Heart Star Essences

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We’re excited to release a vibrational essence brought through to assist inner alignment to Soul/Inner Divinity, in unity with the great clarifying process of the global Shift of Consciousness on Earth into Joy, Peace & Well-Being in Universal Love.

Three vibrational imprints are gathered and merged in the Inner Divine Essence from living, physical beings radiating ascended frequencies; a flower, a fruit and a crystal. All three are anchored and flourishing within a fifth dimensional (and higher) vibration of Unity-in-Love, transmitting this energy through their 3D physical structures as a gift to be shared. 🙂  The flower is an Azalea that has been blooming continuously for more than 4 years, through all seasons (Azaleas ordinarily have a short winter flowering season here) and we have found that any plant placed near it also grows at a hugely accelerated rate, lush and healthy.

The fruit is a Strawberry plant also vibrating in fifth dimensional light; instead of winding down with the approach of winter it’s going into a whole new abundance of flowers and fruit, into the same continuity as the Azalea, beyond the cycle of seasons that ‘normally’ dictates third dimensional expression.

The crystal is a natural Quartz (supported by an amethyst ‘companion’) which began growing over the past 6 months at a magical pace, so much that the string holder it sits in needed to be snipped open for it to keep growing! Most of the crystal on the right hand side and upper part is new growth. This Quartz is a conduit for very high light frequencies from another galaxy assisting the Ascension process on Earth, and emits a strong light field of freedom-in-Love. It’s truly a joy to be able to include its vibrational imprint with the Azalea and Strawberry in this light essence: Seed, Flower and Fruit of Life in One.

~ ❤ ~

The Inner Divine Essence is available in 20ml (0.68fl.oz) or 30ml (1fl.oz) dropper bottles, or in a 30ml (1fl.oz) atomizer bottle. It contains vibrational imprints of Azalea, Strawberry and Quartz, spring water, and (vibrationally purified) brandy or vodka as a preservative.

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Directions for use: 1 drop under the tongue 3xdaily, and/or applied directly onto chakra points (such as crown, heart and third eye), or on the body wherever a dense vibration is holding (such as a few drops patted onto a stiff neck, tense shoulders, head etc), or 3 drops in water sipped through the day. The atomizer essence can be sprayed as an aura spray, sprayed onto specific chakras and body areas, or used as a room or house spray for an instant ‘clear and uplift’. These are suggested guidelines, but do also honour your inner guidance on when and how best to use this essence for optimum support. (Note: this essence should not be sprayed into open eyes, as it contains alcohol as a preservative).

(If you wish to dilute the essence ~ such as for a room spray ~ using 33 drops is recommended).


Prices:  $9.00 AUD (Australian Dollars) for the 20ml bottle, and $12.00 AUD for the 30ml bottles.

Email me (Joanna) at meriashar@gmail.com to order essences, and please pay by Paypal to meriashar@gmail.com

If you don’t use Paypal, alternative payment arrangements can be made on request.


Gifting Programme:  We also run a Heart Star Gifting Programme for people not currently in a position to buy an essence, and for people in developing countries where currency exchange rates would make a purchase unaffordable.

To support the Gifting Programme, we ask those who can afford it to kindly consider adding an extra dollar to the purchase price of an essence. For anyone who would love to assist with a larger donation, thank you in advance! Donations can be made via Paypal to meriashar@gmail.com, or email me if you don’t use Paypal to make alternative arrangements.


Postage: postage is additional, and varies according to destination and package size. (As an example, for our friends in the USA, a 30ml essence would currently cost $9 USD + $11 USD postage.) Currency conversions and Postage costs to all countries can be calculated online, or I can help you on request. 🙂



With Love, Gratitude & Blessings to All   ❤