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Heart Star is a sanctuary of love for All, for sharing from Source through higher dimensional guidance, extraterrestrial star family, higher self in union with my Twin Flame, through insights, messages, images and practices that assist with Heart centering and lifting one’s frequency.

Heart Star is a portal for higher dimensional beings of Love who connect with humanity on Earth ‘through the veil’ to lighten hearts, guide us into deeper connection with our true Source Self, with Source itself, and support our upliftment into a more harmonious way of being.

The Pages and Topics sections contain photographs, visualization practices and communications from beings of Love whose ‘energy signatures’ appear as orbs, angels, elementals, and lightships of ET origin, mostly from my own contact/inner connection, with some shared from friends, soul brothers and sisters who have visual/photographic or other forms of contact.

The dawn of a new Age offers a transition through frequencies of light with specific attributes, that we refer to as ‘dimensions’ or ‘densities’, from a 3D experience (structured with and through contrast) through to a 5D and higher perspective/experience (structured through unity and harmony) – individual and collective co-creation through unlimited Love – via the 4D zero point of the open inner heart centre (the seat of the soul).

We exist in all frequency aspects eternally, sparks of the ‘imperishable flame’ of Source. However, with focus entrained to a duality experience that has on Earth been stretched into extremes, Earth’s humanity has walled its 3D-experiencing aspect off from the Whole and become entranced by the drama of survival-programmed ups and downs. Now we have an exquisite opportunity to remember and reconnect to the whole of who we are, united with Source and all Life.

We have incarnated on a planet whose living consciousness is in the process of re-aligning its frequency from 3D to 5D+, from carbon-based to subtle crystalline light physicality. The more we align with Gaia’s higher/faster frequency wavelengths, the more we open ourselves to a state of grace, as we wake again to the Love that is our deepest nature and radiate it through ourselves, through All.

Anchoring regularly with meditations and visualizations which open, expand and strengthen the Heart Centre helps us maintain an overview and experience of love, serenity, joy, and discernment of the energies at play in the current level of ‘reality’ on and around Earth. Relaxing deeply into our Inner Heart, seating ourselves in the tiny cave within, our zero point, dissolves the hold of the veil of lower vibrations, allowing us to feel all that is truly aligned with Love and our own true nature of Love. This is beyond words to truly express. Nonetheless, words and pictures remain a vehicle for sharing this inner reunion.

If the call to transform resonates with you, no matter where you’re ‘at’ in your journey, take a roam through the Heart Star sanctuary. Comments on posts, given in the spirit of Love, are always welcome!



About the Blog Author

I was born in 1964 on Christmas Island, Indian Ocean, have lived in many parts of Australia, and spent a few years living in the UK. My home is now in the beautiful hills overlooking Perth, capital city of Western Australia.

My spiritual journey this life has gone through different phases, but has undergone a heightened ‘crystallizing’ process in recent times. As for many souls, this process accelerated through the 11.11.11 portal, and continues to unfold. Opening my heart to the divinity within – to the divinity in all life – brought an awakening of memories and connections to many star systems (including Sirius, the Pleiades, Lyra, Arcturus, Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Procyon, Andromeda, Alpha Centauri, Cetus, Cygnus, Altair, Aldebaran, the Hyades, Cassiopeia, Antares, Ara, Orion, Eridanus, Phoenix, Vulpecula, Canopus) and other galaxies and universes. I have incarnated in a higher dimension of Venus, and on Earth in the days of Mu, Atlantis, Egypt, among others, up to the current time period. My focus is tuned now to co-creating with love and inspiration in union with my Twin Flame, Ashura, as humanity transitions into an era of greater maturity, awareness, love and reconnection to a far greater reality than has been available for many thousands of years, since the fall of Atlantis.

I’m incarnate on Earth from the Ashtar Command, starfleet of the Intergalactic Confederation serving as guides, helpers, monitors and mentors during the Earth’s Shift into higher frequencies. I have a 5D soul aspect named Rowena, who is now aboard an Arcturian ship named the Meri’Ashar (see  the Mary’s Star page & the Shem Arua page), The Meri’Ashar is often overhead, with my beloved Twin Flame, Ashura, who is not on Earth in physical but holds a 5D form in the star fleet. We focus across multiple dimensions into this ‘3D reality’…yet they are one and the same Whole, gradually converging at an individual and collective level.

In this life, I’ve worked as a weaver, therapist, writer and spiritual guide, and am currently writing an account of star family contact/remembering/re-awakening, which will be linked here at Heart Star when it’s ready. Life is interwoven and expressing through many dimensional layers, to which the human collective is gradually re-opening.

Love, Grace, Joy and Providence to all on your journey of soul awakening.


Joanna & Ashura. ❤


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Orb of Ashura’s energies hovers above a tree. More photos of the way he appears to me can be found on the Light Beings page.



NB:  Posts and pages at Heart Star are welcome to be shared freely, providing they are reposted in their entirety and linked back to this site. If you wish to use individual photographs or messages, please ask first, via email to: meriashar@gmail.com

10 thoughts on “About

    • Peter, from my viewing, in overall terms, their ‘current status’ compared to a year ago would be ‘somewhat weaker’, to a decade ago, ‘noticeably diminished’. I see their network with holes in it, light coming through the chinks, so to speak. Those still active here are hanging on hard, but the tide is flowing in and continues to intensify. All that is not Light, that inhibits transformation into higher frequencies, is being flushed out, layer by layer, or in case of the inhibiting factors stuck in autopilot/reflex in the human ego mind, flushed to the surface to be cleared and cleansed.

      I hope this helps. Namaste.

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  1. Aloha Joanna – I sent you a friend request and in that request I also asked for your personal email number (obviously before I clicked on the contact tab on your website and there it was without needing to ask) (god-help me – there just seems to be no hope for me – it’s sad, being brain-dead at my age of 65) for it so that I might share with you some personal stories / things that happened to me that are un-explainable to the average person. As is said and quoted many times – “Truth is Stranger than Fiction.”

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    • Aloha Jim,
      Thanks so much for stopping by, it’s a pleasure to hear from you. I saw your email and will look forward to reading it.
      I completely agree with you that Truth IS way stranger than Fiction (and that is said as an author of fantasy novels, lol). 🙂

      Love and blessings to you. Namaste,



  2. I seem to find those orbs, faces, portals, spirits and the goddess, lion, and black dragon I call them. This happened after I ascended once I mastered love, you have tons of activities happening around you. Does lightening ever strike close to your home?

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    • Hi Tina, thanks for stopping by. That’s an interesting question about lightning. The answer is, yes it does (close to, not right on it!) and I had a realization about lightning and ‘lightships’ – as a ship showed up right next to a lightning strike (in a photo on the Shem Arua page), and I felt at the time that the lightning had exposed the ship’s presence (and exact shape). Recently, I was outside watching a lightning storm and also sensed a ship there. Didn’t have a camera with me at the time, but felt that if I had been able to take a photo, it would have clearly showed the ship. It’s akin to the way orbs use the flash of cameras to ‘expose’ themselves, just on a far bigger scale. The lightning has something like an ‘X-ray’ effect – if you look at the photo of the ship on top of the lightning strike on the Shem Arua or Lightships page, if you haven’t already seen it, you’ll see what I mean.
      Namaste, Joanna.


  3. Dear Joanna,

    Although I have miles and miles to go before I truly awaken to my light being history and origins…What is very very evident the past 2 years is that in near every single nature picture i snap out here at my remote serene river cottage in Wisconsin…is there are many various Orbs present in each and every picture….I often wonder intuitively…are they others from the 5D reaching out to me??? Namaste and shine ONNNNN cherished Soul!

    all my very best

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    • Dear Barb, thank you for stopping by and commenting here. 🙂 Orbs can represent many ‘levels’ of dimensional energies/consciousness, and it’s lovely to hear you’re enjoying their presence around you and in the beautiful natural environment of your cottage. What I have found is that the more I have attuned from my heart, with love and joy, to my soul family, the soul of Earth/Gaia and her nature beings, and in unconditional love with higher dimensional beings of Love both known to me and in general, then the clearer and more precisely Orbs have appeared – both visually, and in photos…to the extent where faces and forms have become heightened in them, as well as the ways they ‘position’ themselves geometrically or in relation to certain stars and planets etc. It truly is wondrous and thrilling to have a way of visually communicating their presence via photographs. If you haven’t seen it, have a look at the Light Beings page as well as the Orbs page, as our higher dimensional friends and family can appear/project their soul light not only as orbs, but in a myriad of forms…usually that have a ‘message’ to the soul, or show the nature/truth of a soul connection.
      Much love, Sister on the Journey – may this year 2017 be filled with joy, for you and all here, Joanna&Ashura ❤


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