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Welcome to the Guest Photos Gallery at Heart Star. 🙂

We’re delighted to be able to share photographs and video footage of lightships, light beings and other Universal Love-radiating phenomena taken by friends nearby and around the world. It’s a joy to feel the networks of consciously aware ‘Love anchors’ growing and connecting, and see inner alignment to the Divine Within bring the energy of supporting, assisting and guiding lights of the higher frequency planes into ‘clear focus’.

Blessings & gratitude to the Beings of Love represented on this page (both the photographers and those photographed!) and to all flowing the Light of Love, everywhere. ❤




Rob and Shelley Hartland (

Our dear friends Rob & Shelley Hartland live close by in Darlington, Western Australia; we connected in 2013 and have continued to share wonderful experiences together as star family ‘ground crew’ (in our higher dimensional soul expressions, we know each other well). We’ve connected with ~ and photographed ~ light-beings and ships while together or in synchronous timing from our homes ~ some physically visible, many not visible but present, with their light-forms and vibrations emanating through photos. Here are a few pictures from Rob & Shelley’s extensive ongoing collection at


From Rob: “Lately I feel like I just need to take several series of photos when there is a beautiful sky and when the time is right Star Family will turn up in a ship in just the right moment and position. Of course I do ask them kindly to decloak for the camera if it is safe for them to do so. It also requires a ‘tuning in’ as my camera is an extension of me and my state of consciousness.”  See more about the above ship photo here.

More about the beautiful (Alpha Centaurian) ship below, with a horseshoe ring of lights around its rim, can be found here.


Two small ‘classic’ saucer-shaped ships are revealed in wonderful clarity in these photos taken by Rob in 2013, first posted at Wispy Clouds on this page.

Shelley photographs many beautiful orbs ~ which represent/project the soul light and energies of a diverse array of higher dimensional beings, energies and collectives. Here are a few of her recent photos, with her descriptions:

In so many ways, orbs are a magical mystery to me. A true Divine gift filled with colour, faces, and vibrations. Each photo unique, with often a few familiar shapes and colours that hold the faces of Star Family, pets from the past and family in spirit.

Orbs love gardens and nature, and Rob and I have noticed that the most spectacular orbs dance in the rain. We have noticed that the more joyous you are, and the more open-hearted you feel, result in the most interesting and plentiful orbs in the photos. Have fun with it, they love a celebration and we often have family orb parties in the rain.

The plum orb cradled in the tree branch took our breath away, the colour is truly rare and the Cherishment vibrations washed over us in a gentle stream. To see it cradled so tenderly reminded us of Divine Feminine energy.


The field of orbs photo contains the small deep pink orb which over the course of two nights appeared over 40 times in our photos!! This is a first for us; in thousands of orb photos we  have never seen the same coloured orb over and over in such numbers. We can only guess it was family/star family sending their love. The beautiful teal/aqua orbs feel aquatic as they float on by.



Rob took this awesome ‘Angelic Light Veils’ photo; in the enlargement light language is visible in the inner curves of the veils.






Melissa Peabody (

Melissa and I connected earlier this year (2018) and felt an immediate affinity. She lives in San Francisco, USA, and posts short films of ships, light beings and other multi-dimensional phenomena she takes from her home and elsewhere, with voice-over commentaries (just feel the warm higher vibrational tone coming through her voice, you’ll enjoy it).

This first example of her films is footage Melissa took while attending a group gathering on Mt Shasta in California, a mountain well-known for its high frequencies, inter-dimensional portals and light phenomena, witnessed and experienced by many people. This beautiful footage shows a variety of higher dimensional beings, light emanations and ships connecting with Melissa and the group on that occasion.

Here is Melissa’s film description on her website:

Mt Shasta has been viewed as a spiritual and mystical place by many, for thousands of years. I visited it for the first time during September’s Fall Equinox, when I joined friends on a spiritual retreat. We wanted to place ourselves within the “presence” of the mountain during this rare pivot in the year. What we experienced—and filmed—were a series of beautiful and inexplicable energetic phenomena, that bore witness to the immense power of this very special place.


The second film shows clear footage of lightships cloaking and decloaking, viewed through a window in Melissa’s home, with the final decloak being especially clear, revealing a disc-shaped ship ringed with lights. From Melissa:

If you have ever thought there might be UFOs in your skies that you just can’t see, you’re probably right. In this film, UFOs come in and out of visibility, right in front of the camera! It is truly a delight to watch.


You can view more of Melissa’s films at her website

And read more here at Heart Star in this delightful interview with her: Love’s Lens; An Interview with Melissa Peabody




Susan (Solaris Modalis)

Susan and I also connected early this year, a merry meeting of – as Susan puts it – ‘blog sisters’ (with starry/galactic resonances). 🙂 At her website Solaris Modalis she posts her beautiful photographs of lightships and light-forms, including many clearly-defined ‘cloud ships’, along with insightful and explorative commentaries, video discussions, and pictures from guest photographers.

A long cylinder-shaped ship is clearly visible in this photo, and the commentary below it comes from Susan’s post about experiencing this ship, which can be read in full at this link.


From Susan:

I was standing right under this tube shaped lightship looking up, feeling amazed and happy. 

There were children playing around me, and mothers busying about. Cars were driving about and the park next to town hall was quite. For everyone else, it was a normal day. 

Yet right above us was, to me, an obvious tubular shaped lightship. 

The tube shape is so easily visible in this photo. It was very low in the atmosphere, as you can see from this photo. I believe that the whisps coming off of either side of the tube are vibrational effects from the ship’s activities, and an effort to further disguise the ship as a type of cloud.

It was amazing and thrilling to see this lightship. With the children and mothers present, I wondered about a day when we see ourselves as human beings who are galactic citizens, also.

(Note from Joanna: I feel the ship in this photo giving a pulse of high light frequencies that is ‘shaking off’ a cluster/streamer of dense energies, and can see leonine, feline and owl-like energies closely present around it.)

The second photo and colour enhancement below radiate the presence of one of a large fleet of beautiful high-vibing disc-shaped ships. Thanks to Susan for the commentary below, from the post about this ship and connected fleet at this link.

Driving across California this summer, I came across the phenomenon I call ‘galactic blue’ reflected in the sky.  It is an unusually bright color blue, and I will see it stripped across the clouds, or dabbed here and there, like a painter took her brush and tapped it gently across the sky. That blue alerted me, and then I had a feeling that something special was occurring.

This image is from a photo I took out my window.  You can see the tinges of the blue color that I am talking about curving around the edges of the puffs of clouds.

Hidden in the sky was a gorgeous, beautiful outline of a higher dimensional starship.  You can even see the windows on the saucer’s side. I absolutely love this photo – it has now become an integral part of the logo on my blog,


From Susan about the enhancement below:  Periodically I adjust the lighting in a photograph to ‘pop’ certain colors and highlight the phenomena. These are lighting adjustments. When I do so I mark this information on the photograph. The lighting adjustments were just beautiful; I am in love with this galactic blue color!


Photographs © 2018 Solaris Modalis. All Rights Reserved.  Permission is given to share the photographs on other blogs and websites with the author’s credit, copyright and live website links included. Photographs and videos created by Solaris Modalis are not retouched or manipulated, except where expressly marked on the photograph that color edits to images are specifically indicated (this is done to highlight or reveal sky phenomena).



I’ll keep adding to this page as galactic connections continue interweaving and converging. Thanks, love and blessings to all.  🙂