Lightships 2021

A warm welcome to this year’s page for lightships that appear here in the skies here over the Perth hills and nearby areas of Western Australia, following on from the photos I’ve continued to take and share on Lightships 2020 and previous Lightships pages. 💖

The ships of higher dimensional light presenting themselves on this page step their energy across many dimensional frequency bands to connect with the Earth. They hail primarily from the Ashtar Command fleet, which is universal in nature and scope, and flows here through the Intergalactic Confederation, our local Galactic Federation, and local co-Commands based within the Solar System. Our multidimensional family of the stars continue to support, guide and assist the current collective Shift into higher consciousness….which is an evolving journey, with new developments in 2021.

Star family (our own multidimensional soul expressions among them, including many of your higher vibrational/expansive selves, dear readers) focus with progressing and stabilizing each phase of this vibrational transition of humanity and all life on Earth, in this New Earth era, as kindred beings Shifting toward and becoming a galactic civilization based in unconditional love, unity and peace, consciously aware and participating peacefully within our wider galactic community. Deepest love & gratitude go to all star family groups whose presence lights this page, and to all beings of Love holding and flowing highest Light here and throughout the galaxies and universes. 

Assisting starships are all around the planet, and often fly or station overhead here, giving bright flashes or positioning near stars and constellations that have a particular relevance to missions and focuses they’re involved in at that moment. Coming into 2021, ‘decloaked’ flyovers have been fleeting but frequent. I’m also grateful for loving connections with ‘ground crew’ friends around the world and here in Western Australia having star family contact and experiences, to share in ‘ship-watching’ together and commune with our higher dimensional selves and brothers and sisters….brothers and sisters to all of humanity in the infinite Universal Family. 🥰✨


Lightships of 2021

Coming into the New Year, a lightship I connect closely with (and have a 5D soul expression on board, named Rowena), the Lei’hua, flashed above the house and flew across the sky every day through the first couple of weeks of January. Here she is, shining brightly on Januray 13th, passing by Aldebaran as she crossed the nightsky from the star Canopus in the south to Mintaka in Orion’s Belt, before recloaking. Aldebaran in the bright light in the lower central frame, with the Lei’hua flying at the right.

Another ship appeared the same night flying from Canopus to Sirius; here in these two frames, you can see its pathway from Canopus at the right to Sirius at the left.

A lightship of the Ashtar Command flies by, flashing brightly from Canopus to Sirius, before recloaking, on January 13th 2021.
The ship nears Sirius, January 13th 2021.

On January 17th, a ship flashed golden light brilliantly for a few moments, and just made it into the bottom of the frame below. Enlarged, a translucent golden-white ‘lozenge’ shaped ship is revealed, with a soul emanation above it, showing the green feline face of a being on board this ship that has a Lyran vibration.

Golden-white lightship with Lyran feline beings on board, signalled by a light emanation above but connected to the ship, January 17th 2021.

This beautiful ship was followed by another light flash close to the star Mintaka in Orion’s Belt. Mintaka also has connections with feline soul groups, and this unusual light emanation shows a being in golden-white light facing toward Mintaka, standing inside a double frame of light, rather like an ‘upstairs balcony’ (a soul expression of my TwinFlame, connected with the Mintakans).

Ashura, flowing through a golden-white light emanation, stands in/on a ‘light balcony’ (but is actually inside a ship) facing toward the star Mintaka in Orion’s Belt, January 17th 2021.

The next night, on January 18th, a ship decloaked for 10 seconds or so, flying past Alnitak the ‘other side’ of Orion’s Belt down toward the star Procyon (not in the frame).

An AC (Ashtar Command) ship flies past Alnitak in Orion’s Belt, heading toward Procyon, before recloaking, January 18th 2021.

The next day, January 19th, small ships appeared like diamond light twinkles across the sky, and Ashura in his 5D form (Arnap) flashed his small ‘pod’ ship (down from the Lei’hua) within a high vibrational sheen radiating across the sky, visible here as a soft, ethereal ‘haze’ around the clouds and overall sky. He stationed above, while a portal became silhouetted in the cloud below his ship, clearly lozenge-shaped like the golden-white Lyran ship above, and connected with the Lyran Portal.

Arnap (Ashura in 5D form) decloaks his podship above clouds, as a portal forms on January 19th 2021.

Arnap’s pod can be seen moving down toward the portal as it formed, in the next photo (see crop below).

On January 21st, a very interesting ‘interior snapshot’ from a ship shows a clear masculine figure in the foreground, with a sheath of white light around his left arm (on the right, to a viewer), with his right arm crossed over on front of his body, with his right hand resting on his left forearm. The sheath is particulary bright around his shoulder, but extends all the way down his arm, showing how light is used in the higher dimensions to clear, shield or purify the vibrational field not only of lightships and beings, but even of specific areas of the body (or subtle bodies/energy field) when necessary.

An interior view of a ship reveals a star brother with a sheath of light around his arm on January 26th 2021. You can see in this photo his ship is following what looks like a ‘spray’ of small grey orbs from a single brighter one above.

Arnap brought his pod-ship down very close on January 26th; its round/oval shape is clearly visible in the enlargement below.

On the night of January 29th, a lightship blinked and flew slowly beneath Sirius, above a shallow curve of four apparently unmoving ‘stars’, that aren’t all normally below Sirius. ☺

Lightship flies beneath Sirius, skimming over a slight curce of four stationary lights which aren’t all stars, January 29th 2021.

This beautiful softly-lit interior was revealed by the Lei’hua on January 30th, as she flashed to the right of Canopus. In the enlargement below, Arnap is standing (golden-white light-form) to the left, with a friend in a dark green outfit to his left, one of our (Arnap&Rowena’s) sons, Arnap’Arein. A couple of seated forms are softly visible on the right, facing toward Arnap and Arein (circled below).

The Lei’hua flashes beside Canopus on January 30th 2021.

On January 31st, another ship flashed in a very similar position to the Lei’hua the previous night, with a beautiful pearlescent orb to the left of the star. I see/feel this ‘jelly-bean’ shaped ship flash as an emanation/interior view from the Na’Heru’Shi’Mu’Ra’Ima (New Jerusalem mothership), with Sananda’s form softly visible in green light in the centre, overlighting many smaller figures of white light standing on a floor of white light in the foreground.

Moving into February, the energies here in Western Australia intensified with a large wildfire breaking out on February 1st. While connecting/communing with star family and the elemental beings (sylphs, undines and fire sprites), the silhouette of a ray-shaped ship formed in the smoke, and a guardian companion ship gave an interesting decloak, showing its triangular shape with three white stripes in a gap between tree branches.

Arnap also gave a quick reassuring decloak of his pod-ship above the smoke, then as it banked higher, a loveheart appeared in the smoke, where his ship had been visible. Thanks beloved. 🥰

With the fire still burning two days later on February 3rd, I saw a weaving of light being transposed from above into the Perth light-grid, to give it an ’emergency light boost’. That night, I took a photo in which ships appeared in wavy ‘strings’, down to the star Canopus, the stargate this light was being aligned and streamed through (Canopus and its planets, including an already-ascended Twin Soul planet to Gaia/Earth named Erra’mu, have a strong relationship to the Shift of the Earth and life here to a higher vibrational expression).

Below, I’ve circled Canopus at the bottom left, and the Lei’hua, with enlargements of the Lei’hua and the companion ship above her, cropped below.

A beautiful emanation followed from Canopus itself, showing a Light Council gathered there, facing toward us/Earth, with bright white light radiating behind them. Thank you & blessings all guiding and assisting the Earth collective’s energies this year.

On February 4th, the lightship Shem’Arua (‘Light of the Lion’) was very briefly visible, flying down from the bright star Sirius (at the right top of this footage) before recloaking below Orion.

Following the Shem’Arua’s visible flight, two ships flashed for a moment in a straight alignment, to the left of the star Rigel in Orion. Star family continue to keep a close watch on (lower astral/lower 4D) portals around Rigel and some of Orion’s other stars whose vibration is variable at present. The enlargement below, of the brighter ship at the left, shows several standing figures, facing forward, with a white light behind them.

This was followed by a spectacular light streak, in the moment a ship transmuted a dense energy with its light, while the Lei’hua hovered at the right.

Turned around, this ship, the Daina, is the bright light ‘leading’ at the left, with a lit trail behind her.

With clearings ongoing around the lower astral Orion portals, several ships appeared on February 9th, showing interior ‘structural’ views, especially of doorways.

Lovely star brother Val Thor (who guides/overlights a fleet of Victor Class ships that station on Venus) has been coming to the fore again (and has made contact with several ground crew friends in the last week), with more conducive energies in the early stages of 2021 for the Venusian mission aiding the establishment of New Earth. While connecting with him Val&Deena Thor on February 10th, they gave this clear decloak of the Victor Five, their current ‘residence’. To my physical eyes, it looked like a bright flashing diamond light, but in the photos the disc-shaped shape of the ship has come out beautifully.

For sense of scale, the Victor ships (of which I hear there are several hundred around the Earth currently) usually have from 200 to 400 people/beings on board. Val then brought this much smaller ‘pod’ ship down from the Victor Five, again appearing as a brilliant light, and also with its spherical/slightly oval shape clearly visible in front of a low cloud.

That night, three ships flew visibly across the eastern sky, two of them crossing over each other inbetween Sirius and Canopus. Here’s one of them, as it decloaked and passed by Canopus, with a large orb just visible, connected to the ship.

On February 15th, the Lei’hua flashed brightly to the left of Aldebaran, above the Pleiades, with a ‘symbolic’ light emanation of us/Arnap&Rowena standing in the centre of a four-pointed star of rose-gold light (or it can be seen as a rose cross/double infinity symbol), signalling our focus with stabilizing the collective vibrational field with the four-pointed star.

February 17th was a very busy day and night in the heavens, with a ship flying right across Sirius that night, flaring brightly and circled in the photos below.

This was followed by an incredibly clear, brilliant angelic light flash high above Sirius and Canopus, at the apex of a triangle with the two stars at the vertices. (I intuited this emanation as Archangel Uriel, and in the enlargement below you can see a figure of shining golden-yellow light, holding out a wand or staff of blue light, connecting with the Sirian and Canopoan stargates).

Straight after this wonderful emanation, two ships flashed near the Moon, to the northwest. The larger of the two ships, at the top of the frame, has an orb attached, reflecting shadowy energies it was removing at the time.

Sirius turned a beautiful rose colour, and another angelic light flashed above the star, in the same rosy hue.

Above Canopus, the Lei’hua gave an interior projection, with several figures visible in a space of soft green light. I’ve circled a particularly clear form of a girl in profile, in the centre, and a lady standing at the right, in a long gown, and will share more info about this soon.

Folllowing this detailed interior from the Lei’hua, another ship gave a quick decloak from beneath Canopus, showing several forms standing within a sphere of soft golden light, which could also be viewed as them walking through a portal (connected with the Canopus stargate, in the sequence of light and energies coming through that night).

Lastly that night, a ship showed its presence near Aldebaran in the Taurus constellation. While Sirius turned rose-pink, Aldebaran looks like a red flame in this photo, with a white lightship flashign right below it, together looking like an exclamation mark, with the larger ship to the upper left. You can see the other fainter stars in this frame all looked ‘normal’; only Aldebaran became a streak (therefore not a hand movement of the camera, as all the stars would have ‘streaked’), so you can actually see a ‘light activation’ coming from the star that night!

Canopus has continued to be really busy, here’s another ship revealing several forms while flyign below Canopus on February 21st.

The night of full moon, February 27th, was dynamic, to say the least! Here’s a ship and ‘blue light beam’, with a clear reveal of a being flying what could be described as a ‘local planetary run-around’. 🙂

On February 28th, a concentrated light beam was sent down (grounding information into the New Earth light-grid) from a council meeting on board the Lei’hua. Within this beam, symbolically almost touching the ground/touching down, there’s a light projection of a room within the ship where a circle of people/beings can be seen. The form of a woman (she’s an Earth human delegate, in a political leadership role) is clearest on the right-hand side, with her hands out while she’s talking to those gathered. With the midtones reduced below, I’ve circled her and several other participants.

Following this wonderful emanation from within the Lei’hua, a smaller pearlescent ship flashed brightly for a moment to the right of Sirius.

As the ship moved upward, a beautiful being appeared as a light emanation from within it, connected with Archangels Uriel&Khemiel, and you can see the relationship with Uriel-Khemiel’s emanation earlier on this page, of a golden-yellow light-form, holding a blue light staff/wand. Here, from within the pearlescent ship, connecting with the meeting on board the Lei’hua that night, you can see a form facing forward, with a deep olive skin tone, in a golden-white light robe, with a vibrant blue light object at the left (described telepathically as an ‘interphasic regulator’).

From our communications, this light-being, Haram’ura, steps forward from a light council (the Council of Yve, overlighted by AA Uriel&Khemiel) from a galaxy that connects with the Milky Way through the Canopus stargate, as part of a soul group aligning ascension codes between the two galaxies…and in connection with the blue device in this photo, and Uriel’s blue staff, a larger ship of theirs appeared visibly as a blue-green light streak near Sirius for a second or two, then showed in this photo, above Canopus.

On the evening of March 9th, this support ship from the Lei’hua flashed brilliantly, low down over the ocean at dusk, at Mandurah, Western Australia. Enlarged, you can see a rose halo around its bright white light. The bird flying at upper left is a tern, with beautiful symbolism of energies reaching a ‘tern-ing point’ (and galactic humour!)… 😊

On the night of March 12th, while attuning with Ashira (who guides/overlights the Neptune Command) through a soul expression of his connected with Alpha Centauri, named Je’errne’on (see this post), this gorgeous ship gave an intense flash to the right of Alpha Centauri and the Southern Cross, showing a very unusual form…a bright light platform with paired structures in blue and purple light on top, like twin mountains or twin pyramids, relating to ascension light/codes that were being anchored at that moment through a global network of specific mountains and pyramids with which he is connected.

Earlier in the day, this ship, which is horseshoe shaped (seen from one side of the ‘horseshoe’), signalled J’errne’on’s presence, with Arnap on board with him at the time.

On March 19th, a ship that flashed midway between Betelgeuse and Procyon revealed an interior ‘window-view’ with a blue light-being facing forward, followed by an exterior view a few moments later, of a triangular Procyon ship with a super-clear spherical white pod-ship magnetized to its underside.

The next night, March 20th, a ‘window-view’ from the Phoenix mothership flashed high overhead, with its signature brilliant golden-white light, as it poured Ascension light-codes through the Equinox portal(s) opened around the Earth by loving souls/ground crew (blesings all).

In the left side of this ship-view, there’s a face ‘projected’ in blue light, radiating Ashtar’s vibration and presence (Ashtar overlights and guides the Ashtar Command fleet, as a soul expression flowing Archangel Michael’s energies, and Michael attributes are emanating through this face in this photo, and the Phoenix mothership in general)…more obvious with the photo turned around. Just feel the strength, beauty and softness of the Light coming through now, clearer and clearer, as the ‘veil’ lifts and we move closer to open contact and Disclosure. 💙💛💗

This radiant emanation from the Phoenix was followed two night later on March 22nd by the mothership Meri’Ashar (Mary’s Star) flashing brilliantly while holding a triangulating/trinity position to the stars Canopus and Sirius below, as she sent Ascension light-codes through the ‘mirror stargates’ of the two brightest stars in our nightsky, both deeply connected with Earth’s shift into a higher vibrational baseline. Enlarged below, the Meri’Ashar’s disc shape is clear, with a rose rim around white and aqua light, with a sheet of bright light radiating from her underside, like a vast ramp or stairway. There’s a ship of white light connected with the ‘ramp’ at the left, one of the Meri’s support ships, similar in size and type to the Lei’hua, which there are photos of on this page and previous pages. This is by far the clearest the Meri’Ashar has ever appeared in a photo, a sign of the way opening more this year, for contact with Earth’s humanity. 🙏

The Meri’Ashar was close overhead as one of a ‘constellation of motherships’ during a joyful gathering of ‘ground crew’ friends at a star sister’s home by the sea in Perth on March 28th. A small support ship gave a quick flash overhead, with Arnap and several starry companions on board.

As vibrations of release and renewal amplified into Easter~Ostara, on April 4th a swathe of heavy, dense astral-etheric energies was cleared through an interdimensional portal that symbolized very clearly in the photo below as a compressed bundle of shadow-energy being removed through a doorway of light shining close to Sirius. The bundle (held within a containment field) can be seen ‘crossing the threshold of light’ at the bottom left, with its shadow energies already simultaneously shifted through the portal.

The Meri’Ashar sent this orb emanation, showing her light in a spiralling vortex motion as she held the portal open down to lower/slower 4D frequency bandwidths to remove this condensed toxic energy…and stream it back to Light. A being in green light is visible in the circled area, with feline qualities (coming from our Oversoul), overlighting/guiding this energy removal.

On April 7th, as the Easter clearings and Light renewal integrated into the Earth’s vibrational field and light-grids, another portal appeared, this time close to Canopus (Canopus & Sirius stream synchronized activations as ‘mirror node’ stars). With the brightness reduced, there’s a glowing double doorway or ‘twin portal’, held in a cross-shaped central frame, with obvious Christed symbolism, emanating from the motherships Na’Heru’Shi’MuRa’Ima (New Jerusalem) 💛

On April 9th, while light was being sent from the motherships through the 33rd Parallel South (the 33rd parallels are vibrationally connected with the planetary merkaba/light-body), Arnap hovered a pod-ship over the ocean (at Bunbury, Western Australia). His ship wasn’t visible but I heard/felt to point the camera above a flock of five pigeons, and in its cloaked form, the pod-ship appeared in two photos, directly above the birds (and circled below).

In the crop below, I’ve circled a face formed in the cloud under the ship, representing Arnap’s presence.

Through late April, triangular and pyramid-shaped ships were to the fore, which I associate in particular with Sirian, Lyran, Antarian and Procyon soul groups. On April 21st, during the day they were outlining continuously in clouds overhead.

Then at night, this ship flashed several times as it flew across the southern sky (back and forth near Alpha Centauri and the Southern Cross, with the ship from left to right of them). In the enlargement below, it can be seen as a luminous pyramid-shaped ship of soft golden hues.

More triangles appeared in clouds on April 23rd; here’s one, with an arched doorway outlining close by, signifying an open portal.

The next night on April 24th, a Sirian-Mirzami ship gave a spectacular decloak, facing forward and full of rainbow light. I see a white feline face projected over the front of the ship, a purple figure at the upper rear of this beautiful vessel, and a winged form at upper right.

This interior emanation from a ship the same night (with two ships flashing to its left and Alpna Centauri & Southern Cross at lower left), and in the enlargement below you can see several forms seated within a white-lit curve that is part of a larger circle, during a meeting.

On April 25th, a clear ‘disc-hole’ formed in a cloud bank, while a distinct doorway formed nearby (with a letter ‘J’ at its left). 😊

Merging the triangular and portal energies, this huge triangular opening outlined in clouds directly on top of the Full Moon (in symbolic reference to an interdimensional lunar portal) on April 26th.

Finally for April, this spectacular morphing light emanation appeared in three frames on the night of April 30th, with Ashura in his 5D Arnap form as my ‘anchor-point’ within an exquisite download from the Galactic Council that visualized as a cluster of shimmering crystalline light in these photos, with forms softly visible, merged in the light. I’ve circled Arnap, you can see him as the most defined form, in a green outfit and golden-haired, with his arm out to the right in the first one, waving.

As the light cluster and forms morphed, in the second photo, there’s a sense of the light flowing downward in sheets of rainbow colours, toward the Earth (and anchoring into the node here, and through the planetary light-grids).

And in the third photo, it shifted into crystalline aquatic vibrations, with aquatic and feline soul energies to the fore.

Since that download and activation in the grids, I’ve felt Agarthan (5D Inner Earth) connection and the faery/elven and elemental realms and beings as greatly opened and enhanced, personally and also within collective receptivity for those attuning to them in love. I took the photo below on May 1st in Kalamunda National Park (Western Australia), after meditating with golden light flowing around the Earth. At the foot of a tree, these dear beings allowed themselves to be photographed; they look like ‘cosmic solar gnomes’, with with two seated in front of the tree trunk and many half-formed energies around them, outlined clearly, with small pointed hats, and the one on the right facing forward, with big lemon-golden light eyes.

May 5th was an exceptional day, with a ‘touchdown’ of a pod-ship from the Lei’hua, at what we call ‘the landing pad’ node described in this post. Here you can see Arnap bringing the pod through an interdimensional ‘fold”, which appears as a deep blue shape to the right of this small ship, as it popped through to the right of the crescent moon. There’s also a clearly visible diamond-shaped light-field around the pod.

I then felt to track the flight of a group of black cockatoos flying toward the moon, and as they passed in front of it, three groups of three ships in various triangle formations showed above them.

In the next frame, only Arnap’s pod was still visible, above the birds.

He remained in a straight alignment to the crescent moon for two more frames.

He shifted then from west to south, and decloaked the pod low down over the top of the hill. Enlarged, this small ship can be seen as a bell shape with white and light pink light emanating from its underside, with a mauve colour around the ‘roof’.

He then flew in front of a small, swirling cloud, which drifted out into several shapes. I’ve circled a bow-shaped ship outlined in the upper left cloud, and a beautiful loveheart than formed at lower right…which he then gave a bright flash above.

There was a slight feeling of pressure (to me at ground level) before a dark grey chevron shape ship was flushed out from the upper cloud. This is a surveillance type craft, and it will surfice to say it was removed, and the not so well-intended beings on board (of a lower 4D vibration) were placed in a room on board the Lei’hua, as Arnap put it, “To bathe in warmth and light for a while, and contemplate the Universe.” 😉

Three ships appeared in triangle formation again, to the right of the subtle impression of a curved rim in the clouds, before passing over it to the left. I felt they were also containing and clearing energies in that area. Thanks and love to all involved!

Since that day of high activation, the Lei’hua has flown openly, low down, and I’ve been able to film her…firstly on the night of May 8th. She flashed several times next to the star Canopus, before flying toward Sirius, as a clear, steady light (and complete with raucous kookaburras, and neighbours in the background).

This was followed by two simultaneous light flashes, one above Sirius, the other to the right…showing a defined square doorway, and the one above Sirius as a light emanation of three figures, a tall pink being in the right hand background, with Sananda in the centre in green light, his hands stretched out in a blessing gesture, and more subtly visible in golden-white light, Lady Nada at the left.

On May 11th, the Lei’hua again gave a beautiful open flyover, which I’ve filmed in three parts. This time she decloaked near Sirius and flew toward Procyon, then in the third section of footage, a plane came into the frame above the Lei’hua. You can see its regularly flashing lights in contrast to the steady, unblinking light of the Lei’hua…their/our way of saying, ‘See, we’re not a plane.’

Here’s a still shot before she recloaked, showing her soft domed shape and rose-gold light.

Energies were really strong on May 18th, with lightcode downloads coming through, that visualized as a ‘power pulse’ that night by the Meri’Ashar mothership. A helicopter was circling around, and Arnap tailed it in a pod-ship, then hovered high above it, up near the Southern Cross, until it had gone. Then a brilliant light flashed on a straight alignment with him, to the left, from the Meri’Ashar, followed by a more coalesced image of the ship, left of Alpha Centauri, sending down a massive light burst as a shimmering bundle of white and aqua light. The radiance of the purple star across the roof of the ship can be seen as a purple-magenta glow on top of the ship in the photo below!

Coming into June, the high light frequencies pouring in activated a next level of loosening and clearing unfriendly influences from the planetary field (lower astral/etheric/plasmatic entities, devices and programmes), reflecting into the collective consciousness as the first steps of ‘official public disclosure’ opening, which will ultimately unfold into star family and other loving contacts as peaceful energies align a stable pathway for communications and meetings. 😊

On June 8th, there was a flurry of ship and orb appearances in the southern sky, centered around Alpha Centauri, so often the southern hub/focal point of cosmic activities. In the photo below, an orb hovered above Alpha & Beta Centauri, forming a triangle with them.

The same orb sat a little higher in this next photo, with a brilliant flash from a light ship high above. The ship was just below a massive, soft, purple-white orb which is out of the frame apart from its lower rim, at the upper edge of the frame above the very bright ship. You can see the orb from the first photo, the ship and the upper orb just visible all form a straight alignment to Beta Centauri.

Close up, the ship is visible as three points of light, as a triangle shape, with the lower right light flaring in beautiful colours.

In the rim of the huge orb above, there are many figures subtly formed, watching lovingly over this ship as it cleared some astral/etheric energies.

Still centered around these two stars, two ships flashed close to each other, while a related orb flashed to the right of Alpha and Beta Centauri (Alpha Centauri’s at the lower edge of the frame, with Beta Centauri obscured by haze above it, with the ships at upper left).

Enlarged, the two ships both show a long triangular format, with a face softly formed in the orb (who hailed as the captain of the nearer of the two ships, coming from one of several inhabited planets of the Alpha Centauri system). From this being and other contacts, the Alpha and Beta Centaurians (Hadarians) have been clearing a lot of unfriendly entities/energies of the 4D frequency bands recently, and you can see one the ships is spiralling its light around a dense shadow, literally vortexing the energies into higher frequency.

These two small ‘twin orbs’ or red and green light flashed above Alpha and Beta Centauri, mimicking the stars (ie; signalling where they’re from).

Followed by a larger orb of merged red and green tones…with a tiny bright flash of green from a ship at lower left of the orb, and a much larger flash from a ship to the upper right, showing a wide triangular formation, with one red ‘wing’ and one green ‘wing’ (ie; two wings of the same fleet, merged soul groups and energies from planets of those two stars).

On June 14th, several ships represented their presence in the clouds, with one of them giving the clear outline of windows, with a sense of a slight curve denoting a disc-shaped ship presence.

On June 18th, a detailed sequence of light emanations unfolded from the Meri’Ashar mothership, showing many light beings around a brilliant white light portal opened within the ship, that many beings from the lower astral (4D) frequency layers around the Earth asking for amnesty poured into and through, returning to the higher vibrations of Love. The sequence began with this orb, signalling the mothership’s presence in the southern sky (above Alpha Centauri).

As the orb moved across the sky, it became an intense light. With the brightness/midtones reduced, the feminine form of Irana can be subtly seen on the right, defining a little more in the next photo.

In the next photo, with the brightness reduced, the masculine form of Ashura is visible at the left, in the likeness of a knight in armour, holding a beam of aqua blue light across his front toward the left, in a guarding/gatekeeping posture.

The emanation continued to clarify and expand, in this next photo you can see Ashura in his 7-5D Arnap form, still at the left, beside the open light portal, clearly wearing a long-sleeved emerald green top and dark green pants, with more star family members behind him, to his left, and at the right of the portal, and many within it, receiving and assisting those coming up into the ship. The forms become clearer with the brightness reduced further below.

Dense grey orbs flew upward to the mothership, and the one in the next two photos shows most beautifully how the orb filled with rainbow colours as it came into the vibrational field of the ship (with a grey orb ‘docked’ at the right side of the portal in the second photo.

The following day, June 19th, as energies kept clearing from the astral/etheric layers, a pair of hawks appeared ‘out of nowhere’, flying around the shape of a doorway that formed in a cloud. In the second photo, a small craft (unmanned device) popped into view as a black rectangle, and in the third photo, it was moving toward the doorway/portal, before being sucked through it and disappearing. I’ve circled the device, the portal, and a softly formed feline face representing Lyran/Antarian feline star family, all on a straight alignment. Finally, the hawks swept back in front of the portal, before it too disappeared.

On June 29th, the southern sky was again busy, starting with a trio of orbs forming a triangle around Canopus.

To the east of Canopus, several ships flashed briefly around the Southern Cross, then one of them flashed bright green, perfectly triangulating to Alpha and Beta Centauri, with a reddish-pink orb at the lower right….before descending and brightening for a moment.

On July 5th, this lovely, shimmery emanation came from a ship I know as ‘the Ark’, with star brother Ar’Noah seated at the righ-hand side, with the form of a lady in a rose coloured gown on his lap (which can also be seen as another overlay or two small girls in rose dresses). The bright star below is Canopus.

The Ark was followed by another bright emanation, in the shape of a ‘teardrop’, with many forms inside it; several small childlike figures with a tall form behind them, with Ashura/Archangel Gabriel vibrations radiating (Gabriel is connected with the element of water and the White Ray/divine conception, with the teardrop representing water/amniotic fluid in a ‘womb of light’).

A ship flashed beautiful emerald green earlier in the evening, while I was tuning into Venus (the bright white light at the bottom of the frame), and sending a greeting to the Venus fleet. 💚

A few seconds after a ship flashed next to Alpha Centarui on July 7th, this magnificent orb of soft aqua-green and purple was visible in the photo below. Enlarged, a feminine form is subtly present, holding two spheres. Further enlarged, the sphere on her left shows a blue lion-like face, with a figure seated in profile at her lower right.

A ship flashed below the Southern Cross on July 11th, and when enlarged reveals a being with large eyes and an intense stare. I saw this ship (lower 4D vibes) being removed through a light portal, and also felt to turn the photo around; there’s a ‘classic beaming down flying saucer’ in the area I’ve circled, with this projection symbolizing the removal of extraterrestrial groups of the variety responsible for what have become famous/notorious as abductions and traumatic experiments in the UFOlogy field. From the perspective of light-beings assisting the global Shift in vibration and consciousness, unhooking the subtle influences of those who don’t have humanity’s best interests at heart is an important step prior to Open Contact (and readers here may be aware that globally, humanity is now in the early phase of a galactic disclosure process that is being overviewed and supported by Star Family of the Galactic Federation/Intergalactic Federation and associated fleets, along with Earth-based groups (sometimes refered to as ultraterrestrials) of love and goodwill who remain quietly assisting behind the scenes until humanity comes into a collective vibration and perspective that is peaceful and empathetic enough to enable open meetings. 🙏

Again close to Alpha Centauri and the Southern Cross, the next two photos show emanations from firstly, a portal, a secondly, from within a ship. In the portal, just below Alpha Centauri, is a very clear green bird-being with a ‘duck-like’ face, literally placing itself in the way of a mass of shadow energies, barring them entry into this galactic region. Thank you, feathery friend(s)!

In the ship, below the Southern Cross, three forms are silhouetted, with a man standing at the right, another at the left, and a lady seated in the middle. You can see the attention of all three is focused on a green object (or object enveloped in green light) in the foreground. Clearings and more clearings.

Star family often mark their presence subtly in clouds with outlines of ships or faces, but sometimes with other shapes. On July 28th, beautiful ‘flying bird’ clouds formed for a few moments above a thick bank of clouds, as a confirmation from birdl-like star beings I had been focusing upon in meditation earlier in the day, ethereal and uplifting to observe.

On July 29th, a ship showed up in a photo for a second time this year in an almost identical format. On March 19th, it gave a very clear triangular outline with a glowing white pod-ship attached beneath it. In the July photo, you can see what is clearly the same ship, or same type of ship, this time without the pod, but with two small bright lights at the pod ‘attachment points’ (with the photo from March 19th on the right for comparison).

On August 4th, coming up to a major energetic gateway (the 8-8 Lion’s Gate), I walked up a nearby hill with a panoramic view over Perth, while tuning in with starry ones. There was a brilliant white flash above the city centre, followed by a similiar white light flash above a plane flying over the hills toward the airport. A ‘classic flying saucer’ then outlined in a cloud overhead, at the moment a second plane flew down the same route, and a small ship flashed behind it, then curved above it, and shot south literally within the blink of an eye.

With the cloudship enlarged, maybe you can see a man standing in the centre front of the ship, with a light coloured sash running diagonally from his shoulder across his front (signifying Ashtar), with a feminine form to his left, and another person seated at lower left.

Here it is, compared with two decloaked ships of very similar shape, which you can read more about on the Lightships 2019 and Lightships 2018 pages.

On August 13th, a ship flashes a few times around the moon, and the photo below shows a triangular frame/hatch with a being of beautiful soft white light standing at its right.

The following day on August 14th, a lovely ‘ground crew’ group in Perth anchored star family alignments during a multi-stage clearing and light activation of several nodes in the light grid here, with some beautiful ship twinkles and ‘cloud signals’ overhead. Here’s a very clear shape outlined in a small cloud, perfectly shaped to outline this curvy triangular ship with a flat nose. 😊

Followed by a ‘Big C’, and all kinds of figurative shapes, including angelic, in the clouds.

At the final stop of the day, nearing the node (in a lake), the otherwise blue, sunny sky suddenly masses with dark cloud over that spot, reflecting unhappy energies bearing down on the light releasing from the light-grid upward. Arnap’s white pod ship flashed just below the cloud, then a black triangle was flushed out of it and ‘rendered inoperable’ (as Arnap likes to put it). The activation blossomed, the energies cleared, and the dark clouds peeled away into sunshine again.

With the light-grids highly activated and open, momentum with star family and many light beings continued through mid-August, showing beautifully in the clouds on August 18th with a ‘cloud mountain’ that formed over an inner area of Perth, followed by a ‘light beam’ from the Meri’Ashar mothership through the clouds (I was seeing diamond white light pillars landing in and around the city centre at the time, and you can get a sense of the strength of the light-flows through the cloud-form below).

The cloud-signals kept rolling, with this gentle, loving eye on August 22nd, that formed just before three ships flashed bright white light in unison, in a perfect triangle formation, with a butterfly-shaped cloud to their right (butterflies symbolize transformation/metamorphosis of dense/dualized energies into higher harmonic frequencies).

On the night of August 24th, the Lei’hua sent a couple of highly detailed light emanations, showing humans from Earth going on board the ship. The centre of the ship is radiating the Lei’hua’s familiar signature soft rose-golden-white light, with an area at the left held in an ‘interfacing frequency’ (4D) for the ease of the people coming on board. In the first photo, you can actually see the transdimensional frequency bands they’re walking through, graduated for them to acclimatize to the higher frequencies.

In the second photo, this meeting area of the ship has come into closer focus, with ‘men in black’ (literally, guys in black suits) in the foreground, and Ashura in his 5D soul-form as Arnap standing behind, with our son Arein, in green…and from the scale comparison with the Earth peeps in front of them, they’re standing about 8 ft tall (galactic humans come in all shapes, heights and hues, but can also scale down – or up – in different dimensional strata). I’ve circled the clearest of the Earth guys below, in his black suit, and holding a white folder or case.

Several ships appeared that night, with a red flash near Alpha Centauri followed by this blue-green orb and ship flashing simultaneously either side of Alpha & Beta Centauri, with a green V or heart in the orb, and a white-lit meeting table with figures seated along it.

These emerald green emanations came from the Victor Five (of the Venus fleet), visible here triangulating to Venus with a support ship (Venus is the bright light at the right, with the Victor Five above).

On September 6th, this dome-shaped luminous green ship flashed belwo Venus and Jupiter, with clear legs/landing struts extended from its underside.

This was followed by a green orb, revealing a masculine and feminine pair, in a clothing style reminiscent of ancient Chinese attire.

On September 9th, a pair of lightships skimmed along behind a plane flying from the city of Perth eastward over the hills. In the first two photos, the plane appears as twin lights low over the trees, with firstly one ship flashing from almost above it. The two ships then can be seen at the far right of the frame, having flown ahead of the plane, above its flight path. They then hovered lower and brighter after the plane had passed, for a few seconds before winking out. Openly sayng, “We’re here.”

Several small pod-ships appeared briefly in the day sky of September 13th, beginning with a slight twinkle from Arnap zipping out from a cloud. He was then joined by two lovely star brothers and they flew together, triangulating, then in a straight line.

On September 9th, the Andromedan ship Serenity gave this stunning window view, left of the Saturn-Jupiter-Moon alignment that night, with a blue being clearly seated in the foreground, with a dark green being to the left.

Four ships flashed in a slightly curved alignment on September 23rd, then two ships dropped down vertically above and below Mars.

Lightships again trailed a plane leaving Perth and flying eastward on the night of September 25th, this time passing close over a friend’s house in the hills further south from my home. One ship appeared firstly orb-like, behind the plane as it took off from the city (the plane is the light at the right).

With the plane and ship much closer, the plane appears as a red light in the next photo, with the ship flashing white above it.

The ship then dropped down below the plane, and in the next frame flashed red close to the treetops, with the plane continuing eastward above it.

Going coastal on September 26th, this unusual cloud-form grew just above the ocean at Scarborough, Perth, in which you can perhaps see an angelic embrace, with the rim of a disc-shaped ship peeking from the ”angel’s forehead” in the cloud.

A distinct diamond-shaped ship/portal formed inside an energy vortex on September 28th, that reflected clearly through the cloud overhead as a swirling circular area (upper right of centre of frame in the photo below).

On October 4th, the Serenity materialized visibly as a smooth silvery disc in the centre of a triangle that opened softly in clouds overhead, before melting back into the clouds.

Following the Serenity’s decloak, a very interesting shape formed in the cloud below, that looked like a softly domed vessel with arched windows all the way around.

Tuning in with this formation more, it felt more like a container or ”hangar” for a ship, which then formed quite strongly as a white sphere hovering in the centremost archway. To the upper left, a face formed in the clouds that I see as Ashtar, literally overlighting this ship in its containing vessel, which I feel is now reactivating from a state of dormancy, beginning to radiate its unique, uplifting frequencies into the Earth field.

The next night October 5th was pretty hilarious, as I was focusing on taking a photo of two of my gorgeous resident possums without flashing the camera straight into their eyes, and didn’t notice the lightship low down, behind them, until I’d taken the photo below, then saw a brief twinkle beyond the trees. on downloading the photo, it showed up quite well (lower right of the pergola)! 😍

On October 14th, many ships and faces were outlining in plumes of smoke from a burn-off, and the masculine figure standing in the photo below followed on from a meeting with Ashira (who radiates through many soul expressions, and overlights and guides the Neptune Command fleet) during dreamstate while asleep the previous night.

The following day and night the energies went ”through the roof”, with a breathtaking flow of lightships and flashes, synchronized in triangles, arcs and straight alignments near and around the Moon and nearby Jupiter, or around Venus, with Antares just above her…during a highly coordinated sweep of clearings across several fleets and co-Commands that displayed precisely and spectacularly in the skies over the next few days. Here’s the first simultaneous ship flash of October 15th, three ships forming a triangle around the Moon.

Enlarging the ship at the left reveals a huge golden disc-shape, with a dark cube wrapped in brilliant aqua light below, with green light wreathing around it…or turned around, the ship becomes a portal through which this ”control cube” was sent and transmuted back to loving harmonics.

The three ships then flashed together again about half a minute late, now in a line to the Moon and Jupiter (the white light left of the Moon).

The again into a long narrow triangle around the Moon and Jupiter (they look more orblike here).

Brighter still, flashing in straight alignment to Jupiter (the third ship was out of frame to the left of Jupiter).

Then all three appearing for a moment, still in straight alignment, below the Moon and Jupiter, in perfectly graduated sizes (showing the direction of the movement of the energies they were working with at that moment).

In the next frame, five ships appeared, for a split second holding a triangle formation, and by the time I took the photo, the ship at the apex of the triangle had dimmed and shifted slightly to the left, where it can still be just seen above the four brightly pulsing ships still in formation.

The four then flipped up above the Moon, in a mirror formation of the light halo around the Moon, which had also morphed from round to softly triangular in the clouds.

As the Moon’s halo grew circular again, the four spread into a long arc above the Moon (signifying a stabilizing, protecting mantle of higher frequencies around the sublunar field. The number 4 signifies stability, a steady foundation of love).

A final triangle of ships flashed briefly to the upper left of the Moon, with the lead ship revealing translucent, glowing internal structures and forms when enlarged, within a rose-white light field (an emanation from the Meri’Ashar mothership).

Some enlargements of the ships above, with many forms and beings subtly presencing themselves, thank you starry ones.

In this emanation, Ashura can be seen standing in the foreground, with rays of light in cross formations behind him, gold at upper left, rose-white to the right.

Over to the west there was also a lot of energy alignments around Venus, with red Antares close above. In this photo, two ship flashed while forming a triangle around Venus with Antares as the apex point of the triangle.

Here, a beautful purple light emanation appeared left of Venus and Antares, followed by a giant red orb above the star and planet. These huge red orbs have only ever appeared in my photos at moments when I’m closely attuning with Antares, and our Antarian star sisters and brothers.

Another precise and elegant triangulation, this time by three ships of the Venus fleet (Victor class ships radiating green light) right above Antares and Venus, wrapping over them.

Exquisite ”packages of light-codes” flashing around the ships, sending high frequency activations into the Earth’s vibrational field.

On November 4th, the Lei’hua appeared in her signature rosegold light overhead for a moment, and came clearly through this photo.

As the Lei’hua tracked higher, flying here high above Jupiter, Ashura (in his 5D form Arnap) sent this glowing emanation, at the moment he was getting up from a chair. Its shape is clearly defined in iridescent lime green and blue, and he can be seen in a dark green outfit, levering himself up from a sitting position (Jupiter is the bright light near the lower edge of the frame, with the emanation of Arnap upper right of frame).

November 7th brought some effervescent ship energies and cloud symbolism, reflecting through from higher dimensional activities, beginning with this scintillating cloudform.

And this delicate depiction of a sphere, cupped like a pearl, in a tendril of cloud.

That night was also wonderful, with many ships twinkling around Venus and the Moon in the western nightsky, and around Jupiter and Saturn to the north/overhead. I had been connecting in meditation and dreamstate with Ashira, who guides the Neptune Command, and associated beings and soul groups; they sent through this spectacular and unique band of light-codes, in a specific sequence of blue, purple, sea green, and aqua-white in the centre, close to the Moon and then actually appearing behind the Moon (signifying the light-codes entering via the higher dimensional lunar portal).

Meanwhile, below Saturn and Jupiter, two ships flashed in diagonal positions, making a trapezoidal shape. This continued for three nights, culminating in the ships appearing orblike on November 9th below Saturn and Jupiter, one amber, the other green (signalling the shift from ”pause” to ”go”, in regard to a mission underway at that moment, and also in regard to disclosure and open contact). 😊

Still on the 7th, here’s one of the ships directly below Saturn, triangulating with Jupiter, appearing as a soft green flash. When enlarged, this beautiful ship (signalling that it hails from the Saturn Command) shows a pearly green-gold colour.

This was followed by two more green ships flashing with this one in a triangular alignment to Saturn, with the ship stationed under Jupiter also giving a simultaneous twinkle.

This large, soft green-gold orb appeared next just below Saturn, with the triangle of ships swinging over to the right, past Jupiter.

The Lei’hua appeared in a sequence of photos on November 9th…visible to me only as a very subtle flicker in the sky close to Venus and the Moon, and showing several times in a particular, close alignment, to the left of Venus & Moon.

Here’s an enlargement of the final photo, with the midtones reduced, incredibly colour-saturated, with a tall male form at the right (Minkara, on board the Lei’hua), and a young girl at the left in a pink dress and leggings, whose name I hear as Oriola. Thank you lovely ones.

On November 10th, this gentle, serene ”eye in the sky” from Ashura appeared in the clouds, with the outline of an elliptical ship to its right, with a stripe of white across its centre.

This was accompanied by a fly-over by Arnap in a small silver-white bow-shaped ship. He decloaked directly above the crescent moon, then flew the ship westward before disappearing into a cloud formation. Here’s a little bit of footage:

On November 11th (11-11 Gateway), with very high energies in focus, orbs and ships continuously triangulated around the Moon and Jupiter, beginning with this arc of three orbs.

In this spectacular moment, a lightship flashed green, aligned close to Jupiter, while a bright orb counterpointed the Moon, forming a bow or half-diamond shape.

With the bright orb now sitting within a bow or shallow triangle with the Moon and Jupiter, three ships flashed the points of a large triangle enveloping them.

Finally, this bright green flash came from the right of the Moon and Jupiter, and enlarged reveals a being laying on a green-gold light disc and bathed in green light, receiving a healing (green is the colour frequency of healing and refreshment of energies). A being behind the disc is just discernible, guiding the healing light.

On November 13th, a beautiful stream of orbs moved along the alignment of Saturn and Jupiter to the Moon, with a pair of ships flashing at lower right of the Moon in the second photo below.

With some of the ships and orbs in close-up that night, showing many loving ones.

Again, the following night on November 14th, lightships continued flashing along the Saturn-Jupiter-Moon alignment…here with a pair of ships passing just above the planets toward the Moon (higher dimensional lunar portal).

Again the next night, November 15th, ships twinkled along the same alignment, closing with this gorgeous purple emanation above the Saturn-Jupiter-Moon alignment. Enlarged, forms are softly visible, particularly at the lower right of the lightship.

On November 26th, what appeared as a bright light-flash to me visibly, when enlarged shows a wonderfully detailed figure literally stepping through a portal, one foot forward and ”on point”, in a clear visual message (with this portal being just below Venus). 😊

On December 2nd, this intricate ship-form appeared momentarily above the star Canopus. I’m reminded of an ancient Egyptian/Coptic name for Canopus, Kahi Nub, meaning golden earth or golden floor, with the colour of this ship (which I feel can also be read as the upper half of a being in green seated before a table of glowing golden light.


From our perspective, the Galactic New Earth’s subtle activations continue to vibrate within the collective consciousness, present and anchored in 5D, yet with the 4D spectrum vibrating strongly during this phase (4D amplifies all energies). We’re all asked to ease reactivity, cultivate inner peace, steady light and unconditional compassion for All, and energize through our focus and inner vision the already-realized New Earth, to help all energies transition and stabilize higher. Star Family of the Ashtar Command and Co-Commands, the Galactic Federation, Intergalactic Confederation, and countless interweaving Light Beings are focusing unceasingly to assist with uplifting, clearing dense energies, and stabilizing the New Earth, through its light-grids and the planet’s vibrational field during this year of 2021. Patience, compassion for all, and positivity are our friends and allies in this enterprise. 💚🌏

Loving thanks to all beings of goodwill and kindness, fleets and assisting realms based in Universal Love. We hold focus for all on Earth aligning deeper into Love in 2021…with a clear and true opening for the presence of our multidimensional, interplanetary, intergalactic and multi-universal soul families and friends of love and to be known and welcomed within the collective conscious awareness of humankind, in clarity, joy and peace. 🌞😇✨


We hope you feel uplifted by these photographic sharings, with a closer sense of connection to the presence of loving light beings of the higher dimensions, star brothers and sisters of humanity who quietly assist us and this planet in the background of Earth’s current, ongoing shift in consciousness and vibration.

We hold the vision of more open sightings and love-based connections with our star brothers and sisters all around the Earth, in love, peace, joy, wisdom and growing awareness. If your heart calls, please join us in holding this vision and intention, for the highest good of All.

If your heart calls to connect with star family, we recommend reading this post: Tips for Ship-watching and Star Family Contact

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