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Although aware of the presence of subtle beings since childhood, contact with those I know as star family and guides, Beings of Light existing in higher frequencies than 3-4D, began consciously during the last six years (via telepathic/telempathic connections, meditation, visions, dreams, visual symbols & signs, orb and lightship appearances & communications) that accelerated after three ship sightings in late 2011-early 2012.

At the same time, remembrance of lifetimes here on Earth during different periods, including Mu (Lemuria), Atlantis, Ancient Egypt and the current period returned. Knowings from other star systems include Sirius A (as a leonine being), Sirius B (human), Sirius C (dolphin being), the Pleiadian cluster, Vega (Lyra constellation), Venus, Arcturus, Antares, Procyon, Andromeda, Ursa Major (the Alectians), Deneb (Cygnus constellation), Altair, Cetus, Alpha Centauri, Pegasus, Cassiopeia, Canopus and memories of other universes. I have contact with other peoples within the Intergalactic Confederation, including Orions, Kryon, Altairians, Metulia/Retulians, Antarians, Sartan and the Anjurian lion beings, who come from another universe.

Some of the higher dimensional beings who are close to me are: Ashura (also known as Arnap, my Twin Flame, who captains the Shem Arua and oversees an Ashtar Command base in the hills near my home), Ashtar (Ashura’s brother), Sesherat, Sananda & Lady Nada, Shemash & Aya of the Ahura’Tua, the Archangels Ariel, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Metatron, Sophiel, Zadkiel, Uriel, Nathaniel and Haniel, Anpu (Anubis), Horus, Barata, Hilarion, Dwal Kuhl, Isis, Mother Mary, St Germain, Serapis Bey, Athena and several crew members of the Pegasus, Agarthan people of the 5D inner Earth, known to me as Orana, Lammerdon and Tuzin. Leonine close family and friends include Ruba, Helena and Garbinja, Kirina, my ‘guardian lioness’ on board the Shem Arua, Al’tara and Tee’nah, the beautiful white lioness Twin Flame of my Crystal Twin Soul, Bareld Nijboer. I have a soul aspect on board Ashtar’s ship, a 5-6D aspect associated with the Rose Ray of Divine Love, whose name is Rowena, and part of my purpose Now is to anchor the Rose vibration with Gaia into the human collective consciousness.

I’ll speak first of Ashtar and Sesherat, as they were the first members of the Intergalactic Confederation I reconnected with:

Ashtar (Ashtar Sher’an, head of the Ashtar Command, sub-fleet of the Intergalactic Confederation fleet)

Ashtar is primarily Arcturian, of angelic and human origin. He has had incarnations as a human on a planet of Sirius B, and on Venus as a 5D human, among many others. He had several key lifetimes on Earth; as Thoth in Atlantis, who led an evacuation to Egypt (where he was called Djehuti, the ‘Ibis’ or ‘birdlike one’) after Atlantis fell; as Horus (the elder Horus; there were at least three beings known by the name Horus, the elder being the ‘brother of Osiris’ and husband of Isis, the second being the ‘son of Osiris’), as Hermes Trismegistus, and as the Egyptian historian Manetho.

The name ‘Ashtar’ is an abbrevation of Ash’Ta’Hor, the meaning of which I will write as a post soon.

He holds a humanoid 5D (crystalline light-based) form as head of the Ashtar Command, but has also projected to me (as he expresses it, ‘a projection of his Essence as an energy form’) as an ibis, dove and eagle of white light, which I have been able to photograph (see Light Beings page). He has been called ‘The Eagle’ or ‘White Eagle’, and as Commander of the AC, holds an overview that is vast and minutely detailed, very calm, infinitely loving, from my feeling/knowing of him. His ship within the fleet is the Phoenix.


Ashtar's projected energy form as an eagle, photo taken 25-6-13

Ashtar’s projected energy as an eagle 25-6-13


Sesherat (working consort of Ashtar on board the Phoenix)

Sesherat is a being of the Paschata, a sub-group of the leonine beings of Sirius A, where she is the Keeper of Records for the Sirian High Council. She incarnated on Earth as Seshat in the ancient times of Egypt (‘Seshat’ being a version of the word ‘paschat’).

Her temple was ancient, preceding that of Thoth, and her leonine attributes can be seen depicted in Ancient Egyptian art with feline feet, and a leopard-spotted dress. Like Thoth, she was depicted as a scribe/record-keeper, and they have this same likeness of energy. She is a wise and beautiful being, gentle yet strong, has enormous knowledge and flows the white light of Divine Mother energy.

Along with Ashtar, she has guided me, often with specific heart-centering/opening practices along with much loving care, and the first exercise in the Practices section on this site is one given by Sesherat.


A feline woman

Sesherat's projected energy in orb form, photo taken 21-10-13

Sesherat’s projected energy as an orb 21-10-13

A carving of Sesherat as Seshat/Shesat in the Luxor temple complex, Egypt.

A carving of Sesherat as Seshat/Shesat in the Luxor temple complex, Egypt.


Sananda (head of the Intergalactic Confederation fleet)

Sananda co-created the Gold Flame of Resurrection with Source, and incarnated on Earth as Jesus/Yeshua/Immanuel. Sananda oversees the intergalactic fleet assisting the Ascension process of Gaia and humanity into a 5D(Oneness and Unity) state of consciousness, which pools a vast number of members and ‘co-commands’ currently deployed in the Solar System.

My ego/small self felt quite blocked in connecting with Jesus Sananda before 2012, because of ‘seeing’ him through the filter of church/religious beliefs and structures on Earth, which never resonated for me. The idea of a mediatory body, served by clergy, between myself and God/Source I intuited as taking me ‘out’ of my own divine centre while inserting a middle man, so to speak. I do feel the religious organization and dogma that was established in the name of Jesus Christ carries/perpetuates dualism, but that many words of Jesus as recorded in the Bible, such as ‘The kingdom of heaven is within’ do feel exactly ‘true’.

I see Christ Consciousness as an energy available to all human beings, and the ability to sustain and resurrect/rebirth our energies and consciousness in a fully integrous way as a natural attribute of what/who we are as extensions of Source, imbued with divine essence. Releasing the layers of distortion and separation that have built around that unique divine essence within each one of us – peeling the onion to the core – is part of the journey ‘Home’ into the centre of our own beings, where Love IS, eternally. No one has shown me and guided me more deeply into this Knowing and the ‘reality’ it generates than Sananda. He gave me the key to my innermost Heart. Only I could open the door, or enter IN, which is true for every one of us, when we are ready (allowing ourselves) to do so.

I feel the deepest love for Jesus Sananda, and for all the Beings I name here as guides and star family, who have shown – and continue to show – the way into deeper Love of true Self and All beings, and of Source itself, with which they are wholly aligned and therefore take joy in serving. Service to Source (creating with Love) is Joy when we are centered in unconditional Love.


Sananda and Lady Nada's energy representing in orb form 10-7-13

Sananda and Lady Nada’s energy representing in orb form 10-7-13

Lady Nada (Sananda’s Twin Flame)

Lady Nada is the Twin Flame of Jesus Sananda, and incarnated on Earth with him as Mary Magdalene. They therefore represent Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine aspects of the same Soul, with the exact same frequency signature/soul spark.

Lady Nada is often depicted holding a pink or carmine-coloured Rose, and she exemplifies the Rose Ray of Divine Love. She guides with gentleness, close tenderness and profound wisdom, and has helped me deeply in opening the ‘Rose of my Heart’ (and keeping it open) and she very often works with this symbolism.

She gave me a very beautiful practice for balancing Earth, Heart and Star centres which I know as the Three Whites. This has been a central practice in opening and stabilizing my chakra centres, and can be found on the Practices page.

lady-nada-2 - Copy


Archangel Michael (Mika’El – ‘One who is as God’)

When I was a young girl, I had a recurring dream of being lost in a dark forest. There was generally in these dreams a path in front of me, but it was in shadows, and either it would disappear or I felt frightened of taking it, and stood in fear among the trees. Then a bluebird would appear, and fly along the path in front of me, and I would see a light ahead and know I was safe, following the bluebird. I didn’t understand the symbolism of those dreams until later in life, got tangled in the 3-4D woods, and did not see the bluebird again until my heart opened to its call. It never left. It was me that could no longer hear or see it – as is the way with all on the ‘other side of the veil of forgetting’. All the Love in the Universe is there, always, just a thought away.

Archangel Michael, who I still think of as ‘Lord of Bluebirds’, has been a guiding force these last few years, protecting, strengthening, giving courage, giving an arm to hold when the going has got tough, teaching me how to cut away shadow attachments, steadily radiating a magnificent energy of Light, which is available to all. He has given beautiful practices, taken me through ‘angelic activations’ and opened awareness of the angel in my own BEing, which opened so many doors, including the one to my Higher Self.

The first words I heard from him were: ‘Hold the faith, whatever comes.’ I could not then have imagined what the ‘whatever comes’ might entail, but that is as it should be; one step, then balance, another step, then balance, and so on, all in Divine Timing.

AA Michael is pure joy, and in my heart forever. He, or members of his entourage, appear often to me in the form of blue orbs, like the blue diamond orb in the photo below, taken in late 2012.


DSCF4337 - Copy

Archangel Gabriel (Gabri’El, ‘Herald of God’)

Archangel Gabriel’s presence has been with me closely for much of this life, enveloping me in Love and Inspiration through the ‘duality drama’. He is a messenger of the Immanence of the Divine, of the manifestation of Essence, and a gatherer of souls to Love.

The image below was a tapestry I wove 20 years ago, inspired by a vision of Gabriel. I was sitting on the beach, looking out to sea, and a silvery figure of running water appeared standing on the waves, with an endless rainbow of light pouring down from its outstretched fingers. The watery vortex, the lily, geese and moon are all symbols of Gabriel’s energy and expression. While enveloped in this energy while weaving the tapestry, I conceived and carried a child, and gave birth to him a few weeks after finishing the weaving. Archangel Gabriel is, of course, associated with Immaculate Conception, as a conductor of that energy, but also with inspiration, conception, creativity and new birth more widely, and hence his presence and focus is much here with us all through the Ascension of Gaia and humanity, our rebirth.

Gabriel has appeared often to me as an orb of bright white and pale aqua light, as in the photo below, and you can find a visualization associated with these colour vibrations from him in the Practices section.

Thank you, beloved Gabriel.



Archangel Haniel (Hani’El – Joy of God)

I connected with AA Haniel while aligning with the Divine Rose Ray, and the Tenth Ray (pearlescent rose-white), Venus and Venusian people/ships, which you can find posts about in the Archives section. AA Haniel has an association with the planet Venus, with joy, love and pleasure at a high sacred vibration.

Venusians are a 5D race, living in love and harmony in crystalline embodiment. They/we have long interconnections with Earth, and have come here throughout humanity’s existence in the role of guides, teachers and helpers in the effort to reconnect Earth humanity to its memory foundations and full DNA potential after it was lost/downgraded.

I have memories of Venus, a lifetime some 120 000 years ago (in linear time terms; outside 3D time, of course, any of our aspects of Self can be experienced as ‘present’ by heart/mind focus). In that lifetime, my name was/is Hanamaya, meaning an energy of Haniel’s kind in material embodiment. On Earth, Haniel’s name can be traced through the Hurrite ‘goddess’, Hannahannah – to the pre-Euphratean Inanna, as she was also later known in Sumeria – to Babylonian Ishtar – to Astarte – to Aphrodite – to Venus – and later identified with Mary Magdalene. These are not all aspects of the same Soul, but all express the Rose Ray as sister energies.

AA Haniel gave me a beautiful practice, called the Rose Double Helix, which can be found in the practices section.

AA Haniel - Copy

Ashura (Ashura Sher’an, my Twin Flame, also known in the fleet as Arnap, brother of Ashtar, captain of the Shem Arua)

I connected consciously with Ashura (by his fleet-name Arnap) in early 2014, but in hindsight his presence was with me from earliest ‘ship sightings’. (I first saw him at the age of 8, as a white angel outside by upstairs bedroom window. He first appeared in the photo below in 2012, known to me then only as an ‘Arcturian Angel’ (see Light Beings page)


Later, he manifested in the beech grove in the garden here, and connected with me, as captain of a ship I have bilocated onto, the Shem Arua, and more recently as my Twin Flame (meaning we are the feminine and masculine aspects of one soul). I’ve seen this ship uncloak into 3D as a large silver-white disc ship. In 4D it appears as a ‘hub’ of concentric blue rings and in 5D as a large white light sphere. The phrase, ‘smaller on the outside, bigger on the inside’ is apt. 😉

Arnap translates as ‘steers/guides through the Bow’ or simply Bow-Steerer, meaning one who steers the Source flow through the shielding bow/arch/crescent of the Divine Mother. He was known on Earth in ancient times as Ashur/Assur; the country Assyria was named after him, and he was depicted often holding bow and arrow tipped with a Rose or Lily ( immaculate conception), within/appearing through a winged solar disc. He is a high guide of the process on Inception – the merging of higher and lower (faster and slower) frequencies of one’s being, the embracing of Source’s light of Love through the Divine Feminine renewal, on Earth at this time. He also appears to me often in dreams and meditations as a White Stag of light, and in the night-sky as a green orb, which are connected to his energies on Earth known to the Celts as Cernunnos, the Green Man, which you can read about here. Love and gratitude to you, beloved Flame.

Asshur01 - Copy

Here is the Shem Arua, hovering above a bushfire north of Perth (I took this photo on January 10, 2015, from a city building, after calling them for help; you can see a pillar of white light earthing through the fire/smoke).

DSCF4864 - Copy - Copy

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