New Year Blessings

Dear All,

I began the first day of 2016 standing outside in a fresh cool breeze just before dawn, watching Jupiter pass close by the Moon in a dance of pure light, listening to the dawn birdsongs. I sense the higher frequency heart grid of Gaia holding firm, see the light-flows strengthen within it – and continue to stay in peace, the knowing of Source self, in confluence with star family and this awesome planetary Shift, no matter what plays out in the 3D level. I bathe in the love inside me and all around, multidimensionally, on this ‘new year’s’ day and all days – because the energy of every moment is ‘new’, in Source’s creative flow.

Rowena (my 5D soul aspect on board the Phoenix) comes with this short message from star family:

We thank you who hold the light of love in your hearts, and continue to birth it within and through your beings into this shift of Ages. We thank you who hold, cultivate and grow true, pure alignment with the Divine in All. We thank you who open your hearts, and take the inward step into your Inner Heart, where we can meet you, free of lesser energies and influences, where you can firm and deepen remembrances as One Family of Love. We thank you who align in peace and kindness, dissolve the voices of fear, conflict, cynicism, hatred, anger, complexity and all the gambits of the divided mind, to embrace reunion, rebirth and renewal of the wholeness you, we and all Life IS always, no matter the illusion’s play. 

To our Earth brothers and sisters, our Love is with you infinitely, within you eternally, because it is you, and you are Love. True Love knows True Love, in essence, in all. Know us true, within your Inner Heart, and you will see us clear, across the dimensions of Life and Light.

Love is Light is Life.

We love you all.


Beautiful blue-white Sirius has been very bright in the night sky this past week and reached its culmination (highest point in the sky) at midnight on New Year’s Eve. I took this photo the night before, on December 30th, looking at Sirius and ships flying around it (but much closer). Sirius is the smallest point of white light in the photo, with four ships visible around it. Close-ups of the two closest, brightest ones can be seen below. 

DSC01468 - Copy (2)

The brightest ship flashed from right to left below Sirius, very fast. It’s a disc-shaped ship, facing forward, with a slight concave ‘notch’ under the centre, a transparent canopy, and rainbow colours shimmering through it.

DSC01468 - Copy

DSC01468 - Copy (3)

Here is how I see its shape:


The second ship, high above Sirius, was further away, and not so clear in the photo, but you can still see the emerald green colour of its canopy.

DSC01468 - Copy (4)

The first ship is of Pleiadian origin, as is this beautiful white slightly bell-shaped saucer ship that was visible on December 19th, 2015 (upper right of Moon) as a herald of an inflow of Pleiadian energies and star family from that moment through to Christmas.


DSC01308 - Copy

I found this ship’s appearance was precisely synchronized with James Gilliland of ECETI (Enlightened Contact with Extraterrestrial Intelligence) visiting Uluru and Kata Tjuta (Ayers Rock and the Olgas) in the ‘heart’ of Australia, with Peter Slattery and Solreta Antaria of ECETI Australia, where they did lightwork for the land and Aboriginal people, reforging energy connections with star family. They had learned from Uluki Brendan Murray, king of the Waa Wurrung (Raven Tribe) in Victoria, that in their Dreaming, Uluru and Kata Tjuta were brought to Earth from the Pleiades system to seed and anchor certain creative energies. (You can read, watch and listen to more about this at the ECETI Australia blog).

Bareld, my twin soul, saw that these two rock formations had been originally placed much further north, geographically, in the old Mu continent (which covered the Pacific Ocean area – I recall Australia as being at the southernmost rim of Mu, also known as Lemuria, connected by a series of land bridges that fragmented when the continent collapsed, leaving the southern Pacific islands of today). Bareld saw those rocks lifted at that time and transported between lightships and ‘re-planted’ in what is now the centre of Australia, which was stable land. He also saw that in a higher dimension, there is a great emerald green diamond-shaped crystal beneath the ‘red cap’ of Uluru. When he said this, it became ‘crystal clear’ to me why I had been guided to place an emerald in the centre of the sacred circle in my garden here two years ago, which is on top of the node of a ley line (see the Gaia page for details). This ley line is connected to a series of ley lines – or songlines, as the Aboriginal people call them – that fan out throughout Australia from the Uluru-Kata Tjuta hub, and they all were given a beautiful ‘boost’ of higher light frequencies from December 19-25, 2015. On the Gaia page, I also mentioned a stone placed at the centre of a sacred circle in the place I lived before our current home, which came from land close to a sacred site in the Kimberley area of northwestern Australia, which in Aboriginal lore is one of seven sites of the Seven Sisters, the Pleiades – so that galactic energy has been prominent all over this country…and is uplifting now.

Exciting times, as we head into a ‘new year’. Face its challenges from a peaceful, open heart, step into your Inner Heart – the true jewel in the heart of the lotus. Clear, heal and create fresh from within that divine ‘seat’ of your soul, and allow yourself this gift of complete Love, which takes down the veils and allows this earthly aspect of you to re-feel and know its wholeness again. The network of Love is with us, within us, all the way.

The-jewel-of-the-lotus-is-within - Copy

With Love from the Ashtar Command and the Intergalactic Confederation.

Namaste, Joanna  ❤



PS: A couple of photos of two families of the resident ‘bird tribe’ here: doves and emerald parrots who, on this new year’s day, dined and rested in friendship together. 🙂




Birds are soul messengers, guides and companions. The video below, from ECETI Australia, is a great example of birds as soul companions and energy messengers (you can read about the context of it here, and see the link below, for the ‘UFO sighting’ from 1966 that happened in that spot, one of Australia’s most important ‘mass sightings’.

The Westall Sighting:










6 thoughts on “New Year Blessings

      • Hello Sweetheart,

        I most enlightening message and let us all go forth in these energies. And raise to flow within ourselves, to evolve our own energies, from the old flows, clear them, transform them, then use the new and totally refocus on balance together with Source. For Love IS, Life IS.

        RA IS, AR IS.

        Your Twin

        Liked by 1 person

      • Thank you dear Twin 🙂

        Love IS. It doesn’t get any simpler, it IS this simple, being Love, flowing with Source. We just have to decide to be ‘light hearted’, and release/transform any energy that drops or wobbles us from the Lightness-that-is-Love ❤

        Namaste, your Rose ❤


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