Signals, Sightings and Messages

Dear Friends,

Today I’d like to share a beautiful ship sighting from last week, while taking a 3km walk near my home along what was originally a train-line, now converted into a walking trail in the Perth hills. I always carry a pocket camera when out walking, ‘just in case’, and before setting out, wished for a clear view of a ship or two, as the walking trail has a big sky panorama, and the sky that day was completely free of clouds or chemtrails. However, 7:30 to 8am turned out to be a busy time on a track that is quiet later in the day. At that early hour it’s a thoroughfare of schoolkids on bikes, dog walkers, joggers and pre-work cyclists, all focused on doing something, getting somewhere, watching the clock.

I gave up on seeing starships, and concentrated on the last of this Spring’s wildflowers, stoics still blooming after a week of temperatures over 30C, like this beautiful shrub covered in pink blossoms.


Then I heard a bird call, three short notes, and recognized it as the voice of a Butcherbird which star brother Bareld Nijboer and I had ‘met’ in July (while Bareld, from the Netherlands, was visiting here). While we walked along that same trail together, the Butcherbird flew beside us, alighting in one tree, then another, along the way, singing in its beautiful and distinctive ‘tone’.

IMG_1688 - Copy

Photo: Butcherbird, taken by Bareld Nijboer, July 2015.

IMG_1689 - Copy

Butcherbird, by BN, July 2015.

When walking along the trail these last few months, I looked out for this bird, but never saw or heard it again, until last Wednesday. On hearing its call, I looked up to see it high in the branches of a bare tree. In the moment of pointing my camera toward it, a silver ship uncloaked above the tree for two seconds, then ‘disappeared’ again.

Lightship uncloaks briefly just above and left of a Butcherbird in a bare tree, Oct. 21, 2015.

Lightship uncloaks briefly just above and left of a Butcherbird in a bare tree, Oct. 21, 2015.

I only captured it in a photo because of the Butcherbird’s ‘signal’ to look up to that spot, at that precise moment, and click the camera. Without its call, I might have walked by as oblivious as the 60 or so people on the trail that morning, because my mind had already said ‘there’s too much distraction, you probably won’t see a ship now’.

DSC00623 - Copy - Copy

Disc-shaped silver ship, viewed side on, Oct. 21, 2015.

This perfect signal was also demonstrating how, even if the mind is ‘fluttering’ a bit, as long as the core of your consciousness, the major part of it, is anchored in stillness and peace in your inner heart, then you can still hear the universe’s little messages – that if your mind is too busy or has ‘told a story’ that will shutter your awareness momentarily, the open heart is always ready and alert to signals given by reflection into 3D, whether it’s in the call of a bird, the shape of a cloud, a song on the radio at a precise moment, it doesn’t matter what the form is, if you’re a clear convergence point for universal Love, then Love will speak to you in whatever way will work best and to which you have an attunement, in that Now. For me on this occasion, it was so appropriate to receive a signal via a bird that had especially caught my and Bareld’s attention on our walk together in 3D. Feel the perfection at work?

Ship close-up, Oct. 21, 2015.

Ship close-up, Oct. 21, 2015.

About the ship – as you can see in the close-up, the it looks long and narrow, with two rounded small objects on top of it, and a slight dome on the upper middle of the craft. I asked about the two rounded shapes, and Ashura (my Twin Flame, known as Arnap in his 5D soul expression, captain of the Shem Arua at that time) answered, actually to view the ship in my inner vision as a disc, with a shallow dome on the top centre of it, and the two rounded shapes as the same type of little ‘pod’ craft that have flown many times close to my home. In this photo, the pods are ‘sitting’ on top of the flat part of the disc (magnetically). Ashura also stated that this ship ‘flies in the company of the Shem Arua‘.

Approximation of the ship and 'pods' if viewed from above.

Approximation of the ship and ‘pods’ as viewed from above.

I read two beautiful quotes last week. From Eckhart Tolle:

In the stillness of your presence, you can feel your own formless and timeless reality as the unmanifested life that animates your physical form. You can then feel the same life deep within every other human and every other creature. You look beyond the veil of form and separation. This is the realization of oneness. This is love.

And from Drunvalo Melchizedek (Living in the Heart):

You are more than a human being, much more. For within your heart is a place, a sacred place where the world can literally be remade through conscious co-creation.

When you live in the sacred place within your heart, where you touch, feel and know the divine spark that you are beyond the play of forms, and let yourself fill with that spark, so that you see and feel through its Being-as-one-with-the-Whole, the veil of separation melts away. You see and feel the pure creative energy in everything – whether seemingly ‘solid’ or of more subtle flows – and the connections of everything. You can see and feel the qualities of the light expressing in everything around and within you. As we focus, so we become. As we emit, so we attract. Living in the heart renews our original inner sense, the wise and playful child of Source that we are. So if you find your mind ‘nudging in’ to run the show, stop and breathe, gently refocus in your heart centrepoint and…smile. Smile deeply, into your heart. Feel that smile swell in your heart, like an unstoppable wave of golden laughing light, that fills you with the Sun you are, the Star in your Heart radiating outward, to all.

Love to you all, to our star brothers and sisters, inner earth families, Gaia’s elementals, the dolphin and whale beings, the Galactic Councils, and all committed to renewing Love on Earth.


Joanna&Ashura. ❤

From the garden: 'Arnap's Rose', white with a pink heart, the light of loyalty, love, fidelity to Source.

From my garden: ‘Arnap’s Rose’, white with a pink heart, the light of loyalty, love, fidelity to Source.


9 thoughts on “Signals, Sightings and Messages

  1. Thank you Wendy, glad it ‘spoke’ to you and a joy to share – I’m very thankful for the reminders too, and enjoy them deeply! As the energies connect, reflect, and weave back and forth continuously, I’m feeling this analogy of the ‘tapestry of life’; in weaving our thread of light, do we roughen it with tangles and prickles, or are we ready to smooth the thread to a shine?

    Love to you, Joanna ❤


      • Oh dear Joanna ❤ each time I read you , I do it as a sacred moment. I put on sacred music, a prepare myself, I make myself comfortable, ready to enter in another dimension, ❤ ((( my Heart ))) ❤ ((( no time ))) ❤ You are my highest teacher since several months, and practically the only that I post on my blog. I also repost you on FB each time. Here 's the music I've listen too while reading you yesterday. Link : : embing code : I am soo grateful for you in my spiritual life ❤ ❤ ❤ I need a goddess energy , gentleness, soft teacher guide in my life… and for a while …it is …You. ❤ (-*-) ❤ I will dare to add that yesterday I dreamed that I was receiving " green Peridot cube earings and was feeling their powerful energy with aaaaw! That day, I had so much lightness in my body, heart, joy, I was dancing, singing all day so much beautiful loving energy ! ❤ I'm considering buying myself peridot earings. I had the night before , ask for healing of my throat chakra and heart , and Peridot vibrant color / energy , did heal my throat & heart chakra ❤ I am in aaaaw and meditating on their energy via remembering as well as gorgeous photos of Peridot earings ! ^_^ Wishing you more magic of high frequencies for your whole Being , joy, passion, love and fun ! ❤ ❤ ThanK YoU Joanna ! ❤ ^_^ ❤ Have a fantamagical day or night ❤


  2. Dear messagia Lucie, I read your comment above and smile at how we can all reflect to each other effortlessly and naturally when heart connection has opened. For me, writing these posts is a sacred moment too – well, I see/feel that all life moments are sacred, no matter what I’m doing…but always before starting a post I heart-centre and do some practices to ‘stream pure’… ❤ I meant to reply to you yesterday, then opened the link to the music you sent, and can tell you it dovetailed so perfectly with a call from a guide, and took me into a connection with a message for the next post, which you will feel how it relates to the music you sent. So our focus was/is beautifully aligned in that energy, Star Sister. O:)
    I love your dream about the Peridot cube earrings, your Peridot healing of heart-throat chakra area. Earrings, as a symbol, are also connected to our ears, what and how we 'hear', and in your dream, about hearing through the 'cubed' (Christed) vibration. The light green of Peridot is for literally 'lightening' the green heart chakra energy, so I can really feel what you mean about singing and dancing…feeling that lightness. You're doing some grand self-healing! 🙂

    About being a 'teacher', this week I have felt to put up a new page on Heart Star, offering one-to-one guidance with inner heart connecting, how to go in, and stabilize there, and connect with one's Higher Self directly and work/play creatively with/in the inner heart and become unified with/in the higher dimensions.
    I also foresee a group of souls who would like to take part in this, and connecting this group together, as reflecting/sharing with others is beautiful and joyous when we reach different stages, and also valuable and helpful where we find blockage or disturbances.
    If you feel in your Being that you'd like to be part of this, dear sister, you can let me know here or via email at

    Love, Peace and Blessings always, Joanna. ❤ ❤ ❤

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