Lightships 2022

Welcome lovely readers to the 2022 page for lightships that appear in the skies here over the Perth, Western Australia area, and particularly over Mandurah, on the coast 72 kms south of Perth, where I’ve recently moved to. These photos and pieces of footage are truly a joy to share, as part of a continuous stream of multidimensional ”visual messaging” from those I connect with as family & friends of the stars, following on from images collected on the Lightships 2021 and previous Lightships pages going back to 2014.

As I perceive and experience them, the ships, beings and luminous emanations signalling their presence around this planet, and in the skies here, are stepping their energies across many dimensional frequency bands to connect with humanity on Earth. The loving beings presencing themselves through these photos flow as the Ashtar Command (and/or associated, interweaving light beings and realms) which is universal in nature and scope, and radiates here through the Intergalactic Confederation, our local Galactic Federation and co-Commands based within the Solar System, continuing to support, uphold and assist an evolving collective Shift into higher consciousness on this planet and beyond.

Star family here in love (our multidimensional soul expressions among them, along with potentially many of your cosmic expressions, dear readers) are assisting each phase of this vibrational transition of humanity and all life on Earth, in such deep ways, helping the Galactic New Earth align and unfold within and from collective consciousness, holding dedicated focus with this planetary shift into a galactic civilization based in unconditional love, unity and peace, consciously aware and connecting harmoniously within our wider galactic community. Deepest love & gratitude go to all star family groups and loving beings whose presences grace this page, this planet, and to all beings flowing pure Love here and throughout the omniverse. 

Loving ones around the planet reveal themselves and ships when and where appropriate according to cosmic overview, often giving bright flashes or stationing near stars and constellations of particular relevance to missions and focuses they’re involved in moment to moment. I’m grateful for loving connections with ‘ground crew’ friends around the world and here in Western Australia embracing star family contact and experiences, to share in ‘ship-watching’ together and commune with our higher dimensional selves and brothers and sisters….kindred to all of humanity in the infinite frequency fields of creation. I’m also grateful for anyone open-minded or just curious who finds their way to these pages, and hope you find inspiration in these visual sharings that radiate many oversoul and soul group frequencies.


Lightships of 2022

The week after moving house, on January 5th this beautiful depiction formed among sunset clouds overhead, showing angelic forms standing, or even dancing/circling, on the roof of a windowed, sleek disc-shaped ship (a support ship of the Lei’hua, which you can read more about on this page), gloriously clear in the crops below with contrast heightened.

The next night on January 6th, a ship flashed next to the star Canopus, with a blue emanation to the right, in which you can see figures, with one especially clear in the upper right side of this emanation, connected with a mothership I know as the Archangel, from recent communications currently based underwater, in the Indian Ocean.

In the left-hand circled area below, there’s also a mermaid-like form with a long tail flowing into the lower foreground. 🧜‍♀️

Following this lovely blue emanation, a red orb appeared between the stars Rigel and Saiph in Orion…

…then a golden green one above Rigel…

…then two orbs flashing simultaneously…

…and finally two pairs of green and red orbs…

…before one very bright orb of green and rose light flashed above Rigel, signalling a clearing and recallibration of energies in that area (and their connections with Earth in the astral layers).

Shortly afterwards, another beautiful orb-like emanation from a lightship appeared close to Sirius, showing in the foreground a man in a pale blue top and darker pants (Ash’Ka’ree) who you can perhaps see as holding a baby, with a taller figure standing in profile at the left, facing toward him, and more forms softly present in the background.

After this, two ships flashed close together, mirrored by a red and green orb pair.

This theme continued through several nights, here’s another from January 8th, with another red and green pair aligned to Orion’s Belt.

The same night this clear window-view into a ship near Sirius showed several forms, with two especially clear at the right, which I’ve circled. The figure on the left is Arnap (a 5D emanation of my TwinFlame), meeting with the being on the right, who we know and work closely with as a dear star brother Tanabor, representing the High Council of Orion, based at Betelgeuse (he’s facing toward Arnap, you can see his long dark hair).

Lastly that night, this beautiful ”mother and child” rainbow orb enveloped the star Rigel. 😊

On January 17th, this orb with a ”blue fox” or dog-like impression within it appeared in this triangulated alignment to Sirius.

Two green orbs (green is for ”go”) appeared just above the star Canopus on January 26th (with Sirius at the left), heralding an incoming group from Canopus who showed themselves much more clearly in the following weeks, from this initial ”orb wave”.

The next night, brighter reveals came from these beings, here’s one floating above Sirius and Canopus. Enlarged, there are small figures in the foreground, with a much taller feminine form behind them, with a large, hairless head and dark green complexion (I hear the name of the planet they come from as Kaira’mu, for anyone that might resonate for).

January 31st was busy, with the Canopan group flowing over to Sirius, and in the photo below, with two green orbs angled above Rigel and Sirius.

Here again, four holding a diamond/rhomboid configuration above Sirius, with Canopus to the right.

With a ship interior-view flashing to the right of Canopus, again with a tall feminine figure behind smaller ones in the foreground.

And here, with a deep green silhouetted masculine form in the foreground with more behind him, just to the right of Sirius, above the Hu Shi asterism.

Each time these particular emanations have come through, they have been accompanied by a large orb of blended blue-greenish and plum tones, appearing in the same galactic area above Canopus and Sirius, as a visual ”soul group signature”.

Here’s the same ”orb signature” appearing again the next night on February 1st above Canopus, preceded by ship flashes between Canopus and Sirius.

On the afternoon of February 2nd, Arnap brought a ship low down, subtly visible as it passed in front of clouds, transparent yet maintaining a discernible outline as it moved, apparent in the photo below with contrast heightened.

February 9th was a huge night, with four ships flying one after the other visibly from Canopus, by Sirius, toward Betelgeuse in Orion, after the first ship gave a massive flash between Canopus and Sirius. This spectacular sight followed on from detailed dreams and information about Orion, regarding a less than friendly collective from a star in Orion’s Belt being diverted from vulnerable areas, including Earth. The footage below shows the second of the four ships, coming into focus at about 20 seconds into the video, just as the ship flared brilliant white light while passing over Sirius, dimming as it continued on to Betelgeuse.

These photos show the first and third ships as they passed Sirius, and enlarged, both can be seen as bell-shaped…signifying the ships sending out sound frequencies, chiming like bells. 😊🔔

And this is the fourth ship, fainter but zipping along faster than the previous three, again visible close to Sirius.

These ships were followed by a bright emanation from a cloaked ship between Canopus and Sirius, with several figures softly visible within it, and the next frame showed a bright orb above Canopus.

This highly visible ship activity didn’t go unnoticed at ground level, as within minutes of their passing, a helicopter arrived and circled upward of 30 times, followed by a military-type helicopter that also circled, for at least an hour and a half. There was nothing more to be seen visibly from the lightships however (or those they were diverting away from this planet).

On February 20th, Arnap circled his ship around from behind a cloud to the south, then flashed to the east along with a second ship close by, with a dear star sister and brother who are working closely with him/us at present on board.

And again on March 3rd, he flashed a pod-ship (circled below), while a plane flew overhead, visible in upper part of frame.

A letter ”J” then formed in a cloud, alongside the outline of the left wing of a bow-shaped ship I know as the Radiant 1, with another ship visible below (lower part of frame). 😊

Arnap’s pod-ship again…

…and a larger lightship, the Serenity, hovering over the powerline…

…and flaring brighter while clearing/converting some dense energies.

On March 9th, Arnap skimmed his pod-ship along a bank of cloud, while an interesting ”cloud scene” formed to his east, that looked like a crocodile being turned back on its track between two angel figures. Enlarged, the outline of the Radiant 1 can be seen as a pronounced V shape in the pivot-point of the cloud croc’s turn.

On March 16th, while feeling/hearing to watch a plane (and train my camera on it) a ship flashed briefly in front of it. You can see how brightly the ship shone, with the plane as a comparison! Enlarged, the ship shows a triangular shape with a wavy, fluidic quality around its form, which appears metallic yet with a liquid softness. We’ll share more about this soon in relation to a star family marine base in the Indian Ocean, which this ship comes from.

On April 9th, Arnap called me outside with guidance to focus on a small plane flying overhead. I felt him above it, and his pod-ship can be seen semi-decloaked, in fuzzy focus, above the plane through the photo sequence below.

A long, cylindrical light-ship of shining silver-white presented much more clearly on April 11th, symbolically next to a ”powerline” (in reference to currently energized timelines in the collective field, and powering the primary New Earth trajectory). This ship has appeared in close detail before, I hear it’s name as the Rut’ish, a Pleiadian ship that flies in the Pegasus fleet (there’s a photo of it fully decloaked, as seen from below, on the Lightships 2016 page). In the second and third photos, the Rut’ish appeared with a ”ghosting” double to its left, then with another solid-seeming appearance of itself further left, a visual effect of the multiple frequency bands of time they were flowing across at that moment, related to time dilation…while delicately removing a defunct lower timeline misaligned to the New Earth. After the ship(s) disappeared and reappeared re-merging above a cloud, where they had been beside the powerline, a beautiful soft white fluidic light wrapped around the fading timeline (parallel to the main New Earth ”powerline”), returning it to the infinite pure light field that all creation radiates from and returns to. 🤍

In this light emanation from within a ship (above Canopus, with Sirius at lower right), Arnap can be seen head and shoulders, facing forward and wearing a symbolic ”life jacket”, with a teal blue triangle above him, representing the type of wavy triangular ship from the Indian Ocean marine base that appeared decloaked in front of a plane on March 16th (see above).

Over the next week, ships flashed many times above the powerlines next to my home, in conjunction with with communications relating to the Earth’s trajectory, with star family using the powerlines to symbolically reference what in this 3-4D plane we interpret as ”timelines”. On April 22nd I was called outside just as a helicopter flew overhead, over the powerlines, with a ship flashing higher above, appearing as a long, cylindrical white ”smudge” in the upper part of the photo below.

A silvery light close above the lines came out in the next frame as a rectangular shape, just above the upper powerline (in this analogy symbolizing the ”optimal primary timeline” of planet Earth, with secondary, tertiary and quaternary frequency paths below). This was described as a “temporal monitor” placed over the primary timeline while timeline fragmentation and diversion is being more forcefully attempted in the lower astral, mirrored on this earth plane in the current tumult, tensions and war. Much is being released, transmuted and cleared through the higher dimensions of light and love, and support for the New Earth’s pathway of well-being is always present. 💛🌍

That night, flashes and twinkles above Alpha Centauri and the Southern Cross translated in photos as clear forms and visual messages, firstly with a large green-blue orb above Alpha Centauri, left of the Southern Cross, that then ”pinpoint-focused” in the folllowing frame, showing a silhouetted figure (I felt as Sananda, in communication with him at the time) in conversation with a group on the background, who I hear of as the Keepers/Guardians of the Southern Cross (intergalactic portal).

This was followed by an orb in dense red and grey tones, symbolizing war imprints in the Earth’s energy field, with a black cross in the grey zone representing the gathering of those imprints, transmuting back to light via the Southern Cross constellation.

The next orb appeared brighter, above the Southern Cross, and shows a group of figures all focusing on a black sphere in the foreground, described as a literal ”time bomb” being neutralized and defused. The astral and physical frequency bandwidths mirror each other; creations in the 4D astral have translations in this physical plane and vice versa…and transformations of distorted or chaotic energies in the astral, by beings of love from the higher dimensions, uphold the primary New Earth pathway of highest well-being for all, and have a lightening, opening effect in the energetic field here. 💛🌟

On April 26th, a mothership subtly showed its presence in relation to the Moon and Mars, with the Moon behind clouds forming a mountain peak, with Mars at its left, and a ship in silhouette hovering over the summit. This then morphed into a light pillar shape, with the ship decloaked and softly visible at its left…representing adjustments in relation to ”old Mars/martial imprints currently reactivated in a timeframe to which they have been displaced/misplaced”, with releases through the higher dimensional lunar portal, purified through the White Ray.

Sometimes, star family signal their presence subtly with a series of ”windows” in a horizontal frame among clouds, such as in this photo on April 29th….with forms softly visible within the windows.

On other occasions their presence is more overt and comes with very specific visual confirmations of activities, like this unusual representation on May 13th showing two spheres sitting atop a seemingly flat surface, as though riding on a ”magic carpet” (upper right of frame). Enlarged, there’s a slight golden tinge around each of the spheres, and to my inner vision they were wrapped in golden light while being flown out of the Earth’s field (a signal of 4D ”temporal tech” being defused and removed, connected to collective war and destruction timelines). 🙏

Following a lot of activational focus through the Total Lunar Eclipse on May 15-16th, a mothership appeared briefly above ”pyramid clouds sitting on the moon” on May 18th. The ship is slightly reddish in the first photo, then tinged with green in the second photo, symbolizing ”from Stop to Go”.

Further south in the sky, between the moon and Alpha&Beta Centauri (the two bright stars in the photo below), a ship flashed for a moment (lower left of frame). Enlarged, soft rosegold and green light is emanating from the Lei’hua, with two figures silhouetted in the foreground (the central figure is clearest as a head and shoulders form, with a sash running diagonally from the shoulder signifying Ashtar’s presence).

With an ongoing sea theme, marine starbase(s) and high frequencies flowing from a reactivated mothership in the Indian Ocean, star family of Sirius B planets, including the aquatic planet Atrami (as I hear it, others might translate differently) have become more prominent in the skies here, with both cylindrical shaped ships and ships of a shallow, wide-winged triangluar format. The one below appeared on May 19th as a silver flash above the clouds, and on enlarging, shows one of the Sirius B triangular ships, with bright wingtip lights, appearing ”doubled” as it phased across dimensions.

A beautiful emanation also appeared in front of the cloud below this ship. There was no bird there, but the shape of an eagle flying straight out of a white light (with an angelic vibration) formed clearly.

One of the cylindrical ships decloaked a couple of days later on May 21st (friends were here, and one saw diamond lights sparkling all around that area of the sky just before this ship became visible for a couple of seconds. It showed up faintly in the photo below, in a clearing ringed by clouds, with two white lights flashing on its underside.

On May 26th, this cylinder shaped form flashes again, this time tracking with a small plane. The plane is to the right and ship to the left in this frame. Enlarged, the cyclinder shape appears doulbed, or like a twin hull craft, but the lower band/cylinder is described to me as an after-glow of the ship, again as it phased/shifted across dimensions into visibility for a moment.

On June 11th, Arnap gave some timeline messages, again while appearing around the ”powerlines”, with diamond white light shimmering across the sky, then he and a dear star brother flashing their ships (small podships down from the Meri’Ashar mothership) above the lines, with Arnap in the upper ship, and our star brother sending brilliant light from his ship while symbolically ”touching the line”.

This double decloak was followed by a doorway/portal shape forming in clouds behind the ‘secondary line’ with an arrow pointing upward to the ‘primary timeline’ above it. The path of the arrow is curved, reflecting the collective curve being taken to align with/into the true galactic New Earth trajectory. 🙏

On June 17 during a few ship flashes around Alpha Centauri and the Southern Cross, Arnap appeared in a light emanation from one of the ships, upper left of Alpha Centauri. He’s subtly visible in the right-hand side of this emanation, with a small white light sphere above his shoulder.

Activity continued in that part of the sky the next few nights, with a unique orb appearing on June 20th above the Southern Cross, with the constellation precisely mirrored by four points within the orb in a cross/kite formation, signalling a specific focus in/through that area.

On June 30th, just after a discussion about the presence of humanity’s starry family around the Earth, I was called outdoors, to a sighting of a crystal clear ship close to the house. Just before the ship appeared, my attention was drawn to a cloud in front of the sun, with a beautiful ”eye’ forming in the lower right of the cloud.

Then looking eastward, an oval shaped ship appeared, that looked completely transparent apart from a fine silver outline and brilliant white light flashing around it. This ship glided silently, at a slow pace, across a tiny space between the edge of the roof and a frangipani tree, visible for just a few seconds, and came out in one photo, as a circular or oval form with a peaked roof. This came with a message from Arnap, reminding me that he had decloaked this same (type of) ship several years earlier over my home in the hills, so I’ve included that earlier photo below, taken on December 16th 2017.

Same ship/type of ship on December 16th 2017.

On the June 30th occasion, within 3-4 minutes of the ship becoming visible, two planes arrived, flying closely along the path the ship had moved along from south to north (with the planes arriving from the north, flying south), circling the spot where the ship had decloaked, continuously for the next couple of hours. You can see in the photo below how close one of the planes was passing to where the ship had been visible.

During July, aircraft interaction seemed to step up, with military jets on two occasions appearing on the scene only seconds after a ship or two had decloaked (ie; slowed the frequency rotation of the light-field around the ships to become visible to human eyes). Amid this apparently heightened level of ‘interest’, on July 27th, the ship below stayed visible, brilliantly so, for several minutes. Even with a helicopter, planes and jets turning up, the vibration emanating from the ship was so serene, and for the first time ever here that I’ve seen, three sea eagles appeared above the ship and stayed slowly circling around it.

Lower over the treetops, a diamond-shaped ship outlined in a ‘cloud window’.

On August 1st a large disc-shape outlined in a cloud in more detail, like a wheel with a central hub and radiating spokes, with half the disc ”imprinted” in the cloud (if the whole disc had been outlined, there would be six radiating spokes, which to me symbolizes the presence of a mothership I hear as the Elam’Ashar/Sapphire Star, which appears to me visually and in dreams as a disc-shaped lightship with a six-pointed star across the roof).

On the night of August 7th, three ships flashes around the Moon, followed by the arrival of two helicopters that circled exactly where they had been, for the next hour or more. The ships didn’t reappear visibly, but below, after a helicopter in the first photo, orbs appeared close to the Moon, and in formations. In the last orb, Ashura came through as Arnap, his 5D soul expression…with beings around him, less ’embodied’ in (my) focus but subtly imprinted in the orb (circled in the crop below, with contrast enhanced).

Something I observe often in clouds near a ship or other light emanations is archways, doorway shapes, such as this one from August 16th, of an arch within an arch. I understand/perceive this as a 4th dimensional representation (4D in mathematics is represented as the hypercube, the cube within a cube into infinity), and one of the properties of the 4th dimension is Time. Portals can be spatial, they can also be temporal, interdimensional crossing-points in time, which I see as multidimensional, ranging through a spectrum of ‘denser time’ to ‘thinner/lighter time’ streams, the 4D warp across which various temporal weft threads are constantly weaving, creating what appears in the 3-4D planes as linear time variations, or timelines.

The night of August 18th was stunningly beautiful, with a few quick ship flashes followed by a series of light emanations. In this first orb, radiating from the Meri’Ashar mothership which was higher above, there are two clear figures, a man in white at the right, a lady at left in a green dress, with a shadow-form falling away at lower right, representing an energy clearing, easier to see with the brightness reduced in the crops below.

This piece of ‘light-code’ just clipped the top of the next frame, with three distinct colour bands, and forms subtly visible within them. The green-aqua middle band I feel coming from a planet of the star Canopus, with the bands at left and right aligning from connected star systems, flowing together in unity to create a specific frequency combination. The golden band at the right comes from the Council of Yve, mentioned in this post.

I then felt to track one particular light emanation that morphed through several shapes and colours, slowly moving across the sky in front of the clouds.

The second photo, when enlarged, shows a large form in blue to the left of a golden-white curving beam of light, and with the image tilted slightly, there are also several beings to the lower right of the light-beam, I see them as tall, dark, slender beings, with a plum-coloured triangle/pyramid in front of them, and a purple one below. Their vibration reads as connected with the star Mirzam in Canis Major (closely connected with the beings/people of Sirius).

In the third photo, as well as the larger morphing orb, there’s a very bright emanation in the lower right of the frame. Enlarged, you can see a house of light (actually, on this earth plane, my current abode) with three distinct layers of colours, that represent the Trinity Heart or triple heart chakra, with green in the centre as the Heart Chakra, peachy gold below representing the Sacred Heart Chakra, and rose-white roof for the Higher Heart Chakra… lovely to see in the sky 💛💚💗

The fourth and final photo of the morphing orb reveals Ashura in his 5D Arnap form at top left, blonde-haired, in a deep green coat, with golden-white bands over his shoulders (epaulettes), and a white shape floating in front of him at waist level. The colours in the orb radiate from various groups (I hear from the Earth/Inner Earth councils, in the context of a formalized agreement being reached, hence Arnap’s formal attire).

Another light emanation of my house ‘on the ground’ appeared in the nightsky directly above it on August 24th, with the same three colours, green in the centre, peachy gold floor and rose-white roof.

This beautiful ‘cone’ or rainbow light also appeared the same night, and with the same colour theme, with two forms visible in the base of the cone, as if seated either side of a table.

Sometimes faces and forms of light beings can appear very subtly in the sky, like ”soul imprints” in the air, the clouds, light (or water). Here’s an example from September 9th this year, with a disinct blue face with large eyes and pointed chin appearing next to a cloud.

For context, the photo below it is from February 18th 2013, the first time a being with this type of face appeared relatively clearly in a photo, from within a lightship hovering above the Moon that hailed as Andromedan. 💙

On September 12th, another star group came through, in relation to a ”black cube” being removed from the Earth’s vibrational field. This showed visually as a black cubelike opening in clouds between the Moon and Jupiter, darker than the nightsky around it, and the Moon’s light appeared to pillar upward toward it for a moment, captured in this photo.

This light emanation flashed close to the Moon, and with brightness reduced, a figure is visible in the left background, in green with a ”golden cap”. These beings hail from stars of the Hercules constellation, bringing their energies in to assist at this moment with current ”Herculean tasks”.

The next day, September 13th, as a plane flew overhead, while tuning in with Arnap, he flashed his small pod-ship above the plane, then tracked with it a little way. I saw a series of bright flashes from him over the plane, but on downloading photos, realized he was subtly visible all the time I was watching and attuning, as a soft white ball, inbetween brighter flashes, as in the photos below.

On September 15th, a ship showed its presence as if embedded in the top of a cloud, with a sculpted ”double v” or ”w” shape, with a slight after-image or visual echo of the lower v to the right. It could also be read as the shape of an eagle, signalling the presence/an action of Ashtar Command ships.

Following this signal, amid a major energetic transmutation, this beautiful symbolism formed around the uppermost powerline (which star family have been using throughout this year to represent the New Earth’s higher timeline)…with a vertical stack of three elliptical clouds below, and the form of a mermaid behind/guarding the line. Her tail is especially clear, between the ”primary and secondary timelines”. 🧜‍♀️

She made several cloud appearances over the next few days. Here’s her tail disappearing into a ”light-wave” on September 19th.

That day the maritime theme was flowing high, with ships appearing in forms like naval vessels and submarines (such as the two in the upper right of this frame) signifying clearings and transmutations happening at the time.

The energetic clearing reflected symbolically through clouds (over Silver Sands Beach) as a huge ”black anchor” being pulled upward and released, and as the energies lifted and transformed, the clouds above the anchor took on a form like soft sea sponges.

While walking around the Mandurah Estuary on September 27th, two pod-ships flashed simultaneously, above a beautiful golden wattle (the brighest ship to the upper left, and the fainter sitting closer above the tree, slightly right of centre-frame).

With the brighter ship still visible in the next frame, closer to the upper edge.

The ships became more pronounced/visible later in the day, around a gorgeous piece of ”cloud art” hanging like ethereal swathes below the Sun, with an angelic presence emanating at the lower right.

A pod-ship flashed to the upper left of the angel, just below the brightest ”light wave” at the top of the frame.

Followed by a very clear decloak for about two seconds by a ship to the angel’s right, again in ”naval vessel” symbolic form, like a submarine with white light wrapped around its turret. This overt symbolism by Star Family is all related to defusing ”destructive timeline” energies not aligned with the New Earth based in peace, love and compassion, which our higher dimensional support teams are permitted to clear and transmute if they are putting the planetary field at risk.

On September 30th, some our those beautiful supporting beings showed through orbs and ships around the Moon (with the red star Antares above it).

Lastly, this very bright orb flashed next to the Moon. With the brightness reduced, the form of a black anchor is visible, showing the mission of removing that energy as completed, and signed off with a letter ”A” at the lower rim of the orb. 🙏

Transmutation of these misaligned energies currently amplified in the field also showed clearly on the night of October 2nd, firstly in this orb to the right of the Moon, which has a shadowy triskele within it, that can also be read as a fusion of a nuclear symbol and three-legged swastika…with a being behind it, and clear lemon yellow light coming in to the right of the triskele, the colour vibration of joy, upliftment and happy inspiration.

In this next orb, over the Moon, the lemon yellow light increased, and Ashura’s form can be slightly seen in the left background, in lemon and green, with rose and white colours in the foreground, with the misaligned energies transforming through that combination.

As the orb floated higher above the Moon, it flashed a blue-green colour. Enlarged, Ashura can be seen more clearly in the centre of the orb, from the waist up in green, with aqua light radiating from his heart/chest area. There’s also a subtle hint of stag antlers in the background, behind his head, and he comes through this particular soul emanation in connection to lifting and transmuting ”wounded masculine” imprints within the collective consciousness field. Onward we flow 💚

Flowing on from this soul emanation a couple of days later, on October 4th more ‘antler’ symbolism formed in clouds to the north just before a ship decloaked and flashed brightly to the south.

Turned around, there’s also a bull symbolized in the clouds, running/flying in front of the stag antlers (for more about this symbolism in relation to the ship above, and to the renewal/reactivation of Divine Masculine energies within the collective consciousness, see this post).

More beautiful cloud forms appeared on October 13th, also just before a ship came into view. The clearest is a feminine figure standing within a ”translucent dome”, facing slightly tooward the left (who I know as a soul emanation with the name Ashima). Diamond light sparkles were flashing around this cloud form, and as a plane flew overhead, Arnap semi-revealed his podship beside the plane (not visible to the pilot, I hear, with the pod’s presence marked only as a ”soft powderpuff” rather than decloaked bright lightship, something star family have been doing often this year).

On October 18th, a higher dimensional input focusing through a specific interweaving of ”soul strands” translated visually through a beautiful orb/light emanation with a seated form in profile, facing to the left (a soul expression of Ashura), clothed in a golden colour, with red hair, and arms outstretched, hands within a radiating white light at the left, containning the subtle form of an egg within a nest. There’s another figure in the background, behind the ”white light nest”, vibrating as feminine, with dark skin and a gown crossing over at the front (like a kimono or dressing gown). The reddish star at the top of the frame, for reference, is Antares, with the orb near the foot of the frame.

Four nights later, on October 22nd, another beautiful emanation came, from within a ship that then appeared with more symbolism along this theme/higher dimensional focus. The ship winked several times close to Jupiter, with this light-being sitting in a meditation pose (in mid-air, but actually appearing from inside the ship positioned near Jupiter, I feel the presence/vibration of Sananda in this form) in soft rose and gold light, with a white light ”sash” across their front. The ship then revealed momentarily in the next following frame, as a golden-white rectangular form that looks as though an ”egg of light” is descending from its underside.

On November 1st, Arnap gave a beautiful clear ship decloak for a couple of seconds, which visibly appeared as a single bright white flash, but on enlarging the photo, you can see a disc-shaped ship revealed, with a curved band of white light at the right-hand side (that reads to me as a ”window” or viewing area). I was called to focus on the Moon, before the ship flashed to its upper right, circled below. Within minutes, a plane arrived and circled that area for the next half hour.

Energies around the Moon continued to feel (and visibly appear) heightened, up to the Lunar Eclipse of November 7-8th. On November 3rd, the lightship Lei’hua flashed to the lower left of the Moon, with Jupiter at the lower right, in her signature peachy rose-gold colours…here with a smaller ship docked at her front, appearing as a greenish light.

The appearance of the Lei’hua was followed by clouds around the Moon forming into a rectangular doorway shape, expanding outward, then a bright, small light emanation close to the Moon showing a doorway/portal frame of golden light, with beings coming through ”the golden gateway”. 💛

On November 7th, there was a lot of movement in the nightsky around the Moon and Jupiter. In the photo below, the lowest bright light is Jupiter, with many orbs, and several emanations from ships winging upward on either side, in an arrow formation with Jupiter as the arrow’s tip, that shifted and reappeared several times. Enlarged, there are numerous bengs visible within these ”interior window-views”.

Following an overt, luminous night-time appearance on November 3rd, the Lei’hua appeared during the day on November 17th, visually as a semi-transparent disc subtly moving in front of a cloud, and her form is very softly presenced in the photo below, within a faint doorway outline slightly visible to the right of the ship.

A second ship outlined in front of another cloud, as a small ”classic flying saucer” type ship haloed in white light, which the photo below has picked up. This ship has a transparent canopy, and you may be able to see a dark-haired figure seated within. Behind this small ship is the outline of a larger bell-shaped craft with a row of windows (above the small foreground ship) from side to side, and a figure silhouetted on the ”roof” of the ship.These ships and beings send their greetings from the Agarthan light realms that exist within the 5D frequencies of Inner Earth.

On the night of November 19th, a ship flew overhead, but very high up (could be easily mistaken for a satellite, apart from a couple of sudden changes of pace). Below the ship, an orb appeared, with some quite detailed imagery including two clear figures at the lower left, in the posture of walking as if toward a door/portal. This is flowing on from the cloud ship outlines two days earlier, in relation to star family and Agarthan meetings (within an undersea base, hence the ”underwater cave-like” appearance and colours of this orb). You can see the figure on the left is looking over his shoulder, back to their companion, who appears to have a halo of white light around his head (also reminiscent of ”deep sea diving” gear, symbolic of current deep sea focuses and missions connected to planetary care/preservation).

On November 24th, much starry presence was focused around Jupiter, firstly with ships flashing close on either side, then more brightly further apart, before another ship zipped like a shooting star close over the top of the planet. These orbs, one brighter, one more subtle, formed a long triangle to Jupiter (the bright light at lower left), representing energies being cleared from the Solar System at that moment via the Jupiter Portal.

This was followed by a ship flashing just left of Jupiter, revealing a tall figure at the right in green and gold light, vibrating as a Herculean emanation, flowing on from star family of the Hercules constellation coming to the fore visibly a couple of months earlier, assisting with strengthening and stabilizing the planetary energy field.

This beautiful orb in the same colour range appeared after this emanation.

On November 27th, Arnap flashed this pod-ship for a few seconds overhead, just above the powerlines.

On November 30th, he sent some higly detailed visual imagery, firstly with a green orb above the Moon. Enlarged, there’s a wavy green cross near the centre, with ”finned and tailed” shapes circling around it, dolphin and ray-like.

This was followed by a higher dimensional light-form of my house, upper left of the Moon, similar to those posted earlier on this page, again with its signature peachy-gold floor, green-white interior, and rose-white roof. This time, there’s a noticeable buckle in the floor (while we were transmuting some hefty energetic events through this node, and the planetary light-grids more generally). There’s a also a large deep pink being on the roof (standing left of the roof-peak), and with brightness decreased, you may also see the presence of a being of white light in the house, stabilizing the reverb at this level, we could say.

Above the ”light house” this orb appeared, with a very clear cross of white light standing on a mountaintop, with beams of white light radiating between the cross and an arch of golden lights around the top of the orb/emanation, symbolizing restoration/renewal/resurrection of the ”pure golden frequency of creation grounding through the White Ray”.

On December 6th, numerous ships subtly indicated there presence through cloud-shapes. Here are a couple of them; firstly a diamond-shaped ship delicately, partially outlined.

And a much crisper outline, of a chevron shaped ship foregrounded in front of a cloud (with a more camouflaged disc-shaped ship to its left).

During the second week of December, starry focus swung over to Mars and the Moon, with many visible ships flashing around or near Mars on December 9th, with many orbs and light emanations…while the red planet was directly below the red star Aldebaran, alpha star of Taurus, with them forming a triangle to Betelgeuse, the red star of the Orion constellation. In this photo, a huge red orb is sitting next to Aldebaran, with Mars shining bright below, and Betelgeuse to the right.

Shifting to green, with the orb now is straight alignment with Mars and Betelgeuse, as a ship flashed above the Moon.

This ship above the Moon pulsed extremely brightly for a moment, and on enlargement, can be seen as a ruby diamond-shaped ship (which I know as the Taia’Tara) sending down a brilliant plume of golden light.

A similar ship decloaked nearby, just for a moment, and came beautifully through this photo, as triangular and green, with rose light radiating from its underside, and a translucent peaked canopy with golden light in the central area. This ship first appeared visibly in 2016 over my previous home in the Perth hills, following a vivid dream the night before of going on board the ship, the Terebinth (Tara’bi’nahu), detailed in this post.

Still focused around Mars, Aldebaran and Betelgeuse on December 10th, this small curved ship twinkled below Mars, followed by a beautiful pearly orb appearing level with Aldebaran.

This green orb circled around Mars, with figures visible within it.

As the orb soared from Mars up toward Betelgeuse, it relayed a distinct image of a domed shape structure with a flat top, and a green boulder on its ”roof”, with a doorway below.

Lastly, these two emanations appeared in a curved alignment to Mars. The brighter of the two shows the outline of a rounded, green face within soft pink-white light, and the fainter contains a number of beings, with a green face outlined at the right, a row of small green beings in white across the front, with taller, black-skinned people behind them. For now, we can share that within Mars (or Aris, as they refer to their planet), there are higher dimensional, interconnected civilizations, of both tall humanlike folk, and quite literally, ”little green men/people” who have been cast as characters in science fiction/ufology folklore…they really do exist, and will, when the energies are aligned for all concerned, meet with Earth’s humanity). 💚

The same presences and themes flowed through the next two nights, with another large orb beginning their inflow on December 12th, to the left of Mars and Aldebaran.

On the 12th, starry focus flowed from the Pleiades, with a small orb/ship emanation flashing in front of the Pleiades cluster, which clarified into a beautiful, luminous ship as it neared Mars and Aldebaran.

This lovely pearlescent orb flashed further below the Pleiades.

Followed by a large ”double orb” (orb within and orb) directly in front of the Pleiades, while a pair of ships flashed simultaneously, mirroing each other’s positions next to Aldebaran and Mars.

The green lightship flashing to the left of Aldebaran shows two forms in the foreground, in long dresses. The figure at the right has her arm out to the side, in a greeting pose.

The starry focus then shifted up around Jupiter, with three orbs/ships flashing in a rectangular formation with Jupiter (the bright light at bottom left of the rectangle).

Then close to Jupiter, this single emanation, of a green face enveloped in a rose-white lightfield.

These two orbs appeared across the sky, next to Canopus (bottom left) and Achernar (upper right), the alpha stars of Carina and Eridanus respectively. Again, green beings are to the fore, with a clear, round green face with large deep green eyes in the upper area of the orb hovering next to Achernar.

Finally, this flotilla of ship emanations formed a triangle between Canopus and Achernar. The brightest of the three reveals a foreground face, large-eyed and smiling, with a tall, conelike head and several background figures, with a tall form at the left in golden light (circled below). So many star groups and energies were flowing and interweaving through the 12th of the 12th. 😊

Ongoing activity around Mars continued with Mars below the red star Aldebaran through December. Here’s an orb above the red star and planet on December 14th.

And again that night, across the sky to the south, with simultaneous ship and orb activity around Canopus and Achernar, with a bright golden orb above Canopus and small faint orb flashing simultaneously next to Achernar.

Here again, on December 19th, a beautiful deep blue-green orb (above the Pleiades, not visible in this photo) forming a triangle with Aldebaran and Mars.

The night of December 22nd again was filled with activity around Mars and Aldebaran; in the orb on the left there are figures in green, with one especially defined in the upper centre, and in the emanation on the right, two figures can be seen, coming through this photo with ”blanked out” faces, a visual message referring to them working incognito at this time, until the optimal moment for them to reveal themselves, and star family presence on/around Earth more openly.

Back to the south that night, a lightship flew decloaked around Achernar for several minutes, with a distinct orange-gold colour radiating from it. As I took the photo below, this ship flashed brightly above Achernar (right), while another orange light ship flashed more faintly just below Canopus (left), before the first ship circled Achernar and flew lower, very bright.

It then flew back above Achernar, as the second ship flashed to the left of Canopus flowing in a synchronized counterpoint around these two stars.

Enlarged, the orange hues are visible, with purple and green also coming through.

A small greenish-white orb also flashed below Achernar, with the little green peeps again visible within it. Welcome star friends, and close kin from our neighbouring ”red planet”. 💚

On December 27th, following this beautiful high vibrational in-flow through the Solstice and Christmas, Sananda (who embodied his soul energy on Earth as Jesus) and Immara (Mary Sophia) appeared together in some profoundly beautiful light emanations. In the ongoing theme, their first appearance was below Mars and Aldebaran, near the lower edge of the frame (ie; toward Earth) with Sananda in golden-white on the left, with his arm tenderly wrapped over Immara/Mary’s belly, obviously with child.

This crop of an orb that just touched into the preceding frame shows many forms gathered around a central feminine form holding her baby wrapped in a golden-white blanket. The vibrations of divine rebirth and miracles of renewal are streaming in for the coming year, dear readers, and were focused that night to the Earth through the ”27-72” galactic central code vibration on December 27th in the western Solar/Sirian calendar. 🙏

And finally that night, the familiar green-ruby orb that has been hovering above Aldebaran and Mars through this love-filled December alignment, floated down to sit on top of the star, touching it, in a cosmic signal of ”touch-down” of Sananda & Immara’s universal mother&child energy, alighting in the earth plane now in a way that is activating the collective consciousness to open to a new phase of universal consciousness and connnectedness based in love, compassion and peace (not tied to religious beliefs, but encompassing all life on this planet), within the supporting energies of countless loving beings and soul groups from ”far and near”, with a few coming through the light emanations below.


We hope you feel uplifted by these photographic sharings, with a closer sense of connection to the presence of loving light beings of the higher dimensions, who continue to quietly assist us and this planet in the background of Earth’s current, ongoing shift in consciousness and vibration.

We hold the vision of more open sightings and love-based connections with our star brothers, sisters and friends all around the Earth, in love, peace, joy, wisdom and growing awareness. If your heart calls, please join us in holding this vision and intention, for the highest well-being of All.

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