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This page is dedicated to all souls devoting their focus, energies and loving hearts to anchoring, aligning and radiating vibrations of Universal Love on Earth, through the amazing transformation of personal, collective and planetary consciousness known as Ascension; the Planetary Shift into Unity, Love and Peace….and to all in various stages and pathways of awakening, opening their hearts and beings to freedom in Love. Thank you thank you thank you! 


December 10, 2018:  Interview with Melissa Peabody of, about her connection with star family/light beings, lightships, orbs and light phenomena/energies, and the visual presentations she receives and shares through a series of documentary-style short films:

Love’s Lens; An Interview with Melissa Peabody



March 8, 2014: Interview with Ray Dawn of Visionary Healing: Wholeness is Who You Are, about her awakening journey, practice as a healer, and connection with guides:

The Art of Guidance; An Interview with Ray Dawn



November 15, 2013:  Interview with Rob and Shelley of about their photography of lightships, orbs and other light phenomena:

Ships & Orbs; An Interview with Rob and Shelley Hartland of



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