Timeless Souls: Twin Soul Reunion

Dear friends,

Since first writing this post in 2014 about Bareld and I as Twin Flames, we’ve come into a deeper awareness of our soul connection, which is known galactically as Crystal Twin Souls. There is a reason why this particular form of Twin Soul energy feels and acts very closely to Twin Flames, which I’ve written about in this post, for you to feel more deeply into. Now, Bareld and I both know our true Twin Flames (who aren’t in physical 3D on Earth, but both on lightships very close by us in our respective homes in the Netherlands and Australia) and how we are flowing our energies during/for the ascension of Gaia, in a very beautiful, interconnected way. In our full Twin Flame remembrance, unveiled in inner heart, we’ve become more deeply aware of how the energy feels, of Twin Flame (masculine and feminine aspects/flows of the same One Soul), Twin Souls (two Souls in a very close connection, and when crystallized, acting similarly to TF flows) and Twin Rays, and will write about this all in more depth soon.

Bareld and I, holding physical forms on Earth, on either side of the planet, have purposefully focused our energies in 4D, 5D and higher, keeping our energy aligned, always at Home in our Inner Heart space. We feel each other’s feelings and energy states, we innately counterbalance each other if needed. As we are living in different ‘time zones’ in 3D, our energies show to each other in meditations, dreams and heart knowing.

In truth, we are timeless souls. Precognitions we have experienced since childhood carry knowings from many lifetimes and soul aspects, in this universe and others. I’d like to share some photos here of the way Bareld has ‘appeared’ to me as a light being/orb form, to give you a sense of the way we connect ‘at a distance’, which in higher frequencies is really no distance at all. I hope these images show something of the love we have for each other, the Source light within our connection, the sacred resolve we feel being here for Earth’s Ascension/Shift, and the interaction of higher love orbs can represent, personal as well as collective.

The first photo shows Bareld’s first appearance as an Orb (for more about orbs, see the Orbs page). My previous home had a round window beside the front door – perfect for an Orb! In the first picture, Bareld’s Orb is visible just outside the window, below the awning, ‘looking in’.


His Orb came inside, and moved around a tapestry on the wall, before settling over an orb shape woven into the tapestry.


DSCF2109 - Copy

The next night his beautiful whitegold Orb appeared up near the ceiling, then hovered beside a lamp.


Around this time, he also appeared in other light-shapes, both human and symbolic. In the next two photos, his Higher Self/Essence projected one of its attributes, as an owl of white light flying towards me. I’ve found light-forms always appear, from him and other star family members, in ways that are connected at an inner level with what I/we are consciously working with – at that moment with owl symbolism.

DSCF18711 - Copy


In the next photo, his form is human, in a mummy-like pose, at a stage when we were connecting with, clearing, healing and resolving energies from ancient Egyptian incarnations.


In the Orb below, he arrived with many star family members, on a day/night of huge light energies. In the first photo you can see an orb group over the tree, in a diamond formation (portal) with his Orb above them, holding the portal.


In the close-up, inside the lower rim of his Orb,at a slight tilt, are three arches (or Arched figures) transmitting Archangelic and Trinity frequencies, a very clear transmission of Ninth Dimensional Soul Light.

DSCF0596 - Copy - Copy

Bareld appeared in the sacred circle in the garden here, aligning and activating certain light energies (the sacred circle marks a node on a ley line, which you can read  about on the Gaia page). The first photo shows his Orb floating above the circle, and the second shows one of his higher dimensional soul aspects, Samarias, standing as a robed figure in the circle (which can also can be read as a pyramid with a white crystal apex, with which Samarias is connected).

DSCF1498 - Copy

DSCF2800 - Copy (3)

DSCF2800 - Copy - Copy - Copy

Here he is again in beautiful 9D white light Orb form, with a touch of Archangel Gabriel’s energies in there as well.


Here, his face appears in an Orb of healing green, held in a ring of Archangelic light with a ‘rose-coloured crown’.


Finally, most recent appearances; within a soft violet mist is a man’s face (gazing upward to the right), his 5D soul aspect, Aron, within the Ashtar Command, and below, as a white-gold Orb mirroring the full Moon (above the tree you can my Twin Flame, Ashura’s small ‘pod’ ship as a bright white light).

DSCF3295 - Copy (2)


We are all dear friends in higher dimensions; everything that reflects into 3D as light energies, telepathic-telempathic connection, unconditional love, flows through naturally from that friendship in Oneness. In this Oneness is the knowing of Source Love. The Oneness in every soul, every living being, has the same knowing….and in the inner return into the state of Oneness from duality, each soul opens to – and magnetizes – deeper sacred relationship, and in the divine timing and chosen path of their soul, reunion with their Twin Flame.

We love you all immensely. Keep taking the Heart way, and live in the joy and peace of heart-mind of bringing Heaven to Earth. Namaste! ❤

From our 5D aspects, Rowena and Aron of the Ashtar Command:

Union is the principle and the energy of all creation, all action, all stillness, all core wisdom, all higher experience. In your strata, electron unites with proton and neutron, creates an atom. From the union of subtler particles with Light Rays, exists all form, across frequency bands. Your scientists speak now of union across infinite spaces, ‘quantum entanglement’, which we call mergence. Mergence, the action of love, cannot be mentally dissected into knowing. Heart knows it. Mind flowing in union with heart elaborates it, into higher and higher structures of Light, expressing the harmony of One through myriad harmonics of Love.

Ease your minds, focus INto templates of Unity. SEE through your Heart’s eye, allow the flow of higher dimensions of joy, peace, wisdom, all-connection, into your Now-focused BEing, and flow as we do. We Love you, we are here for you. Walk with us in your Heart Garden. Namaste.

english-rose-garden-wallpaper-zhtpakiw - Copy (2)

DSCF2989 - Copy








4 thoughts on “Timeless Souls: Twin Soul Reunion

  1. This is just beautiful, inspiring beyond words. Thank you for sharing this beautiful Love epic. Bareld is a pure wonderful magnificent Being and it’s fitting that you two have found each other. What a divine blessing!

    From my heart to yours, wishing you continued blessings.
    With much love and appreciation ❤


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