Lightships 2020

Welcome to this year’s page for lightships that appear in the skies over the Perth hills and nearby areas of Western Australia, following on from the photos collected on Lightships 2019 and previous Lightships pages. 🙂

The ships of higher dimensional light presented on this page step their energy across dimensional frequency bands to connect with Earth primarily from the Ashtar Command fleet, which is universal in nature, and flows with/through the Intergalactic Confederation and our local Galactic Federation. Our multidimensional family of the stars are here supporting, guiding and assisting the current planetary Shift into higher consciousness. They (and our own higher dimensional soul expressions, including many of your higher selves, dear readers) focus with stabilizing and progressing this transition phase of consciousness and vibration on and around the Earth (and Solar System) into freedom in love, unity and peace. Deepest love and gratitude go to all star family groups represented on this page, as to all beings of Love holding and flowing highest Light here and throughout the galaxies and universes. 

Assisting starships are always present around the planet, and fly or station overhead here, often giving bright flashes or positioning near stars and constellations that have a particular relevance to them, or to missions/focuses they’re involved in at that moment. Sometimes, ships give a clear ‘decloaked’ flyover. It’s a joy and honour to continue connecting with ‘ground crew’ friends around the world and here in Western Australia also having star family connections and experiences, to share in ‘ship-watching’ together and commune with our higher dimensional brothers and sisters….brothers and sisters to all of humanity in the infinite Universal Family.


Lightships of 2020

We’ll start this page with a beautiful line-up of three lightships to the Moon on the evening of January 9th 2020, simultaneously flashing a visual message about energetic work the fleet was involved with that night, in an area around the Moon.

Three lightships, two from Corona Borealis and one from Arcturus, align toward the Moon on January 9th 2020.

In the photo enlargement on the left below, a figure is visible in the centre of the ship closest to the Moon, with long blonde hair, wearing a green top, standing framed in a ‘doorway’ (my Twin Flame in his 5D soul expression Arnap, with several close friends/family ‘soul-braiding’ through his energy ie; there are several soul signatures present, radiating through his form as through an open door).

On enlarging the middle ship (from the alignment of three ships to the Moon), clear structure is visible, of one section of the ship, where there are figures standing at a floor to ceiling window, framed in magenta/purple light. With the brightness reduced in the second enlargement, you can see a group of people/beings in blue-green light, looking out the window. Magenta light radiates from a number of soul groups; here the magenta light represents beings from the constellation Corona Borealis, on a support ship of the Caritas (Amrisha), an Alpheccan mothership which you can read about in this post.

On January 11th, a large ship hovered around the Hu Shi asterism (kite-shaped star formation) between Canopus and Sirius, flashing bright golden light. It flashed firstly from right in the centre of the kite, and in the sequence of photos below, it appeared first as white light, but gradually the golden colour became more obvious. In the second photo, the ship was fainter but still inside the kite, with a second ship directly above, then in the third photo a white/violet orb flashed above the kite.

A ship flashes brightly from inside the Hu Shi kite-shaped asterism, with Canopus lower left and Sirius lower right, on January 11th 2020.
The first ship is still visible inside Hu Shi, with a second ship directly above, January 11th 2020.
White orb with rose rim above Hu Shi asterism, January 11th 2020.
The original ship flies out of the Hu Shi asterism and flashes brightly again, January 11th 2020.
The ship flashes the last time, left of Hu Shi, before flying off eastward, January 11th 2020.

In one photo, the ship appeared orb-like and rose-coloured for a moment, as it moved toward Canopus, with a clear light green face looking through the centre of it (a soul expression of our son Minkah/Minkara) and a golden yellow face behind/toward the rim. The message from this golden being is that it comes from a star formation (known in astronomy as WR 25) in the Carina Nebula region (Canopus is the alpha star of the Carina constellation, and the bright star on the left in this photo sequence).

The ship’s light flares, becoming orb-like, as it moves toward Canopus, January 11th 2020.

On the other side of the sky (northward), just after this beautiful appearance, three ships flew in close formation into Orion, by then in the early hours of January 12th, with much preparation overnight by Star Family and many light beings leading into a major high vibrational catalyst moment on January 12th 2020.

Three ship fly in triangular formation in front of the Orion constellation, between the stars Bellatrix and Betelgeuse, at about 1.30 am on the morning of January 12th 2020.

On January 12th, we (Ashura&I,&family and friends in the higher dimensions) were focusing on the completion of a series of node/light-grid activations around Glastonbury, working with dear ‘ground crew’ star sister Ria Aurora Athena Ash and her galactic Twin Flame, Ash’Tar Ka’ree. There were many lightships visible to me via Skype, through Ria’s phone, with her at the locations physically and me connecting from Australia energetically, and in higher dimensional soul expressions. One of these, vibrating through 5-7D, was on board this ship that shaped clearly in the clouds, a light projection from our mothership the Meri’Ashar. I’ve rotated the photo below ~ which I took via Skype through Ria Aurora’s phone, on top of Brent Knoll in England ~ to give a sense of what it’s like viewing from the ships, as we’re not always horizontal to the earth’s surface!

A light projection of the Meri’Ashar (which was much higher up) beams down in ‘cloudship’ form over Brent Knoll, England, on January 12th 2020.

On January 18th, lightships and orbs showed their presence around Orion, where some massive clearings have taken place in relation to black hole in the Orion Nebula (see this post), peaking from January 18th-20th from an Earth-time translation. The blue orbs below vibrate Sirian star family energies, and the mauve-pink-white one represents souls from Monoceros, the Unicorn constellation, with many ships flashing in and around Orion.

A blue orb of Sirian soul energies hovers over Orion, with a ship flashing above the bright star Rigel in Orion, and another ship, of blue-green light, coming in at the far upper right, January 18th 2020.

Simultaneously, to the south, this beautiful, softly glowing blue ship moved slowly around the star formations known as the Diamond Cross and the False Cross (which we call the Elysian Cross). This ship is radiating soul energies of Andromedan beings and their close ‘aquatic-angelic’ kin, the Elyssa’nyani, who live on a planet of Canopus, they call Elyssa’nya.

Lightship of soft blue light hovers in front of the Carina constellation, with both Andromedan and Elyssa’nyani kindred star groups on board, January 18th 2020.

Still in the peak focus of this Orion clearing mission, on January 20th a beautiful hexagonal lightship flashed brightly close to its home star Mintaka, in Orion’s Belt, bright white with a magenta-pink rim. Next to the enlargement if this ship below, is a Mintakan orb that appeared on January 3rd, with a very clear purple feline face in the centre, wearing a white head-dress with two rose-coloured stripes or strands in the middle (yes, purple star cats!). 🙂

Bright white hexagonal lightship with a pink-violet rim flashes in alignment to the star Mintaka in Orions’ Belt, this ship’s home star, on January 20th 2020.

This ship was followed by a mutual flash from several ships and an orb aligned with the stars Aldebaran and Rigel, marking an area where they had placed a protective light shield.

Following these clearings, some craft connected with anchoring control-based energies/entities into the Earth’s field were dislodged, and you can see in the photo below from January 27th the ‘cut out’ outline of the wing of a craft in a cloud, where a lower 4D ship was removed from the Earth plane.

On January 31st, the Victor Five (lightship of Valiant Thor among several hundred Victor class lightships currently around the Earth in support of this planet’s ascension/shift in vibration) flashed twice near the Moon, with its signature emerald green light.

The Victor Five lightship approaches the Moon from the northwest on January 31st 2020.
The Victor Five flies close by the Moon, radiating green and white light, on January 31st 2020.

This next photo was taken through the glass roof of a friend’s car (dear star sister Eesha Patel) while out for a drive on February 9th, with her lightship the Aru’Tera above us, sending down light codes, where we were driving. I wasn’t sure if any photos of it would come out, but between the reflections on the ceiling, the Aru’Tera showed clearly in one photo, circled in the top right, in the way it represents in 4D decloaked as a long cylinder shaped ship (in higher dimensions it appears disc-shaped).

The Aru’Tera lightship is just visible through reflections in the glass roof of star sister Eesha Patel’s ‘Aru’tera ground vehicle’, while flying closely above the car, on February 9th 2020.

On February 14th Ash’Shari (my Twin Flame Ashura’s merged 5-6-7D form he was focusing his presence through, from mid-2019 to early 2020, but now primarily in his 5D form as Arnap, in his engagement with Earth and humanity) gave a beautiful ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ fly-over, flying a support/companion ship of the Meri’Ashar, called the Lei’hua. Our son and daughter, Minkara and Rosanara, were also on board and sent a loving vision and greeting. In the first video, the Lei’hua is flying past the star Rigel in Orion. They then headed south and flew past Canopus (in the second video) before curving around slightly toward me and re-cloaking.

Following a week of nightly ship flashes, especially around Orion and Sirius, the night of February 22nd, there were more visible craft crossing the sky than I’ve ever seen before, probably 40 to 50 of them. I checked there hadn’t been any satellite/Starlink releases or pass-overs, as I didn’t get a vibration of Star Family from them (and no responses to telepathic hails in the form of replies or flashing the ships), and heard they were Earth-based secret space fleet (of goodwill). The craft were moving evenly in straight lines, along a variety of trajectories. They were too faint to come out in video footage, but are visible in several photos, and I’ve circled them and named some of the stars so you can see the pathways they were travelling along. There were also a few single flashes from higher dimensional lightships/Star Family, who were watching over and monitoring/safeguarding their progress.

Multitudes of Earth-based ships pass overhead in straight lines on February 22nd 2020, watched over by Ashtar Command and related lightships that flashed here and there on either side of them.

On March 3rd, two ships flashed up high, to the right of Sirius and Procyon. In the enlargement below, you can see the lower of the two as a fully decloaked triangular ship, and the upper ship showing a seated figure of white light, a light projection of Ashura’s soul energies, merged with those of Ashtar and Ash’Tar Ka’ree, in a meeting of Procyon and Alpha Centaurian star family groups. So beautiful!

Pair of lightships flash together, to the right of Sirius and Procyon, during a meeting of Procyon and Alpha Centaurian star family groups, on March 3rd 2020.

On March 8th, a group of twelve ‘ground crew’ here were directed to align light with/through two nodes in King’s Park, next to the city centre of Perth, Western Australia. Many ships were with us, and the Lei’hua (support ship of the Meri’Ashar mothership) appeared in two photos after giving one visible flash above South Perth.

The Lei’hua flies above Perth, Western Australia, photo taken from King’s Park on March 8th 2020.
The Lei’hua flies closer toward King’s Park, Perth, Western Australia, while decloaking for a moment, on March 8th 2020.

Our dear star brother Rob Hartland also took a photo in which the Lei’hua can be seen, and I see/feel his 5D soul expression Atreis was on board the Lei’hua at that moment. (With thanks to Rob, for allowing this photo to be shared here. More of Rob&Shelley’s ship and orb photos can be seen at

Lightship photo by Rob Hartland, taken from King’s Park, Perth, Western Australia on March 8th 2020.

The next day, on March 9th, flowing on from this group activation, the pathways opened for Source Light showed very beautifully through a ‘trinity formation’ of lightships, moving together in a triangle between Sirius and Canopus, then spreading apart, holding position with one ship above Canopus, one near the Hu Shi kite (Eremor inter-universal portal), and one flashing brightly between two of the Hu Shi stars.

Three lightships fly in a triangular formation near Canopus on March 9th 2020.
The three ships hold formation, very close to Canopus, flashing brightly together, March 9th 2020.
The three ships spread their energies, with one above Canopus, one heading toward the Hu Shi asterism, and one flashing between the two stars at the right of the Hu Shi kite shape of stars, March 9th 2020.

This was followed by a rose-gold ship flash above the Elysian Cross (known as the False Cross asterism, now cleared and transformed) to the south, with a pair of ships also flashing close together to the right of Canopus. Enlarged, you can see this rose-gold ship showing orb-like, with a green interior, and a Christ figure in green, arms spread in a cross posture (of three merged soul energies; Ashura, Sananda and a soul brother we know as At’reanon in the light realms), sending a Golden Flame of Resurrection toward Earth, through the emerald green light of the heart chakra, rimmed in rose-red…with an alignment of ships above.

Rose-gold orb-like ship flashes above the Elysian Cross, with ships in formation above it, and a pair of ships close together at the far right near Canopus, March 9th 2020.

On March 23rd, Ashura gave a similar appearance, from within an Andromedan ship. Firstly, the ship flashed down beside Betelgeuse in Orion at the same moment a bright pearly orb flashed beside Sirius.

An Andromedan ship of 7-9D vibrations which Ashura was on board flashed beside Betelgeuse (lower centre) while a bright pearly orb flashed beside Sirius, March 23rd 2020.

The ship then flew up above Orion (at the upper left, and in the enlargement below you can see Ashura standing in the centre, in a long green robe, with rainbow colours all around, and a white cross or white lily shape on his chest).

Andromedan ship flies up above Orion, at the left, March 23rd 2020.

On March 25th, a golden-white lightship flew through the Southern Cross (there’s a galactic/intergalactic stargate in its centre), and down toward Alpha and Beta Centauri, flashing brightly in greeting.

Brightly flashing ship flies in through a galactic stargate in the Southern Cross constellation, toward Alpha and Beta Centauri, March 25th 2020.

Skipping into April (with non-stop work going on behind the scenes this year!), the Lei’hua gave a beautiful decloak next to Canopus on April 11th, signalling a meeting with the Canopan Council. In inner vision, the Lei’hua appears to me as a seamless, silky disc-shaped ship of white light running with golden shimmers, like ripples of golden light constantly, with a subtle rose tint, and you can see these colours in her April 11th decloak.

The Lei’hua decloaks above the star Canopus, April 11th 2020.

During a Venus~Moon conjunction on April 26th, the Lei’hua pulsed a huge flash of light right next to the Moon.

The Lei’hua gives an enormous light pulse next to the Moon on April 26th, with Venus at lower right.

This was followed the same night by the appearance of a Lyran golden-rose lightship high above the Moon, with a section of the ship visible.

Lyran lightship partially decloaked on April 11th 2020.

The Lei’hua again appeared on May 5th, this time revealing the golden diamond light core of the ship, again with a soft rose tint around the rim, and with green heart light welling from interior/ship’s centre (Core Crystal). See this post for details about this beautiful visit.

The Lei’hua decloaks her core interior diamond light on May 5th 2020.

On May 7th, the Lei’hua gave another partial decloak, showing a different aspect of the ship, this time in rainbow colours, especially rose light radiating from her.

Lei’hua glowing with rainbow colours, May 7th 2020.

On May 13th, an enormous Arcturian~Alectian bowship’s front rim was outlined in clouds, providing a light-shield during a node activation (see this post for details).

Arcturian~Alectian bowship outlined in clouds on May 13th 2020 during an activation.

On May 28th, there was an amazing showing by up to about thirty lightships, ranging from small pod ships to larger cylinder type ships, which I associate with Pleiadian star family. Here are a few of the ships, as they flashed in bright light bursts overhead! Can you see the large-eyed feline face projecting through the close-up of the final ship? 🙂

Following a light-grid activation in the Peel Inlet area, Western Australia, enormous ‘star cruisers’ were distinctly formed in clouds, low down to the Earth, coming from the Carian (birdlike/avian) beings’ homeworlds in the Carina, Pavo and Apus constellations. I’ve drawn a shape below to show how these ships would appear from ‘on top’.

This appearance was confirmed two nights later on June 5th, in a very clear orb showing several figures within it, standing or seated around a green table, through this ‘window’ into an interior view within a Carian ship. The circled figures below show Minkara at left (standing in profile), Kari’shona of the Aris/Mars Council at rear/centre, and Pia’Re, a captain of the Carian fleet, at right. There’s also a (fuzzy) form of a blue-white bird being at the front of the orb/window.

Another related ‘interior snapshot’ or window view into a ship was given on June 26th. Here, you can see Karonn (TwinFlame to Kari’shona, and guardian of the Aris Council) at the back of a table or control panel, facing forward, dark-skinned, in a green suit…and at the front of this window view, a being in a bright gold suit, with orange hair.

Coming into July, in preparation for a particular Gateway activation, Arnap (5D soul expression of my TwinFlame Ashura) projected his light-form with beautiful clarity on July 3rd, from inside an Alpha Centaurian ship, again in this focused interior type of view. Firstly he appeared above the Moon, then left of Alpha Centauri, where you can see he seems to be ‘sitting in mid-air’, wearing an emerald green top and white pants.

Finally, a wider interior view of the Alpha Centauri ship was given, from above Alpha Centuari&Beta Centauri, near the Southern Cross (an intergalactic gateway), with our soul brother Je’errne’on (Alpha Centaurian captain) in a deep green bodysuit in the front of the ‘window’ into his ship.

This close visual and vibrational connecting flowed into an actual landing on July 7th, which we can’t show yet, but involved Arnap manifesting wonderfully for a moment through to this Earth frequency plane, and our lightship the Lei’hua flying down very close through a triangulated portal which you can see below…and a beautiful light-chamber of pink-white light projecting from the Lei’hua briefly onto the ground to secure a ‘landing pad’ within an high vibrational light-grid…for future ship landings. 🙂

This is how the light-chamber from the Lei’hua appeared, translocated or ‘teleported’ onto a light-grid point between the trees…with Rowena&Arnap’s forms slightly silhouetted inside it. 🙂


With thanks and love to Star Family of the Ashtar Command ~ Galactic Federation ~ Intergalactic Confederation and all associated light beings, fleets and co-commands of Universal Love. We look forward to all that aligns deeper into Love in 2020…and a deeper opening of the way for the presence of our multidimensional, interplanetary, intergalactic and multiversal soul families and friends within this Earth plane, and within the collective conscious awareness of humankind, in clarity, joy and peace.


Photos and videos will be added to this page throughout the year whenever Star Family reveal their presence. We hope you feel uplifted by these photographic sharings, with a closer sense of connection to the loving light beings of the higher dimensions, star brothers and sisters of humanity who quietly assist us and this planet in the background of Earth’s current, ongoing shift in consciousness and vibration.

We hold the vision of more open sightings and love-based connections with our star brothers and sisters all around the Earth, in love, peace, joy, wisdom and growing awareness. If your heart calls, please join us in holding this vision and intention, for the highest good of All.   💖

If your heart calls to connect with star family, we recommend reading this post: Tips for Ship-watching and Star Family Contact

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