Lightships 2021

A warm welcome to this year’s page for lightships that appear in the skies here over the Perth hills and nearby areas of Western Australia, following on from the photos I’ve continued to take and share on Lightships 2020 and previous Lightships pages. 💖

The ships of higher dimensional light presenting themselves on this page step their energy across many dimensional frequency bands to connect with the Earth. They hail primarily from the Ashtar Command fleet, which is universal in nature and scope, and flows here through the Intergalactic Confederation, our local Galactic Federation, and local co-Commands based within the Solar System. Our multidimensional family of the stars continue to support, guide and assist the current collective Shift into higher consciousness….which is an evolving journey, with new developments coming into 2021, that I/we’ll post about soon.

Star family (our own multidimensional soul expressions among them, including many of your higher vibrational/expansive selves, dear readers) focus with progressing and stabilizing each phase of this vibrational transition of humanity and all life on Earth, in this New Earth era, as kindred beings Shifting toward and becoming a galactic civilization based in unconditional love, unity and peace, consciously aware and participating peacefully within our wider galactic community. Deepest love & gratitude go to all star family groups whose presence lights this page, and to all beings of Love holding and flowing highest Light here and throughout the galaxies and universes. 

Assisting starships are all around the planet, and often fly or station overhead here, giving bright flashes or positioning near stars and constellations that have a particular relevance to missions and focuses they’re involved in at that moment. Coming into 2021, ‘decloaked’ flyovers are fleeting but frequent. I’m also grateful for loving connections with ‘ground crew’ friends around the world and here in Western Australia having star family contact and experiences, to share in ‘ship-watching’ together and commune with our higher dimensional selves and brothers and sisters….brothers and sisters to all of humanity in the infinite Universal Family. 🥰✨


Lightships of 2021

Coming into the New Year, a lightship I connect closely with (and have a 5D soul expression on board, named Rowena), the Lei’hua, flashed above the house or flew across the sky every day through the first couple of weeks of January. Here she is, shining brightly on Januray 13th, passing by Aldebaran as she crossed the nightsky from the star Canopus in the south to Mintaka in Orion’s Belt, before recloaking. Aldebaran in the bright light in the lower central frame, with the Lei’hua flying at the right.

Another ship appeared the same night flying from Canopus to Sirius; here in these two frames, you can see its pathway from Canopus at the right to Sirius at the left.

A lightship of the Ashtar Command flies by, flashing brightly from Canopus to Sirius, before recloaking, on January 13th 2021.
The ship nears Sirius, January 13th 2021.

On January 17th, a ship flashed golden light brilliantly for a few moments, and just made it into the bottom of the frame below. Enlarged, a translucent golden-white ‘lozenge’ shaped ship is revealed, with a soul emanation above it, showing the green feline face of a being on board this ship that has a Lyran vibration.

Golden-white lightship with Lyran feline beings on board, signalled by a light emanation above but connected to the ship, January 17th 2021.

This beautiful ship was followed by another light flash close to the star Mintaka in Orion’s Belt. Mintaka also has connections with feline soul groups, and this unusual light emanation shows a being in golden-white light facing toward Mintaka, standing inside a double frame of light, rather like an ‘upstairs balcony’ (a soul expression of my TwinFlame, connected with the Mintakans).

Ashura, flowing through a golden-white light emanation, stands in/on a ‘light balcony’ (but is actually inside a ship) facing toward the star Mintaka in Orion’s Belt, January 17th 2021.

The next night, on January 18th, a ship decloaked for 10 seconds or so, flying past Alnitak the ‘other side’ of Orion’s Belt down toward the star Procyon (not in the frame).

An AC (Ashtar Command) ship flies past Alnitak in Orion’s Belt, heading toward Procyon, before recloaking, January 18th 2021.

The next day, January 19th, small ships appeared like diamond light twinkles across the sky, and Ashura in his 5D form (Arnap) flashed his small ‘pod’ ship (down from the Lei’hua) within a high vibrational sheen radiating across the sky, visible here as a soft, ethereal ‘haze’ around the clouds and overall sky. He stationed above, while a portal became silhouetted in the cloud below his ship, clearly lozenge-shaped like the golden-white Lyran ship above, and connected with the Lyran Portal.

Arnap (Ashura in 5D form) decloaks his podship above clouds, as a portal forms on January 19th 2021.

Arnap’s pod can be seen moving down toward the portal as it formed, in the next photo (see crop below).

On January 21st, a very interesting ‘interior snapshot’ from a ship shows a clear masculine figure in the foreground, with a sheath of white light around his left arm (on the right, to a viewer), with his right arm crossed over on front of his body, with his right hand resting on his left forearm. The sheath is particulary bright around his shoulder, but extends all the way down his arm, showing how light is used in the higher dimensions to clear, shield or purify the vibrational field not only of lightships and beings, but even of specific areas of the body (or subtle bodies/energy field) when necessary.

An interior view of a ship reveals a stat brother with a sheath of light around his arm on January 26th 2021. You can see in this photo his ship is following what looks like a ‘spray’ of small grey orbs from a single brighter one above.

Arnap brought his pod-ship down very close on January 26th; its round/oval shape is clearly visible in the enlargement below.

On the night of January 29th, a lightship blinked and flew slowly beneath Sirius, above a shallow curve of four apparently unmoving ‘stars’, that aren’t all normally below Sirius. ☺

Lightship flies beneath Sirius, skimming over a slight curce of four stationary lights which aren’t all stars, January 29th 2021.

This beautiful softly-lit interior was revealed by the Lei’hua on January 30th, as she flashed to the right of Canopus. In the enlargement below, Arnap is standing (golden-white light-form) to the left, with a friend in a dark green outfit to his left, one of our (Arnap&Rowena’s) sons, Arnap’Arein. A couple of seated forms are softly visible on the right, facing toward Arnap and Arein (circled below).

The Lei’hua flashes beside Canopus on January 30th 2021.

On January 31st, another ship flashed in a very similar position to the Lei’hua the previous night, with a beautiful pearlescent orb to the left of the star. I see/feel this ‘jelly-bean’ shaped ship flash as an emanation/interior view from the Na’Heru’Shi’Mu’Ra’Ima (New Jerusalem mothership), with Sananda’s form softly visible in green light in the centre, overlighting many smaller figures of white light standing on a floor of white light in the foreground.

Moving into February, the energies here in Western Australia intensified with a large wildfire breaking out on February 1st. While connecting/communing with star family and the elemental beings (sylphs, undines and fire sprites), the silhouette of a ray-shaped ship formed in the smoke, and a guardian companion ship gave an interesting decloak, showing its triangular shape with three white stripes in a gap between tree branches.

Arnap also gave a quick reassuring decloak of his pod-ship above the smoke, then as it banked higher, a loveheart appeared in the smoke, where his ship had been visible. Thanks beloved. 🥰

With the fire still burning two days later on February 3rd, I saw a weaving of light being transposed from above into the Perth light-grid, to give it an ’emergency light boost’. That night, I took a photo in which ships appeared in wavy ‘strings’, down to the star Canopus, the stargate this light was being aligned and streamed through (Canopus and its planets, including an already-ascended Twin Soul planet to Gaia/Earth named Erra’mu, have a strong relationship to the Shift of the Earth and life here to a higher vibrational expression).

Below, I’ve circled Canopus at the bottom left, and the Lei’hua, with enlargements of the Lei’hua and the companion ship above her, cropped below.

A beautiful emanation came then from Canopus itself, showing a Light Council gathered there, facing toward us/Earth, with bright white light radiating behind them. Thank you & blessings all guiding and assisting the Earth collective’s energies this year.

On February 4th, the lightship Shem’Arua (‘Light of the Lion’) was very briefly visible, flying down from the bright star Sirius (at the right top of this footage) before recloaking below Orion.

Following the Shem’Arua’s visible flight, two ships flashed for a moment in a straight alignment, to the left of the star Rigel in Orion. Star family continue to keep a close watch on (lower astral/lower 4D) portals around Rigel and some of Orion’s other stars whose vibration is variable at present. The enlargement below, of the brighter ship at the left, shows several standing figures, facing forward, with a white light behind them.

This was followed by a spectacular light streak, in the moment a ship transmuted a dense energy with its light, while the Lei’hua hovered at the right.

Turned around, this ship, the Daina, is the bright light ‘leading’ at the left, with a lit trail behind her.

With clearings ongoing around the lower astral Orion portals, several ships appeared on February 9th, showing interior ‘structural’ views, especially of doorways.

Lovely star brother Val Thor (who guides/overlights a fleet of Victor Class ships that station on Venus) has been coming to the fore again (and has made contact with several ground crew friends in the last week), with more conducive energies in the early stages of 2021 for the Venusian mission aiding the establishment of New Earth. While connecting with him Val&Deena Thor on February 10th, they gave this clear decloak of the Victor Five, their current ‘residence’. To my physical eyes, it looked like a bright flashing diamond light, but in the photos the disc-shaped shape of the ship has come out beautifully.

For sense of scale, the Victor ships (of which I hear there are several hundred around the Earth currently) usually have from 200 to 400 people/beings on board. Val then brought this much smaller ‘pod’ ship down from the Victor Five, again appearing as a brilliant light, and also with its spherical/slightly oval shape clearly visible in front of a low cloud.

That night, three ships flew visibly across the eastern sky, two of them crossing over each other inbetween Sirius and Canopus. Here’s one of them, as it decloaked and passed by Canopus, with a large orb just visible, connected to the ship.

On February 15th, the Lei’hua flashed brightly to the left of Aldebaran, above the Pleiades, with a ‘symbolic’ light emanation of us/Arnap&Rowena standing in the centre of a four-pointed star of rose-gold light (or it can be seen as a rose cross/double infinity symbol), signalling our focus with stabilizing the collective vibrational field with the four-pointed star.

February 17th was a very busy day and night in the heavens, with a ship flying right across Sirius that night, flaring brightly and circled in the photos below.

This was followed by an incredibly clear, brilliant angelic light flash high above Sirius and Canopus, at the apex of a triangle with the two stars at the vertices. (I intuited this emanation as Archangel Uriel, and in the enlargement below you can see a figure of shining golden-yellow light, holding out a wand or staff of blue light, connecting with the Sirian and Canopoan stargates).

Straight after this wonderful emanation, two ships flashed near the Moon, to the northwest. The larger of the two ships, at the top of the frame, has an orb attached, reflecting shadowy energies it was removing at the time.

Sirius turned a beautiful rose colour, and another angelic light flashed above the star, in the same rosy hue.

Above Canopus, the Lei’hua gave an interior projection, with several figures visible in a space of soft green light. I’ve circled a particularly clear form of a girl in profile, in the centre, and a lady standing at the right, in a long gown, and will share more info about this soon.

Folllowing this beautiful interior from the Lei’hua, another ship gave a quick decloak from beneath Canopus, showing several forms standing within a sphere of soft golden light, which could also be viewed as them walking through a portal (connected with the Canopus stargate, in the sequence of light and energies coming through that night).

Lastly that night, a ship showed its presence near Aldebaran in the Taurus constellation. While Sirius turned rose-pink, Aldebaran looks like a red flame in this photo, with a white lightship flashign right below it, together looking like an exclamation mark, with the larger ship to the upper left. You can see the other fainter stars in this frame all looked ‘normal’; only Aldebaran became a streak (which means it wasn’t a hand movement of the camera, as all the stars would have ‘streaked’), so you can actually see a ‘light activation’ coming from the star that night!

Canopus has continued to be really busy, here’s another ship revealing several forms while flyign below Canopus on February 21st.


Through the current intensity of a higher dimensional New Earth that has landed in 5D in 2021, with the full spectrum of 4D vibrating through the collective consciousness field (4D amplifies all energies), we’re all requested to ease reactions and cultivate inner peace, steady light and unconditional compassion for All, to help the energies transition and stabilize higher). Star Family and the Light Realms are focusing unceasingly to assist with uplifting, clearing dense energies, and stabilizing the New Earth through its light-grids and the planet’s vibrational field during this year of 2021.

All thanks and love to Star Family of the Ashtar Command ~ Galactic Federation ~ Intergalactic Confederation and all associated light beings, fleets and co-commands of Universal Love. We hold focus for and with all aligning deeper into Love in 2021…with a clear and true opening of the way for the presence of our multidimensional, interplanetary, intergalactic and multiversal soul families and friends to be known and welcomed within the collective conscious awareness of humankind, in clarity, joy and peace. 🌞😇✨


We hope you feel uplifted by these photographic sharings, with a closer sense of connection to the presence of loving light beings of the higher dimensions, star brothers and sisters of humanity who quietly assist us and this planet in the background of Earth’s current, ongoing shift in consciousness and vibration.

We hold the vision of more open sightings and love-based connections with our star brothers and sisters all around the Earth, in love, peace, joy, wisdom and growing awareness. If your heart calls, please join us in holding this vision and intention, for the highest good of All.

If your heart calls to connect with star family, we recommend reading this post: Tips for Ship-watching and Star Family Contact

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