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Hello dear readers, for questions, to give feedback about information on this site, or connect further, you can contact me at this email address:

Posts and pages at Heart Star are welcome to be shared freely, providing they are reposted in their entirety and linked back to this site. If you wish to use individual photographs or messages, please ask first.

I receive a lot of mail, however I do aim to reply to all emails, so if you haven’t heard back within a week, you’re welcome to send an email ‘nudge’.

Love, Light, Peace, Joy,

Joanna ❤


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8 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Ah, actually, what you say makes sense in conjunction to my spiritual journey. I am in the process of realizing myself. And I guess by disconnected ment detached…a state of Nirvana. I did not understand totally before but on my path was someone whose become very dear to me and this person showed me the Bhagavad Gita. And I am understanding myself and purpose here much better now that I’ve removed with help much of the darkness I’d created on my journey. I’m not totally familiar with Kryions But perhaps it is a play on the word Nechromechian. As the people I remember being some aions after bursting from the cosmos. And we often communicate in the asrtol plane.

    Thank you so much
    May your day and all other days be with much bliss.


  2. Hello Joanna,
    My name is Kelly, iv just read your post on the chemtrails and Ibis event and became rather exited when i found that you reside near the Perth airport as i too live nearby. I dont know anyone in person that is in connection with their star family or who channels like you, beside myself, i am shown much through the medium of photography in a similar way. Iv been sending the call out to the universe to help draw others of like mindedness. I would love the opportunity to met up with you as i believe you may hold the key to specific information concerning my personal purpose in regard to completing connections and implimenting action. I know i have quite a large enterage with me most of the time, The high councel, A.A Micheal with the Muse, Melchesidek, The Dryad, Kryon, chrystal & elemental realm, an indiginous high councel of the dreamtime. And i believe my children and i have the starseed of a feline race named the Prechats however iv found little information about them. Apparently, they only made a very very small contribution to the seeding of earths humanity and have had little to do with those races that made up the majority up until now. I am of the Lyran family of light.

    Showers of
    grace & blessings
    to you Joanne

    Shanti, from Kelly


    • Dear Kelly,
      Thanks so much for your response here. 🙂 We are in sync, as I have also recently been feeling I would like to connect with Star Family experiencers/contacts in Perth too! Thank you for what you have shared above – I also have Lyran roots.
      Much love and blessings to you. Let’s speak soon. ❤

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  3. Hi Joanna,

    I love your blog. I’ve recently started my own journey into understanding all of this and it is nice to see someone else out there that also has some photographic evidence. I’ve had a ton of problems with accepting all of this into my life though because my mind/heart got unbalanced for a long time due to adhd medication and being stuck in the rigor/competition of the scientific field for years. I continue resorting to fear when I come under stress…and even when there is nothing to be stressed about actually. I have a low understanding in maintaining my faith as well, but I feel that adding some more like-minded individuals to my life would be beneficial. I believe I may be of pleiadian-angelic origin, but my mind/ego keeps interfering with my understanding. I would love to talk with you further and maybe in return I can channel in an art piece with a message for you.

    Much love,
    Reian (Lauren)

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    • Hi Reian/Lauren,

      Thanks for reaching out. It’s good to know the material I’m able to share through this blog resonates for/with you, and your own inner journey. Fear is a deeply programmed reaction in beings living and experiencing on a heavily ‘dualized’ planet, and the journey of dissolving fear is part of the path back to inner unity…so that we are able to anchor ourselves -and stay anchored – in a high level of internal peace, love and happiness while engaging with the ‘3D reality’.
      I’m happy to talk with you further – you’re welcome to contact me via email at .

      Much love to you too, Joanna. ❤


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