Lightships 2023

Welcome lovely readers to the 2023 page for lightships that appear in the skies here in Western Australia, particularly over Mandurah, a small coastal city 72 kms south of Perth where I now live. Photos and footage shared here are part of a continuous stream of multidimensional ”visual messaging” from those I connect with as family & friends of the stars, flowing on from images collected on the Lightships 2022 and previous Lightships pages going back to 2014.

To my perception and experience, the ships, beings and luminous emanations signalling their presence around this planet, and in the skies here, are stepping their energies across many dimensional frequency bands to connect with humanity on Earth. The loving beings presencing themselves through these photos flow as the Ashtar Command (and associated, interweaving light beings and realms) which is universal in nature and scope, and radiates here through the Intergalactic Confederation, our local Galactic Federation and co-Commands based within the Solar System, continuing to support, uphold and assist an evolving collective Shift into higher consciousness on this planet and beyond. This year on Earth has come in with fairly high intensity, and our friends in the skies (and seas) are busy, and also sending plenty of visual messages and affirmations of their presence through photos to share publically. Thanks also go to assisting ones of the 5D Inner Earth realms, who also have an integral role in this planetary Shift, as disclosure of extraterrestrial/interdimensional presence continues to unfold both officially and informally, leading toward collective Open Contact.

Star family here in love (our multidimensional soul expressions among them, along with potentially many of your cosmic expressions, dear readers) are assisting each phase of this vibrational transition of humanity and all life on Earth, in such deep ways, helping the Galactic New Earth align and unfold within and from collective consciousness, holding dedicated focus with each stage of this planetary shift into a galactic civilization based in unconditional love, unity and peace, consciously aware and connecting harmoniously within our wider galactic community. Deepest love & gratitude go to all star family groups and loving beings whose presences grace this page, this planet, and to all beings flowing pure Love here and throughout the omniverse. 

Loving ones around the planet reveal themselves and ships when and where appropriate according to their overview, often giving bright flashes or stationing near stars and constellations of particular relevance to missions and focuses they’re involved in moment to moment. I’m grateful for loving connections with ‘ground crew’ friends around the world and here in Western Australia embracing star family contact and experiences, to share in ‘ship-watching’ together and commune with our higher dimensional selves and brothers and sisters….kindred to all of humanity in the infinite frequency fields of creation. I’m also grateful for anyone open-minded or just curious who finds their way to these pages, and hope you find inspiration in these visual sharings that radiate many oversoul and soul group frequencies.


Lightships of 2023

This year has swept in with a lot of activity focused around the stars Sirius and Canopus, the two brightest stars in the nightsky. The ship and orb below flashed in an alignment toward Sirius on January 2nd, with some clear symbolism in the greenish orb, of a tall tree that looks like a fir tree/Christmas tree next to a small building, with a defined doorway just to the right of the tree. This symbolic scene is part of a particular focus from loving beings that has come through many photos (and dreams, meditations and other experiences) flowing from December 25th 2022 through to February 2023. Blessings bright ones 💚

This was followed by another orb appearing close to the Belt of Orion (of which two stars are visible), just clipping the lower edge of the frame. Enlarged, there are figures softly formed as if in a watercolour, with one clearer feminine form at the lower left. She can be seen as clothed in a deep blue dress with a white apron over it, and she’s holding something white and round under her arm on the left side (her right arm). There’s soft golden light around her head, I feel her as an emanation of Mother Mary, with another figure in the background to her left.

This theme continued around Sirius and Canopus the next night on January 3rd. Firstly, a golden orb flashed between the two bright stars, close to the Hu Shi asterism, with faces visible when enlarged.

Closely followed by a little blue-green orb above the two bright stars.

Enlarged, in the upper half of the orb, there’s a big blue beaming face (reminds me of Shrek!), with the centre and lower half of the orb overlaid with rows of figures, with the clearest in the lower foreground.

The circled figure in the lower foreground radiates as an emanation of Sananda, with his face in profile also gently formed in the right side of the orb (facing to the right).

A beautiful rainbow orb appeared next, high above Sirius. Following the orb, a ship flashed very close to Canopus, revealing a being in green seated or cupped in bright white light.

The next few nights through to January 8th, massive energies were still vibrating from Sirius and Canopus, and just as visible with orbs and ships. This first photo, however, is of Sirius itself (in soft focus) and I’ve never seen such clear imagery emanating from this star, with a letter T, and what looks like a white stone to the left of the T, standing on a rounded hilltop.

Orbs and ships can be seen aligning between Sirius and Canopus again.

Before one light flashed above the stars, forming a triangle to them, while a ship flashed simultaneously from just below Sirius. Enlarged, the light aligning down to the two stars appears as a green doorway, with white light flowing through it.

On January 20th, Sirius in soft focus again transmitted a visual message, with a T most obvious, and many more letters, symbols, and beings visible (with a capital J below the T, a V further along the lower rim, and figures further left).

A ship then decloaked, yet again very close to the Hu Shi asterism, between Sirius and Canopus, but this time visible as an orange-red light that gave three quick flashes, then flew toward Sirius before winking out. On enlarging this photo, the ship could be seen as a luminous red triangle, hailing as the Terebinth (from the Tara Fleet which, to my understanding, combines Antarian, Lyran and Aran beings/star groups).

The night of January 24th began with a ship appearing to flash straight out of the star Canopus, then scoop downward below the Hu Shi asterism (Bow&Arrow), then lift back up toward Sirius. It was visible for 30 seconds or more, finally winking out east of Sirius. Enlarged, it can be seen as a luminous golden-white disc, then appearing more sphere-like while flying past Sirius. This ship has appeared many times over the last few years, and is known to me as the Lei’hua.

This large orb appeared just below Sirius during the ship’s flight.

This was followed by a line-up of orbs between Sirius and Canopus, with red orbs between the two stars, and a green orb to the right of Canopus. Enlarged, there are figures visible in the green light emanation, quite clear with the contrast increased.

During the morning of January 27th, the sky was busy, firstly with a ship (a golden-white disc again) flashing into view in front of a plane. The plane was visually clear, but in the photo to my surprise looked more like a smudgy dark blue bird shape. Higher overhead, a pair of military jets were passing back and forth, with a helicopter below, it was petty hectic for half an hour or so.

In clouds to the east, a subtle doorway shape formed with the rim of a disc just upper left of it.

Then the first ship decloaked briefly, flashing lights at either side of its rim, but in the photo the ship isn’t visible, except as a sort of swirly energy patch between/around the two bright white lights.

The disc-shaped ship was again visible for a moment above the house on January 29th, with my TwinFlame’s presence coming through strongly (in his 5D soul form Arnap).

There were beautiful orbs that night, centered around Sirius and Canopus, and culminating in a ship flash right beside Sirius. The orbs danced in a wonderful counterpoint in gold and white, with the golden orbs next to Sirius and pearly white orbs next to Canopus, one after another in sequence. Here are some of them, beginning with a golden-white orb above the two stars, closer to Sirius.

Interspersed among this stellar choreography, smaller, focused light emanations flashed around the same area, with forms visible within them.

This green orb also appeared above the star Rigel in Orion, with Orion’s Belt in the lower centre frame, then you can see green orbs sweeping up through Orion’s Belt toward Sirius. At the completion of this starry focus, a green ship winked next to Sirius, then all was still.

On the afternoon of February 9th, a nudge came to go outside, and this beautiful sequence unfolded, from subtle to openly ”transmitting love”. Firstly, there’s the faint outline of the upper part of a large disc rim, followed by a ”windowed” shape. Then a heart shape opened low down (ie; close to the Earth) in the largest cloud, and Arnap flashed his pod-ship inside the heart, flying through it toward me. We’ll share more about this in a more detailed post, but just know that multidimensional soul expressions, family, friends and countless loving beings are working continuously with the collective vibration, optimizing uplifting, positive ”vibrational waves” around the planet. The next mass-scale love focus in (parts of) the collective consciousness is Valentine’s Day, so loving ones of the stars and Inner Earth are already supporting that collective focus on Love, and indeed all individual and collective loving energies and overviews, ongoing as an aspect of supporting the stabilization and real-ization of the Galactic Earth.

That night, the lightship Terebinth (which flew over decloaked on January 20th around Canopus and Sirius as a luminous red triangle) appeared visibly again. The Terebinth gave three bright flashes, once again close to the stars of the Hu Shi asterism, between Sirius and Canopus, before giving one last flash closer to Orion. The ship came out in this photo in her familiar triangle form, this time with her distinctive red hue shading into green.

On the night of February 13th, flowing in the Mother Mary & Sananda/Jesus theme coming into this year energetically and therefore through orbs and light emanations, a beautiful orb appeared yet again near Sirius (the bright star to the orb’s left, with the Hu Shi asterism above). In the following frame, the orb has brightened and focused more clearly, with various forms and shapes within it, but most clearly in the lower foreground, there’s a lovely dark-skinned lady with black hair in a pink dress, with a golden cross laying in her lap. Such clear and present symbolism. 💛

The ship below appeared on February 23rd as a bright flash extremely close to the star Canopus, for about 2 seconds. On enlarging the photo, it has come through as an intense aqua light (Sirius is the bright light at the right).

This orb then flashed above Canopus and Sirius, forming a triangle with the two stars, with forms subtly visible within orb.

This light emanation flashed directly above Sirius on February 27th, with two forms in the background, one in red on the left, and one in golden-yellow on the right, behind the green-white foreground light.

More orbs/light emanations appeared that night containing subtle forms; this one flashed on an alignment to the Alpha Centauri and Southern Cross constellations. The clearest silhouetted being is circled in the enlargement below.

In this orb of the same night, appearing below Canopus and Sirius, there’s a clear form standing on a curving earth-coloured pathway, casting a shadow on the ground that indicates a light source flowing from behind this figure.

The next day, on February 28th, a beautiful ship flashed into view for a second, as a bright white light. When this shipappeared (which I know as an Andromedan ship that translates as the Serenity), the cloud directly below it morphed instantly into a diamond-like shape, before dissipating.


We hope you feel uplifted by these photographic sharings, with a closer sense of connection to the presence of loving light beings of the higher dimensions, who continue to quietly assist us and this planet in the background of Earth’s current, ongoing shift in consciousness and vibration.

We hold the vision of more open sightings and love-based connections with our star brothers, sisters and friends all around the Earth, in love, peace, joy, wisdom and growing awareness. If your heart calls, please join us in holding this vision and intention, for the highest well-being of All.

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