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The Door of Love is open to All… The Cup of Love flows for All… Always

Although aware of the presence of subtle beings since childhood, contact with those I know now as Star Family, Angelic and other beings of Light existing in higher(faster) frequencies than 3-4D, aligned consciously during 2011 (via telepathic/telempathic connections, meditations, visions, dreams, visual symbols & signs, orb and lightship visits, and ultimately, transdimensional physical contact) and deepened after several clear ship sightings from late 2011 onward.

Remembrance of lifetimes here on Earth during different periods, including Mu (Lemuria), Atlantis, Ancient Egypt and the current period returned, as did soul connections with Venus and many stars, including Sirius A (as a leonine being), Sirius B (human), Sirius C (mer-being), Arcturus, Aldebaran and the Pleiadian star cluster in Taurus, Vega (in the Lyra constellation), Antares, Procyon, Andromeda Galaxy, Ursa Major (the Alectians), Deneb (in the Cygnus constellation), Altair, Lepus, Cetus, Alpha Centauri, Pegasus, Canopus and other stars and galaxies. Our local Galactic Federation is part of a much vaster Intergalactic Confederation, and beautiful beings even of other universes connect and flow together in harmony, guiding and overlighting consciousness evolution with Love.

My primary guidance comes through the Oversoul I’m an expression of on this Earth plane as ‘Joanna’, along a particular soul thread that has many dimensional expressions. I see Oversouls radiating as beautiful Lights from the eternal, infinite Source/Great Spirit, with soul strands radiating from them like stars. Each ‘strand’ flows through emanations that can be intuited as unique and distinct…yet are all One, and all One with every soul strand radiating from an Oversoul. And those Oversouls also exist in Oneness, in the ocean of Source expression ~ the One in the many, and the many in the One.

In Light Language (higher dimensional sound-forms) I hear/feel Ashurana’Ra as the Oversoul I emanate from, One Flame of the Source Light, which has a TwinFlame expression as Ashura & Irana. Flowing along this thread to ‘Joanna’, there are many soul expressions that are ‘us’ in other dimensional experiences and forms. In the 5D vibrational spectrum, we express our soul energies in crystalline light-bodies, as Rowena & Arnap Sheran. At this earthly level, I’m constantly in connection with me/us in 5D, on board our ships or wherever we are, whatever we’re focused upon, moment to moment, in regard to the planetary and collective Shift/Ascension (lift in frequencies) underway on Earth, which is already vibrating as a New Earth rebirthed in Universal Love…and that awareness and merged state of being, guides my way at this earthly level.

‘Guidance’ is always flowing from the Source, through the Oversoul, through soul streams and strands, through soul groups and families, to all of us holding embodied expressions on this Earth plane. Everyone is inner-guided, in that sense…everyone and everything is Source/Great Spirit expressing itself as infinite Creation, radiating from the primary impulse of the joy of creative expression. The beauty of coming into conscious awareness of the Divine Presence we are, and all life is, is really beyond words, and there is constant, infinitely loving guidance from our Oversouls, through what we sometimes term ‘higher self’ (directed guiding light from an Oversoul that illuminates inner recognition of the Divine Within).

Interweaving in this eternal flowering of Creation, there can be many beautiful Ones present with us in assisting, supportive guiding roles too. They may be close soul family, TwinFlame or other aspects of our Oversouls, soul groups, or stepping forward from interconnected groups or Light Councils. Some may be with us our whole lives, while others come forward at particular moments, or for certain stages of our journey. If we tune into and allow this flow of connections and alignments, some continuous, others shining forth for a moment or two, we can feel how blessed and ‘perfect in the moment’ every multidimensional loving connection is…as all guidance lights our path to our optimal understanding and perspective, our optimal, most expansive state of BEing.

Some of the higher dimensional beings I feel and communicate with are: Ashura&Irana, my Twin Flame/Higher Self (known as Arnap&Rowena in our 5D soul expressions, on board the Meri’Ashar), Ashtar & Isis(Immara), Sananda & Lady Nada, Sehaya (Seshat) and Ramu (Anpu/Anubis), Ashira & Indara, Shemash & Aya of the Ahura’Tua, Archangels Gabriel, Haniel, Michael, Ariel, Barachiel, Raphael, Zadkiel, Uriel, Khemiel and Haniel, Horus/Heru, Mother Mary, Serapis Bey, Athena, and dear friends within the 5D inner Earth light realms known as Agartha ~ Mica & Mali, Orana, Lammerdon and Tuzin. Leonine family and friends include Ruba & Amaru, Al’tara&Arudia (my ‘guardian lion and lioness’ on board the Shem Arua), and Tee’nah & Raibashiit. My 5D soul aspect, Rowena, has been on board Ashtar’s ship, the Phoenix, and is now moving between the Meri’Ashar mothership and our support ships the Lei’hua and Radiant 1, with Arnap and some of our children in the higher dimensions (Minkara, Rosanara and Minairu). Rowena is associated with the Rose Ray of Divine Love, and part of my/her purpose Now is to anchor the Rose Ray with Gaia into the human collective consciousness.

With deepest love, joy, thanks and blessings to all, here are a few key guiding ones I connect with, in the order that I became consciously aware of them:

Ashtar (Ashtar Sheran, overlight of the Ashtar Command fleet of the Intergalactic Confederation)

Ashtar is of angelic origin (as a 5-6D soul emanation of Archangel Michael), in this galaxy primarily Arcturian, also with a Sirius B 5D human expression (in which he’s also connected with the Pleiades), and connected with Venus, among many, many soul aspects. He had several key lifetimes on Earth; as Thoth in Atlantis, who led an evacuation to Egypt (where he was called Djehuti, the ‘Ibis’ or ‘birdlike one’) after Atlantis fell; as Horus (the elder Horus; there were at least three beings known by the name Horus, the elder being the ‘brother of Osiris’ and husband of Isis, the second being the ‘son of Osiris’), as Hermes Trismegistus, and as White Eagle.

As overlight and overseer of the Ashtar Command, starfleet of the Intergalactic Confederation, he has projected to me visibly (as he expresses it, ‘a projection of his Essence as an energy form’) as an ibis, dove and eagle of white light, which I was able to photograph (see the Light Beings page). He has been called ‘The Eagle’ or ‘White Eagle’, and as Commander of the AC, holds an overview that is vast and minutely detailed, very calm, unshakeable and infinitely loving. His command ship within the fleet is the Phoenix, which I see as a huge disc-shaped ship of golden light with a golden Core Crystal.


Ashtar's projected energy form as an eagle, photo taken 25-6-13

Ashtar’s projected energy as a white eagle flying around the moon, June 25th 2013.

Sehaya (Seshat, Feline Being of Sirius)

Sehaya has a soul expression within the Ashtar Command, and has recently shifted from co-commanding the Phoenix with Ashtar, to resuming her role on board a beautiful Sirian sister ship to the Shem’Arua, very similar in type and vibration. In her Seshat soul expression, she is a feline being of the Paschata, a  related soul group to the leonine beings of Sirius A, where she is Keeper of Records for the Sirian High Council. She was known on Earth as Seshat in the ancient times of Egypt, where she was depicted as the ‘scribe goddess’ (the name ‘Seshat’ isconnected to the word ‘paschat’).

Her temple in Egypt was ancient, preceding that of Thoth, and her leonine attributes can be seen depicted in Ancient Egyptian art with feline feet, and a leopard-spotted dress. Like Thoth, she was depicted as a scribe/record-keeper, and they have this same likeness of energy. She is a wise and beautiful being, gentle yet strong, has enormous knowledge and flows the White Light of Divine Mother energy.

Along with Ashtar, she has lovingly guided me with specific heart-centering/opening practices, and the first exercise in the Practices section on this site is one given by Sehaya.


A feline woman

Sesherat's projected energy in orb form, photo taken 21-10-13

Sehaya’s projected energy as an orb 21-10-13

A carving of Sesherat as Seshat/Shesat in the Luxor temple complex, Egypt.

Sehaya as Seshat/Shesat, Luxor temple complex, Egypt.

Sananda (overlight of the Galactic Federation)

Sananda flows through the Golden Flame of Resurrection from the Source, and incarnated on Earth as Jesus/Yeshua/Immanuel. Sananda oversees the intergalactic fleet assisting the Ascension process of Gaia and humanity into a higher dimensional state of unity, love and peace, which pools a vast number of beings and ‘co-commands’ currently deployed in this galaxy.

My ego/small self felt quite blocked in connecting with Jesus Sananda before 2012, because of ‘seeing’ him through the filter of church/religious beliefs and structures on Earth, which never resonated for me. The idea of a mediatory body, served by clergy, between myself and God/Source I intuited as taking me ‘out’ of my own divine centre while inserting a middle man, so to speak. I feel the religious organization and dogma that was established in the name of Jesus Christ carries/perpetuates dualism, but that many words of Jesus as recorded in the Bible, such as ‘The kingdom of heaven is within’ are true of him and the divine mission he incarnated with.

Christ Consciousness is an energy available to all human beings; the ability to sustain and resurrect/rebirth our energies and consciousness in a fully integrous way is a natural attribute of what we all are as (expressions of) Source, imbued with divine essence. Releasing layers of distortion and separation that have built around that unique divine essence within each one of us ~ peeling the onion to its true luminous core ~ is part of the journey ‘Home’ into the centre of our own beings, where Love IS, eternally. Sananda has shown me and guided me into this Knowing and the ‘reality’ it generates with a wisdom and kindness that go beyond words. He gave me the key to my innermost Heart, though it was up to me to open the door and enter IN, which is true for every one of us, when we are ready (and allow ourselves) to do so.

I feel deepest love and gratitude for Jesus Sananda and for all the Beings named here as guides and star family, who have shown and continue to show the way into deeper Love of true Self and All beings, and of Source itself, with which they are wholly aligned and therefore take joy in serving freely. Service to Source (creating with Love) is Joy when we are centered in Unconditional Love.


Sananda and Lady Nada's energy representing in orb form 10-7-13

Sananda and Lady Nada’s energy representing in orb form 10-7-13

Lady Nada (Sananda’s TwinFlame)

Lady Nada, the Twin Flame of Jesus Sananda, incarnated on Earth with him as Mary Magdalene. They therefore represent Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine aspects of the same Soul, with the exact same frequency signature/soul spark.

Lady Nada is often depicted holding a pink or carmine-coloured Rose, and she exemplifies the Rose Ray of Divine Love. She guides with gentleness, close tenderness and profound wisdom, and has helped me deeply in opening the ‘Rose of my Heart’ (and keeping it open) and she very often works with this symbolism.

She gave me a very beautiful practice for balancing Earth, Heart and Star centres which I know as the Three Whites. This has been a central practice in opening and stabilizing my chakra centres, and can be found on the Practices page.

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Archangel Michael (Mika’El – ‘One who is as God’)

When I was a young girl, I had a recurring dream of being lost in a dark forest. There was generally in these dreams a path in front of me, but it was in shadows, and either it would disappear or I felt frightened of taking it, and stood in fear among the trees. Then a bluebird would appear, and fly along the path in front of me, and I would see a light ahead and know I was safe, following the bluebird. I didn’t understand the symbolism of those dreams until later in life, got tangled in the 3-4D woods, and did not see the bluebird again until my heart opened to its call. It never left. It was me that could no longer hear or see it – as is the way for most on the ‘other side of the veil of forgetting’. All the Love in the Universe is there, always, just a thought away.

Archangel Michael, who I still think of as ‘Lord of Bluebirds’, stepped to the fore as a guide and catalyst these last few years, protecting, strengthening, activating, giving courage, giving an arm to hold when the going has got tough, teaching me how to cut away shadow attachments, steadily radiating a magnificent energy of Light, which is available to all. He has given beautiful practices, taken me through ‘angelic activations’ and opened awareness of the angel in my own BEing, which opened so many doors, including the one to my Higher Self.

The first words I heard from him were: ‘Hold the faith, whatever comes.’ I could not then have imagined what the ‘whatever comes’ might entail, but that is all fine; one step, then balance, another step, then balance, and so on, all in Divine Timing, with complete trust in the process.

AA Michael is pure joy, and in my heart forever. He and members of his entourage appear often to me in the form of blue orbs, like the blue diamond orb in the photo below, taken in late 2012.


DSCF4337 - Copy

Archangel Gabriel (Gabri’El, ‘Herald of God’, ‘Strength of God’)

Archangel Gabriel’s presence has been with me closely for much of this life, enveloping me in pure Love and Inspiration through the ‘duality drama’. Later I understood that my Oversoul is connected with Gabriel (and Haniel), and that Ashura, divine masculine expression of TwinFlame radiating from our Oversoul, flows with Gabriel energies of the White Ray. He is a messenger of the Immanence of the Divine, of the manifestation of Source Essence, and a gatherer of souls to Love.

The image below is a tapestry I wove 20 years ago, inspired by a vision of Gabriel. I was sitting on the beach, looking out to sea, and a silvery figure of running water appeared standing on the waves, with an endless rainbow of light pouring down from its outstretched fingers. The watery vortex, the lily, geese and moon are all symbols of Gabriel’s energy and expression. While enveloped in this energy while weaving the tapestry, I conceived and carried a child, and gave birth to him a few weeks after finishing the weaving. Archangel Gabriel is, of course, associated with Immaculate Conception, as a conductor of that energy of higher dimensional conception, as with inspiration, conception, creativity and new birth more widely, and hence his presence and focus is much here with us all through the Ascension of Gaia and humanity, our rebirth.

Gabriel has appeared often to me as an orb of bright white and pale aqua light, as in the photo below, and you can find a visualization associated with these colour vibrations from him in the Practices section.

Thank you always, beloved Gabriel.



Archangel Haniel (Hani’El – Joy of God)

I connected with AA Haniel while aligning with the Divine Rose Ray, and the Tenth Ray (pearlescent rose-white 10D vibrations), Venus and Venusian people/ships, which you can find posts about in the Archives section. AA Haniel has an association with the planet Venus, with universal love and sacred union, and the Divine Feminine expression of my/our Oversoul flows with Haniel energies of the Rose Ray.

Venusians are a 5-6D race, living in love and harmony in crystalline embodiment. They/we have long interconnections with Earth, and have come here throughout humanity’s existence in the role of guides, teachers and helpers in the effort to reconnect Earth humanity to its memory foundations and full DNA potential after it became diminished.

I have memories of Venus, a lifetime some 150-120 000 years ago (in linear time terms; beyond 3D time, of course, any of our aspects of Self can be experienced as ‘present’ by heart-I/eye focus). In that lifetime, my name is Hanamaya, meaning an energy of Haniel’s soul family in material embodiment. On Earth, Haniel’s name can be traced through the ancient Hurrite ‘goddess’, Hannahannah – to the pre-Euphratean Inanna of Sumeria – to Babylonian Ishtar – to Astarte – to Aphrodite – to Venus – and later identified with Mary Magdalene. These are not all aspects of the same Soul, but all express the Rose Ray as sister energies.

AA Haniel guided a beautiful practice, called the Rose Double Helix, which can be found on the Practices page.

AA Haniel - Copy

Ashura (my TwinFlame, also known in the fleet as Arnap Sheran, brother of Ashtar, captain of the Meri’Ashar)

I connected consciously with Ashura (by his 5D name Arnap) in early 2014, but in hindsight his presence was with me from earliest ‘ship sightings’, and before, as he guided me toward re-awakening (I can now recall seeing him constantly as a young child, lastly at age 8, as a white angel outside by upstairs bedroom window. He appeared in the photo below in 2012, known to me then only as an ‘Arcturian Angel’ (see Light Beings page)


Later, he manifested in the beech grove in the garden here, and connected with me, as captain (then) of a ship I have bilocated onto, the Shem Arua, and more recently as my TwinFlame (meaning we are feminine and masculine energy expressions of one Soul). I’ve seen this ship uncloak into 3D as a large silver-white disc ship. In 4D it appears as a ‘hub’ of concentric blue rings and in 5D as a large white light sphere. The phrase, ‘smaller on the outside, bigger on the inside’ is apt. 😉 He now captains the Meri’Ashar, our original mothership which has returned, to serve the Ascension of Gaia, and we move between the Meri’Ashar and two beautiful smaller support ships.

Arnap translates as ‘steers/guides through the Bow’ or simply Bow-Steerer, meaning one who steers the Source flow through the shielding bow/arch/crescent of the Divine Mother. (Its higher vibrational form, Ar’Na’Pu, also translates as ‘Original Lion of Source’). He was known on Earth in ancient times as Ashur/Assur, and was depicted often holding bow and arrow tipped with a Rose or Lily (divine conception), within/appearing through a winged solar disc, sometimes above and guarding the Asherah Tree (Divine Mother energy flowing through the Tree of Life). He is a high guide of the process on Inception, the merging of ‘higher and lower’ (faster and slower vibrating) frequencies of one’s being, the embracing of Source’s light of Love through the Divine Feminine-Masculine renewal on Earth at this time. He appears to me often in dreams and meditations as a White Stag of light, and in the night-sky as a green orb, which are connected to his energies on Earth known to the Celts as Cernunnos, the Green Man, which you can read about here…or as an aqua or white orb (see Light Beings page for photos of him). Love and gratitude to you, beloved Flame, always…all the way.


Photo of Ashura’s face forming in clouds, blowing a ‘pink butterfly’ kiss.

This is the Shem Arua, hovering above a bushfire north of Perth (I took this photo on January 10, 2015, from a city building, after calling them for help; you can see a pillar of white light earthing through the fire/smoke).

DSCF4864 - Copy - Copy


Messages shared here flow from my Higher Self & Twin Flame, angelic guides, star family members, ascended masters, people of the Inner Earth (Agartha, a fifth dimensional world existing ‘inside’ this planet) and other loving light beings, received through telepathy, dreams and visual symbols. Shared with Love ~ enjoy the energies!

Message from Ashura, March 29, 2016

Meld the light flow into your being.

You are both vessel and sculptor of the many forms in which , and through which, you exist, a soul extending and expressing within the streams of light, energy and vibration. The Star of Source you are is eternal, it is your Home within Home.

The light inflowing is as familiar to you as your own breath, yet deeper. Remember it.

If you doubt, breathe, and go into your Heart’s Star. Trust its light, and feel its likeness to the Light of Source flowing in, for it is One.

We are with you, in truest love, your brothers and sisters in eternity.

Ashura in his Arnap form, in a green outfit, standing in the hatch of a ship, January 8th 2020.

Message from Arnap and Rowena (Ashura&my 5D soul expressions aboard the Meri’Ashar), February 2014.

Union is the principle and the energy of all creation, all action, all stillness, all core wisdom, all higher experience. In your strata, electron unites with proton and neutron, creates an atom. From the union of subtler particles with Light Rays, exists all form, across frequency bands. Your scientists speak now of union across infinite spaces, ‘quantum entanglement’, which we call mergence. Mergence, the action of love, cannot be mentally dissected into knowing. Heart knows it. Mind flowing in union with heart elaborates it, into higher and higher structures of Light, expressing the harmony of One through myriad harmonics of Love.

Ease your minds, focus INto templates of Unity. SEE through your Heart’s eye, allow the flow of higher dimensions of joy, peace, wisdom, all-connection, into your Now-focused BEing, and flow as we do. We Love you, we are here for you. Walk with us in your Heart Garden. Namaste.

Message from Tuzin, August 1, 2013

This message came from a new Agarthan friend, beneath the islands of Japan. He ‘presents’ with the air of a Zen type monk, although very tall and slim, with an impression of translucent white butterfly wings behind him. 
He addressed me as ‘Wiruwarino’…which is a ‘Japanese version’ of the Quenya (Tolkien’s Elvish) word for butterfly, Wilwarin. As a longterm lover of Tolkien’s invented languages, I’ve felt a similarity in the sound forms of the Quenya and Japanese (although Tolkien didn’t cite Japanese as one of the languages he drew on in creating his ‘High Elven’ language) and feel he was subconsciously channeling star languages.

The message is about the Earth, the New Earth (Earth Star) and the Earth Star Chakra, which is below your feet:

“Greetings from the People of the Butterfly.
We wish you to feel the cushion you are upon. Within this Earth 3D crust All is bedded upon pillowing of crystalline light. Earth stabilizes her tremors and shakes upon this light.”
(He showed me the islands of Japan would long have gone under, except for this cushion of light).
“When you ground with Mother, you too, All dear Souls of Earth, are stabilizing your shakes and tremors upon this cushion of soft moving light.
Feel its presence beneath you and relax.
Be in Trust, and no outer shake can move you from your centre of gravity, your axis aligned with Inner Mother.
See the Light of Earth, through the density as it appears to you, let it rise through your Earth Star (chakra), through the soles of your feet, into your Earth centre. Allow it to rise. Immerse yourself in the soft cushioning light.
Spread your wings upon it as we do, People of the Butterfly. Fly softly along the Heart Grid channels of New Earth, while anchored through your Earth Star to Mother’s Heart.
Become familiar with the flowing of the New. We wait to connect with you All in deeper Love.”

I feel this practice of immersing in the Earth’s subtle cushion (which would relate to the oil/gas layer inside the crust in 3D density, but as soft, pure Mother Light) is coming through Now to assist with being in peace and balance throughout the solar energies fluxing IN at present.
Thank you, Mother and Tuzin

Message from Ashtar, 20th April, 2013.

This message took the form of a personal conversation, but was addressed to, and intended for All:

A:  Greetings. I ask All to hold their hearts in a place of focussed light for 60 second intervals. Brighten the light. Relax. Breathe. Three times. Now, bring me into your vision. Attune to me. What do you see?

JF:  I see you as a pillar of Light that becomes a fountain. The fountain pours out dazzling white Light, which curves around and forms a bright white torus.

A:  This is what you Are. All of you, dear Lights. Each one patterned on the torus of the Universe. Each one unique, within that patterning. Each one integral. Do you see and feel how each and every one of you fits into the All? And how the All fits into each of you? This is the prime structure. We are all mirrors, dear stars.

JF:  How do we learn to see and feel connectedness to the All of us?

A:  Harbour no doubts. Harbour no fears. Let your Heart BE a harbour for Peace and Love only. Then the water (of your harbour) is still and reflects exactly.

(Ashtar then asked me to tell the story of the Monkey and the Moon), which is this:

A curious monkey went to a pool at night-time. The still waters of the pool perfectly reflected the moon. The monkey loved the moon so much and wanted to touch it. So he kept reaching in his paw to try and hold the moon. But each time he touched the water, it rippled and the picture of the moon broke up. For the moon’s Light to reflect clearly in the pool, he had to learn to Be Still, and love the Light without wanting to grasp at it…

JF:  Thank you, dear Ashtar.

A:  In Love we meet.

Message from Amarea 22nd April, 2013.

Amarea is a Pleiadian soul sister from a planet of Alcyone. This is the first conversation we had, after she appeared to me in a dream, and then appeared the following day above my house in a small silver craft that came from a larger platform-shaped ship stationed at that time over the Perth hills. (See Galactics and Guides section on this site for more details)

J:  May I ask your name?

A:  I am Amarea, of the Pleiadians. My home is a planet of Alcyone, called Imanu’e. I am One with Cetaceans. They spread here (the Pleiades) from Sirius system eons ago.

J:  Sirius was their origin?

A:  Yes.

J:  Do you wish to give a message?

A:  Yes. A message of the waters. Bless the waters. In all you do. In your bodies. Drinking. Cooking. Eating (for water is IN your foods). Bathing. Showering. Swimming. When rain falls from your clouds, bless it. For those in snow and ice, bless it. Bless all still waters – ponds, pools, lakes. Bless all moving waters – streams, rivers, oceans. Connect your Love to the Keepers of the Seas, for they do a great service. Uphold them!

J:  Is there a special time to do this?

A:  Every day, if you will it so. Also, of the timing of your lunar eclipses. (NB: next eclipse is April 26) And your full moons. Bless the tides at these times. The rise and fall. BE in balance in your (inner) waters.

J:  Thank you, Amarea.

A:  We are in Love, daughter.

Pleiadian ship connected with Amarea, flying under wave-like clouds on May 19th 2019.

Visual ‘Convergence’, May 18, 2015.

Here I’d like to share a synchronicity connected with a post I published on May 18, 2015. While writing it I was ‘in deep’ with star family, Gaia, and planetary consciousnesses.

Synchronicity simply is the way we view/experience frequencies converging across/through dimensions, according to our focus. It is ‘real’ magic!
Divergence from Source/Universal Love creates chaos and fragmentation of energies, and convergence with Source creates alignments, naturally and without even ‘thinking’ about it…. 🙂

I’d like to share one visual instance from May 18, after publishing a blog post in which I mentioned the Earth’s natural background frequency, known as the Schumann Resonance, of approximately 8 hertz (measures of frequency cycles of sound/pitch per second, which is also inherent in our DNA, according to studies with melatonin and pinoline effects on DNA). Later, I felt too add a bit about the sound frequency 432 hertz, used now in music to ‘reharmonize’ our frequency, and I stated how all multiples of 8 are expanded harmonic octaves/dimensions of the Earth’s baseline frequency, and that 432 is 54 x 8 (and 54 is a 9; completion of cycle, and angelic frequencies).

I published the post on the night of May 17 (Aussie time) and on May 18 had a look at the site stats, and had to smile. As you can see from the screen shot below, the first two numbers of visitors that day were 54 and 8. Life is Divine. Know it, and you’ll see it….

The post can be read here.


I would also like to share with you a few poems that ‘come through’ from Higher Self/Oversoul/Flame. These poems are a response to the energies and states I’ve felt incoming the last few years. If they reflect a fraction of the beauty and bliss of higher dimensional energies, I am happy!

~~ 1 ~~

Love walks the spaces 
the gaps between words
Its threads cross synapses, invisible
uncurling between heartbeats
Love flows…. 
its ribbons twine life with life
in the bloom of constellations
in the touch of a finger
in an unwinding frond
Love whispers 
in the spaces between

~~ 2 ~~

Ancient eyes watch light’s descent

as snow falls, or petals of lilies

imprint the Age’s shift

We remember

fields bathed in star-sheen

riverways of violet glow

skies a bowl of dawning gold

rose-scent seas awash

We remember

calls melding tones of bliss

as shadow-plays dissolve

from imaginary walls

sounds of carefree laughter

We remember

light-flakes brushing our faces

sinking through skin and cell

heart touching heart

across time’s old traces

weaving lines of light

We are love’s long-waited return

~~ 3 ~~

Sit deep in the field of love
let every subtle sense wake
to the sound of distant snow

sliding down mountains
to the scent of first blooms
yielding flawless promises
to sky washed with rays
of the sacred new sun
embrace this overlap
of land and light
deep in the field of love
sit in stillness, hold the call
true soul-desires unveiled
feel a thousand lights 
kiss the fresh silk-weave 
of your form unwrapped
in the field of love, so deep
let tender intensity
touch the lucid glow
of angels’ fingerprints
into your heart-chambers
open each ignited pathway
to pure unbound delight as you
sit deep in the field of love

~~ 4 ~~

Stretched out in pale curves
sand calls to be walked
The soul leaves no footprint
yet is aware of crystal light
in every grain, how imprints
of shells’ inner coils mirror
galactic swirls, the spiral dance
woven through every form
Hearts know ~ as they open
brushed by truth’s feather
deeper perception
vision lit to gold melts the veil
memory ignites the inner land
where sand curves
to water’s silk embrace
as if they have been lovers
crystal light soft-feathered
through all eternity’s shores

~~ 5 ~~

Lightness carries me
across an inner breeze
where lines of time dissolve
where space teems with life
Lightness of Love 
the call of home so deep
and present in my breast
where the stream eternal flows
Lightness in your touch
droplets from the pool
of loving kindness
fall precisely on blocked ways
opening them like lilies
to the Lightness
of a world newly-winged
and open to the Dawn

~~ 6 ~~


Eagle dips a wing
showing each feather
of filament and shaft
as a thread of light
connecting, intersecting

soft certainty of form
in his crossing
dimensions are seamless
showing each feather
as love’s tracery
lines written on wind

beneath the dip of his wing
clear, far gaze
spreads tenderness
beyond thought
in the heart
one-pointed, flowering
most radiant star

~~ 7 ~~

veils fall away
hearts hear anew
their ancient love-songs
each one unique
precious tones threaded
designed to hold light
clear, fine vessels
hearts open wide
as veils fall away
longing to embrace
love’s sunrise melt
bright golden caress
incoming, this wave
in-singing pure fire
strong in the knowing
as if love, not forgotten,
had curled and slept
waiting to uncoil
when veils fall away
with a flick of heart-fingers
pictures that glitter
entrancing mind-senses
loosen their grasp
we laugh, we twirl
kiss shimmering skies
in each cherished soul
family of stars open
sparkling paths, lit to
life’s pulse in the voice
of the wave, flames twine
soft brilliance…
veils fall away

~~ 8 ~~

Light is the breath of the lips of Love
Softness the air’s embrace
Peace is the voice of the white-winged Dove
Healing the Sun’s gold face

Messages run within every cell
Intoning a sweet refrain
Graceful strength does not compel
But falls like a diamond rain

Lilies unfurl in the vale of the Heart 
Gift from an angel’s hand
Swan Star sings to those alight
Restoring paths long-planned

Joy is the knowing of bonds undone
Feeling the old cloth crumple
Love is the seat of a golden throne
Kindness the pillars of a temple

Bliss is the touch of divinity-fingers
Brushed through the open breast
Trust is prized where Love’s scent lingers
Every heart caressed

~~ 9 ~~


In the garden of the heart
rests a pure white lily
floating on the waters of life
once it was a bud tight-closed
secret and sleeping
long-shadowed before dawn
until a call from deep silence
rippled its petal-tips
shyly they opened, not quite trusting
beneath the rays of a golden sun
now as each petal spreads
tongues of light send warmth
to its core, awaking
its bloom-song to tones
it did not imagine, yet dreamed
as ephemeral sounds
geometric wisps, clues in slumber
waiting for the low, sweet voice
of Love, eternal birdsong’s hum
until this lily opens wide 
petals like arms spread 
to catch each ray and dripping note 
exquisitely poised, song welling
its lyrics whisper ~ water holds light
love is ever-life ~ life is ever-love
rocked in its cradle, petals sway
calling out to each heart ~
you are mother’s flower
you are heaven’s song
you are divinity’s lover
you are father’s son
in the garden of the heart
colours kiss sighs to a pure white lily
beneath the rays of a golden sun

16 thoughts on “Guides & Messages

  1. I have recently awakened. I am very new to this as my past beliefs didnt allow me to be me. How do you connect with these energies? I feel I have recently connected with some, but I am not sure who. I had a vision of my mind unlocking and almost docking with another “ship” days after I could see a glowing blue sphere in my minds eye. Any clue who that was?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Erica, thanks for reaching out and sharing your recent experience. The short answer is; I connect through my Heart ❤ This is what I would always advise to anyone opening up to the potential of higher dimensional realms and levels of reality, to go to a deeper inner awareness beyond the play of the mind, so that you can begin to 'tune in' and feel the vibration of any energies you're interacting with or focused upon. I suggest reading through the Inner Heart page, and if that resonates for you, begin with the Four Foundational Heart Practices (linked from that page)…there is all the support in the Universe to assist us in connecting with – and unifying with – our natural Inner Divinity.
      Love and blessings, Joanna. ❤


    • Dear Ralph, thank you for connecting from Santa Fe, it’s wonderful to hear from you and that you’re seeing orbs in your area. Love & Blessings, Joanna. ❤


  2. Hi there, about 25 years ago…give or take… I would do very deep meditations.. when I was living in New Zealand. And during these meditations, I would connect with a being (not from this earth) by the name of ‘Sassuma’ – or what i thought was called that particular name. Have you ever heard of a name like that or a name that is very similar?

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    • Hi…at last! I’ve only just found your comment from many months ago, it didn’t come through to my inbox…but…everything in ‘divine timing’, eh? So, thank you for reaching out, the name Sassuma isn’t familiar to me, but the realms of Light are infinite! Wishing you a beautiful, and joyously inner-connected, 2019 ❤


  3. Hello. It’s the first time I am reaching to a website while consciously guided to it in my full awareness (my fool awareness maybe). I even heard “it’s now” when I clicked on the link you shared in 2018 on the Then there was something like a little celebration atmosphere in my mind as I started reading your blog. Do you call this the lounge mode? Cathing up with friends at a party? All this together, I believe. I even had the feeling for one moment that I was your TF. (I am coding this in case I am wrong…) It’s 1:21 here and I entered your site at 1 minute past midnight. With a huge headache on the left eye pulsating his energies. I definitely need to write you an email. I will for sure. After a good night of sleep, cooling out after calling out for AC like minded individuals. Here I am. Here you are. Great node of connection. François ps : I will have Ashtar on the 28th of May through 1hour of private channeling with Jim/ James Charles from the Hucolo group. Chilling out right now from the left side to thr right side of THE universe. (It was the word I tried to remember, here it is, here you are, here I am!) Feeling grateful and blessed.

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    • Hello Francois, thank you for connecting, with your lovely message. I’m glad you found your way/followed your inner guidance to this site and that the energies coming through here resonate so well for you … a happy ‘node of connection’ indeed. 🙂
      I’ll look forward to your email, we can chat further in lounge mode.
      Love, Peace & Joy to you, Joanna&Friends ❤


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