Healing through the Sun

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Dear All,

We’d like to share a quick overview of the passage from the last Full Moon on March 1st to the upcoming Equinox on March 20-21st, as part of one of the larger ‘arcs of alignment’ of 2018, peaking in May (we’ll come to this later). For anyone who is sensing a build-up of pressure, however that is manifesting or seeming to you, we can say that along with the increasing up-flow of higher Light frequencies, a contrary force of pressure is reverberating in the Solar System from a galactic situation which can be described as a slight tightness in Orion’s Belt. This is currently being handled through the Star Councils, with many high light beings assisting to calm and transform the energies there. At our local level, we’ll show below how this lower-vibrating pressure is being answered by our sun, Solaris, with much beautiful aid to keep this high March gateway clear and on track. The Solar Grid is sparking and strengthening with higher light, dear friends. πŸ™‚

These orb photos taken over the last couple of weeks show some of the soul groups focusing their calming light into Orion’s Belt during this period:

Star family refer to the Full Moon of March 1st as a Rose Moon, a great softening of energies within the Earth-Moon vibrational field preceding and preparing for the swell of light activations through March, sending a Divine Mother embrace through and around the collective energy field of this planet. This embrace is continuing steadily, vibrating the inner message of soothing tenderness, to know and feel (and Be) ourselves forever safe within the infinite embrace of Source/Inner Divine.

The more everyone who is attuning with the Ascension process can hold and radiate this softness of the eternal Rose through our hearts to all beings, the more easily and peacefully the way is opened for this great Shift and planetary rebirth to be embraced within the collective. So if you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, anxious or over-emotional, just allow yourself to become still inside. Relax your being, breathe in soft Rose Light, breathe out soft Rose Light, and open yourself in pure trust to the Golden-White Light streaming through the Sun, shimmering through the high light grids supporting and amplifying this whole transformation. Hold the knowing that all is well. All is on track for the New Earth’s blossoming. Breathe, align, give yourself the gift of feeling it inside. ❀

In the last two days the Sun has opened a long coronal hole (gateway) facing Earth, from which solar winds are expected to reach this planet on March 14th…and because of the shape of the hole, may continue for several days. These solar winds are the 3D step-down of a higher dimensional transmission bringing through a whole new level of light frequencies which will be anchored and dispersed for the ensuing three days (with blessings and thanks to all who feel called to stand as conduits and embodying anchor points for this in-flow).


Image credit: spaceweatherlive.com, coronal hole opens on Sun, March 11 2018.Β 

The wind of the breath of Source flows through the twelfth dimension to the sixth (through Solaris and the solar beings’ higher dimensional expression) to the third, stepping down pure Christ Consciousness ~ breathe it in through this passage folks, and radiate your inner Sun to all. From Ashura: Potential for receptivity is increased, through Divine intention. Focus into the Love, trust freely. Trust the freedom within your pure eternal core, let the Divine breath flow through you…for all. The Heart of Source, our Hearts, the Heart of Gaia, the unveiling Heart of Humanity…are One. We are with you dearhearts, one with you, all the Way.

We’re working with the local node points here through this Solar reception, through to the Equinox and Easter, and into April, with triune sacred geometries. The ‘power of three’, the trinitizing of divine DNA, is running so strong this year, and there are now three activated nodes forming a triangle in the land here, aligning a purified node of the old Earth grid with two that have ignited in the new template, bringing them into convergence in the 5D aligning of Gaia.

We’re working with crystals in sacred trinity geometries this year; the triskele, triquetra and yin-yang-yuan (see New Earth DNA Activations), to receive, stabilize and transmit the light flows. If you feel to anchor frequencies through sacred geometries, remember you don’t have to be living next to a node. You can create one in your own home, align it with pure heart love, with the intention of connecting in with the grids of high light, the Earth template and Solar Grid. Or simply meditate with geometries aligning divine order for the highest good of all…go with your heart, its’ inner guidance is always present.

When we keep faith with the Love we are, the Oneness of all, with trust in Divine Will, the higher dimensional friends and families weaving love with all of us ‘on the ground’ can become easier to sense and attune with, and we’d like to share a few more photos carrying these vibrations, firstly through the Rose Moon, with Ashura&my soul companion Tanabor tuning up the triskele node before full moon (he was wearing a deep blue outfit trimmed with silver, you can see the silver on his shoulders, and holding a V-shaped crystalline light device he used to key up the node to a certain frequency…with the shape of an owl to his upper left, projecting from the soul essence of Ashira Sheran). And in the right-hand photo, an orb of Ashura’s light, where he was standing in his lightbody in the driveway. Below that, his orb is hovering on top of the outline of a pyramid…this was directly under the full moon, and connecting with the Giza pyramids in Egypt.

Since the Rose Moon, there have been huge flows of soul energies around the Earth, many adrift or astray energies and imprints gathered into the ongoing, ever clearer LoveLight embrace, and this has been showering around the planet through floods of orbs, including large soft, fluffy ones!

DSC04065 - Copy

Orbs showering in front of Orion, the night after Full Moon, March 2, 2018.

Keep tuning to the deep joy of what is streaming out of the planetary field for healing and rehabilitation, and what is streaming in for ever increasing unity, peace and love.

Love, Blessings and Gratitude to you all, beautiful souls, and to all assisting this Ascension,

Joanna&Ashura,&Tanabor  ❀


DSC04561 - Copy

Rose, blue and violet orb stream on March 10, 2018.

6 thoughts on “Healing through the Sun

  1. Hello Sweet Lady J!
    What a beautiful post you have made! I so enjoyed reading it! Thank you for what you do. I find I am so busy with my new job that I had not realised there is a massive amount of solar energies coming our way now. Must explain why I have been extra exhausted these past few days. I was reading up on the sisterhood of the rose and I thought of you Lady J. I thought oh no I have not spoken to my sweet friend Lady J in some time. You must think I have forgotten about you. I apologize for not checking in on you in some time. Please forgive me. I can not wait for your next post. I love what you do and I appreciate all of your work. The images you have posted are lovely and I really enjoyed your grids. I hope that you and the people you work with are having a lovely day. I wonder how your garden looks and how many new birds have came to your home. Write me any time you feel.
    Thank You Again Lady J.
    You Are A Beautiful Rose In Our Mother’s Garden.
    You are Appreciated and You Are Loved Sweet Sistar
    Golden White Lion

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello dear Lion Brother, just lovely to hear from you. πŸ™‚ Truly no need to apologize, ‘time’ has a way of flying…or we are flying around it, hehe…;) Hope you’re enjoying your new job, and weave in some R&R especially during these high energy peak flows. The Rose Sisters in higher dimensions have been ‘rosing extra’ since the last Full Moon and continuing..and this reflects through to the 3D-4D layers, so you are right in sync with us, Golden White Lion.
      Ah, the garden here…reflects more and more the higher flows as the alignment becomes closer…our feathered and furry friends are magical in their precise ‘signalling’…and there are plants here that are living more in 5D than 3D….you would love a beautiful Azalea with pink-white blooms, which has blossomed for more than 4 years now without stopping, even through the dry hot summers here (in 3D they have only a short winter flowering season here, as it’s too hot for them)…it lives in its own 5D bubble of LoveLight and is a wonder to behold. There’s so much more…the miracles unfold…and I/we hope they are unfolding with great joy in your life and home too dearheart. Feel free to email any time, and if you have a moment to skype, just sing out.
      Love&Blessings, Joanna&Ashura,&Tanabor (sending a triple hug). ❀


  2. Hello Sweet Lady J!
    So kind of you to reply so quickly. You make me smile πŸ˜ƒ! I will write back to you later on this evening. It is so wonderful to hear from you! So glad to hear about the azalea! How dreamy….😍. For the moment, I hope you have a wonderful day…πŸŒžπŸŒ·πŸŒΉπŸ’–πŸŒŸ
    Talk Very Soon


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