Orb message at Christmas Full Moon

Dear All,

A beautiful ‘Christmas message 2015’ came through from star family in ‘Orb form’ with the Full Moon high in the sky on Christmas night. As you will see, the Orbs spoke visually through positioning themselves in specific forms – triangles, ‘shepherd’s crooks’ and alignments with the Moon and the star Sirius. In the next post, I’ll speak about ship contact and communications between December 19-22 in relation to a major Pleiadian ‘activation’ taking place during this period, that is part of the background to the Orb formations displayed in the photos below.

In the previous post, I mentioned beings from Sirius and Cetus, the Leonine and Whale beings, holding the ‘sound frame’ of the higher dimensional template for the ascension of Gaia, humanity and all life here….and many beings from many star nations have contributed, and continue to contribute, their energies into and through the higher Light-and-Sound creational grid of the planet…and that we were on the brink of a large Pleiadian INflow.

The Orbs of Christmas night have visualized this so precisely, to share this ‘message’ of birth of Christ Consciousness through the Divine Feminine. Just before going outside, I had been drawn to focus in my heart on the Summer Triangle (formed in the nightsky of the northern hemisphere by the stars Vega, Deneb and Altair – in the constellations Lyra, Cygnus and Aquila) as the ‘birth canal’ of the feminine energies into this galaxy. The triangles the orbs made, and the way they positioned those triangles, in relation to the ‘Mother’ hub of Sirius and the Moon, depict the birthing INflow in action.

Firstly, two blue orbs appeared, almost vertical, the lower one to the right of the Moon, and the upper one just to the left of Sirius (the tiny point of white light right of the orb). My camera doesn’t usually pick up stars, but on December 25th, Sirius was visible in every frame.

DSC01381 - Copy

A larger orb appeared beside the small one near the Moon, and although not yet ‘brightly lit’, a leonine face was clearly visible within it, with two beautiful large eyes, nose and mouth (a lion being from Sirius A, a member of the protecting Sirian Blue Lodge).

DSC01384 - Copy

The small orb beside the lion orb swung below it and turned a rose pink colour, and a second orb paired with the upper orb near the star Sirius.

DSC01393 - Copy (4)

Here, I’ve marked in the triangle the two upper orbs formed with Sirius at the top apex.

DSC01393 - Copy (4) - Copy

Next, a deep amber-red orb appeared in straight alignment with Sirius and the Moon. (Sirius is in the little gap in the upper part of the line I’ve drawn in).

DSC01394 - Copy (2)

This orb is projecting energies of the giant red star Antares, alpha star of the Scorpio constellation. Antares is home to leonine beings and some tiger and leopard-like sub-groups, who originated from Lyra. We are also aware of dog-headed beings from Antares, and tall, long-haired Antarian humanoids, of a mixed Sirian-Pleiadian descent. The orb above is showing Antares’ massive relative size to Sirius.


To put it in perspective from our solar point of view, Antares is 955 times the size of our sun. Here’s my photo of the Antarian orb in close-up, above the white point of Sirius. (Scorpio is a water sign constellation, the feminine ‘yin’ element, and this orb is a visualization of Antarian beings coming into Earth’s orbit, Antarian energies aligning through the Sirian ‘sound frame’, the vibrational grid in which the particular energies and contributions of many are melded into the ‘weave’).

DSC01394 - Copy

Following this formation, the first two blue Sirian orbs appeared again, triangulating with the Moon: setting up the harmony of new energy birthings.

DSC01400 - Copy

The two orbs then dropped down around the Moon, coming ‘in close’, anchoring the birth harmonic.

DSC01401 - Copy (2)

The two orbs tilted their angle to the Moon, under the protective overview of the leonine orb, pulsing bright blue here, above Sirius. In these photos, star family are showing how they ‘work’ with bringing in higher frequencies to and around the Earth – constantly adjusting and adapting to whatever avenues are available in every moment, to angle in more of the higher frequency band needed to ‘fuel’ the planetary rebirth (which many ‘on the ground’ and in Inner Earth are also doing, as anchorpoints for these energies).

DSC01403 - Copy (2)

Here, a second large blue orb joined the two small ones to swing a triangle down below the Moon’s orbit.

DSC01404 - Copy

And another set of orbs formed a hook or ‘shepherd’s crook’ above the Moon, while the first blue lion orb remained beside Sirius, overviewing.

DSC01406 - Copy

The orbs then merged the triangle and shepherd’s crook together, in alignment to the Moon – representing the Christed child energy ‘touching into’ the divine feminine in preparation to re-birth – with Sirius and the leonine orb holding to upper side of the traingle/crook. Triangles represent trinitized father-mother-child, and the shepherd’s crook also stands for the ‘lost 13th sign’ of the zodiac, Ophiucus, which bridges Scorpio and Sagittarius across November-December. Ophiucus, containing the star Cebelrai, the Shepherd’s Dog, is also known the the constellation of Aesclepius, god of Healing in the ancient Roman pantheon. Aesclepius was/is also connected specifically with resurrection energies in the myths ~ as one who sought to give immortality to humans.  

DSC01408 - Copy

DSC01408 - Copy - Copy (3)

One of the two small orbs can be seen faintly here too, making a second triangle, with the Moon – overall, forming an elongated butterfly-type shape.

DSC01408 - Copy - Copy (2)

The butterfly here symbolizes higher transformation, Twin Flame energy, and in terms of frequency, the way the electromagnetic field of frequencies is generated by the intersection and ‘crossing’ of electric and magnetic waves, as depicted below (see this post for detailed context).

Star family then asked me to move to another point in the garden, with a deeper view of the Moon…and the two small orbs appeared just within view beyond the foreground tree.

DSC01419 - Copy

As they dropped back, a third orb joined them, to form a downward-pointing (feminine birthing) triangle, and a green-white ‘egg-like’ orb-ship blazed into view right next to the Moon, within its halo.

DSC01423 - Copy - Copy

DSC01423 - Copy (2) - Copy

This divine egg came with a lot of ‘communication’, which I’ll talk about in the next post, connected with the interweaving of Pleiadian and Venusian energies, supported and aligned through the Sirian-Cetian ‘sound-frame’, combined with the specific input of many beings and groups – with Antares represented in the Christmas Night sequence.

Okay folks, enough for now. Wishing you All a very happy New Year, as we enter 2016 – a number 9 year, and 9 is the completion of a cycle/circle…and the angelic number. 🙂

Keep opening and getting steady in your heart centre…and take the step inside your Inner Heart, your connection point with higher self, with Source, and all energies and beings of the highest Love. (See this page, with guidance for going into your Inner Heart).


Joanna&Ashura.  ❤


NGC6302-2012-07-22-HLA-2015 - Copy






2 thoughts on “Orb message at Christmas Full Moon

  1. So much has happened since the solstice, I even had 3 loved ones who have passed on get my attention by moving a bike wheel and towel simultaneously to share their love with me. It took a lot of strength to move that wheel since it was leaning against a table, it was amazing and my second ever visual experience with the other realm! I felt so blessed! That was on December 23rd.

    The reason I’m typing today has to do with birds. I watched the video you put a link for about that amazing UFO experience there in Australia, and it reminded me about what happened on Xmas.

    I was driving to my hometown, 30 minutes south of Austin, Texas with my fiancé to go to my parents’ home, and when I got to town I saw circling birds of prey over the college stadium. First I said that something must be dead, something huge, but as I got closer i saw that there were scores of these birds, and they were circling in huge groups, especially over the river. I believe they were eagles, but not too sure. They were brown with a white stripe on each wing. Throughout the day I continued to see these birds flocking and flying about, and by the way, I have never seen this happen anywhere at any place I’ve ever been to. It was obviously meaningful and one of the many amazing things that have happened since this winter started. Many of my spirit and power animals are birds and flying things, so this was very special to me.

    That town, San Marcos, Texas, is a very special place. It has been inhabited since the Clovis people because of the wonderful Edwards Aquifer that bubbles up into a natural springs and forms the San Marcos river. Those that don’t know the real history of humans on earth say that San Marcos was one of the first inhabited places in America. The postal code is 78666, so many people think it is a portal to something due to just that number alone. The birds were staying near the river, which I found interesting. I was thrilled to hear about your recent encounter with those light ships linked to the Sirians and Pliedians, and I assume that my bird experience would be a sign from them as well.

    I am SO EXCITED for this year, we are in store for some major things, I feel so blessed to be here on our planet at this time!

    Have a lovely week!

    Love and Light, Joya Dawn Cooper

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    • Joya, this is a beautiful sharing, thank you…I am excited with you too! 🙂 🙂

      Okay, feel into these numbers…78666…7+8=15=6…=6666. Or 7+8=15, 15+6=21, 21=6=27,27+6=33=6, also =6666.
      666 is the Jewish cubic ‘Holy of Holies’ (its ‘shadow geometric’ reflection is expressed as ‘the number of the beast’). Divine 666=18=9, the number of angels, and completion. When the 4th is added, 6666 has the energy of the crossbar (I’ve heard many times from ‘on high’, ‘Four is Love’). The Cube has 6 sides, which when unfolded, make the form of the Christ Cross (an expression of the sixth dimensional light frequency known as ‘resurrection’).

      I also feel the circling of that (never before seen) great number of eagles over that place of ‘portal energy’ has a deeper resonance, of connection, a connecting point, an activation point of high light frequencies, renewal energies, and they represent the presence of star family (eagles are connected with Ashtar and the Ashtar Command).

      Thrilling stuff, Joya, and indeed 2016 is set to be an awesome year. 🙂
      Much Love, Light and Blessings!

      Joanna ❤ ❤ ❤


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