Lightships 2017-18

Welcome. 🙂  This page follows on from the Lightships 2014-15 and Lightships 2016 pages as part of a continuous photo-documentation of starships appearing in the sky overhead here in the Perth hills, Western Australia. From our communications, these craft are higher dimensional ships of metaphysical light stepping their energy across dimensional bands to connect with humans on Earth, from the Ashtar Command fleet of the Intergalactic Confederation, who are here guiding, supporting and assisting our current planetary Shift into higher consciousness. They (and our own higher dimensional selves) quietly continue working  behind the scenes to stabilize and progress a Planetary Shift of energy and consciousness in progress on and around the Earth (and Solar System) into freedom in love, unity and peace, and deep love and gratitude go to all star family groups represented on this page, as to all beings of Love holding and flowing highest Light here and throughout the galaxies and universes. ❤

During 2017 into 2018, lightships have continued appearing overhead often, occasionally flying close range, more often very high, pulsing bright flashes, or positioning near stars and constellations that have a particular relevance to them, or to missions/focuses they’re involved in at that moment. It’s been wonderful to connect with a circle of friends here in Western Australia in recent years who also have star family connections and experiences, to share in ‘ship-watching’ together and commune with our higher dimensional brothers and sisters….brothers and sisters to all of humanity in the infinite Universal Family.

If your heart calls to connect with star family, we recommend reading this post: Tips for Ship-watching and Star Family Contact

I’ll keep adding to this page throughout 2018, and would also like to link Wispy Clouds, website of dear friends Rob & Shelley Hartland, who live nearby and see (and photograph) many of the same ships and beings.

Photos of 2017


Brightly-lit round Venusian ship flies up from behind trees, below Venus (the bright light in centre) toward Mars (upper right), with an orb forming a perfect triangle to the ship and Venus, January 8, 2017 (see this post for details).


Ship passes close to Venus, constantly pulsing bright light, January 8, 2017.


Ship continues on a straight angle past Venus, toward Mars, January 8, 2017.


Ship nears Mars, January 8, 2017.


An Orion ‘Excalibur’ ship flies at upper right, with Venus lower left above the trees, January 18, 2017.


Excaliburs are long, pointed, silver-blue ships, with ‘wings’ crossing very close to the tail of the ship like the hilt of a sword crossing a blade. This one pulses light from beneath.


This shimmering crystalline ship  appeared among a shower of orbs on January 27, 2017 (details are here).


The Phoenix (Ashtar’s command ship) appeared lower left of the star Capella and pulsed golden light on February 3, 2017 (this is far distant, it’s quite a large ship).


This amazing luminous morphing pink-green-gold ‘light-container’ flashed above Orion, then moved toward Sirius while changing shape, February 14, 2017.


The ship turns into a ‘three-tiered’ form above Orion, February 14, 2017.


The ship compresses into a rounded form as it moves toward Sirius, February 14, 2017.


The ship morphs into a cube shape, with a small purple lightship touching its upper left, February 14, 2017.


White and green domed-shape ship with deep blue base flashes to the right of Orion, February 24, 2017.



Rectangular silver ship from a planet of the star Atlas in the Pleiades (Atlacorians) appears beneath Canopus, February 27, 2017.


The Atlacorian ship is perfectly in focus, even though the stars above it are not, February 27, 2017.


In the final photo, the ship’s depth became much clearer, February 27, 2017.


Hexagonal ship flares light, February 27, 2017.


Small silver ‘pod’ ship flown by my Twin Flame, Ashura, (in his 5D soul expression, Arnap) beside a pair of ‘angel wing’ clouds, March 1, 2017.

DSC01295 - Copy

This beautiful white lightship came through the Eremor Portal (near the star Pi Puppis, upper left – Sirius is the bright star bottom right) on April 1st.

DSC01295 - Copy (2)

Enlarged, its shape is clearly visible as a ‘planet-like’ sphere within a ring.

DSC01392 - Copy

On April 12th, a lightship flashed to the right of Jupiter and the star Spica (which is above the moon).

DSC01396 - Copy

Still keeping a straight alignment, the ship moved to the left of Jupiter: its positions were in symbolic reference to movements of the fleet around Jupiter, which was passing in front of the constellation Virgo, bright in the night-sky close to Virgo’s alpha star Spica. See this post for more details.

DSC01741 - Copy

The shape of a ship can be seen almost decloaked, among cloud (upper right of picture), May 4th.

DSC01742 - Copy

On May 12th, in a spectacular mix of smoke and clouds, a Pleiadian rectangular lightship flashed for a couple of seconds before cloaking again:

DSC01949 - Copy

DSC01949 - Copy (2)

A beautiful shield-shaped ship with larger disc behind it can be seen with its front rim outlined in the clouds here, on June 12th, with a radiating  equilateral cross visible:

DSC02474 - Copy

Another ship in the clouds on June 12th:

DSC02485 - Copy

A portal appeared as a doorway-like opening in clouds on June 15th, with Ashura’s small ‘pod’ ship close by…we hope to be able to share more about the meaning of this soon:

DSC02506 - Copy

DSC02507 - Copy (2)

Ashura again placed his pod-ship in relation to a cloud-doorway on June 23rd, this time within the centre of the doorway, symbolically ‘entering through a trans-dimensional portal’.

DSC02672 - Copy (2)

This beautiful, rectangular ship (a Pleiadian ship named the Rut’ish; for a photo of this ship decloaked, see Lightships 2016) flashed brightly on top of a cloud on July 30th, followed by many orbs and ships visible that evening.

DSC08247 - Copy

DSC08247 - Copy (2)

The next ship appeared on August 6, and is one of a fleet of small silver-white lightships that fly with a Rokadian mothership called the Silveray, which comes from a planet of Polaris in Ursa Minor (the Little Bear constellation). These ships are ‘sting-ray’ shaped, as you can see further below (see this post). In the first photo, the Southern Cross and Alpha&Beta Centauri are at the lower left, with ship coming in at upper right:

DSC08526 - Copy (2)

DSC08526 - Copy

Another Rokadian ‘ray ship’ cloaked in cloud, above a thick cloud bank on August 10:

DSC08618 - Copy

And again, here the ray form is very distinct, hovering under a cloud on August 13 (photo taken from Rob&Shelley Hartland’s house, a few streets away from my home, while activating a ley line node ~ there were many ships and loving beings present guarding, guiding and assisting):

DSC08712 - Copy (2)

Polaris has several inhabited higher dimensional planets; here are two more Polarin ships of different forms outlined in the clouds on August 22:

This long blue and white lightship flashed to the right of Jupiter and Spica on the night of August 22:

DSC08952 - Copy

DSC08952 - Copy (2)

A Rosarin disc-shaped ship (with pronounced ‘windows’ in these photos) showed in the clouds overhead on August 26, picking up rainbow colours in the sunlight:

DSC08970 - Copy

DSC08979 - Copy

Beneath it, this ‘Doorway’ opened, and a clear ‘V’ formed in a gap in the clouds, sign of the Ashtar Command (V is for Vega, in memory of the first federation of planets in this galactic region, the Federation of Lyra – of which Vega is the alpha star):

That night, two ships took turns aligning a portal; in the first photo an Alpha Centaurian ship (white light with a reddish aura) positioned itself at the lower point of a long diamond shape with the Moon at the top, Jupiter and Spica to right and left…with a Polarin ship rising from below:

DSC09035 - Copy

The Polarin ship then moved for a moment to the position the Alpha Centaurian ship had been holding, and the Alpha C’s flew slowly south-east, then winked out (recloaked) in the Southern Cross, while the Polarins headed north:

DSC09036 - Copy

DSC09037 - Copy

DSC09038 - Copy

DSC09039 - Copy

After very few full decloaks for a couple of months, this rectangular Andromedan-Pleiadian lightship unveiled spectacularly through a sequence of 8 photos, on November 8th, in the lead-in to a large star family focus on November 11th, the 11-11 Gate, stationary in glowing shades of blue to blue-white, accompanied by a deep blue orb:

DSC00788 - Copy

DSC00790 - Copy

DSC00791 - Copy

Here, it released a small golden pod ship, with two more pods to the left and right that showed faintly in the second photo below:

DSC00792 - Copy

DSC00793 - Copy

This ship with a distinctive tall structure on its ‘roof’ appeared in a photo when I asked star family for assistance with neutralizing toxins from chemtrails on December 16th over the area where I live. (Chemtrails are not the same as contrails left by jet engine aeroplanes – they don’t fade away like contrails, but tend to remain as noticeably thick lines for some time, then spread out into large wads or bands of ‘cloud’). Rather than reacting in fear or anger, we advise always staying in your heart, stay peaceful and radiate love, and know that our higher dimensional family and friends are always present and available to purify the air (actually, they do constant ‘cleaning up’ around the planet on many levels at this time). Whether visible or not, they’re only ever a thought away – just ask.

DSC01648 - Copy

DSC01646 - Copy

DSC01646 - Copy (2)

Photos of 2018

Coming into this year, so much has been happening multidimensionally, in and around the Earth’s planetary energy field and beyond, including some small but significant shifts in the way star family are now able to respond/engage with beings not in service to the lifting collective consciousness and planetary energy, as detailed in this post. The first photo from January 19, 2018 shows a ship and related orb that heralded this shift, with a small amber-gold lightship on the right, beside the star Betelgeuse in Orion, and a bright amber-gold orb to the left in Orion, with a clearly visible blonde-headed face looking out from it.

DSC02676 - Copy

Aurigan orb (left) and lightship (right, beside Betelgeuse) appear in Orion, Jan.19, 2018.

The Meri’Ashar can be seen in these photos taken on February 22, 2018 curving up around the Moon, behind then back in front of clouds from an ‘Earth’ point of view, on a mission of clearing lower energies from around the Moon.

The same night, February 22, this rectangular shaped ship with a vertical upper structure hovered overhead.

On February 28, 2018, a helicopter circled over the house three times, then did the same, I learned the next day, over some friends’ house before returning here (*these ‘ordinary-appearing’ aircraft represent the 3D aspect of covert forces seeking to disrupt humanity’s connection with higher dimensional beings of love and goodwill. We advise being aware, without engaging your energy through negative/angry/fearful focus. Stay in peace, and keep your focus toward all that is Loving, bless the rest, let it go, and see all fear/control-based energies transforming back to pure Love and Light).  In this ‘example’ situation, I called on star family for assistance, and within 2 seconds they were overhead ~ in the photo below, the helicopter is at lower right above the trees, and the lightship is flying in at upper left.

DSC03943 - Copy

Enlarged, you can see the ship has a silver-white underside and translucent blue canopy, with the centre of the ship cloaked from view (appears as a dark blue interior). I was aware of a telepathic message sent to the helicopter pilot, who decided to leave immediately. That night a black military-style helicopter flew overhead, without lights on but silhouetted by the Moon, they also left quickly.

The next photo was taken from the garden of Rob&Shelley Hartland; many ships were overhead though not visible, and within a totally clear sky a little cloud formed in front of us, shaping into two antlered stags’ heads in the top of the cloud (a signal from my Twin Flame, Ashura/Arnap, and a companion star brother) while a beautiful white light being-morphing-into-lightship flew directly above it.

DSC04372 - Copy - Copy

On March 19, 2018, a small silver pod ship appeared above a beautiful whale-shaped cloud.

DSC04737 - Copy (2)

On April 16th, another silver-white pod-ship flashed overhead, this time flowing from Leonine/Feline Being energies connected with the Shem Arua (also see this post).

DSC05420 - Copy (2)

DSC05442 - Copy

DSC05442 - Copy (2)

On the night of April 29th, there was a lot of movement overhead, with a Sirian mothership high above, and smaller ships below ~ here you can see their size in relation to a plane flying by quite low down, as they moved around, and below the plane (see this post for more information).

DSC05775 - Copy (2)

DSC05778 - Copy - Copy

Jupiter above, plane centre, and lightship lower down, April 29, 2018.

DSC05778 - Copy (2)

DSC05784 - Copy (2)

Small Sirian lightship right, in front of a plane (upper left), April 29, 2018.

DSC05787 - Copy (2)

Small lightship now behind the plane, with pod-ship faintly visible below, April 29, 2018.

This year has been flying by, star family have been/are very busy inter-dimensionally! Here are a few more photos through to August, starting with the Meri’Ashar passing through a diamond-shaped star group above Canopus (the brightest star, at lower right) on May 2nd, 2018.

DSC05903 - Copy

The Meri’Ashar flies just above the ‘bottom point’ of a diamond asterism to the upper left (southeast in the sky from here) of Canopus, May 2nd 2018.

DSC05904 - Copy

Meri’Ashar passing the left side point of the diamond asterism, May 2nd 2018.

The clear outline of a horseshoe-shape formed in clouds on May 10th 2018 signalled the presence of Alpha-Centaurian star brothers and sisters (see this post for details):

DSC06071 - Copy

Alpha-Centaurian horseshoe shape forms in clouds on May 10th 2018, with a face within the horseshoe.

This object that flashed briefly overhead on May 16th 2018 was described to me by star family not as a ship but as a small remotely controlled device of the lower 4D, which ‘popped through’ to 3D visibility at the moment of being dislodged and dissolved from a higher dimensional whale-like being, whose form can be seen in the cloud-shape (see this post):

DSC06170 - Copy

Remote-controlled device of the lower 4D (lower astral frequency band) pops into visibility for a moment while being dissolved by Ashura and assisting friends, May 16th 2018.

The next two photos were taken at a spiritual retreat on June 2nd 2018, from a hillside overlooking the beautiful Avon River north of Perth. The first one shows a small triangular ship form subtly visible close to the ground (read info below image) and the second shows the energies of higher dimensional light beings ‘landing’ on the hilltop while transmuting lower astral energies, at the moment that a lightship flashed directly above as it flew toward and between the stars Alpha and Beta Centauri (there were 10 people attending, and probably about 30 flashes and ships whizzing overhead like shooting stars, really spectacular). 🙂

DSC06681 - Copy (2)

Subtle form of small ship hovering a few feet above the ground, like a ‘winged orb’, June 2nd 2018, Avon Valley area, Western Australia. The vibration of this ship was mid-4D, curious onlookers drawn by the energy of many higher dimensional ships (who gently but firmly removed them from the location, as beings of the 4D vibrational bands can have ‘mixed motivations’).

DSC06698 - Copy

Star family ‘landing their energies’ amid wreaths of 4D ‘astral vapours’ while transmuting them, as a ship flashed directly above, Avon Valley, June 2nd 2018. See this post for more details.

On the June Solstice at a location in the Perth hills, this triangle of light appeared where I and friends could feel the Phoenix’s presence (Ashtar’s command ship) while anchoring specific energies…that appeared as an undulating line across the sky while we were holding this focus and connection (see second photo and this post for more info).

DSC07231 - Copy

Triangle of light turning vivid blue in front of the Sun indicating the presence of the lightship Phoenix, June 22nd 2018.

DSC07233 - Copy

A long undulating line appears across the sky below the Phoenix, June 22nd 2018, relating to activation of a sixth dimensional light grid.

This beautiful Venusian saucer-shaped ship with a translucent canopy (and a violet pod-ship on the upper rim, visible through the left-hand side of the canopy) decloaked for a moment on July 1st 2018 upper left of the Moon. With the brightness reduced in the cropped photo below, its radiant colours of rose, golden and amber light are more visible, emitting a vibrational signature of the constellations Lyra and Ara, blended through Venusian and Hathor energies (see this post).

DSC07428 - Copy (2)

Venusian saucer-shaped ship flashes to the upper left of the Moon, July 1st 2018.

A similar Venusian ship appeared on July 15th, but flashing so brightly that its colours are only visible at the rim, around bright white light…with a lot of violet light below, as it was clearing very dense energies at that moment.

DSC07782 - Copy

Venusian saucer-shape ship flashing white light, July 15th 2018.

This softly luminous cylinder-shaped ship with a curved front appeared near the Moon on July 27th 2018, with windows visible along the sides and at the front, and a ‘blue leonine-like’ face projected in the middle of the ship (leading into the opening of the Lion’s Gate).

DSC07958 - Copy

Lightships of leonine beings to the left of the Moon, July 24th 2018.

DSC07958 - Copy (2) - Copy

Two large ships (the Meri’Ashar and the Sophia) position below the Moon on July 26th, forming an elongated triangle to Mars (the light at the top of the frame) with the Moon in the middle, stabilizing energies coming into a vibrationally powerful lunar eclipse.

DSC08019 - Copy

Lightships Sophia lower left of Moon, and Meri’Ashar lower right, stabilizing an alignment to Mars (at top of frame) around the Moon, July 26th 2018.

The outline of a large disc-shaped ship is clearly discernible to the lower right of the Moon amid dense swirls of lower astral energies that appear like fog or vapours in this photo, although they weren’t physically visible to me. A lot of clearing and transmuting was done that night, during the ‘Blood Moon’ total lunar eclipse with Mars close by (see this post).

DSC08077 - Copy

Lower astral energies bear down on a large ship (the Pegasus) during the lunar eclipse on July 27th 2018. Many ships and beautiful beings of Light across many dimensions were transmuting the energies flowing around the Moon and toward Earth that night/morning (Mars is the light upper left of Moon).

DSC08077 - Copy (2)

With photo turned around, the large disc shape of the lightship Pegasus is very clear to the right of the Moon, with protecting energy field around it.

The following night, a ship appeared directly above the Moon, softly visible through the clouds, like a ‘twin moon’, with some ‘divine sign writing’ in the cloud-forms below, July 28th 2018.

DSC08206 - Copy (3)

Ship directly above the Moon, very close like a ‘twin’ or mirror to the moon, with ‘light signs’ in the clouds beneath, July 28th 2018.

There’s been a lot of activity around Mars since July 2018, connected with a mission to transform heavier aspects of the Martian 4D grids and release their influence from the Earth and Earth’s moon (as part of an overall upliftment of frequencies in the Solar System). The line of motion beneath the Moon and Mars (upper right of Moon) on August 22nd is a ship that zipped across as I was raising the camera, and in the moment of wishing I’d caught it, this ship flashed across exactly the same trajectory, as if it had ‘rewound time’, and replayed it in slow motion…so that the whole arc of its movement presented in a single photo. Thanks guys… 🙂

DSC08486 - Copy

A cloaked ship appeared just visible near Mars in a sequence of shots on August 26th; here’s one of them.

DSC08576 - Copy

This stunning emerald green cylinder-shaped ship appeared upper left of the Moon (Mars was behind clouds between them) on August 27th, with three white spherical ships meeting it (one has already docked at the left end of the green ship in this photo. These are Sirian lightships; the green ship hails from the planet Atrami, of the star Sirius B (with mostly merbeings and humans on board) and the white round ships from the planet Toleka, of Sirius A (feline/lion beings).

DSC08590 - Copy

On September 3rd, a ship flashed very close to Mars, and in the photo, Mars and the ship can be seen to be within a halo or energy field surrounding the planet, which I hear is a 7D containment field (holding Mars in the vibration of Grace).

DSC08704 - Copy (2)

Two days before on September 1st, this bright flotilla of 7 ships came down from the Meri’Ashar (a 7D command ship holding a 5D ‘vibrational platform’ while assisting around Earth), hovering over Mandurah, south of Perth in Western Australia (they’re above the palm trees on the left).

DSC08655 - Copy

DSC08655 - Copy (2)

DSC08655 - Copy (3)

Ship over a walk trail in the Perth hills on October 2nd, guarding while a specific removal of energies was underway (details in this post).

DSC09476 - Copy - Copy

On October 4th, a small ship appeared just below a spot where clouds had formed into the face of an amphibious (froglike) being of an Aquatic soul group from the star Acamar, with the outline of an owl’s head behind it. Cloud-shaping often gives signs of star family presence.

In the following shot, the small ship flew upwards and flashed brightly, while a larger, soft ‘bubble-like’ disc-shaped ship formed below.

DSC09563 - Copy (2)

DSC09563 - Copy (2) - Copy

On October 15th,  as this small plane flew past a ‘triangle portal’ in a tiny cloud, a white pod-ship appeared above, keeping a close watch.

dsc09699 - copy

dsc09703 - copy - copy

Close by, a circular cloud went into vortex motion, the centre of the cloud sucking downwards as though into a vacuum (left in the wake of a translocating ship) and a pod-ship can be seen perched on the far rim of the clouds (the bright blue ball is a lens flare, not a ship or orb). A disc-shaped hole can be seen in the ring of clouds, with the clouds dragging downwards, as if into a ‘slow-motion vacuum’.

dsc09763 - copy (3)

During an alignment with star family on October 25th, assisting with the safeguarding/reopening of a 5D Agarthan (5D Inner Earth) portal in a nearby area of the Perth hills, these beautiful little ships flew out of the portal.

Here’s the disc-shaped ship on the right, as it flew up in the sky overhead. Enlarged, the energy field around the ship is subtly visible, especially underneath, where curves of light are folding toward a centrepoint below the ship’s ”solid” form.


An Arcturian bowship flashed for a moment below clouds on November 9th.

dsc00393 - copy

Four ships sit in a straight alignment (around the star Capella, faintly visible in the middle of their ‘line’) on November 11th, signifying a successful 11-11-11 alignment, during an 11 year; 11th day of the 11th month of 2018 where 2+0+1+8=11), with the ships symbolizing the 11-11 gateway. 🙂

dsc00522 - copy (2)

Two days later on November 13th, three ships formed multiple straight alignments, at angles around the Moon.

dsc00535 - copy

dsc00539 - copy

November 16th was another very active night for straight alignments of lightships, firstly with three ship in a line at a close angle the Moon and Mars (Mars being the bright light close to the Moon, see this post for more info).

dsc00720 - copy

Followed by a wonderful alignment of two ships to the star Saiph in the Orion constellation (which from the southern hemisphere, is at the top right of the Orion ‘butterfly’), mirroring Orion’s Belt, in a visual message of Ashtar Command ships working to stabilize that area (which had until recently, in Earth terms, been held by control-oriented entities of lower 4D energies). Beautiful to see this signal. 🙂

dsc00741 - copy

Later that night a large Arcturian ‘bowship’ stationed beside Mars visibly for about 10 minutes, changing angles slightly over that time. Here are some of the sequence of photos of this awesome ship.

On November 19th, a large curved ‘tube-shaped’ ship was outlined in clouds overhead, with Pleiadian and Hathorian vibrations, you can read more about it in this post.

dsc00854 - copy (2)

The next photo was taken from the beautiful south coast of Western Australia, on December 2nd 2018, while aligning with lightships stationed over a boulder on top of a hill on the Torndirrup Peninsula. In the enlargement, there’s a disc or sphere in the centre of the photo, with faces forming in the clouds around it. I felt many Earth spirits present as well as star family, with a clearing taking place.

Also on the south coast of WA, the shape of a large disc-shaped ship formed softly in clouds over the pristine curve of Denmark Beach, on December 3rd 2018.

dsc01431 - copy

dsc01432 - copy (2)

On December 15th, Sirian energies were in full focus and flow, culminating in a wonderful representation in clouds (low to the horizon, between the trees, see enlargements) of light beings descending from a ship, with details such as a railed ramp or gangway on which a being is alighting, with another descending from above, and clear faces to either side (see this post for more information).

dsc01700 - copy (2)

A long rectangular lightship flashes beside the star Aldebaran in the Taurus constellation, signalling its origin, on December 19th 2018.

dsc01761 - copy

On the night of the Solstice, December 21st, there was a lot of higher dimensional activity in the sky, around/between many stars, and the Earth. Here are a couple of photos of Orion, showing ships and orbs (I was seeing a lot of purple light around Betelgeuse, then purple flashing vertically through the Orion constellation, while Ashtar Command ships defused an attempt by unfriendly beings to cross into the Earth’s planetary field). In the first photo a large red orb appears beside the star Betelgeuse (where the High Council of Orion is situated) and two ships can be seen, one close to Rigel, and the other next to the faintly visible Meissa, home star of the Order of Melchizedek.

dsc01795 - copy - copy

In the second photo a ship approaches/observes the stars of Orion’s Belt, with orbs above and below.

dsc01796 - copy

Also on the night of the December Solstice, this incredible, complex projection of light, overlapping forms and energy radiated from Sirius, right in front of the star, toward the Earth, strengthening the flow of higher dimensional frequencies through the Solstice alignment. I’ve circled the most prominent features; a golden disc (representing a huge mothership), and a tall Sirian being in light blue, who appears to be ‘standing on’ or hovering just above the golden disc, with an orb above his/her head. 🙂

DSC01806 - Copy (2)

The heightened Sirian focus continued through to New Year’s Eve (when Sirius is at its annual zenith in the night sky, with this outline of one side and tip of a large Sirian ship on Christmas Night, December 25th 2018.

dsc01914 - copy

dsc01914 - copy (2)

These beautiful lightship sightings and appearances in photos during 2018 rounded out with a playful projection of white lights from a ship high above Mandurah, Western Australia. These lights formed the shape of an arrow, pointing toward a star lit-up on the rooftop of one of many houses decorated with festive lights. In the photo below, one of the white lights popped out of the arrow formation and hovered right next to the Christmas star! The light beside the star can be seen in close-up as an orb with a blue lion’s face (Sirian Blue Lodge, galactic guardians).

dsc01939 - copy (3)

We hope you draw inspiration from these photographic sharings, perhaps even a deeper sense of connection to the loving light beings of the higher dimensions, the star brothers and sisters of humanity who quietly assist us and this planet in the background…and we hold the vision of more open sightings and connections all around the Earth in the coming year, in love, peace, joy, wisdom and growing awareness. If your heart calls, please join us in holding this vision and intention, for the highest good of All.   ❤

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