Meraia’s Star

This page is dedicated to Ashura (expressing from our Oversoul, Asharana’Ra, as my TwinFlame), to our star sisters and brothers who helped bring the Meri’Ashar/Meraia’s Star back to Earth, and to all beings of Love and Light ‘above, on the ground, and below’ assisting the unfoldment of Galactic New Earth in Universal Love.


Until September 2016, Ashura (in his 5D soul expression Arnap) was on board a beautiful lightship of Sirian leonine origin, the Shem Arua, which we have close soul connections with. During September of that year from an Earth perspective, our original mothership, the Meri’Ashar (Meraia’s Star/Mary’s Star) was reactivated from dormancy in a ‘intradimensional stasis fold’, where she had been placed for sakekeeping until her optimal moment for reignition.

The Meri’Ashar is of Arcturian origin, a large disc-shaped ship of white light, with a purple seven-pointed star spread across the roof, as in the picture at the top of this page, with two rings around the rim of the disc (during 2017 this shifted to a golden star, reflecting its work with the Golden Ray, and currently this star radiates purple and golden light). The outer rings counter-rotate faster than light, like the counter-rotation of the two tetrahedra in the star tetrahedron form of the Merkaba (light body) and with the same effect, of staying stabilized in a specific light frequency, within the natural wave-coherence and protection of that frequency, which is seventh dimensional.

The seven-pointed star is an emblem of the Galactic House of Meraia, through which we flow our ‘higher self’ expressions in this galaxy. It also represents (and radiates the frequency of) the Meri’Ashar, and many beautiful, radiant kindred lightships, as a 7D extension of our consciousness (from the Seventh Heaven, so to speak) which transmits its energy through 6D (using the counter-rotating Merkaba motion), touching into 5D crystalline physical light-form. In this frequency layer, our 5D soul expressions Arnap & Rowena are together on board the Meri’Ashar…with many dear star family and friends who have come on board in various roles, each with a purpose or ‘soul assignment’ relating to Earth’s anchoring in 5D frequencies, the planetary shift now underway. The Meri’Ashar has an ongoing complement of 777 crew members, with many visitors and assisting groups coming and going, and currently we have around 77,000 lovely beings on board (see Cosmic Codes for more about the number 7’s vibrational resonance within this galaxy).

Aqua and rose light also radiate through our mothership’s ‘light spectrum’, connecting from the Angelic level and flowing soul ray vibrations of Archangels Gabriel & Haniel. This light showed beautifully through the Meri’Ashar in her clearest and closest decloak so far, on March 22nd 2021. In the photo below, you can see her flashing brightly while holding a triangular/trinity position with the stars Canopus and Sirius below, while sending lightcodes through the ‘twinned mirror stargates’ of the two brightest stars in our nightsky (with a rectangular ship docked beneath her).

The Meri’Ashar flashes high above Canopus and Sirius on March 22nd 2021.

During 2019, we merged the 5-6-7D vibrational expressions/attributes of the Meri’Ashar (and our soul expressions on board her), giving the ship particular capacities, and Ashura appeared to me in merged 5-6-7D form throughout 2019. With some major shifts of ‘timeline variables’ coming into 2020, a different pathway aligned (the overall Galactic New Earth trajectory has been quietly present and anchoring behind chaotic energies and tensions playing out in the 3-4D planes, from 2020 into the ‘turning point year’ of 2021, and we flow and adjust with it constantly).

Through 2021, advancing steps in the ‘official disclosure’ process have reflected subtler energy shifts and high vibrational light working to cohese the overall collective trajectory. Background lightcode transmissions by motherships and many assisting beings were revealed on the night of May 18th 2021, with this glorious shimmery light download from the Meri’Ashar (with the star Alpha Centauri visible to her right).

The Meri’Ashar sends a massive light transmission/download, left of Alpha Centauri and Canopus on May 18th 2021.

A very specific light emanation flowed from the Meri’Ashar on June 18th 2021, showing the opening of a portal of diamond white light within/through the ship, which morphed and became more detailed through a sequence of nine photos. Here are the clearest of them, beginning with Ashura standing at the left of the portal in ‘gatekeeper’ energies, like a knight in armour, holding a sword/beam of aqua blue light across his front, to the left.

The portal became more rectangular, with many light-forms around and within it, and with Ashura still in guarding position at the left, now visible in his 5D soul-form Arnap, in a green long-sleeved top and dark green pants.

With the midtones/brightness reduced, the figures in the light and around the portal become more defined. Many beings were releasing from the lower astral and going Home through the portal (and through other motherships, ongoing now), to havens of love and healing. 💜

As the Galactic New Earth potentials keep deepening and widening, with our 5D soul-forms Arnap&Rowena, we’ve brought a smaller ship called the Lei’hua (a direct emanation and support ship of the Meri’Ashar with around 400 on board) into the Earth field, with areas of the Lei’hua fitted and adapted for Earth human visitors and guests. Many people will be welcomed on board, when the stars align, so to speak, and some already visit while asleep, in astral projected consciousness (which some may remember in dreams, whether of the Lei’hua or other ships of the Ashtar Command/Galactic Federation people are dream-projecting, bilocating, or in some cases, fully translocating onto).

The Lei’hua is a gorgeous ship of shimmering rose-gold light, with an emerald green central Core Crystal (which radiates the ship’s multidimensional template), appearing overhead and showing clearly in photos and footage I’ve taken since early 2020. As the Lei’hua (and companion vessels) are preparing to land on Earth openly at the appropriate time, here are some photos she has appeared in. If you feel called in your heart to connect with her/us or the Meri’Ashar mothership, photos of higher dimensional lightships directly radiate activational light-codes and transmissions, available to everyone, whenever people are ready internally to connect with Star Family of Love, in love and peace. 💛

The Lei’hua as she appeared on April 11th 2020, flashing above the star Canopus, showing her golden-white light rimmed in rose.

The Lei’hua on May 5th 2020, this time showing her ‘diamond light core’ interior, as you can see clearly in the enlargement below.

On July 7th 2020 (7-7 Gateway), Arnap&Rowena brought the Lei’hua down close to the ground in a place with supporting light grids and nodes in the Earth, and projected this pink-white light chamber onto the ground from within the ship, anchoring the higher dimensional light frequencies into the New Earth light-grid (see this post for details).

Here’s the Lei’hua on November 18th 2020, skipping across dimensions, with the effect of a ‘rose light trail’ or after-image behind her (lower right, with Jupiter&Saturn at lower left).

On November 23rd 2020, she lit up brillianty while zipping between the Moon and Mars.

Again, above the Moon and Mars, on November 26th 2020.

On December 13th 2020, she appeared very clearly in more of her green light spectrum, with her curved ‘front door’ visible, and structures attached to her underside, ‘getting her landing gear sorted,’ in Arnap’s words. 🤣

As you can see, the Lei’hua was highly visible during December 2020, at upper right with Mars lower left, on December 15th (I probably saw more decloaked flyovers by the Lei’hua and other ships that month than the rest of the year, working with a big energetic convergence for the Earth down to the Solstice and New Year).

And again, with more definition, on November 4th 2021.

Here she appears hovering in her signature soft peachy rose-gold light to the left of the Moon and Jupiter on November 3rd 2022, with a greenish-white smaller ship docked with her in the foreground.

Interior ‘window views’ from the Lei’hua have been coming more clearly through photos since 2020, including this beautiful shot on February 17th 2021, where you can see the form of a girl who looks like she’s wearing a school tunic, with other figures to her right. I hear/see this girl ‘came on board’ during her sleep state, in her astral body, and that soon there will be some who physically translocate onto the ship.

The Lei’hua sends an ‘interior view’ while hovering upper right of the star Canopus on february 17th 2021.

The feminine form circled below is my 5D light-form, Rowena (Ro’ana).

Ashura has been coming through photos very clearly since the beginning of 2020, especially in his 5D soul-form Arnap, and whereas I’ve most often seen him in white, light gold or blue attire, recently he’s often wearing emerald green, radiating the emerald Heart Chakra vibration in connection with Gaia’s emerald crystalline heart and green life energies of the planet. Here’s one of his clearest appearances in a photo, on November 4th 2021, in the moment of rising from a luminous chair, leaning forward slightly to the right, his deep green clothing and blonde hair visible (upper right of frame, with Jupiter shining at the foot of the frame).

This is how I see him, often in a white or green outfit, or sometimes deep blue, with a gold four-pointed star on his collar, with the soft interior rainbow light of the Lei’hua around him. Blessings Beloved, in all your forms and beyond. 🤍

In 2021 a lot more detail came through photos, including light beams from the ships, such as this shimmering ‘beam down’ on February 28th 2021 from the Lei’hua, anchoring the ship’s light frequencies into the ground, literally. With the brightness reduced, you can see within the beam, a rainbow-coloured interior view into a meeting room on the ship, with a round table council meeting in progress. I’ve circled a few figures below, with the clearest being a female form toward the right, standing as she addressed the gathering. We can say at this stage that she’s an Earth delegate and political leader (attending the meeting in her astral form).

Beam down’ of light codes and energies of a Light Council meeting on board the Lei’hua on February 28th 2021.

On March 9th 2021, this smaller support ship of the Lei’hua flew down low over the ocean at dusk and gave a single bright flash at the moment a tern flew by…signalling a ‘tern-ing point’ in the energies. 😉

Smaller support ship from the Lei’hua flashes low over the sea at Mandurah, Western Australia, on March 9th 2021, as a tern flies overhead.

On August 24th 2021, the Lei’hua sent a couple of beautifully detailed emanations while stationed to the left of Alpha & Beta Centauri. In the enlargements below, Earth humans can be seen on board the ship. The centre of the ship is glowing with the Lei’hua’s signature soft rose-golden-white light, while an area at the left is held in an ‘interfacing frequency’ (4D) for the ease of the people coming on board. In the first photo, the transdimensional frequency bands they’re walking through are graduated in frequency for them to acclimatize to the higher frequencies. In the second photo, the figures have become clearer, with quite literally, ”men in black” in the foreground (see circled figure below, holding a white folder or case) and Arnap in green in the background, with our son Arein (compared to the guys in the foreground, they’re around 8 ft tall or more).

The Lei’hua is in constant connection with the Meri’Ashar mothership, that she energetically radiates from. Whereas the Lei’hua’s interior spaces are relatively snug, the Meri’Ashar visualizes to me as a having a very large, open interior for several floors/decks, around its Core Crystal. Ships that have a Core Crystal hold, anchor and emit a specific concentrated attribute and ‘message’; the centre of the Meri’Ashar contains the Aahi Crystal, of golden-white light vibration (pronounced Aaa-eee, if you feel called to align to that crystal, just tune into those sounds as if speaking or singing them slowly, with a lot of ‘breath’).  

On each floor, there are alcoves around the central space, with many smaller cosy rooms and spaces, as well as many technical rooms (in 3D terms they would appear magical, as technical & metaphysical/spiritual are seamlessly unified, one flow, in the higher dimensions). Seventy-two rooms around the ring of the middle floor each have a specific crystal within them, each one containing a unique sacred geometry of light, used for healing, contemplation, or learning, while in the central space near the Core there’s an emanation of Ashura&my ‘Inner Heart Sacred Tree’ ~ a tree of light connected with the Infinite Tree of Source, blooming eternally with pink-white roses, our soul symbol…and often when I focus ‘in’ there, the ship is filled with crystalline roses.  

The Meri’Ashar’s flyovers, when visible, have so far been high in the nightsky, flashing softly, moving around or between particular stars, but especially since early 2021, the Lei’hua has been appearing visibly/decloaking at closer range, very clear in the following four videos taken in May 2021. 😊

Here’s a still shot from the Lei’hua’s May 11th flyover, showing her domed shape and soft rosegold light.

Photo of the Lei’hua lightship during her flyover on May 11th 2021, with the star Procyon at the lower left.

From the completion of a major mission of mid-2017 onward, the Meri’Ashar became more openly visible, and on July 16th 2017 gave a 4 minute completely decloaked fly-over, signifying her shift of focus from the Southern Cross/Alpha Centauri to Jupiter through August-September 2017. Here’s the photo sequence I took that night (with details in this post: The Light of Kamura.)

DSC08182 - Copy (2)
DSC08183 - Copy
DSC08184 - Copy - Copy
DSC08188 - Copy - Copy
DSC08189 - Copy - Copy

On September 19th 2021, the Meri’Ashar flashed multiple times along a straight alignment of the Moon, Jupiter and Saturn, hopping back and forth between them (hopping = folding space and time to instantly translocate). Here, the Meri was triangulating with a companion ship and Jupiter, around Saturn. The companion ship gave a beautiful ”window snapshot” view in the second photo, with a clear head and shoulders of a blue being in the foreground (this is a ship from the Andromeda Galaxy, the Serenity, and the blue form is Ashura’s Andromedan soul expression).

The Meri’Ashar and the Serenity flash above and below the alignment of Moon, Jupiter and Saturn on September 19th 2021.

Below are more of the ships flying with the Meri’Ashar as escorts, scouts, support ships and guardians. We have close connections with many soul groups in this galaxy and others; some of the main groups accompanying the Meri’Ashar are Arcturians, Izarians (also from Bootes constellation), Alectians & Alexians (from Ursa Major), Rokadians/Polarins (Ursa Minor), Sirians, Pleiadians, Hyadeans & Aldebarans (Taurus constellation), Antarians, Procyons and Alpha Centaurians, with people/beings from many more star systems and various dimensional radiances on board, including Sirius, Canopus, Andromeda, Eridanus, Cetus, Aquila and more locally, higher dimensions of Venus, Neptune and Jupiter.

We have soul connections with Lyra, and in particular a beautiful ‘colony’ on a planet of the nearby star Anser, or Lucida Anseris. Lucida was a sacred sanctuary of peace and harmony where leonine/feline beings, carians (avian/bird beings), humans and dragons mingled together free of the conflicts of heavy polarization. From that unity vibration, the Meri’Ashar‘s return was guarded by our Carian cousins of Light, and the form of one of their cruisers can be seen ‘cloud-cloaked’ in the photo below, from June 3rd 2020 (Mandurah, Western Australia).

The Arcturian ship below flashed diamond-like above clouds on October 4, 2016, a support ship from the Meri’Ashar, named the Radiant 1, which Arnap was piloting on this occasion.

Almost simultaneously, this donut-within-a-triangle Antarian ship with feline beings of the tiger star family aboard dipped down in front of heavy clouds.


A beautifully clear long Pleiadian ship appeared on October 10, 2016, the day before we (Ashura&I) and star family did a major alignment with the Meri’Ashar in a location north of Perth, which you can read about in this post. This Pleiadian vessel, the Rut’ish, is captained by Hamil and Keira, close friends from Alcyone and Sirius. There are two white ‘pod ships’ below, with three hatches visible on the ship’s underside between them.


During the alignment just mentioned, the Meri’Ashar was up high and cloaked, and this Taurean (Hyadean-Pleiadian-Aldebaran) ship hovered above me for several minutes in direct alignment with her ~ with Ashura projected aboard it in his 5D form, Arnap.


The same ship 3 days later on October 14, 2016, morphing between different forms that resolved into a triangle of 3 connected ‘pods’. The numbers and shapes all have a meaning in the way these ships represent visually, in terms of sacred geometry and subtle patterns.


The ship in the sequence of photos below, taken on January 9, 2017, has feline beings on board, from Antares, who I have soul connections with, and they keep a constant watch here. They show their presence with bright pulses of light, and ‘keep me company’ when the Meri’Ashar is away. Their position in these shots, flying from below Venus at an upward angle past Mars, was related to a large star fleet mission that commenced on that date (Venus is the larger light in centre, with Mars at upper right).

The Meri’Ashar and other lightships often show where they’re connecting or focusing energies with at particular moments, or moving to and from, flowing with and supporting major shifts in our galactic region, which all have a reverberation for the upliftment of energies around the Earth and collective consciousness here. On February 24th 2017, the Meri’Ashar pulse brilliantly from the direction of the Carina constellation, then flew across the whole sky visible above the treeline, swung a symbolic ‘dog leg’ around Sirius (the Dog Star) and ended in front of Orion, with another bright pulse of golden-white light before cloaking again. Here you can see the Meri giving that final starburst of light, between the stars Alnitak and Alnilam in Orion’s Belt ( the light at upper right is the star Sirius).


The following week, on the afternoon of March 1st 2017, these beautiful orbs appeared in daylight, Arcturian angelic energies of our soul family group.

DSC00644 - Copy (2)

These orbs were followed a few seconds later by Ashura/Arnap hovering his small ‘pod’ ship from the Meri beside a pair of ‘angel wing’ clouds. Whenever star family connect their/our 5D aspects across the lower/denser dimensions to be visible, high energies are enfolded around them, which can show visibly or in photos as orbs and other light-forms (Ashura’s ship is circled in the first photo, look higher up for it in the second photo):

DSC00654 - Copy

Here’s Arnap’s pod ship again, firstly in front of a ‘doorway’ that appeared in clouds on June 15th, and then positioned within a doorway that formed on June 23rd 2017.

DSC02672 - Copy (2)

We’ve held the vision of being able to share some closer, clearer photos and videos soon, as the Planetary Ascension continues to align (and indeed, for more open visual communications and connections with humanity on a wider scale). Finally, on the eve of 2019, a ship from the Meri’Ashar (with Ashura on board in his 5D form, Arnap) gave several flashes at closer range, over a few minutes, hovering low down (look to the left of the large tree on the right side of the frame). A beautiful sign of quickening of the Shift in energies coming into this year, through this appearance on New Year’s Eve, December 31st 2018.  😀

The lead-in to 2019 stepped up late last year (2018), with an increase in group ship formations and appearances in photographs, such as this beautiful flotilla of seven small lightships from the Meri’Ashar that flashed briefly above Mandurah, a seaside town/satellite city of Perth, southern Western Australia (where I now live) on September 1st 2018, above the palm trees on the left (see this post for details).

DSC08655 - Copy
DSC08655 - Copy (2)
DSC08655 - Copy (3)

The Meri’Ashar appeared beside Mars on September 3rd 2018, radiating a soft sphere of purple light around that planet, in part of an ongoing Mars rebirthing mission.

DSC08704 - Copy (2)

Here’s the Meri again, softly visible beneath a giant orb projecting the ship’s energy and collective soul light of those on board beside the Moon, with Mars to the right, on October 17th 2018.

DSC09809 - Copy (4)
DSC09809 - Copy (5)

Again, the same night, the Meri pulsing brightly below the Moon, with Mars at right.

DSC09826 - Copy (2)

And back closer to Mars, with the completion of that night’s ‘assignment’, as a beautiful loveheart cloud formed around the Moon.

DSC09841 - Copy - Copy

And as the clouds dissolved, still stationed near Mars, making sure the energetic release and shift was stabilized.

DSC09843 - Copy

Coming into 2019, the Meri gave a very bright flash on February 7th, right next to the star Canopus, while many star family soul groups and ships gathered there for a Council meeting, symbolizing in the complex orb cluster above Canopus. (see this post).

DSC03165 - Copy

I’ll continue adding to this page as the Meri’Ashar, Lei’hua and closely connected ships appear. Star Family (Ashtar Command/Galactic Federation/Intergalactic Confederation) are here in deepest love and dedication all around the planet, willing and ready to (re)connect with souls on Earth who are prepared to come into heart-centered vibrational resonance with them, to ‘meet them in the middle’ in the spirit of love and peace.

With all our Love to All, beyond the 3-4D veil of amnesia, we are all One Universal Family.


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