Ashura: Soul Truth Unveiled

Dear Friends,

This page is currently in re-vision! All our Love,

Joanna&Ashura  🥰✨💛

*You can read about Ashura on the Meri’Ashar page, Shem Arua page, Light Beings page, and in The Green Man, the White Stag, and the Rebirth of Gaia’s Divine Masculine

8 thoughts on “Ashura: Soul Truth Unveiled

    • Thank you for celebrating the joy and grace with us, dear Star Sister. 🙂 ❤
      We pray for all beings to feel the touch of joy and grace in their hearts and souls…for it really belongs to All.
      Namaste xx

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  1. Hello love,

    I just read the part about the retaliation with chemtrails and planes flying above. That began to happen to me over my town and apartment when I started sharing information about light work with my friends and about what was happening with respect to our consciousness. I did not recognize it as a retaliation, but I all of a sudden found myself spending more time inside…and now that you put it that way you really made something click. Thank you!


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    • Hi Lauren,
      There’s a lot of chemtrailing going on that isn’t *direct* retaliation but is part of a broader ongoing ‘programme’ that has a multi-facetted agenda. I may get round to writing a post about this, because it’s a complex scenario. It can also be a direct retaliation – as it clearly was here, as there were sometimes multiple planes circling over my house for hours every day dropping sprays, from 11 hours after I first posted about the ship, Shem Arua, naming and describing it, with photos…and this continued non-stop for more than two months.
      The lesson for me was to not get shaky about it, or go into doubts, but to stay calm inside, and deeply trust my higher self, Source, and star family….since then, I have witnessed lightships and sylphs (air elementals) neutralize the toxins in the air many, many times, and I don’t let anything worry me anymore.
      One thing about this year, 2016, is that overall, there has been a considerable drop in the amount of chemtrailing. Whereas last year we barely ever got two clear days in a row, this year is different. There have been concentrated spates of spraying at times, but inbetween we have had whole weeks of untampered-with skies.
      I’m feeling much shift behind the scenes…and even though things may appear chaotic still, in the 3D level, a strengthening of the higher dimensional frequencies (unconditional love, unity, sharing, compassion, cooperation) is taking place, quite rapidly.

      Namaste, Joanne & Ashura. ❤


    • Hello JE, I’ll answer this here for any readers who may have this impression. ‘Ashura’ comes from the universal soundforms As’Hu’Ra, where AS is ‘higher self focusing into Creation’, HU is the prime universal creation sound, and RA is the divine light of Source. AsHuRa is a Higher Self/Soul creating through divine sound and light…
      The universal soundforms can be found in all Earth languages to some extent, though they have become distorted through the ‘polarity lense’. The ‘origin’ of the word Ashura in Earth terms comes from the Sanskrit ‘Asura’, which came to mean demon, but if you go back to the earliest Sanskrit holy texts, the Rig Veda, you will find that ‘Asura’ originally meant ‘creator beings’ or ‘gods’, and ‘Deva’ meant ‘demon’. Later on, this became reversed, into Deva meaning god and Asura meaning demon. How these twists came about, in the polarity drama, would be a long discourse, but there are many ancient words that have reversed in meaning. ‘Maya’ is another one from Sanskrit, which originally meant ‘an attribute of the gods’ and later became ‘the trap of the illusion of matter’. This is all connected with the Earth’s drops in frequency, and the dense Veil that formed, leading to much confusion, contradiction, and divergences. In the Avestan language of the Zoroastrians in ancient Persia, the Sanskrit roots can be seen, where Asura became Ahura, and Deva became div or diw. The Divs were demons, ‘those who gave false counsel’, and the Ahura were the Angels, benevolent and loving guides….and in Zoroastrianism, the concept of Ahura and Divs never went through a reversal.
      I hope this helps clarify for you.
      Namaste, Joanna.


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