I Know What I Saw: The Momentum of Disclosure

Dear All,

Disclosure of extraterrestrial presence around Earth is gaining momentum. I Know What I Saw, from director James Fox, is the latest documentary film to be released that assembles evidence from a range of witnesses, from civilian to military, and offers a good introduction of the subject to people who are as yet unaware or disbelieving of the reality of ETs.

From UFOTV: “Director James Fox brings together the testimony of Air Force generals, astronauts, military and commercial pilots, government and FAA officials from seven countries; their accounts reveal the reasons those involved at the highest levels have chosen government secrecy over public disclosure in I Know What I Saw.”

Dr. Edgar Mitchell, former Apollo astronaut, describes this film as “The most compelling film on the subject to date.”

If you don’t know of it, a focused action for formal government Disclosure is currently underway in the US, led by Steve Bassett of the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure. DVDs of witness testimonies given at the National Press Club in Washington DC in April/May 2013 have now been sent to every member of the US Congress, with the call for a congressional hearing on extraterrestrial presence on/around Earth. In the Disclosure movement, there’s a widely held view that if a congressional hearing takes place (the first in the US since 1968, on the topic of ETs) then the ‘truth veto’ will be impossible to maintain, and global Disclosure by governments will swiftly follow.

From Steve Bassett: “The evidence for an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race is now massive, and polls show over half of the American people are convinced this presence is real. It is long past time for the U.S. Congress to hold comprehensive hearings and assert its investigative and oversight responsibilities.”

The Intergalactic Confederation has been sending emissaries to Earth’s governments since the 1950s, if not earlier, and as many of you know, if they had not been rejected we ‘d be living in a very different world right now. The galactics have upheld, and continue to uphold, the vibrational choices of humanity – while human and non-human powers behind governments strive to preserve plutocratic rule under the guise of democracy. Please know that in this situation, every bit of genuine disclosure, from all angles – official, civilian, large or seemingly tiny – helps.

Photo I took of two V-shaped/chevron ships of the Ashtar Command, which flew through the halo of the moon, dec 4, 2014.

Photo I took on December 4, 2014, of two V-shaped ships of the Ashtar Command, which flew through the halo of the moon.

Every connection made with the loving beings watching over and assisting Earth’s evolutionary Shift establishes another conduit of light, and when I look around the higher dimensional heart grid of this planet, lights are ‘switching on’ all over it. Disclosure is the prelude to massive transformations and, despite extreme confusion at present about ‘who is who and what is what’, through a plethora of contradictory beliefs, it is happening.

Keep steady through this process. Listen to your heart’s inner voice, rather than be swayed by messages and stories that have been ‘interfered with’ by the 4D matrix. Whether looking at ‘hard facts’ or disinformation/hoaxes, channellings or research, whatever it is, the mind works in clarity when it is fully aligned with your inner heart, the seat of your soul ~ a peaceful heart is a clear light through which to see and feel.

We are experiencing a period of intensified light, and intensified resistance where old template energies have not yet been cleared, both of which express individually in our psyches and bodies, collectively in harsh events and increased levels of distraction and stress – and in movements for freedom, respect, compassion and equity. Love your Self and all beings,all Life, like never before, lift it further, and the veil of lower energies disappears. Then ‘disclosure’, on all levels, simply IS!

Colours of Love: rainbow orbs, photo taken December 6, 2014.

Colours of Love: rainbow orbs, photo taken December 6, 2014.


Namaste. ❤


PS: Another facet of Disclosure is represented in the work of Robert Hastings, who for more than forty years has been researching the phenomenon of UFOs hovering over nuclear missile launch sites and storage facilities and deactivating weapons, around the world. He has interviewed over 150 former missile site technicians and personnel in the US, and is also seeking financial assistance from the public to complete an upcoming documentary about UFOs and nuclear weapons. The following interview with him is in English,  after an intro in Spanish:


PPS: My Disclosure Petition is still running. If you’d like to sign & share, please do.

PPPS: The following update was just posted regarding Steve Bassett’s Congressional Hearing Initiative:

The social media campaign to ensure the DVDs are reviewed by congressional staff is moving forward rapidly. The number of tweets and Facebook messages with hashtag #disclosure since Oct. 31 is over 600,000. The campaign is being run from three web site locations: www.faxonwashington.org, www.disclosure.media, The Disclosure Lobby (Facebook).

Please continue to tweet, email, post and share, to keep the energy high for this Disclosure effort. ❤



Two Blues: Clarity and Protection

Hi dear friends,

In the previous post I shared a few key exercises for heart-centering and protecting your torus/auric field. Today, here are two more practices, helpful for maintaining your integrity and clarity from disrupting energies, including any that are aimed specifically at you. Along with attention to heart-centering to maintain a high vibration, these techniques for keeping our ‘lines clear’ to the inner realms and maintaining our auric integrity can be a great help, in my experience.

Both practices use the frequency of Blue: truth, clarity, discernment, strength and protection.


The first practice was given by Ashtar early in our contact, for maintaining a clear ‘channel’ with him and other higher dimensional beings. It is to be used just before opening a communication.

The Blue Light Pillar

Sit (or stand) in a relaxed, straight position with your feet on the ground. Bring your focus to your Heart centre, and see a star of white light in it. See a star of white light below your feet, and above your head. Hold the three stars (of the Earth Star Chakra, Heart Chakra, and Soul Star Chakra) steady bright white. Send Love from your heart down your central channel, through your earth Star, to Mother’s Core, at the centre of the Earth, and wait for her Love to return to you. Feel it rise and spread through you as a beautiful warmth. Then send your Love up from your Heart through your Soul Star to Father/Source, and wait for his Love to fill you and spread through you, merging with Mother’s Love. 

Open all your Chakras from base to crown, including the new Heart chakras (the Sacred Heart, behind the xyphoid process where the ribs meet, and the High Heart, midway between the heart centre and dip of your throat). 

Now bring your focus to the Earth Star Chakra below your feet, and see it fill with deep blue light. Gradually bring the blue light upward in a column or sheath all the way around you. Imagine you are inside a transparent pillar, and filling it with water that is Light. As the Light rises, it becomes a lighter hue, so that at the level of the heart centrepoint it is royal blue, and keeps getting lighter. At the Pituitary Chakra, between your eyes, it is sky blue. And by the time it reaches your Soul Star Chakra it is palest blue going into white Light.

Relax within this column of blue light, and set your intent that it be maintained throughout the communication you are receiving. Just keeping it in the background of your awareness while in communication, once you have done this, will hold an ‘interference-free’ line….always with a Unity of Heart and Third Eye, anchored to Gaia. 

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The Blue Diamond

The second practice comes from Archangel Michael, and is an A-grade protection for your auric/etheric field amid ‘heavy’ energies, especially if they are focused at you.

Stand, or visualize yourself standing. Bring your focus into your Heart centre, and breathe deeply, into a calm, settled state of being. See a diamond of translucent blue form around you, with its lower point directed to the Earth’s core, and its upper point to Source/Galactic centre. Now see a blue sword in your hands. Lift it up with both hands, with straight arms, above your head, so that the tip of the sword meets the inside upper tip of the blue diamond.

Now speak these words aloud: ‘Shan Ankara Na Di’   (from Angelic: ‘Bring forth the Light’) 

Feel/see white Light pour down from Galactic centre through the tip of the diamond and through your sword, filling your entire being, and filling the diamond around you. Breathe in the Light deeply and steadily, and attune to the strength and radiance of your crystal clear aura/etheric field, within the blue diamond. This can be repeated as often as necessary.

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With thanks and love to Ashtar and Archangel Michael, and much love to you All. ❤

The Art of Guidance: An Interview with Ray Dawn

Today, I’m interviewing Ray Dawn of Visionary Healing at Heart Star. I connected with Ray a few years ago, and have always loved her light energy. It’s a true delight to get to know more about her soul journey and deep connections with Star Family.


A warm welcome to Heart Star, Ray. Would you like to share with us a bit about your background and the evolution of your spiritual journey?

Hi Joanna! It’s a pleasure to be here with you in this way and I really want to thank you for the opportunity, I am honored.

Well, my background has been quite varied as I have always had a deeper awareness that there was more to all this and wanted to know what this is all about!

I experienced an awakening in 1992 that opened me up to a much deeper perception to my own experience. This profound and interconnected awareness initially overwhelmed me and so I made every attempt to shut it down. I realized I needed to work more on my ability to allow this without losing my sense of self to it if I was to develop this awareness further. During this time I was also reallyinto the work of a few well-known authors who wrote of their experiences with channeling.

But, this newly opened path to self discovery seemed very much like it was still on the backburner. I didn’t talk to others about any of my initial experiences,except for my mother. I didn’t realize at the time that even though I was pushing against this causal force consciously, it was still very much working within me.

I wanted to bring my experiences thru in some way that felt natural to me and so decided to pursue the field of art as a medium thru which I could assimilate information from the other side. I went to art school in Seattle, at Cornish College of the Arts, and loved it. I really went for it as it challenged my overall senses and how to articulate my developing perceptions of the world around and within me.

I would say that my art school experience culminated during a performance art ensemble where I took to the stage as part of a friend’s graduation thesis work where I painted the raw emotion of their performance as an interpretive abstract painting. I did this live on stage for 90 minutes during our run of 4 consecutive nights. It was truly wonderful.

After graduation I returned to Cornish to work as a lab assistant in the art department.One day I was approached about a film agency that was doing a commercial shoot locally and needed an artist who could paint live during filming. I sent them a picture taken of me painting during the live performance I had done at the end of the previous year. They immediately called me and told me that I had the job and also asked if I could arrive early on the day of shooting to help out with the art department too. I worked 16 hours with the crew that day and wound up being hired on the spot by the art director as a full-time member of their art department.

I worked in various capacities within the art department of this film agency on movies, commercials and music videos etc., all on locations within the greater Seattle area. It was a wonderful experience, but also a very consuming way of life with odd hours and very long days.

My film experience in Seattle cultivated numerous contacts from Los Angeles, as oftentimes core production units would come out to Seattle and fill in the rest of their crews with local talent. I eventually moved to Los Angeles thru one of these contacts where I landed a steady gig working on a talk show and also on several music videos of a number of big name stars. It was a real thrill, until one hectic day I got lost on the interstatewhile driving to location and had a panic attack in the car. It was such a jolt to me that I asked myself right then, ‘Is there a better way!?’

As a kid I had always wanted to work in film in order to affect a large audience and to help bring meaningful and spiritual messages to the masses, much in the same way that certain movies impacted me as a child, but this experience led me to question my way of life, in Los Angeles and in film.

As a result, I decided to return to my roots and I moved back to my hometown of Nashville,TN to work for my family business.This choice created a chain reaction… well it was perfect… as my life went straight out of the frying pan into the fire. Only now it was a major family crisis that I found myself directly in the middle of. Now that it is years later I can reflect back on my return home as something that was absolutely necessary for me to fully move forward with my life.

My return home became more about my facing how I had become me and less about returning to the family business. At the time, however, I felt like I had just hit a major roadblock and really questioned whatI was doing with my life, and why had I moved back to Nashville? For the first time ever I asked myself, honestly, ‘What do I really want to do?’ I felt a big changecoming but I knew returning home was the launching point for me.

I started having this strong feeling about moving to Sedona, Arizona. I had been there several times before on road trips and had some really big heart opening experiences there. At Airport Mesa, for instance, I had written some beautiful messages for myself that I knew was information from spirit.  I felt deeply connected and free there.So my partner and I, who I met in Seattle at art school and had been with me on this whole crazy journey, decided to move to Sedona.

I spent what seemed like the first 6 months processing my journey from Seattle, to LA, to Nashville and now Sedona.  It was like the closet opened and everything came falling out for me to review, added to this was the initiatory breakthroughs thathappen when you live in the energy of a vortex! This is when things really opened up for me…

What do you regard as a ‘key moment’ (or moments) in your soul path?

Shortly after these initial 6 months of processing, not knowing what I was doing with my life, etc., I had this deep feeling that those things that really mattered to me deep down where now going to take center stage in my life.

I found out one day that one of my favorite channels—whose book I had read years before– was coming to Sedona and giving a workshop. She hadn’t been to Sedona to teach in like 20 years and was going to hold her workshop at this healing center that was two minutes from my home.

The workshop was by Lyssa Royal Holt. She came to teach Pleiadian Metaphysics during a 2-day workshop and she was amazing. I had never been around live channeling before and so it was at this workshop, during a break, that I went home to rest for a brief moment. While I was lying there I began to feel the strong presence of whales in my room! I saw them,felt them and everything was blue and green. It was a big flash that had never happened before so strongly. I thought to myself, ‘Wow, here we go…!’

That night after the workshop concluded I went to bed as usual. At some point during the night I woke up and sat straight up in bed, trying to focus my eyes as I looked toward the foot of the bed, lo and behold there were these beings there! I remember everything slowed down and became surreal. There was one being in front and three others behind her and they were all crouching down and trying not to be too tall. They were very bright and beautiful and had on silvery blue jumpsuits.

Alarmed by these visitors I became scared. They were gracefully sending out loving energy to me, but in my fear my mind could not compute what was happening. It’s funny to me now, but at the time I was so scared that I said ‘NO!’ and suddenly theirfaces morphed before me, like in the Indiana Jones movie where everyone’s face melts from the Ark of the Covenant opening… They’re appearance looked something like these melting skulls!

What I realized later was that my fear, probably from watching a few scary movies as a kid, projected onto them and I couldn’t see them for who they were. My mind couldn’t comprehend it. I felt alone and shaking and wondered what had happened. I woke up my partner and he helped me to calm down.

As we sat there in bed this thought flashed in my mind, saying‘Go get your yoga mat.’ I realized that I had left my yoga mat at the healing center where I had just attending this workshop. Everything in me said ‘No! I will not go get it. I am never going to go there again.’ It seemed as though the appearance of the beings had something to do with this message for me to go back and get my yoga mat. My boyfriend, still comforting me, said, ‘It’s all ok, just go get the yoga mat tomorrow…’

The next day I reluctantly wentback to get my yoga mat and as I was walking in I’m thinking to myself,‘Just find your yoga mat and then leave.’

Well, it wasn’t so simple. One of the owners saw me, and remembering me from the workshop said,‘Oh yes, here is your mat.’ All of a sudden I just blurted out what had happened to me the night before. He suggested a 5-minute empowerment might make me feel better. This 5-minute empowerment was part of a healing modality they taught called IET, Integrated Energy Therapy.

He assured me that my experience was not bad at all and in fact suggested it was my higher self that orchestrated it! Him saying that gave me such a feeling of calm, and the energy work he did during the 5-minute empowerment gave me one of those light bulb moments where I felt I wanted to learn more. His name was Leon and when he introduced me to his wife Phoenix she saw me and asked,‘Are you a healer?’ I suddenly just burst outinto tears crying and said,‘I don’t know!’

Ha! So I then proceeded to learn as much as I could from them and take every class that they offered. In fact, both my boyfriend and I took every class from them–which included all levels of IET as well as other training and workshops. They were great teachers during our time in Sedona.

So literally,returning to retrieve my yoga mat…it led me on this path to where I am today. It was a big event and I am glad I listened to the message!

When did you first begin channeling, and what does that mean for you?

I started channeling shortly after completing the IET training in Sedona. IET really helped to set the stage for the energy work and healing work I do now. It focuses on ‘getting the issues out of the tissues,’ clearing past lives, cellular trauma,etc. I worked hard and cleared thru many layers of past trauma within myself and just became this empty vessel. Things opened up that I started to have amazing meditations and visitations from many beings too.

These beings became my new teachers. It was like going to school again! First,it was the Archangels, Raphael and Gabriel especially. Then I met Eliana, who I learned was a Pleiadian aspect of myself. It was actually her who was standing at the foot of my bed that I projected as a melting face. As an aspect of myself, she also represents a future me.Then it was Sanat Kumara and his lineage, they taught me for a long time. I also reconnected to many off-world races including the Arcturians and Zeta Reticilus, The Zetas came first and I did clearing with them and they imparted understandings about many things to me. Then the Arcturians came thru and when they arrived that is when the door to my first channeling happened.

For me, I feel so much love and connection with beings of the higher realms. I learned to do it all thru the heart and thru detachment. I connect thru the heart and allow that energy to connect with me, something I adapted from IET. Channeling is about allowing all that is to connect with all that you are. It is really who we are in truth. Our idea of reality is such a small part of all that is. Our eternal selves are always evolving, as are we. I guess you could say channeling is connecting with a fuller embodiment of our true potential, another you. That Mayan saying: In Lak’echAlaK’in, it’s really the truth!

I think the beings we channel are connecting us to other parts of ourselves, and giving us a glimpse of a potential of our choosing. It is so vast really and yet not that big of deal too. It just is. And I think the challenge of channeling is allowing that vastness without losing the sacred manner of it or treating ourselves as separate from it.

Again, we are all unique and we each have our own filters, but as Saint Germain often reminds me,‘Use your own special flavor!’ It’s all perfect, really, and it’s wonderful to allow the healing for your own life of course, for that is the true healing, your own… and no one but yourself can walk that path for you.

I was first drawn to your messages from the Pegasians, and feel their energy clearly through you. Would you like to speak of your connection to them and other multi-dimensional beings?

Oh yes! They really are my buddies and friends and soul family. They can pack a punch too, in that they don’t shy away from very serious issues that can really push our buttons, but they do it in a really loving way!

They first came to me in 2010. I had to work with them for a while in order to understand their energy and the way they spoke was beautiful and it felt like poetry to me. They always say,

“We speak to you in kind…In the kindest of ways we meet you here, in the heart space, and we ask you to relax there and listen to these words that we speak to you of.”

They are really awesome. I am putting together a book from all of the communications that I have received from them. Their message is one of true love and peace and how to fly free.They are a part of this whole transition to unity and they are also healers, teachers and friends!

Recently,I was doing a session on my partner and he became one of them! So beautiful and powerful! He became like a centaur, half man and half winged horse. The energy was so powerful, strong, and beautiful and deeply loving… like wow, that’s home!

I also have memories,or simultaneous experiences, of being Pleiadian as Eliana on her ship. Also, my beloved Persian cat Otis, he has passed away now,but when I first was opening up to hear beings talk to me he looked at me one time and was like,“Finally! You can hear me now too! Here I am.”

It never gets boring that is for sure! I never really seek out the information. Rather,it’s about allowing spirit and my soul to connect in the best way. I allow the energies to come thru as needed and trust the information will be there in that moment.

We are always evolving and can’t take anything too seriously… wow what a ride life is!

What are your goals, dreams and visions coming into 2014?

That is a great question! My goals are to come more into my true self– to let go of the old, outdated beliefs and fear constructs– and to just allow the presence of my essence fully into this sphere!

My dreams and visions are to also bring forth more writings thru books and teachings. I still have a goal to write a great story and for it to become a movie! I think film can be a great medium with which to create and to bring your own story forth from your heart!

Do you and your guides have any words you’d like to share for the Year of the Horse?

This is an extremely powerful year! It truly has come in with a bang and so much change is coming forth. A lot is happening on the inner realms as we are clearing to our core and allowing the truth of who we are. Our species is now really starting to come home to itself. We have been thru so much and only just beginning to see the light. It’s going to continue to change and we shall continue to grow into who we truly are as we then can meet with all parts of ourselves to come home to love. It is what is happening here!

Love is returning within, to each of us and opening doors to new ways of being. We are being guided, but it is always up to us to make the choices moment to moment. We are not separate and now we mus trememberwho we are and why we are here. It’s really simple.Love is the answer… always!

Stay in your heart and allow your own homecoming. Always you have the opportunity to listen to yourself and to find your own rhythm. Now is the time to do so.As they always tell me,“It is Now!”

Thank you so much Joanna! These are exciting times we live in and no matter what our ups and downs, I am glad I am here and I am in gratitude to you for sharing this earth with me and this message as well. All love!

Also, the Pegasians have a channeling they wanted to share with your readers to help you all connect to your soul families. It’s kind of like a meditation- Enjoy!

Much love!

Ray Dawn

Thank you so much for joining Heart Star today, dear Ray. It’s been an honour and a joy to have you here. Much Love and thanks to you and your Star Family.

Follow this link to read Ray’s beautiful message for 2014 from the Pegasians, ‘Your Frequency of Home’: http://www.raydawn.com/Ray_Dawn_Visionary_Healing/Blog/Entries/2014/3/7_The_Pegasians,_Your_Frequency_of_Home.html

You can find Ray Dawn’s website here: www.raydawn.com

And connect with her on Facebook here: www.facebook.com/VisionaryHealing