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Hello dear readers, thank you for visiting Heart Star! For questions, to give feedback about information on this site, or connect further, you can contact me at this email address:

Posts and pages at Heart Star are welcome to be shared freely, providing they are reposted without alteration and linked back to this site. If you wish to use individual photographs or messages, please ask first.

I endeavour to reply to emails, but at busy times am unable to respond to all messages. Thank you for your patience and understanding!

Love, Light, Peace & Joy,

Joanna 🙂

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I & Light Team are happy to offer assistance via Skype sessions, that can range from higher dimensional guidance (from star family, higher self, your spirit guides and/or soul group members who choose to step forward during a session), light activations, meditation guidance and fine-tuning, to Higher Self alignment and Twin Flame guidance.

Sessions are offered by donation, and free of charge for those in financial hardship. Your contributions, however small or large, are always much appreciated.

*Note: Individual guidance sessions are no longer available during 2020 due to other commitments/assignments this year, but I/we will offer them again as soon as possible.

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If you feel you have benefited from posts at Heart Star, contributions in support of this site are always gratefully received. Donations can be made via the Paypal button below, or if you prefer another method, you’re welcome to contact me at Blessings All.

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24 thoughts on “Contact/Services

  1. Hello Joanna,
    My name is Kelly, iv just read your post on the chemtrails and Ibis event and became rather exited when i found that you reside near the Perth airport as i too live nearby. I dont know anyone in person that is in connection with their star family or who channels like you, beside myself, i am shown much through the medium of photography in a similar way. Iv been sending the call out to the universe to help draw others of like mindedness. I would love the opportunity to met up with you as i believe you may hold the key to specific information concerning my personal purpose in regard to completing connections and implimenting action. I know i have quite a large enterage with me most of the time, The high councel, A.A Micheal with the Muse, Melchesidek, The Dryad, Kryon, chrystal & elemental realm, an indiginous high councel of the dreamtime. And i believe my children and i have the starseed of a feline race named the Prechats however iv found little information about them. Apparently, they only made a very very small contribution to the seeding of earths humanity and have had little to do with those races that made up the majority up until now. I am of the Lyran family of light.

    Showers of
    grace & blessings
    to you Joanne

    Shanti, from Kelly


    • Dear Kelly,
      Thanks so much for your response here. 🙂 We are in sync, as I have also recently been feeling I would like to connect with Star Family experiencers/contacts in Perth too! Thank you for what you have shared above – I also have Lyran roots.
      Much love and blessings to you. Let’s speak soon. ❤

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  2. Hi Joanna,

    I love your blog. I’ve recently started my own journey into understanding all of this and it is nice to see someone else out there that also has some photographic evidence. I’ve had a ton of problems with accepting all of this into my life though because my mind/heart got unbalanced for a long time due to adhd medication and being stuck in the rigor/competition of the scientific field for years. I continue resorting to fear when I come under stress…and even when there is nothing to be stressed about actually. I have a low understanding in maintaining my faith as well, but I feel that adding some more like-minded individuals to my life would be beneficial. I believe I may be of pleiadian-angelic origin, but my mind/ego keeps interfering with my understanding. I would love to talk with you further and maybe in return I can channel in an art piece with a message for you.

    Much love,
    Reian (Lauren)

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    • Hi Reian/Lauren,

      Thanks for reaching out. It’s good to know the material I’m able to share through this blog resonates for/with you, and your own inner journey. Fear is a deeply programmed reaction in beings living and experiencing on a heavily ‘dualized’ planet, and the journey of dissolving fear is part of the path back to inner unity…so that we are able to anchor ourselves -and stay anchored – in a high level of internal peace, love and happiness while engaging with the ‘3D reality’.
      I’m happy to talk with you further – you’re welcome to contact me via email at .

      Much love to you too, Joanna. ❤


  3. Hello Joanna,

    Thanking you in advance for your kindness.

    A wonderful New Year to you.

    I sent a lengthly email to you, with photo attachments dated the 29th November 2017.

    I am not sure if you have received it, or have even managed to read it as yet?

    I to have been seeing these beautiful orbs and on my filming of them – have captured script / insignia in the photo.

    I then received a surprise visit from a cloud ship.

    Of which I ONLY realised then on the second encounter – I had seen the ship before (5 years previously after capturing the orb and insignia on camera) – as I watched the ship rise to an incredible height and then disappear.

    My email has a great more detail for you to read.

    Please could you let me know what this all means.

    I would be so grateful to hear from you.

    Have a blessed day,


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    • Dear Carol,
      Thanks so much for connecting, and wishing you a great New Year too. 🙂
      Your email didn’t reach me, could you possibly send it again, with your photos?
      Love&Blessings to you, Joanna. ❤


  4. I have been reading your posts for almost a year now. I am a very cautious person because I had to be in the past. I recently learned about blue ray beings and Sirus. I now know this is where I am from. I do not have much experience because I came from a very dense low vibrating family and had no teachers. I have lived in various places in the USA and have heard many others speaking about the same things you do and use the same terminology. Therefore I have been preparing for this time on Earth, my entire life, and am ready to find my soul family. Thank you!💙

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    • Dear Michelle, thank you for reaching out, much Love to you ❤
      Sirius always has a place in my heart too, actually it was the first star I felt a strong, compelling attraction to as a young child, and there are diverse groups of beautiful beings of the 5D and higher vibrating layers of Light and Love spread out yet very peacefully unified through the Sirian trinary star and planetary system. Wishing you the deepest joy and sweetness connecting with your Sirian soul family/families…whether that is the playful light-heartedness of the dolphin beings swimming through the liquid light realms, the fluidity of the merpeople, the supersoft strength of the leonine and feline beings or the clarity, love and inspirational creativity of the human beings there….or some or all of the above….and more. 🙂

      Love&Blessings, Joanna&Friends ❤


  5. Greetings, Congratulations on your beautiful website filled with so much brightness, from my heart. I am wondering if you could recommend anything how to protect myself from DEW and cleansing myself from interacting with reptilian hybrid race daily for work? I’m highly empathetic and I naturally absorb others’ coarse energy to purify to raise the vibe in the continued interactions of everyday, especially children traumatized from the surroundings-hostile family, bullying friends, or their own karmic energy that each one carries- and it’s quite overwhelming sometimes not to mention the regular DEW attacks and extra DEW attacks on me on important life events that could have made my life better. And So On. I wish to reconnect with my people up in the sky and higher self but these things adding to the people came into my life with empty promises and words intending to use me for personal benefits, have been making it much more difficult if not blocking my way forward. I’d appreciate your input on my way toward successfully completing my 10 millennia’s mission. Namaste

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    • Dear Solbeena, thank you, it’s good to hear this site warms your heart. 🙂
      When it comes to shifting the vibrations you’re experiencing in your life, while anchoring light within, and interacting within the ‘polarity field’, I would suggest starting with the heart, raising your frequency through centering practices that help you become steady in your core, relaxed and at ease in your soul alignment, in whatever circumstances and environments you currently find yourself.
      From personal experience, putting in place a gentle, simple daily routine that starts with breathing in Love, breathing out Love, breathing in Light, breathing out Light as you start the day; using a heart-centering practice and a soul alignment practice, and a practice that maintains the purity and integrity of your energy field, are all key to being able to build a consistent vibration that makes it easy and natural to ‘be the still point in the storm’…and stay there…

      I use the practices on this page, you may like to read them and see/feel if they resonate for you:

      And this leads into going into your Inner Heart, where energies can be transformed into Love, where you are in your ‘place of creation’ and can radiate beautiful vibrations and new creations, that reflect in subtle or sometimes very clear ways in your physical life:

      I would also recommend visualizing Violet Flame in your heart, and radiating throughout your energy field with the intention of clearing and transforming any dense/lower energies connecting with you into pure Light, then reset your energy field with Golden Light, which rebirths/restores frequencies to the highest vibrations. Silver Flame can also be used, for transcending lower vibrations.

      I hope this helps. Love & Blessings on your path,
      Joanna ❤


  6. If only human words could express what I see and feel when viewing your photos and reading your summaries. The awesome activity that is occurring in the heavens is simply wondrous. Thank you heart star angel!
    Love Roz from Oregon

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    • Hi Roz, I’ve only just seen your comment; thanks so much for sharing your joy…which is vibrating all the way through the ‘human words’…! 🙂 Love coming back to you, Angel in Oregon ❤ 🙂


    • Dear Monica, thank you, it was very lovely to meet you too (and your beautiful sisters, what a Trinty you are!). Please email me at of you’d like to meet up, and we’ll find a time/day that works for us both. Love & Blessings, Joanna ❤


  7. Hi Joanna🌹
    Thank you for the lovely presentation and your most lovely presence.
    Very much appreciate you sharing about your path and the pointers you have given, it empowers my belief of switching by focus into all that is beyond duality and little things of this world.
    Thank you for the gift of the rose💕 it so fits with all I’ve been doing.
    From the heart Lily🎆

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    • Dear Liliana,
      You’re so very welcome, I’m glad this all resonates for you, and do see much Rose Light and energy around you, Rose Sister.
      Love & Blessings coming to you, heart to heart,
      Joanna ❤


    • Hi Marielle, if you go to the Home page, there’s a ‘Follow by Email’ button on the right-hand sidebar. Just click that, and when posts are published, they will go to your email inbox. Thank you & blessings, Joanna ❤


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