Lights in the Sky Part 3: The Ibis flies

Dear friends,

Today I’ll share a happening from two weeks ago, which began with hearing two planes flying back and forth overhead early in the morning. For the last two months, planes had been flying low over my home daily, spraying thick trails, but never with the planes quite so low overhead. I’ve seen scores of trails that congeal like thick wadding over the sky dissipated or converted into thin wispy clouds by lightships over my home.

On this occasion, December 24, 2014, it was the third day in a row planes had flown over between 3-5am. On going outside, several ‘layers’ of converted wispy cloud patches were already visible. I felt the presence of the Shem Arua ligthship behind a large cloud-bank, and one of the planes flew right underneath it and sprayed a trail that looked like a thick, spiralling rope. You can also see in the photo below that there appears to be a shadow or ”after-image” of the trail subtly imprinted in the cloud above it.

DSCF4651 - Copy

This news report from March, 2014, which I had just read, came to mind, about a plane flying 23 kms north of Perth airport (about 15 kms from here). The pilot and co-pilot reported seeing a large cylindrical silver object/craft in front of them – and the pilot had to change course to avoid a collision, missing it by about 100 ft (the official aviation report can be read here). At the time, I saw/felt that plane as part of the ”trail spraying team” in this area, and the ship that stationed in its path a clear warning to desist. After that incident, I noted far fewer trails sprayed for a few months, then the planes started again. It seems whoever was sending these planes realized the galactics would warn and deter them, but wouldn’t harm them.

While not feeling at risk from the sprayed trails (which have visibly different characteristics to ordinary plane contrails), I did feel layers of masking and obscuration at work, and a discouragement to connect with ships in the skies present and radiating love around this planet (including starships of the Ashtar Command/Intergalactic Confederation fleets). On calling on the Shem Arua to clear the planes away, the ship appeared on top of the lowest rope-like trail, with its outer light-field slowed to a 4D frequency, in which it represents as blue concentric rings, appearing here from behind the cloud where it was stationed.

P1020334 - Copy (2)

P1020337 - Copy - Copy

This was followed by Ashura standing in angelic form further along the trail, with green light flowing from him.

DSCF4654 - Copy

The trail was transformed into wispy clouds, in the form of a dove with upraised wings. Well, it was Christmas. 😁

DSCF4652 - Copy - Copy

For the next few hours the skies were quiet, before another pair of planes arrived. I connected in inner heart to the core of the Shem Arua and asked again for assistance. The two planes literally disappeared in that instant, their noise was gone, and they did not return. Later in conversation with Arnap (Ashura’s 5D soul expression), when he was at that time aboard the Shem Arua, he confirmed having ”relocated” the planes back on the airfield they had come from, along with counselling the pilots to find another line of work, lol). What followed can be seen in the photos below. The Shem Arua was to the west of the Sun, and a single ibis flew over the roof of the house and upward, east of the Sun.

P1020362 - Copy - Copy - Copy (2)

P1020362 - Copy

P1020362 - Copy - Copy - Copy

This was the first and only time I’ve sighted an ibis here, as they don’t live in the hills, but down on the swampy coastal plain area. However, ibis is a symbol I’ve seen before of Ashtar, who was present on Earth as Thoth in Atlantis, symbolized later in Egypt as the ibis-headed god. I first saw his light emanation as a bird of bright white light circling a full Moon in early 2013, morphing between eagle, dove and ibis forms.

DSCF1428x - Copy

This time, his ibis emanation curved east up around the Sun, to meet the Shem Arua, which floated up and  over the Sun from the west, in unison. I describe this as an emanation, even though this ibis appeared as a 3D physically ”real” and solid bird, because what I observed was the ibis soar away to the east, but downloading the photos I’d taken showed something different.


The photos, however, showed the ibis having curved further west toward the Shem Arua, not flying off east as I had observed, and coming to a standstill facing the ship with its wings half-open. After that it didn’t appear in any more frames. Such an exquisitely clear message and reminder that the vibrational place we focus from is what we see. In allowing myself to get rattled by the trailing planes, my vibration had dropped into a literally forking pathway potential, instead of staying fully centered in love, trust and peace, regardless of what is occurring in this plane around us moment to moment. Ashtar sent this beautiful reminder that we see according to our vibration, and if we wish to see the true light of higher dimensions, staying heart-centered and internally steady is key…otherwise our viewing can ‘veer off’ along one an angle, and become misdirected, in relation to higher dimensional presence(s).

P1020363 - Copy - Copy

P1020363 - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy

Arnap-Ashura sends this message from the Shem Arua:

Look to that which Eclipses Sun and Moon, call forth that which the Heart already knows. The Bow is strung, the Arrow ready. The Cube unfolds, when the Heart is steady. Anchor with Gaia, breathe the Grace into your centre, Light your Bow, receive the new dawn, its scent (it sent) A Rose, Arrows of Love. We are with you All, in joy!

(Where Arnap says, Light your Bow, he is referring to the ‘bow’ or ‘arch’ formed by the the pituitary, pineal and well of dreams chakras. See the Practices page if you’re new to this site, and to those this resonates for, remember the peony rose as a visualization for the brain stem/well of dreams chakra. It helps!)

I’ll end this post with a vision from Ivan Silovic (offered in The Vision Alignment Project) which sums up ‘calling forth that which the Heart already knows’:

Be there. Go there now and never leave. Imagine that your dreams have already come true. Live your life from that mindset. Predicate your behaviour on that reality, not on the illusions that now surround you. Filter every thought, question, and answer from there. Let your focus shift and be born again – because dwelling from, not upon, the space you want to inherit is the fastest way to change absolutely everything.

When we let go old mental and emotional security blankets (disguised limitations) and focus through the Heart, we can deeply experience how Source is rippling to us constantly that we are loved, safe, connected, held and guided, through whatever forms most readily connect us to our highest well-being, the highest well-being of all Life. Enjoy, sweet peeps, let your inspiration flow, and see how the universe responds through its infinite awareness.

With Love to All. Namaste ✨💛✨

*For more information about the Shem Arua see this page.


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