Asharana’Ra: Oversoul Emanations

Angelic emanation of Asharana’Ra flowing down a plume of golden-white light, May 5th 2020.

Dear Friends,

This page will be a work in progress for a while, to which I’ll keep adding photos of light emanations that come through this ‘visible translation’ of the camera while attuning with the Oversoul I know as Asharana’Ra (of which this ‘Joanna self’ is just one of an indescribably vast array of interweaving soul expressions).

To my understanding, all life radiates from Oneness-Primary Consciousness-Source, through Oversouls radiating like shining stars, through many rays. From those vast Oversouls, soul streams ~ and strands and threads of those streams ~ flow through the expanses of creation, across many dimensions of expression that provide creational fields of frequencies arranged in myriad ways, from macro to micro planes, bandwidths, realms, universes in which an infinitude of living expressions unfold, from wondrously expansive to exquisitely micro-focused, through various combinations of subtle and ethereal to denser and more tangible.

In this understanding, the core essence of each Oversoul is an eternal Light, a Flame of pure Love, from which TwinFlame radiates, from which ‘Higher Selves’ radiate, overlighting and guiding soul rays and threads within the broader soul-streams of the Oversouls. Along every ray or thread there can be numerous soul expressions, so many, flowing and unfolding within many dimensions and dimensional sub-bands, the creative impulse of Oversouls imprinting, focusing and coalescing energies purely for the joy of expression that is the Source, Primary Consciousness, in creational motion.

Wherever soul expressions, rays, threads, or larger soul-streams slip away from that eternal, meta-dimensional creational impulse (and infinite pulse) of joy and love, the Source through the Oversouls radiates restorative, restructuring frequencies, that renew and refresh the creational fields, until the primary impulse is flowing freely again, as, in and around planets, stars, galaxies, universes, whether as physicalized living expressions, or those flowing in astral, etheric and many other planes of existence.

We all have an innate capacity to connect with the restorative ‘message frequencies’ of the primary impulse of joy, bliss and love behind everything, cascading across the dimensional interfaces in ways that can become profoundly visible and tangible in the midst of the denser constructs within this earth plane of expression. This planetary energy field, presently working its way out from an interference band of intensely dualized energetic imprints and patterns held in the collective psyche, is lit from within and all around with immense continuous love, with light waves that are able to translate effortlessly into our humanly perceived spectrum, whenever we give them our undivided loving attention, clear intention, and above all, joy.

Along the soul thread of the Asharana’Ra Oversoul that ‘I’ (using the personal pronoun loosely) am crystallized from currently as an anchoring soul extension into this earth plane, Ashura&Irana radiate as TwinFlame guiding lights, flowing to, with, and around the Earth, and through the photos below ~ from 12D to 10D Angelic, 9D Higher Self emanations and many dimensional expressions, to Arnap&Ro’ana/Rowena Sheran in 5D crystalline light forms.

Many of our beloved children, soul brothers and sisters, galactic family and friends also radiate through these photos, along with the beautiful lightships. Many also have embodied presences on this earth plane, aligning and supporting the (re)birth of Galactic Earth in Universal Love ~ connecting with some of them at ‘ground level’ is truly blissful! We are so grateful for their presence, for All Living Presence Everywhere, for all beings and energies in all states and phases of consciousness, all emanating from the Oneness. No matter how divided, tangled or messy energies may currently seem in this density, it’s all Shifting through the restorative impulse, and we’re thankful for the opportunity to share the presence of boundless Love and Joy through these photos, as direct emanations and visual-vibrational messages open to your perceptions and interweaving lovelight.

Thank you too, dear readers, for ‘being here’ as the Love you are, shining from wondrous Oversouls, from the Infinite Source Consciousness, in this cosmic dance of continuous creative flow as we weave light together, lifting and expanding the ripples of the waves of Source-in-Emanation through the focus-points of pure presence we all are. Blessings always πŸ€πŸ™πŸ’›

Flowing from Ashura&Irana, the mothership known as the Meri’Ashar (Meraia’s Star/Mary’s Star), also radiating/communicating with some as the White Lotus, stationed briefly to the left of Alpha Centauri and sent down a massive light download, that appeared in this photo as an aqua-blue-white brilliant downward pulse of light from the ship, on May 18th 2021.
In this photo, from May 18th 2021, Jupiter is the bright light at the foot of the frame, and the light at upper right is a beautifully clear emanation (see crop below) of Ashura flowing through his 5D form Arnap, in the motion of rising from a chair that looks ”neon-lit” in bright colours. he appears as if suspended in the sky, but was sending this visual emanation with communications from a meeting that took place near Jupiter. hence his position ”above Jupiter”.
Arnap can be seen leaning forward to the right, getting up from a chair that appears luminous lime green and blue. You can see his blonde hair and that he’s wearing green.

This orb morphed its shape and colours through several photos on the night of August 18th 2022, with many forms and symbols visible, and in this final frame with Arnap standing at the upper left (circled in the crop below) in a long green coat with golden-white coloured shoulders/epaulettes, and a white object floating in front of him at waist level. This emanation of him flowed on from an Inner Earth meeting and agreement that had appeared in detail in my dreams the night before. Thanks darling one.
In this orb lower left of the Moon on August 7th 2022, Ashura appears again, coming ‘through the veil’, you can see him standing within a lot of ‘mushy’ blurred shades, as he brought his/our soul energy into a temporary embodiment (as a walk-in, soul exchange with a willing soul ) on this earth plane for a 7 week assignment. In this emanation, I see/feel his 6D soul signature too, Arnap/Ashur, in a 5-6D merged representation of the Divine Masculine flowing through/from our Oversoul.

‘Make your Heart a House of Light’; this beautiful house floated above the roof of my earthly house on August 18th 2022, as a higher dimensional expression, and has appeared twice more since then, in the same colours. These colours have a lovely precise symbolism of the ‘trinity heart’, or three-in-one heart chakra of the 5D template ~ with the green of the Heart Chakra in the centre, the rose-white of the Higher Heart above, and the peachy gold of the Sacred Heart below.

The ”Heart House of Light” appeared overhead again on August 24th 2022, then morphed into the cone-shaped light beam below, with two forms in the base of the light beam, appearing as a lady and man seated at a round table, soul emanations who radiate in these forms as Arein&Arani (a son and daughter of Arnap&Rowena).

We’re All One, we are Many, we are Infinite Creation, flowing as Co-Creators in Love.

Love & Blessings Always,

Joanna/Irana&Ashura of the Asharana’Ra OversoulΒ  πŸ€βœ¨πŸ’›

*If you would like to read and view more photos connected with Ashura&Irana and soul family, see the Meri’Ashar, Shem Arua, and Light Beings pages.

4 thoughts on “Asharana’Ra: Oversoul Emanations

    • Thank you for celebrating the joy and grace with us, dear Star Sister. πŸ™‚ ❀
      We pray for all beings to feel the touch of joy and grace in their hearts and souls…for it really belongs to All.
      Namaste xx

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      • It is indeed, dear llda. Much Love and blessings to you for these re-uniting times. ❀ ❀


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