus, the Pleiades, Lyra, Lepus, Ursa Major & Minor, Procyon, Andromeda, Alpha Centauri, Cygnus, Altair, Aldebaran, Capella, Antares, Eridanus, Phoenix, Vulpecula, Canopus) and other galaxies and universes. Locally, I have soul expressions associated with Venus and Earth in the days of Mu, Atlantis, Egypt, through the present period and beyond, from a non-linear perspective. With my beloved TwinFlame, Ashura, we are attuned to assisting the current planetary shift in vibration/consciousness, as humanity transitions into an era of greater awareness, love and reconnection to a far wider, greater reality than has been available for many thousands of years on Earth.

Presently, I’m an incarnate anchor for the Ashtar Command, a universal star fleet that flows through the Intergalactic Confederation, into the local Galactic Federation, here to assist, guide, guard and support the Earth’s shift and collective stabilization within unity consciousness and universal love. I have a soul expression Ro’ana (Rowena) on board an Arcturian mothership named the Meri’Ashar. Ashura isn’t embodied on Earth at this time (except via brief walk-in focuses) but is present on board the Meri’Ashar and other lightships in his 5D expression Arnap, and radiates through many soul expressions. We focus universal love together with countless loving beings, across the multidimensional creative fields, as this 3-4D collective field comes into full alignment with the higher vibrational Galactic Earth that already exists, bringing this consensus reality into flourishment as a peaceful, interconnected stellar civilization.

In this life, I’ve focused my energies as a mother, weaver, therapist, writer, animal carer, and ongoing contact experiencer/anchor. Life is interwoven and expressing through so many beautiful dimensional potentials, to which the human collective is in the process of re-opening its awareness. It’s truly a joy and honour to be here at this time!

Love, Joy, Peace & Blessings to all on this homecoming journey,

Joanna&Ashura (&Loving Company) 🥰✨💛


Dear readers, if you have any questions, to give feedback about information on this site, or connect further, you can contact me at this email address: meriashar@gmail.com

Posts and Pages at Heart Star are welcome to be shared freely, providing they are reposted without alteration and linked back to this site. If you wish to use individual photographs or footage, please ask first.

I endeavour to reply to emails, but at busy times am unable to respond to all messages. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

You can also connect with me on Twitter at joannafay11


When other assignments allow, I & Light Team offer Skype free-form sessions ranging from guidance (from star family, higher self, your spirit guides and/or soul group members who choose to step forward during a session) to light activations, meditation fine-tuning, Inner Heart and TwinFlame attunements.

Sessions are free of charge 💜

Note: Individual sessions are occasionally available during 2023. Feel free to enquire by email if you would like one.


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