DNA Activation May

Dear All,

Here is your ‘DNA Activation Reminder’ for May 10th, which expresses numerically as 10-5-2017 =  10-5-10. If you’re new to Heart Star, see Purify, Rise & Expand, where we spoke about the higher Light rising during this new ‘1’ energy year of 2017 (2+0+1+7=10=1), and introduced a practice to keep your physical body – along with mental and emotional layers – in harmony and confluence with the planetary ascension flows, through 4-5-6D.

This Golden Stars Visualization can be done at any time throughout the year, however the 10th day of each month provides an optimal vibrational ‘gateway’ for attuning to and assimilating the highest Light flows enveloping this planet from Source Centre. Each month presents a new gate: in May, the 10-5-10 represents the beautiful unifying flow of 5D frequencies through the 10-10 gateway this month, and is a great opportunity to allow, support and anchor your crystalline light body more deeply. We’ll share a visualization in the next post that is very helpful for enhancing and strengthening the 5D light body connection/anchoring, but for the 10-5-10 we’ll focus with the Golden Stars.

Focus into your Heart, breathe golden light into it and fill your Being with the eternal presence of your Inner Divine Self. Feel its infinite warmth and love, the Heart of Source that beats within all our hearts, pulsing pure love, joy and peace. Feel how the masculine and feminine energies within you merge into One. Feel your ‘higher self’ and ‘lower self’ now merge as One, unifying as your Inner Divine Self, a pure expression and extension of Source, across dimensions, and universes, into this Now. The light of the Golden Heart of Source is flowing through you, transforming your whole being into Unconditional Love. Breathe into it. Feel the gentle, everlasting rhythm flowing through you. It IS us all.

When this feels steady and strong, in pure love for yourself and All, continue now with the Golden Stars Visualization.

Hold the image/intention of a 4-point star of golden light in your heart centrepoint, then a 6-point star of golden light in your heart centrepoint, and imagine them overlaying each other and merging together. Feel your DNA strands being bathed in the purifying, restoring golden light of this merged star, that it is vibrating the message of ascension and expansion to the 64 codons (the 64 amino acid building blocks) in each strand of your DNA, through the 6 and 4, harmony and love. Expand this merged star through your body and auric field, take deep, relaxed breaths, place your hands on your heart centre, and hold the vision, with this intention:

Within this sacred merging of Love and Blissful Gratitude all limiting factors in the codes of my DNA, RNA and epigenomes are now dissolved completely. Every strand is receiving the highest available imprinting of the ‘goldenprint’ of Divine Love, in harmony and ease, in alignment with my highest good and the highest good of all. In this now, my physical body is vibrating with, and transforming into, golden crystalline light, filled with grace and joy. I Am Love. I Am Harmony. I Am Grace, radiating the restoration of Love to all Life, everywhere. And So It Is.


With Joy, Light, Peace and Divine Love to you All,

Joanna&Ashura,&Tanabor ❤


heart-centred rose - Copy

5 thoughts on “DNA Activation May

  1. Hello. Im a Gate keeper and guardian.ive realized that this energy was being anchored years ahead of its time but I believe it’s time. I won’t disclose which guardian I am but you are doing a great job. If there’s anything you need that I could help with I’m open to suggestions.

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    • Hi Kennny, lovely to hear from you, and thank you for your affirming words and energy, and the Light you hold/anchor on Earth through this ‘transitioning phase’.
      Actually, your offer comes at a perfect moment: I’m just putting together a new page for a Sunday Meditation Circle. I started informal Sunday global group meditations with friends for the planetary ascension a little while ago, and am feeling to expand that now. If this resonates for you, you are most welcome to join in, and share it around. This year, I’ve seen/felt many more souls are meditating/focusing for and with the planet’s ascension on Sundays, so the intention for this Circle is to contribute the flow/light into the ‘pool’ of all who are holding that focus. The more the merrier, deeper and stronger!

      Namaste, Joanna ❤


  2. Thank you for this beautiful sharing each month. I resonate deeply with the information on your website and with the golden energy, and would be interested in participating in the Sunday meditation. What do I need to do, or where do I find the information to do so?
    Thank You!

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    • Alea, thanks so much, heart smiling here! 🙂 I’m putting together some info for the meditations, and will have it ready hopefully before this Sunday. I’ll post about it soon at Heart Star, or if you’d like me to contact you when the info’s online, you’re welcome to send an email to me at meriashar@gmail.com, and I can let you know by email.
      Blessings, Joanna ❤


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