Golden Heart Love, Fruit of Angels

Dear Friends,

The last month has been a special and beautiful time for me and Bareld (my Crystal Twin Soul, which I’ll write about soon what this means, and link it here) as we were able to meet in physical (we live on opposite sides of the planet, me in Australia, he in Europe). I’ll write soon about the energies we felt during the Blue Moon/Lion’s Gate period of July-August 2015, and some new connections made from that moment. For now, here are a couple of photos I took from the public viewing platform at Perth Airport, Western Australia, just as the plane Bareld was on board took off for his trip back to his home in the Netherlands. Here’s the runway:

DSCF6979 - Copy

And here’s the runway again with Bareld’s plane just taking off, raindrops on the window becoming a burst of golden hearts in that moment:

DSCF6982 - Copy

We would love to share this feeling, of the energy of the Golden Love of Source, with you now, with the guidance of AA Gabriel, who spoke with us last night about storing this Light in our subtle and physical bodies, about rejuvenation, the well of the heart, the well of dreams, and a beautiful fruit, the papaya (also know as pawpaw).

This fruit is known medicinally as the only food source of papain, a digestive enzyme that is an excellent cleanser and balancer of the stomach and gut, with many nutritional properties. Looking deeper into this fruit’s ‘subtle signature’, of its soft pinkish-peach coloured flesh encasing hundreds of round black-brown seeds, I feel papaya connected especially with the heart, sacral and well of dreams chakras.


We’ve spoken before of breathing in golden light into the ‘well’ in your heart’s centre, your storage centre of Source’s love, and rippling this light throughout your body and being (and to all beings, all life). You can feel it and visualize it like the photo at the airport, a burst of golden heart love radiating out from your core, filling your being, and exploding out. A Love explosion! Gabriel speaks also of another well, the Well of Dreams Chakra (a chakra of the new higher frequency template) situated in the brain stem area. This chakra is overwriting the old 3D survival/fear ‘programming’ of the reptilian hindbrain, which sends messages down the spinal energetic channel to the root, sacral and solar plexus chakras. What you ‘put in this well’ is important, as it is constantly messaging the lower subconscious. The Well of Dreams is about what we envision, and how that visioning steers our perceptions and experiences of higher and lower (or faster and slower) frequencies. Please feel how the Well of Dreams needs to be filled with the Light and Love of Source, just like the Heart well, so you are filling them with the same energy. Keep your vision of renewal unified with your Heart-Source connection.

In this recent post, my Twin Flame, Ashura (on board the Shem Arua), gave a visualization exercise for unifying the pituitary, pineal and well of dreams chakras, with the form of a Bow or Arch, using three stars. The star he gave for the Well of Dreams was a nine-pointed white star, to hold within soft pink (colour of the higher heart), as in this picture.


Bareld was guided to this photo of a papaya fruit, which shows inside it, a nine-pointed white star within its pink-peach flesh.

papaya star - Copy

The pink is connected to the Higher Heart chakra and Well of Dream’s highest frequencies. The golden/yellow merged into the fruit, which makes a peachy tone, shows the mixing in of golden heart love, (the higher heart and the sacred heart energies) which is the perfect upliftment of the Well of Dreams, to fill it with this love. Nine is the Angelic number. The nine-pointed star held within the Well of Dreams anchors our ‘human angel’ beingness into our visions, our envisioning and messaging to the lower chakras, and connects us also to the core ‘well’ of Gaia’s heart, established in her higher frequency reality. So can you feel the subtle and cellular nourishment of the papaya fruit, its reflection in physical 3D of this particular higher merging?

I asked AA Gabriel about the meaning of the black seeds within the fruit. He spoke of the representation of ‘seeds of lesser light’ ; that if souls have inadvertently been planting seeds in their Well of Dreams visions that will keep binding them to the old programmes, then to clear the Well of Dreams with the golden heartburst of light, keep filling it with that light, while holding it in pink (Pink Peony Rose is especially helpful, see this post if you need a refresher or are new here).

AA Gabriel gave these words to Bareld:

Well of Dreams

The Well of Dreams expands the Lifespan, connects to Core Love and corrects the Juices (the acids) in the physical. At this present, Crystalline beings of the Sun exhibit new threads for your leisure and enhancements. These enhancements will protect and guide towards the next phase. Cryptics and encrypted threads will be seen and gathered in your skies. Balming lights ensue the Way.

Listen, see and take pics!

It is Time to Dream Well.

9 Points to tread Lightly

9 dots shed Brightly

9 flows


Enuen meru

Gather strength and faith

Bareld adds this:

“The peachy pink color of the Papaya fruit feels to me that it connects the sacred heart chakra (which is peachy golden)  to the higher heart chakra (which is pink colored) and blends the two energies to work together as One flow. When connected to the Well of Dreams, often envisioned as a Peony Rose, we will feel and pour Love from there, connected to our heart center. This bridge is very soft and also heart grounding, if that makes sense to all, or grounded in sacred golden love, a pool of love, to tap energy from. To meditate on this combination, to feel grounded in a love pool, instead of doing the ‘old way’ of correcting old emotional baggage through your Well of Dreams…”


Peony Rose

With thanks and love to Archangel Gabriel and all beings assisting Gaia, humanity and all Life in the way of Love.

Much love to all our brothers and sisters on Earth. Ave Gratia Plena. Softly, kindly, feel the Grace you Are.

Namaste  ❤


* Visit the Inner Heart page for an initial practice for entering your Inner Heart.

* Bareld’s most recent post at LoveHug contains knowledge of the Pink Rose energies, from the Venusian knowing, and a beautiful higher heart practice, if you wish to go deeper with this.


Titian: Polyptych of the Resurrection, Archangel Gabriel…wearing a papaya coloured sash… 😉

7 thoughts on “Golden Heart Love, Fruit of Angels

  1. Amazing post dear Joanna! The High Energies in this post are feel so intensely!
    I will defenetly go for some Paw Paw today, the blends of colours are so lovely… the golden hearts pouring from the skies! Wow! May be it inspires me for a paint, who knows.. cuz i’m not driven to work in my art since quite some time, the energies and sweet expectations (meeting with my Twin, i feel soon..) are the cause!
    Many thanks dear Angel!
    Blessings for your dear Twin too!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello sweet Gloria 🙂 Glad you’ve enjoyed the energies with us, and if it inspires you to paint again, that is great! All joy to you in connecting with your Twin. Much Love from us both. ((( ❤ )))


  2. Dear Joanna ❤ 🙂 …august 19, I was walking in this beautiful big Rose garden at the park near home. Their essences/smell were floating/filling the air, it was enchanting, as usual, but … this time it was stronger… I was drawn to a section of them, the "peach and yellow" ones. I stopped there emotioned by their beauty and their so strong affect on me. I was deeply moved inside, the air current carried the smell of more roses from further like a corridor. I was thinking / perceiving, that it's all been arranged to melt me ! A trap ! A very very positive one ! ..a "rose conspiracy " to catch me…( that's how it felt … ( a divine orchestration with my higher self and theirs ) 😀 I then thought , since you have so much power on me today, (I asked ) : " Roses …open my heart "…..and they IMMEDIATELY DID … I felt/saw with my inner vision, a coat of lower energies being removed from my full back and arms, it lifted up by high energies and was desintegrated. I burst into fountain uncontrollable tears of relief and relaxation. A long time carried stress , oppression worries was gone in a second ! Leaving me feeling like a younger version of me. I feel Lighter, Clearer and Brighter. Also, since about a month, the caretaker of the house keeps giving me roses from our garden . ( he's cutting them to help them grow more and it works ) I almost always have a bouquet on my table and can smell their essences to my great pleasure…I think that's part of my heart opening healing from them. Being so exposed to their scent worked on my subtle bodies / energies…. That day i changed my FB icon for a peach and yellow rose…then yesterday night i felt a strong desire to become a yellow rose on Fb and wordpress too. This morning i saw your new post in my mail box. Like I said to you previously, I have a profound connection/answers/guidance with your messages. It is a priviledge to connect with you, Golden Rose Lady Angel Joanna ❤ 🙂 Sending you my best thoughts of appreciation ❤ Many Beautiful Blessings in your life, all ways , always ❤ Thank You So much ! ^_^ ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    • Hello dear Rose SiStar!! Thank you for sharing that beautiful experience with us – yes, we are so often in sync, purrfect divine timing…and it’s grand to hear of a ‘rose’ heart opening experience like the one you’ve had…Lighter, Clearer, Brighter…feeling your Joy waving around the world…. 🙂
      Thank you for your blessings, beautiful Soul, big smiles here. Namaste, Joanna. ❤ ❤ ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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  4. Dearest Joanna,
    thanks a lot for this beautiful post full of subtle, loving, amazing energies! I can feel the Love you and Bareld shared together, and is an emotion that warms my Heart…
    Thanks for giving to US all, sending you both my Love and Gratitude!
    Patrizia 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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