Galactic Federation Update


Dear All,

In the moment-to-moment planetary ascension phase unfolding rapidly into this year, we’ve been asked to share a message from a meeting of Galactic Federation star families on a planet of Betelgeuse, the red star of the Orion constellation. The great ‘stellar butterfly’ Orion went through a major clearing and transformation of dense energies ~ a year ago from an Earth time perspective (see this post). Betelgeuse, however, was already in an ascended vibration, and remains the seat of the High Council of Orion along with Meissa, home of the Melchizedeks.

Orion is high in the nightsky from around 11pm here at the moment, so I was able to attune with star family as they gathered there, with camera in hand, and will post photos below that represent the vibrations of many soul groups, radiating through some beautiful, very specific colours and arrangements/positioning of orbs and ships. This meeting was called for by star brothers and sisters from Procyon guarding the Earth’s ascension, following an attempted ballistic missile strike on Hawaii on January 13th (though revised as a ‘false alarm’ in the media, it wasn’t, and was neutralized by lightships). This wasn’t the first such attempt, there have been many (of various kinds) defused by star family, but this one ‘progressed’ to the point where a statewide alert was sent out to residents of Hawaii, causing widespread panic.

In response, the meeting at Betelgeuse has brought through a resolution for a significant shift in protocols for the Galactic Federation/Ashtar Command’s engagement with this stage of the planetary Shift ~ allowing for more direct preemptive moves in situations like the Hawaiian one (rather than during, or rebalancing energies post-event), and star family would like this to be widely known on and around the Earth.

From my 5D soul aspect Rowena: We wish it to be clear that while there are still those who seek to ignite war and mayhem on a mass scale, we do not view, vibrate or act through the concept of violence, or characterize the current situation here or elsewhere in this galaxy as war. From higher dimensions of love, peace and unity it is not in our vibrational range to ‘destroy’, or ‘judge’ in any way. Regarding those in the 3-4D arenas using violence, our methods are to gather and contain misaligned energies and entities, disarm, heal and transform them in accord with Universal Love. This is how energies are resolved into higher vibrations, not through ‘beating opponents’ in a war. We ask you to feel this resonance inside, what it is to truly vibrate, and therefore reside, in total love, to anchor the softness and strength that is One in your being. For as this year progresses, there will be a deep release through Universal Love ~ and therefore a profound lightening ~ of layer upon layer of imprinted war trauma from the collective field around this beloved planet. We invite you all to embrace the inner joy and freedom of resolving the conflict programme, as both a personal and collective transformation of miraculous depth and refreshment that opens the way for a New Earth founded in peace, wisdom and compassion. We are with you, in the Love that is constantly renewing. 

From my ‘Earth’ point of view, energy began building around Orion on January 19, with a lot of small lightflashes, noticeably golden-coloured. The phrase ‘chariot(s) of the Sun’ had been in my thoughts earlier in the day, and as a lightship sparked right next to Betelgeuse, I took the photo below. You can see the lightship at the lower right, very close to Betelgeuse as a pale gold light, with a corresponding golden-amber orb sitting between the stars Rigel and Saiph on the ‘left wing of the butterfly’. They sent the name Capella as their home, alpha star of the constellation Auriga, the Charioteer. In the enlargement of the orb below, you can see a face framed in yellow hair ~ they speak of themselves as akin to and assisting the solar beings dwelling in the sixth dimensional layer of our Sun, Solaris.

DSC02676 - Copy

Aurigan orb between Rigel and Saiph, and ship next to Betelgeuse, Jan.19, 2018.

The energy focus kept building through the next two days until there was a wonderful convergence of soul families on January 21st, which can be seen in the next photo as different coloured orbs converging and pouring into Orion from ‘above’, as though pouring into a cup. 🙂

DSC02804 - Copy (2)

As various lightships came into position, stationing around Betelgeuse, there was a bright pink-red flash (independently witnessed that night by dear friend, Shelley Hartland, from her home nearby, which she described as a cherry red-pink colour light) moving between Betelgeuse and Meissa, stunningly reflected in the cherry orb below.

DSC02774 - Copy

Four differently coloured orbs station in a diamond form. The smallest one, at the top, has a clear face within it (see close-up below), Jan.20, 2018.

The sequence below gives a sense of the beautiful energies flowing to and through Orion throughout the meeting.

Here you can see three orbs in triangle formation around the star Procyon, and a large and small orb moving toward Orion between Sirius (top of frame) and Procyon (right side).

DSC02771 - Copy (2)

DSC02798 - Copy


While writing this post, news came in about an earthquake in Alaska that generated a tsunami warning, to as far as Hawaii. Happily, that alert has now been cancelled…may the waters stay calm. In the next post, leading into the ‘Super Blue Moon-Lunar Eclipse’ on January 31st, we’ll talk about Mu (Lemuria), as this year the original, reawakening ‘Eden goldenprint’ will be activating through many key node points of the old Mu continent, through the Pacific Ocean region.

Love and Blessings to you all beautiful beings, be happy, keep aligning through your hearts and being Love magnets for transformation!

Joanna&Ashura,&Tanabor  ❤

18 thoughts on “Galactic Federation Update

  1. Good morning , it’s wonderful to see a positive outlook on everything that’s going around us. What does it mean when four orbs appear in front of you of those colors that you post in the pictures. Two orders were the color of that blue and the other two orbs was that dark mauve color. All four orbs were turning counterclockwise. Should that person be worried or is that a message? As why do people keep seeing repeated double numbers is that also a message or that should they be worried?

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    • Dear Wendy, thank you for sharing. Firstly, I/we recommend never ‘worrying’ about anything, as a vibration of fear always distorts one’s sensing and perception, okay? If you ever feel unsure of what the vibration or energy is, of something you’re seeing, feeling or potentially connecting with, always focus into your heart centre first, breathe in Love, activate your Heart Star (visualize a ball of pure white light in your heart centre, then when it’s bright and steady, let it radiate outward throughout your body and subtle bodies, clearing all dense energies out through your whole auric field). Then activate your Golden Torus/Apple by breathing in golden light, and blowing it gently out through your torus field, so it’s filled with golden light…which sustains the integrity of your personal energy field. I also visualize a cross of golden light in front and behind me, with these words: ‘With these crosses of golden light i am held throughout this day and night and in every moment in the highest vibration of pure Love. Any energy that comes toward me not of Unconditional Love is transformed instantly into the highest Love, Light, Grace and Blessings. And So It Is.’
      Then bring your focus back to the ‘orbs’ or any other presence or energy you’re uncertain of, and see whether it stays there or backs away (or dissolves/fades/the energy diffuses, or if it’s a hallucination it will disappear). With your ‘heart light’ on, within your golden light torus, if that image/energy is still there, does it feel warm, to your heart? If it feels cold, or flat, or ‘synthetic’, stay steady and relaxed in your own Light, and call on your Higher Self, or a high Guide of Love you feel resonant with, to transform that energy back to pure Love and Light.
      Regular reaffirming of Heart Star/Golden Apple and Inner Heart practice (see Inner Heart page), and holding the intention of your Merkaba being filled with the highest Love and Light at all times, I have found integral in clarifying and fine-tuning discernment.
      Love and blessings, Joanna. ❤

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    • Thank you…i do apply that concept to my life. What’s funny is that those orbs appeared when I was sending love to a person who was very negative about the world. I just wanted to reflect love to that person and all of a sudden these orbs appeared….. as I was trying to meditate for the first time in my life. I will start visualizing those steps of light….. during my meditation …
      thank you so much again …. Seeker


  2. Joanna I want to thank you for sharing the information above. Prior to the 21 (13 – 21) I felt a huge increase in pressure that could not really be explained by my life circumstances. With it there was a feeling of despair that surprised me by its intensity. It was very difficult to stay mindful and to disengage. This entire feeling started dissipating more significantly 22 – 23 January. Maybe there was a connection with this event. I am not sure, I have no other explanation. I feel like I am back to my old self now, gratefully. Thank you for the information you share with us. Kind regards

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    • Dear Adriana, you are not alone in having felt that way, and it’s so good to hear you felt a lifting and easing around the 22-23rd January. Wonderful! I know our higher dimensional brothers and sisters (and soul aspects) are smiling…there has been a sense of ‘thrill’ running through the fleet stationed here since the meeting. 🙂
      Love & blessings to you, Joanna. ❤


  3. Dear Jo, this is awesome news! I note that Nexus Newsfeed today already has an article mentioning that there was in fact a missile en route to Hawaii… Will help spread this blog message far and wide. Rob & Shelley xxx

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    • Dear Rob&Shelley, thank you for spreading the message, and for being so close by to share in this ‘mission’ at ground level! If you were outside last night, Orion was quiet (at least, from my view) but if you happened to be looking toward the Diamond Cross, a light peach-orange starship crossed through it and there was a heap of activation there, with the Light of Kamura. Will post some pics soon. Love always ❤ xoxoxo


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