'Pod' ship from an Intergalactic Confederation mothership pulses light over my house, September 8th, 2015.

‘Pod’ ship from an Intergalactic Confederation mothership pulses light over my garden, September 8th, 2015.

DSC00229 - Copy

‘Pod’ close-up.

Individuals and groups of people at a ‘grass roots’ level are waking to the reality of a benevolent, supporting extraterrestrial presence in, on and around planet Earth. We can establish contact through opening our hearts with peaceful and loving intent ~ raising our individual and collective frequencies ~ which can initiate telepathic communications, dream connections, meditation visions, sightings of lightships and beings, and even tangible/physical contact.

At the same time, governments around the world continue to deny the presence of ETs, despite an overwhelming amount of credible evidence from witnesses and spokespeople including astronauts, military personnel ranging from privates to admirals and generals from many countries, civil aviation pilots (including sightings verified by radar), heads of ministries of defence, technicians manning nuclear weapons storage facilities and launch sites, as well as numerous instances of both individual and mass ‘unexplained’ civilian sightings.

In the face of this evidence, the ‘ET truth veto’ at an official level has a complex agenda. Superficially, its expressed purpose over the last six decades has been to avoid ‘public panic’. Below this purpose lies a raft of interlaced vested concerns that point to a hidden power elite behind world governance, to whom governments are beholden via financial, corporate, and ideological pressures. These ‘pressures’ are visible by their effects: enforced silence about both control-oriented ET factions with which that power elite is in collusion, and the benevolent ETs some of us already know as our ‘star family’ (members of the Intergalactic Confederation who serve as ambassadors, helpers and guides during planetary ‘shifts in consciousness and vibration’ or ‘ascensions’ from destructive divisiveness into loving unity consciousness) who have been quietly keeping Earth from total imbalance and nuclear destruction for decades ~ without contravening humanity’s free will ~ under a blanket of media manipulation, hoaxes, misinformation, suppression, and ridicule of those who speak out.

In collaboration with groups who support ‘power over’ modes of rule, financial, corporate, covert military and ideological power brokers behind governments have sought to stall humanity’s return to inner remembrance and reunion with a vast multi-dimensional galactic community that aligns through love, joy, harmony, and peaceful cooperation. Along with misleading the mainstream majority, be aware that UFO and spiritual networks, communities and alternative media have also been infused with disinformation ranging from deliberate confusion of control-oriented and benevolent ETs and their goals, to distorted depictions of galactic histories and beings, overt fear campaigns, insertions of part-truths, and steering or claiming of ‘disclosure narratives’ that captivate people’s attention but have hidden agendas.

It requires deep inner centering and steadfast clearing of subconscious blockages to be able to sort the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. Every one of us has the innate ability to do so. Breathe deeply, connect into your deep inner well-spring of infinite love and joy, stay relaxed yet present to each moment, trust the intuition of your inner heart and Source ~ and see all this as a valuable period for honing your own inner core connection and discernment capabilities. It helps to be humble, calm and flexible, and to realize (with a smile) that what appears to each of us as ‘the truth’ expands and adjusts as we go deeper into our inner Source connection and our contact with beings of pure Love. The single biggest gift you can give yourself and the world is to hold your focus to unconditional love, and anchor it in your being.

I see/feel humanity’s star-kin and friends from a diverse array of planets, constellations and galaxies acting together under the umbrella of the Intergalactic Confederation & Ashtar Command and their cooperative role here, in terms of re-creating a planet of renewed health, peace, love, sharing and happiness, which grows with our internal growth and return to well-being, with guidance and support in reconnecting with the truth of who and what we are: fully co-creative beings of unconditional love.  

When you have met and spoken with beings (and higher dimensional expressions of your own soul) who exist beyond the confines and effects of linear time-space, who radiate love and grace, living in continuous well-being, utilizing all their natural capacities to co-create lives abundant in joy, creativity, peace and well-being for all, life on Earth can never look or feel the same again. Our potential, freed of embedded programming, limiting beliefs and fears, is the same as the galactic peoples here to assist Earth and human evolution, who are our kindred.

Imagine for a moment what life ~ your life, and all life around you ~ might look or feel like if you suddenly stepped into a viewing-feeling-thinking state that expanded from the 10% currently designated as personal and collective ‘reality’ (as in our DNA, which current science terms 90% ‘junk’ and only 10% active) to 100%. Just imagine it, and you will understand why Disclosure is so important…and also why it will be ushered in by networks of people awakening to a higher, deeper reality, in all walks of life, rather than through ‘official avenues’ tied to elite power structures and paradigms ~ at least initially. This is already in progress, and at a certain point ‘official disclosure’ will catch up.

Every genuine report, film or photo of lightships, our family and friends of the stars, orbs and other light phenomena; every disclosure conference, petition, documentary, article, interview, website, contact account coming from true heart integrity; every connection made with our Source-aligned galactic family, whatever you can do from a space of love and goodwill to all life ~ simply Being Love, and holding that vision for all life on Earth ~ contributes to building the momentum of the energy for Disclosure and open connection with the people and beings who are here from other planets and stars as guides, facilitators and support behind the scenes. It is happening Now!

Deepest Love and gratitude go to All assisting, contributing, and holding the vision for peaceful, heart-centered open disclosure in alignment with the Earth’s Shift and the upliftment of all life on this planet.  💖

DSCF7025 - Copy

This small Intergalactic Confederation ship from the Orion constellation decloaked behind treetops in my garden on August 25th, 2015.

DSCF7025 - Copy - Copy

Ship decloaked, close-up.

Friends’ Websites related to Star Family Disclosure

wispyclouds.net contains a wealth of lightship and orb photos taken by my friends Rob & Shelley Hartland. We have mutually witnessed, connected with and/or photographed many of these ships from our homes in the Perth hills, Western Australia.

My First Contact showcases a beautiful variety of lightships, orbs and other phenomena in film footage taken by Melissa Peabody, of San Francisco, USA, and includes a diverse guest Submissions collection.

A few Disclosure-related links:

(A guide to some of the film resources &  information currently available publicly regarding the presence of star peoples connecting with the Earth at this time. We don’t necessarily endorse all the views and hypotheses expressed through these videos/sites/links and advise using your intuition/inner discernment with all presented material.)

*Westall ’66: A Suburban UFO Mystery – documentary of school sighting in 1966 in Melbourne, Australia, with multiple eye witness accounts.

*Sirius – documentary exposing UFO and new energy secrecy, with follow-up documentary Unacknowledged.

*I Know What I Saw – documentary with many detailed witness accounts.

*The Day Before Disclosure – ET overview documentary (2010).

*UFOs and Nukes: the Secret Link Revealed – (introduction to) documentary by Robert Hastings with many military witness accounts.

*The Phoenix Lights Documentary – film about a mass UFO sighting over Arizona in 1997.

*FREE (Foundation for Research into Extraordinary Experiences) studies ET and paranormal experiences from a scientific perspective on consciousness:  http://www.experiencer.org/

*Petition for world government disclosure of benevolent ET presence engaging Earth. Please sign and share at this link.

DSCF9360 - Copy

‘Pod’ from larger craft, above the moon, Jan 8, 2014.

Pod 'flashing' white light, Jan 8, 2014

Close-up of Pod ‘flashing’ white light, Jan 8, 2014.

Ashtar Command ship near my home in the Perth hills, Oct. 21, 2015.

Ashtar Command ship near my home in the Perth hills, Oct. 21, 2015.

AC ship close-up, Oct. 21 2015.

AC ship close-up (a disc-shaped ship seen from the side, with two pods sitting on its upper rim), Oct. 21 2015.

3 thoughts on “Disclosure

  1. Pingback: Petition for World Gov’t Disclosure of Knowledge of Benevolent ET Presence Engaging Earth | 2012 The Big Picture

  2. Mahalo Bless All BEings surrounding all Life in deep eternal Love & Light
    5-4-3-2-1 I we me we us WELCOME galactic disclosure of benevolent Star Family
    Welcome All Elihom and Angelic Kingdoms, Orbs and Auroras, Most High Love & Light

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    • Mahalo Alexandra! Gratitude, Love & Blessings to you, thank you for the Light you are, holding alignment with/for Divine LoveLight to flow through, into this Earth plane, for All 💖🥰


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