2018 Lion’s Gate Eclipse

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Dear All,

Welcome to the annual Lion’s Gate (heliacal rise of Sirius), which aligns July 26th through mid-August, with its peak flow during August 8th (8-8), this year opening straight into a total Lunar Eclipse of especially long duration on July 27-28th. This eclipse will give the Moon a reddish hue, referred to as a Blood Moon, with the ‘red planet’ Mars in very close proximity throughout.

We have seen and felt the Lion’s Gate galactic light wave flow in slightly ‘ahead of time’ this year, with beautiful Leonine energies streaming in around the Moon and the currently visible planets Venus, Jupiter, Mars and Saturn from July 23rd onward. This ‘early’ flow has been prepared with a particular Venusian focus (see previous post) leading into the upcoming Lunar Eclipse, bathed in the Light of the Lion’s Gate.

Since the partial Solar Eclipse of July 13th, Star Family, Solar Beings and many assisting Light Beings have implemented a process of transformation of Martian energies, streaming the sacred geometry of the Venus Rose of Love around Mars, and stabilizing the crystalline light heart of Gaia as we align, open to, anchor and transmit the deep transmutation frequencies of the Lunar Eclipse, dissolving Mars ‘war and trauma imprints’ from the Feminine (depicted as aspects of Divine Mother wielding chaos and destruction, ‘polarity goddesses of love and violence’, in many ancient cultures on Earth).

In this eclipse’s transmutation of unbalanced red energies to the most cherishing unified embrace ~ from ‘Blood Moon’ to ‘Rose Moon’ ~ a stream of recoding of Divine Feminine~Masculine wholeness in peace through Gaia’s planetary field and the collective consciousness here (and throughout the Solar System) is giving us a magnificent opportunity to dissolve distortions, unify and merge in blissful harmony within and through our beings, radiating cherishment to all around us in union with this loving planet.

The photos below show the key flows in the energy sequence through the last 11 days, leading into this peak Lion’s Gate-Eclipse Shift, beginning with the first deep Venus Rose release of Mars’ lower control matrix on July 15th, 2018. These three photos are in sequence, showing the sky as it appeared around Mars just before Star Family aligned the Venusian Light (with three orbs triangulating above Mars), which swiftly catalyzed an outpouring of distorted energies (second photo), followed by Angelic white light transformation of those energies, while shielding the Earth’s field.

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Immersed in a wave of orbs filled with many soul emanations and healing energies, Mars went into ‘soft focus’, appearing as a gently rose-coloured ball.

DSC07773 - Copy

It’s incredibly beautiful, this first rapid dissolution and transformation, and the immense flowing of Leonine/Feline Beings on the front of the Lion’s Gate light-wave…which became especially focused around the Moon from July 22nd onward, visualizing in the form of Lyran-Sirian pyramids above the Moon, followed by ‘white lion’ orbs streaming through the lunar portal, clearing and purifying the light vibrations.

DSC07857 - Copy

DSC07852 - Copy

Many leonine faces formed clearly in clouds and orbs, such as this one, showing overlaid ‘Sirian Blue Light’ lions (and friends).

DSC07885 - Copy (2)

DSC07885 - Copy

Gentle lioness face(s) in the clouds appeared near a blue lightship as it phased across dimensions.

The amplified feline energies continue to heighten as this next pulse of the galactic Light Wave glows down the Sirius alignment into the New Earth light-grid, which we can all anchor with Gaia, as souls embodied on this planet. As the wave melds now into the strong Venusian energies, with many lightships and ascended beings assisting, the Eclipse potential is being patiently and lovingly aligned to its optimum, with vibrant rose-gold and diamond light washing the Earth and all beings, through our hearts, our subtle bodies, cells and atoms. There’s a thrill running through the air, and our friends in the skies danced and sparkled here last night, during a clear gap between rainstorms. They share their energies through this series of photos of July 24th, firstly through this ship that flew around Venus and flashed brilliantly before recloaking (the big light above the tree is Venus).

DSC07908 - Copy

DSC07900 - Copy

DSC07904 - Copy


DSC07921 - Copy

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DSC07924 - Copy

Star family were moving back and forth between Venus, Jupiter and the Moon, and the beautiful lightship below flashed between the Moon and Jupiter, directly beneath the star Antares, home of lion, tiger and panther-like beings in the Scorpius constellation who, along with the Sirian lion beings, originated from Lyra and have close loving connections.

DSC07958 - Copy

The Moon fluxed through blue, golden and rose light as its vibration heightened, with the nearby ship also reflecting these colour frequencies. In close up, the ship’s curved shape becomes clear, with large windows and the impression of a blue lion face in the middle of the ship.

DSC07958 - Copy (2) - Copy

Humanity’s higher dimensional friends, soul families and companions send love, support, unity and peace to us and all on Earth through this marvellous Rose Moon Eclipse Shift. We’d like to share a meditation here for anchoring this pulse of the Wave:

Take a few slow, deep breaths, relaxing your body, letting go all thoughts. Visualize breathing in golden light which fills your aura, until you are within a ball of steady golden light flowing infinitely from Divine Source. Let a soft rose light form in your Heart centre, its steady warmth radiating through you. Let your Heart fill with Love for all beings, and see the rose light grow deeper as it spreads around you and around the Earth, in unison with all who are focusing with unconditional love through this Lion’s Gate & Eclipse, in union with all assisting Light Beings. Now see a pink rose in your Heart, brimming with Diamond Light that flows effortlessly through you around the Earth, like a wave of liquid shimmering light. Relax in this immersion of pure Love raising the vibration of humanity and all life here, in strengthening unity with planetary ascension. Know the Oneness is here and now, for all. And So Be It.


Love and Joy to you all through the opening of the 2018 Lion’s Gate, Lunar Eclipse, and in every moment,

Joanna&Ashura,&Tanabor  ❤




PS:  For anyone who would like to join in, we’ll be sharing an Eclipse Meditation on July 27th at the LoveLight Circle.


*For more about Lion & Feline Star Beings, see The Winged Lions of Eremor, Antares and the Golden Light of Lyra, and From the Lion Beings.




15 thoughts on “2018 Lion’s Gate Eclipse

  1. oh wow joanna, another amazing post, on point, always perfect, always divine and like commentating what is going on now!!!! I’m tammy, from snowy mountains, i have been following your posts as for a few years now and I’m always relieved and exited after tuning into your understandings!!! also wow you are aussie too!!!! i am expecting my first baby in december, his name will be leo …haha how funny hey…i found out he a boy on monday and leon was the first and only name i liked for a boy!! i beleve I’m lyran from plieadies, this baby is high vibe i can feel it!!! i also got gifted a lamb last lions gate, i new he dropped in from the stars, as i stumbled apon him ust after he was born…. he only was herts for a few months, but i new he brought there some special energy….im so happy to be following your blog!! your there only source i need, as its the perfect summary of our reality!! So much love to you joanna!!
    love from across our beautiful country xxx tammy

    Liked by 2 people

      • Hi Tammy, thank you for the lovely message, I’m so glad the posts resonate well for you, and what beautiful news about your baby to come! A loving Lion Being coming through, eh? And to a Mum who’s in this cosmic awareness, what a blessing, to facilitate his path. All purrfectly planned at the Soul level. 🙂
        I lived in Melbourne years ago, and went up into the Snowy Mountains a few times – awesome country, and I love your story of the ‘Lion’s Gate lamb…how symbolic. In my experience, high light/beings often bring their energy through animals, both companion animals and encounters with ‘wild’ animals too at times. There are Black Cockatoos calling over the house as I write this. 🙂
        All the best for the arrival of Leon, there’ll be Lion Beings & Angels around you for sure.
        Love & Blessings, Happy Lion’s Gate and Eclipse, Joanna. ❤

        Liked by 1 person

  2. awwww joanna, you are such a sweet soul!! thank you for replying., i actually have tears, and really feel how everything is a universal set up for the whole!!!! I’m so so happy! and I’m sure leon is too, watching this unfold before he fully incarnates…. i always look forward to your updates!! you really are so connected, and i feel blessed to have found you on this giant web!!! i will be here always ready to read our reality updates!!!! can’t wait to connect more and more to our beings who are helping us on this journey! haha how is the black cockatoo synchs wow!! they fly through the veil don’t they :)…my cat meowed also as i typed this.. he is a clever being too yayyyyyy xxxxx so much love xxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Yay Tammy! 🙂 Blessings, and thank you, it’s always a joy to share these ‘wider reality’ updates. Star Family of Love are around you/us/this planet constantly, including higher dimensional expressions of your beautiful Soul…and Leon’s, hehe… 😉 The Aboriginal people see the Black Cockatoos as spirit guides of joy, so yes, they ‘fly through the veil’.
      Much Love winging back to you & the Light Guardians of the Snowy Mountains. ❤


    • Heartfelt Gratitude to you too dear Grace, from us, and thank you for sharing. There are so many beautiful Light Beings assisting, and the Blue Butterfly Beings are among them. Love & Blessings to you. ❤


  3. Thank you my dearest…..I am just glad I made it in time for this celebration, as you may recall (or not!) it is my human birth day soon (9th Aug) . I loved all the shots, (so many orbs!) as usual, wonderful energy! Even though I am still subject to the stroke, (typing is a bit of a chore, still) I try to read as much as I can of the 3 or 4 FB pages I still manage to follow! Thank goodness I can still do that much! Sorry I don’t get to read as much as I like to, it’s a bit laborious (& my spelling is still a bit yukky!) but, hey, I can manage! Thanks so much for your blog & pics etc, you might think no-one is listening, not so, I Love Love your work, even though I can sometimes only read it, no comments, etc!! Sending you lots of Love & Joy, my darlings, this is for all of your readers, too, Thank you Thank you XXXXXXX Sylvia

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi dear Sylvia, it’s lovely to hear from you, and thank you for responding to this post. I’m glad you’re ‘here’ to celebrate through this amazing Lion’s Gate 2018, we’re sending Light and wishing you all the best with your physical well-being, and a warm, joyful Leonine Happy Birthday on Aug 9th. (Mine is Aug 18 = 9, 9 days after you, hehe). 🙂 Thank you for your Love, going out to all readers…keep your Inner Sun shining sweetheart! ❤ 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • I knew there was something I Loved about You! HeHe! Thank you Thank you!! I send much Love & Blessings to you, Joanna, & your Loves, I know I am feeling this energy more than ever this year……Much Love & Blessings to you all, whoever you are! Sylvia xx

        Liked by 1 person

      • Hehe, feeling it more than ever this year too, dear Sylvia…the Light is amplifying, continuously now, keep flying/flowing with it Star Sister.. 🙂 Love & Blessings to you too, from Us ❤ xxx


    • Thanks for sharing, dear Star Sister ❤ Blessings & Heart Hugs to you ❤ The Eclipse was magical, peaked at 4:20am here this morning, I was fortunate to have a fantastic 'on the ground' view of the 'Light Shift' that happened. Will share soon. xxx


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