Transformations July-Aug 2018


Dear All,

Coming into the peak of the 2018 Lion’s Gate on August 8th (8-8, the vibration of the Double Infinity), inbetween the deep-reaching Lunar Eclipse of July 28th and the completion of this ‘Eclipse Trinity’ with a partial Solar Eclipse on August 11th, we’ll take a moment to share a sequence of photos of the Lunar Eclipse that show the waves of clearing and transformation of Moon-Mars energies initiated on July 28th, with clearing effects rolling through to the completion of this phase with the August 11th Eclipse.

Either side of the Lunar Eclipse, clouds in front of the moon symbolized the aligning energies, firstly on July 26th with an appearance of the Christed Feminine in the form of a woman standing in cross-form with a large bow (or crescent/arch) to her left, reaching her hand toward Mars.


Divine Feminine ‘goddess of the bow’ forms in front of the Moon, standing in a Christ-cross pose and reaching her hand toward Mars (at the right), July 26, 2018.

DSC08008 - Copy (2)

This Eclipse preparation showed through so joyously, with the Divine Feminine standing in her pure Light, while the shadow forms she has been viewed through (‘capricious goddesses’ requiring worshipful placation, as with portrayals of Artemis/Diana, lunar goddess of the hunt in the Greek and Roman pantheons, and other feminine deities imprinted with a martial/Martian aspect) can be seen peeling away through the Bow.  From hunting bow to the Arc of the Divine Mother, from death-blows to cradling embrace in Love, seen, known and felt as Unconditional Love and Cherishment again as distortions dissolve.

The Eclipse itself peaked at 4:20am on July 28th here; the photo sequence below came through between 4-5am in communion with soul family, with many 5d+ beings and beautiful ships focusing their Light to transmute each wave of lower astral energies that churned out toward the Moon and Earth from the 4D grid around Mars. This is the first stage of a release and transformation of the Martian shadow matrix, being implemented for the upliftment of that planetary soul’s energy field, within the overall ascension of the Solar System. The ‘astral mists’ in these photos were not visible in 3D, but appeared clearly as I/we were tuned to the Shifting process, and how this appeared was that each time a ‘wave of unrest’ came through, white orbs showed where soul lights transmuted the energies, wave by wave.

DSC08034 - Copy

July 28th, Eclipsed Moon appears red, with Mars close by, upper left, in swathes of lower astral energies that were continuously transmuted into Peace & Love by many assisting Light Beings and ships of the Ashtar Command. 

DSC08036 - Copy

Archangelic soul light wraps around Mars, representing as a huge white orb, and purifies the churning energies.

DSC08044 - Copy

Our orb is joined by a ‘Trinity of Lights’ forming a protecting Bow/Arc around the Eclipsing Moon, with many helpers.

DSC08054 - Copy

A concentrated stream of dense energies/entities sweeps in….

DSC08059 - Copy

…spreading into black heart shapes, with one clearly visible around Mars…

DSC08060 - Copy

…smoothed, calmed and diffused by Loving Lights.

DSC08072 - Copy

Another ‘wave’ of astral entities and dense imprints/phantasms comes through.

DSC08074 - Copy

An Angelic Arch forms next to Mars and the energies are defused…

DSC08075 - Copy

…with a cradling ‘nest’ forming around the Moon.

DSC08077 - Copy

Another wave, this time with a very large ship visible below the Moon, with energies bearing down toward it (see crops below, with photo turned around – disc-shaped ship lower right of Moon).

DSC08118 - Copy

A beautiful light-shield forms; merged soul lights of Archangels Gabriel & Zadkiel (white and violet) and Leonine energies.

DSC08104 - Copy

Energies of unrest have resolved into peaceful equilibrium, held in love and grace.

In the wake of this awesome Eclipse clearing, the last week has seen much adjusting and easing on the subtle levels, and from an Earth perspective, a deeper reaffirming and amplifying of the New Earth Light-Grid, as it flows and transmits frequencies/codes/vibrational integrations of higher consciousness, universal love, and unity to all life here, and indeed, further afield.

On the night of July 28th, Beings of Love wrote signs around the Moon, of the successful fulfillment of this phase of renewal of Divine Alignment among our sun Solaris’s ‘companion family’ of planets and moons…so beautiful to witness, feel and radiate, in this transformational journey we are all travelling with and sharing.

DSC08196 - Copy

DSC08201 - Copy

DSC08205 - Copy

As the ‘signs aligned’, a lightship appeared mirroring the Moon ~ or as there are layers of meaning and symbolism here, it could be seen as a Twin Moon, phasing unveiled across the opened, shifting spacetime fabric.

DSC08206 - Copy (3)

DSC08206 - Copy - Copy

Choose to stay loving and peaceful within these shifts, beautiful friends, and through turbulent appearances of extremes in the collective and planetary field. Imagine you are viewing this lovely planet from the perspective of a Being of pure LoveLight existing beyond the ‘veil’ and its shadow-screen, unaffected by it, clearly seeing and feeling through your divine heart in every moment, blissfully aligned with the purpose of Being Love, radiating love to all around you and all life, trusting the transformation-in-progress you/we are sharing in and assisting with countless loving beings. You/we all are these Beings, emanations of Love and Joy, of Divine Light.  🙂


Love, Joy and Peace to All, enjoy the 11-8-11 Gateway Solar Eclipse on August 8th!

Joanna&Ashura,&Tanabor  ❤


Energies of Ashura and many Divine Masculine soul expressions flow through this subtle shaping of ‘Aquarius the Water-bearer’ surrounded by dolphins as he pours a divine light-stream around the eclipsed Moon ~ fire and water in Oneness, heralding this ‘new age’. 


PS: During this ‘eclipse window’ is an optimal time to activate (or reaffirm/strengthen) the Well of Dreams Chakra, a chakra that sits in the brain stem area, now renewing at a collective level and a key to overwriting the old fear-based ‘programming’ in the brain with new visions and creations aligned with Universal Love. Holding the image or intention of a pink Peony Rose (pictured below) in/around this chakra deeply assists its opening and clarity of vibration (see Practice 7 on the Practices page for guidance with this).



Purple Flame activation: A Message from Ashtar & Sananda

Dear Friends,

During the last week, I observed a different feature in the Orbs here; many of them are constant companions, reflected Essences of star family members and others. But in the last week other Orbs have been arriving, and their energy does not feel ‘well’. Some of them have pieces missing, holes through them, or appear ‘down’ and ‘ill’.

Orb arrives with piece 'missing' from upper right hand side Feb 7, 2014

Depleted Orb arrives with piece ‘missing’ from upper right hand side Feb 7, 2014

I am in the process of making a sacred circle in the beech grove at our new home, which has deep heart-centered energy, a nodal point on a ley line, and is connected to Ashtar and Sesherat. A few nights ago, I focussed on activating the healing potential of the node as it reopens fully, and the first Orb to arrive looking for healing was this little ‘sad face’, followed by many more.

Small orb (a representation of a soul's energies) arrives in the beech grove for healing Feb 8, 2014

Small orb (a representation of a soul’s energies) arrives in the beech grove for healing Feb 8, 2014

It literally ‘brought home’ to me the strain and imbalance so many are feeling at this time of extreme dissonance between the ‘rough edge’ of 3D duality vibration and the ever-more-present higher reality of the New Earth. I asked star family how best to help humanity as a whole to release the 3D ‘suffering’ construct. Ashtar said to visualize holding the Earth in Purple Flame, every day – and that the more who can do this, the better for All.

Ashtar projecting as a blue figure, through a portal held in white Archangelic energies

Ashtar projecting as a blue figure, through a portal held in white Archangelic energies, Feb 9, 2014

Sananda refined the practice. Here it is:

Sit comfortably, breathe deeply and relax. Take your focus into your Heart Centre, and put your hands on your knees or thighs, with palms facing upward. See the Earth resting in your hands, large enough that the Core of the Earth is level with your Heart Centre. Now see an Infinity symbol of golden Light between your Heart and the Core of the Earth, with the ‘tips’ of the Infinity touching your Heart and the Earth’s Core, connecting them. See and feel golden Source Light flowing through the Infinity symbol, between you and Gaia.

Now visualize the Purple Flame of Compassion, Mercy and Freedom enveloping the whole Earth, and see it bathing the hearts of all humanity and all life on the planet, animals, plants, the mineral kingdom, and non-physical beings. If you wish, ask aloud for all beings and all of humanity to embrace the qualities of the Purple Flame – including the Violet of Transformation, Magenta of Emotional Freedom and the deep Purple of Passion, Creating with Love. 

Hold this visualization for 3 minutes or 9 minutes, or 33 seconds or 99 seconds, whatever you can do (you do not have to watch a clock; hold your intent for those number vibrations, which are Trinity and Angelic). Please continue this practice as often as possible, and feel in your Heart how you are connected to all other people holding this focus, embraced in the energies of the holders of the Purple Flame, Lao Tzu, Quan Yin and the Archangel Zadkiel.

With love and thanks to Ashtar, Sananda, Mother Gaia and the Keepers of the Purple Flame.

If this call resonates for you, please join me in this daily practice. Holding you All in Love. Namaste.

Projected energy of Archangel Zadkiel Aug 18, 2013

Represented energy of Archangel Zadkiel Aug 18, 2013