Ashtar Command

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The Ashtar Command flows throughout this Universe and comes through the Intergalactic Confederation as a multidimensional star-fleet, dedicated in service to Universal Love, currently supporting Gaia’s planetary shift into higher vibrations and the rise of a unified love-based consciousness in humanity and life on Earth.

The Intergalactic Confederation, in its wider universal form, is comprised of a great many Federations and Councils, including our local Galactic Federation and its overseeing Council. The Galactic Council flows in turn through an Ascension Council, which overviews and guides planetary and stellar ascensions in a specific, focused role. The Ashtar Command is a ‘love focus collective’ of many millions of ships originating from a wide array of star nations and galaxies, with millions currently in the Solar System and around Earth’s atmosphere.

Beautiful golden-white lightship descends from the Phoenix mothership, with Ashtar, Sananda and many love-beings on board, radiating their Light to the Earth and humanity, photo taken August 8th 2019.

Ashura (my TwinFlame) and I have soul expressions within the fleet as Arnap&Rowena. Some of those we connect closely with are Ashtar & Isis, Sananda & Lady Nada, Seshat/Sehaya, Ashira & Indara, Ash’Tar Ka’ree & Aurora, Mira, Ariana, Alione & Ishaya, Valiant & Deena Thor, Altara & Arudia, Anpu, Ruba and many more on board Ashtar’s command ship, the Phoenix, and the many beautiful ships of light. Love to you all, star brothers and sisters!

Ashura in his 5D form, Arnap, captained the Shem Arua for a while, before returning to our mothership, the Meri’Ashar. In our 5D forms, we currently bring the Lei’hua, a smaller support-ship of the Meri’Ashar, ‘down to Earth’, with our son and daughter, Minkara and Rosanara, and other family members and friends.

The Lei’hua, support-ship from the mothership Meri’Ashar, with her 5-6D interior shimmering diamond light uncloaked, May 5th 2020.

A close friend, J’errene’on, captains an Alpha Centaurian ‘wing’ of the fleet, and Antarian star sister Tayitha captains the Terebinth, the beautiful triangular lightship in the photos below, which often patrols overhead here.

The first member of the AC (Ashtar Command) who I remembered by name was Amarea, from Alcyone in the Pleiades. In 2012, she appeared in a dream and hugged me, then the following day flew in a small visible ‘pod’ ship over my house, and gave a message, about the key role of water in Gaia’s Shift and the ascension process. Not long after that, Ruba, a Sirian Lion Being, came into a dream. I woke from a big lion hug and went outside, feeling the presence of a much larger ship, and realizing a ‘hug’ in a dream from a star family member was a signal of their close proximity. The energies coming from this ship (the Phoenix) were palpable and intensely uplifting, in a way I can’t put into words. They poured down, and my heart and soul opened. I took some photos that marked the Phoenix’s presence, including this one showing how clouds pulled up in a vacuum effect as the ship shifted transdimensionally.

Timespace 'bend'/arc left in the wake of the Phoenix phasing across dimensions, with clouds pulled upward in a vacuum effect behind it. Photo taken May 5, 2013.
Trans-dimensional ‘bend’/arc in the wake of the Phoenix phasing across dimensions, with clouds pulled upward in a vacuum effect behind it. Photo taken May 5, 2013.

From then on, contact with star family increased and became clearer.  Lives/soul expressions in many star systems clarified, and connections to ‘higher self’ and beings associated with those soul expressions started to re-awaken as I gradually cleared layers of subconscious conditioning and programmes, aligned to my soul, opened to trust, deeper inner peace and knowing Love ~ true unconditional love ~ again.

The Shem Arua leaves a cloud hole, May 1st, 2015.

For clarity, Commanders in the IC (Intergalactic Confederation) fleets flow beyond concepts of ‘control’ as in current Earth-type hierarchical command structures. The energy of higher dimensional connections radiates in circles of unity, rather than top-heavy pyramid style ‘chains of command’ (or as Ashura/Arnap puts it, with a smile, ‘We are not in chains.’) A ‘commander’ is a guide, divine overlight and overseer, in the true sense of the word, who overviews the cohesion of the vibration of their ships and crews, re-balances the vibrations if necessary, guides and oversees missions and assignments from within the energy of service to Love, to the Source of All Life. Love, joy, peace and unity are the frequencies our star brothers and sisters (and our own higher frequency soul aspects) are streaming into the higher dimensional light grid of Gaia, vibrating through the 3-4D duality matrix of dis-ease, to help bring about its metamorphosis, butterfly-like, to unlimited love, sharing, cooperation and collective well-being.

We ‘on the ground’ can connect, assist, anchor, and flow with this transformation simply by focusing our inner vision into, with and through love, kindness and joy, cultivating inner peace, no matter what is being played out in the 3-4D drama, big, small, personal or global. If we wobble, then breathe, relax, centre in the heart again, feel without resistance or judgement where in the ego-self (mental/emotional layers of self) the wobble comes from, bless it, let it go in love, heal….and refocus in love. Keep it sweet and simple. πŸ™‚

Commanders Ash’Tar Ka’ree and Alione fly overhead, in a Venusian ship of the Jupiter Command, on June 6th 2019 (see Lightships 2019 page for more details and photos).

Our star brothers and sisters of the fleets, councils and light realms focus their love here in unison with the 5D Inner Earth people (Agarthans), elemental beings, many other light beings and the sublime soul we know as Gaia, as part of a vast, collaborative mission with humanity, to free life on this planet from the hold of fear-based survival consciousness programming, and the grip of those who maintain it. Higher dimensional beings are working with us, and the more humans on Earth who can awaken and maintain a light, loving vibration, ground ourselves with Gaia and grow into responsibility for our inner well-being, the more we converge the frequencies of 5D+ into the 3-4D vibrational field.

There are higher dimensional star family on the Earth now, in areas that can support their frequency, with an Ashtar Command base at ground level within a 5D protected light sphere not far from where I live, that is connected with an Inner Earth crystal light city called Aran (also known as Kai), and these bases exist in other locations around the planet. With a loving, open heart toward our Star Family (and indeed, all our/your higher dimensional soul expressions dwelling in unconditional love and unity), we can ‘meet them in the middle’, anchoring the vision and energy for open sightings to become open, peaceful landings. This focus of Love opens the way for immensely uplifting interactions with humanity that will basically help transform Life on this planet out of the ‘survival cycle’, and crystallize peace on Earth, joy on Earth, freedom in love on Earth, into the collective experience of humanity, animals, plants, and all life here.

Two bright white-light disc-shaped ships fly in over the garden, late 2013.
Two bright white-light disc-shaped ships fly in over the garden, late 2013.
'Orion delegate' seated in a small craft, wearing a blue uniform, August 30, 2015.
‘Orion delegate’ (dear friend and soul brother Tanabor) seated in small craft with a translucent violet dome-shaped cover, wearing a blue uniform, August 30, 2015.

Star Family express their soul essences through a joyous array of light forms and representations that are infinitely diverse, like a rainbow of variety that goes beyond our Earth perception, and way beyond the visible light spectrum, but translate through it, to connect and visually communicate with us in this density. In 5D and 6D ‘crystalline physical’ light forms, many stepping forward to connect first with humanity on Earth appear in recognizably human or human-like forms, and we only have to look as far as our nearest neighbouring planets, Venus and Mars, to realize that human form is not limited to Earth (and indeed, didn’t originate here).

Our brothers and sisters of the 5th & 6th dimensional stratas of Venus have been approaching humanity (and Earth governments) since the 1950s, led by Valiant Thor, and in the photos below you can see a beautiful luminous ship of Arcturian design, that flies with a fleet currently supporting ascended Mars/Aris (which like Earth, has been caught in dualistic control-based energies, but has been liberated and lifted in vibration, with a 5D civilization flourishing in loving unity consciousness). On the right, the golden-brown being in matching attire standing in an open ‘hatch’ (in the roof of a cloaked ship) is Karonn, leader of the Council of Aris(Mars).

As an embodied human being on Earth in merged awareness with higher self and multi-dimensional soul expressions, I share posts and pages at Heart Star to assist heart-centering, star family awareness and contact, and inspire transformation of old limiting paradigms. Let’s BE stars of love, alight in our hearts, in union with our galactic brothers and sisters, aligned with the One Source of All Love, Light and Life.  πŸ’–

DSC01084 - Copy - Copy
Orbs of different colours representing souls/soul groups from different star nations.

Love Yourself ~ Love All ~ Love Source ~ It’s All One

Please Note:   The Ashtar Command, Galactic Councils/Federations and Ascended Light Beings have at times been misrepresented, knowingly or unknowingly, to the awakening community, since the 1950s, following the first points of public contact in the early 1950s (which were genuine). Rather than putting a lot of focus on searching for information about Ashtar and galactic peoples as a means to connect with star family/higher dimensional beings, we suggest you prioritize opening, clearing and centering in your own heart, then take the all-important step into your Inner Heart, into the tiny cave of your own ‘zero point’ where everyone can connect with the centre of Source and all emanations of Love. Within the true Inner Heart space, all energies are unveiled, and no energy or entity of less than loving intent can mask itself in ‘light’ of a higher vibration than it truly is. When you put yourself in resonance with the higher dimensions, in your own being, they will meet you. We are all multidimensional beings, we are all Source radiating through soul expressions on Earth and elsewhere. It can take perseverance, patience, and above all, love and deep trust, kindness, humility and personal responsibility, to fully dissolve inner entrainments of ‘the illusion of separation’ ….but it can be done. You are worth it! Namaste.  πŸ’–

*See this post about contact/communication with star family: Tips for Ship-watching and Star Family Contact.

*See Lightships 2020 and earlier Lightships pages for photos of ships of the Ashtar Command and local co-Commands as they appear overhead here.

*See this post, for beautiful footage of higher dimensional lightships of the Ashtar Command: Love’s Lens; An Interview with Melissa Peabody


NB: Posts and pages at Heart Star are welcome to be shared freely, providing they are reposted unaltered and linked back to this site. If you wish to use individual photographs or messages, please ask first, via email to:

16 thoughts on “Ashtar Command

  1. What is this that you speak of here ” The first member of the AC who I remembered by name was Amarea, from Alcyone in the Pleiades. In 2012, she appeared in a dream and hugged me, then the following day flew in a small visible β€˜pod’ ship over my house, and gave a message, about the key role of water in Gaia’s Shift and the ascension process”
    I have this connection with water and Gaia that I move in and out of. I’ve never been able to understand exactly what I’m too do. Perhaps you could shine some light on this. I would rld be very grateful. No coincidence that I landed on your site today. I’m feel as though I’m being drawn into it. Thank you so much

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Timmy, if you’re familiar with the work of the late Dr. Emoto regarding the ‘memory of water’, and how subtle non-physical energies are stored and carried in the water element, water’s inherent capacity to ‘hold frequencies’ can be understood as a key part of the ‘holding’ process of shifting the planetary consciousness to a more peaceful, harmonious, loving state…especially when you consider how much water is in our own bodies, as well as in the bodies of all animals and plants, in the waterways, oceans, earth and air around the planet. πŸ™‚
      If you scroll down the ‘Messages’ page, you’ll find Amarea’s message about water. Let me know if you can’t find it, and I can copy and paste it in the comments here.
      You may also like to read the recent posts Oceans of Peace and Request from the Merpeople.
      Namaste, Joanna. ❀


  2. Thank you for your quick response. I am grateful. I I do know of Dr Emoto’s work. I got healed spiritually from hep c and for about two months before I was obsessed with thoughts of water and breathing. After the healing of was like a switch was turned on when is be in the shower. Electric! I’ve been on and off trying to work with the water to heal it. I’ve been off in drug and alcohol land trying to run from this to no avail. I I’m back and very interested in your heart work. It’s the barrier I’ve struggled with. The how to of going inside. You wrote of the sylphs also.I I’ve worked to help them . You are helping me get back to my purpose here. i Am eternally grateful. Timmy

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s wonderful, Timmy! Enjoy your Inner Heart realm, it is the most beautiful place to BE, and perceive and live from. The ‘step’ in there is different for everyone; some can step inside instantly, others may be quite blocked and it takes some perseverance. I recommend the ‘Three Foundational Heart Practices’ which are linked on the Practices page, for clearing and balancing the heart centre so one can ‘step inside’. Blessings of Love and Light back to you, Joanna.


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  4. Hi !
    Im wondering if there are any dark-skin , black skin, brown eyes, kinky hair Ashtar citizens that are tall and beautiful like all of the white skin, blue eyes, blonde-golden hair Ashtar citizens. All of the research, readings and pictures I’ve seen are of tall, curvy, anatomically perfect gold/blonde hair, vibrant blue eyes . Is such a beautiful civilization only limited
    to white-light beings? Thank you

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Tommy,
      This topic has been coming up in questions lately, so I’ve just updated the page in reference to diversity of beings, with a photo of a being named Karonn (down near the foot of the page). Although his features aren’t clear in the photo, you can see that he’s brown-skinned (and wearing brown clothing). He hails from the Council of Mars, a planet which has gone through an ascension, similar to the Shift in vibration currently underway on Earth. I know of a few people who have seen Mars/Aris ships in the last year, that are bronze-coloured, and telepathic visions or dreams of the people in the ships having a golden-brown complexion, and either bald-headed or with dark hair (and arched eyebrows like Mr Spock, of Star Trek fame)!
      Truly, the galactic and intergalactic communities are infinitely diverse, and there is no hierarchy based on colour, species, or any other distinctness of expression, in the Federations anchored in Universal Love.
      I’ve seen (and photographed) beings in human or human-ish (or not) soul expressions of light, brown, dark, blue, green, golden, violet, yellow complexions, tall, tiny and so forth. There are, of course, vibrational layers of soul expression that are not in a ‘human format’, and appear in light spectrums and colours we don’t have names for on Earth.
      But among the humanlike beings I’ve connected consciously with at this level, yes there are dark skinned people, like the Antarian humans (there are also lion beings, and tiger and leopardlike beings from Antares), who appear with light to olive complexions, dark eyes, and dark brown to black hair (see the post ‘Antarian Connection’ for eg), or people from Ursa Major constellation, who again range from very pale to very dark skinned appearance, with violet or green eyes, and silver hair.
      Much Love, Joanna ❀


  5. ALL Beings are Blessed with Deep Eternal Love & Light, Joy, Beauty and Abundance

    We call upon the release of loving solutions, quantum medicine, quantum travel, quantum financial systems and wondrous inventions that can help all peoples thrive free, with fresh air, pure foods and water, ample resources, loving homes, safe fun transportation methods, intergalactic peace … Truthful Benevolent Galactic Disclosures …

    5-4-3-2-1 It is done LOVE ONE. ONE LOVE.

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  6. Hi there. I read mostly all of this beautiful website, listening at the tibetian sound of the bells, ay the same time is a perfect gym for the mind.
    I have lot of experience thanks to luck (first of all), discipline, costance and faith, with many guides from the Confederatios, visually and telepathically, as I had the chance to live in Ecuador (a magical ufo’s country) for 20 years.
    I have pictures and messages.
    whwnwvwe you want to visit my blog, I’ll let you know


    (as they call me)

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Andy, thank you, so glad you’re enjoying the Heart Star vibes… πŸ™‚
      So interesting to hear you have contact and communications, as well as pictures…if you would like to share a link to your blog, please do.
      Love&Blessings to you, Star Brother ❀



    Liked by 1 person

    • Happy New Year coming back to you Lefteris! May 2021 be a truly fruitful year for New Earth, Humanity and All Beings here (and beyond)! So glad this post resonates for you, all Blessings for the New Year. πŸ’›βœ¨


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