Three Foundational Heart Practices

The three exercises below, when used regularly, can keep our energy centered and steady in our hearts, with our overall energy-fields clear and light. The first practice, the Sun-Star or Heart Star, comes from Ashtar (via Bareld Nijboer). The second, the Golden Apple, was developed by Bareld with Ashtar & Sesherat (in consultation with Ashtar, we have adjusted some of the wording slightly). Finally, the Three Whites was given to me by Lady Nada initially as a personal practice, from which Bareld & I developed a more general version; both are given below.

We recommend using these simple exercises daily for heart-centering and lifting your frequency (Sun-Star/HeartStar), maintaining the integrity & clarity of your auric field/torus (Golden Apple), and balancing your three centres (Earth, Heart  and Star Centres – Three Whites). ‘Settle in’ within your heart centre before using more advanced practices, such as activating new chakras. Get the foundation steady, then build the house….and may you lovingly enjoy the process! 🙂

One: The Sun-Star (Heart Star) Exercise

We ask you to bring your vibrational feeling and Being into your heart. Feel your inner heart start to bring forth a bright white Light. See it as a little white light at first, then expanding. When it has become a ball of Light energy, blow it outward, like an exploding array of Light, expanding in all directions.

Bring this Light from your Heart/Source, into and right through your emotional scale (the emotional body) of your cocoon of Light (the Aura). We would like you to envision your emotions (attached in your emotional body) filling with Light particles (photonic particles) of energy, flowing outward from your Heart/Source, which is your own Star and Center of Love. 

Hold your Light stream steady for about 3 minutes; keep sending Light from your Heart, pour Light outward in all directions and after 3 minutes stop and focus in your Heart again. Hold this Love and Light with you ALL the time, dear souls. It is your REAL YOU. BE your Star. 

images (6) - Copy


Two: Protection with the Golden Apple and the Golden Crosses

Relax your Being…breathe slow and calmly. When you feel ready, inhale three times. Inhale the chi (life energy) in toward your Root Chakra. This will start to spin your Merkaba  at a slow rotation. With each inhale you say your full name and your birth date. With each exhale you relax again…just let all worries and thoughts go, and Be in the Now.

At the fourth inhale we envision Source sending us a golden light stream and we inhale it into our heart centre, right into our Heart Star in our inner Heart space. So your Inner Source is directly connected to Big Source’s energy. When you feel the golden energy there inside your heart, then visualize it expanding from your heart outward until it is around your body. It doesn’t stop there, see and feel it completely around your Auric /etheric  fields too. It will BE above your Star Center (Soul Star) and below your Earth Center (Earth Star). Envision this Golden Apple (visualize it like a torus, around your personal torus field).

Visualize before and behind you two crosses of golden light (before opening the chakras, so they are only open to highest energies).  See a cross firstly right in front of your body, from the top of your head to tips of toes, then behind, from head to heels. I speak aloud this affirmation:  “With these golden crosses of Light I am held in the highest vibration of pure Love throughout this day and night and in every moment. Any vibration not of Unconditional Love that comes toward me is transformed instantly into the highest Love, Light and Grace. And so it is.”

Now you can open all your chakras, of the old ~ and if you feel comfortable to do so, new templates (see Practices page) ~ and activate your three centers (see Exercise 3). These Centers are within the Golden Apple, so that’s how big your Apple IS. Keep it bright day and night and re-affirm it as often as you feel is needed. The more often you do this the more effortless it becomes. Consistency is key to establishing and maintaining an even high vibration.

Universal-Torus-Lightbody - Copy


Three: The Three Whites

When you are comfortably seated and relaxed, begin with three in-breaths. State with every IN breath your full name and birth date, to bring you into the NOW and also to start the slow spin of your Merkaba, your Light vessel. Relax…sit comfortably…

Next send a Light cord from your Heart to Gaia’s Heart: a grounding cord deep to the Earth, into its Core…through your Earth chakras, your feet, your Earth Star…deep into the Heart of Gaia…

When this is set, do the same with the Heart of Source…send a beam Upward, again from Heart Center…through the Star Center chakras…out the Crown, through your Soul Star and UP to Source center…

When both are visualized…you are one pillar…wait for both to send Light back into your Heart…relax…all in its own pace…be peaceful…when you have been answered…feel both streams flow back into your heart…pure white Light streaming into your Heart ….enlightening your Heart chakra…and holding this Light there now….

When that White Light has firmly settled there you will see it grow into a White Ball of Light, fully filling your Heart Center (expanded as a sphere through your auric field, with your heart chakra as its centrepoint). When you see and feel this, flow from there two more white balls…one going down into your Earth Center…and One going up into your Star Center…while these two Balls of Light travel to these two centers you will continue to SEE and FEEL your Heart Center fully filled as a White Ball…

The destination of the Earth White Ball is between the Sacral Chakra and the Sol Chakra (solar plexus), where the Hara is situated. Feel it settle there, and keep Lighting and growing this Ball until the complete Earth Center is fully Lit.

The Upward going White Ball will travel to the place where the Pineal Gland is situated, approximately in the middle of your head. Let it settle there and grow into a Ball of Light that fully fills the Star Center.

Now you have three White Light Balls ON and filling your three Centers with Light. The extended spheres of the three Centers overlap each other, with the Heart Center being the largest of the three. Hold them like this, starting with what you can comfortably hold. When you have practiced this more, extend its time and hold for three minutes, staying focused and patient with yourself.

When you have finished, return all Light in the same flow as you sent it, back into your Heart, and let all that Light settle back into your Heart. You can also see the Heart Center filled and then see/feel the Light return into your Heart as a White energy…this energy remains there as Light…and Love!


This practice is designed to enhance, balance and merge your Three Centers and fill them with LoveLight. It also settles lower energies in the Centers and calms them as a whole. Balancing them as a Whole, and releasing blockages. When your three Light balls are fully ON, just open your chakras fully at that time, so the chakras can inhale this healing white Light.

image-3Y47SM6XT7SJAGR - Copy

NB: Below is the original version of this exercise given by Lady Nada. I have found it resonates well for some other souls, so will include it here too:

Relax, sit comfortably, take in some deep relaxed breaths, and see/feel a ball of light or rose of light in your heart centre, filled with pure love. Send this down to the core of the Earth – Gaia’s crystalline 5D heart – and wait for the love to be returned to you. Feel the flow of it come up through your feet and body, into your heart. Now send this ball of light/rose filled with love upward to the centre of Source – and wait for the love to return to you. Feel the merged, mixed energy fill your being gently.

Now visualize a pure white water lily in your Sacral Chakra (Earth Centre), soft, bright and steady. Then visualize a white light rose in your Heart Chakra (Heart Centre), full of peace and harmony. Then visualize a white diamond in your Pineal Chakra (Star Centre), filled with pure steady clarity. Hold all three, feel the balance of your three centres, flowing as one, in a white sphere of light expanding around you, and hold for as long as you wish.

You can use these exercises regularly, and have fun with them! Beautiful energies are flowing in around this planet now through the higher dimensional heart grid of Gaia, and are available to everyone. Now is the moment to release any last blockages and resistances, and keep your field receptive to the highest frequencies, without also taking in disrupting energies, with the above practices, or in whatever way sings to your heart. Be authentic. Be inspired. Cherish being the Star of Love that you are, as an imperishable spark of Source.


Namaste, Joanna & Ashura, & Friends ❤

6 thoughts on “Three Foundational Heart Practices

  1. Hi Joanna,
    I just did practice one. I hope I got it correct!. I emitted a heart generated light field for 3 minutes. I felt my injuries in my back heal up as i raised vibrations. At 3 minutes i had a blissful euphoria feeling all over me. This is powerful i loved it!! I will have to practice one for a time before i move on. I hope i am doing this correct.

    Love blissful blessings


    Liked by 1 person

    • Dear Tombe, it’s lovely to ‘greet’ you here, and that is wonderful to hear you had such a direct and open experience with the Heart Star/Sun in the Heart practice, through to the level of physical healing. 🙂
      As far as pace and timing of ‘layering in’ more practices/visualizations go, you’re wise to follow your inner sense. Actually, when I first began using the Heart Star visualization, I focused on it solely for at least a week, then brought the Golden Apple in as well, then gradually other practices. Now, I have a large ‘tool box’ – some of which are very specific for fine-tuning or balancing particular energies/states, others are more general and ‘foundational’. Five years on, I still use the Heart Star and Golden Apple every day, and go into Inner Heart…then use other practices if an aspect of my energy/emotional/mental layers feels ‘off’ or shaky, even slightly.

      So it is a very individual journey for each soul, yet there are some basic principles – and it’s great to hear this resonates so well for you. Thanks for sharing, Love and Blissful Blessings to you too,
      Joanna. ❤


  2. I love love love this… so much of everything on this beautiful site resonates with my heart… My first ever sojourn into Internet world many years ago, for example, asked me to create a name by which I would be known (my avatar/icon or whatever)… I chose SUNSTAR!

    The picture of the Toroidal field (golden apple) is what I have been using to visualise myself surrounded by as I expand into the Unity Field of Consciousness on a regular basis. Don’t even know where I found it!

    I have only just found you, Joanna, and I feel I’ve come home. I’ve written to you privately, as I felt the need to connect – even if just etherically, for now…

    Heartlight and Love, Jay xxx 💖

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dearest Jay/SUNSTAR, big Heart-smile here, reading your words and feeling your energies flowing from your heart and soul. So glad you ‘found’ your way here, I’ve read your beautiful email and will reply soon. Just lovely to connect with you, Star Sister, as I know you Are. 🙂 Love, Joy and heart hugs, Joanna (&Ashura, & family). ❤ xoxoxo


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