Leonines & Carians: from the sky with Love

Dear friends,

Following the major ‘light beam’ that was sent through a planetary alignment on May 28, to loosen what we could term the ‘Set/Hades energy’, you may have noticed both a general rise in ‘craziness’ in collective happenings and narratives in mainstream and alternate communities, plus a rise in collective conscious decision-making, reflected in 3D, for the benefit and well-being of humanity, animals and the planet. The polarization of third density continues to increase, which is part of the process toward a tipping point of higher consciousness in both individuals and communities.

If you’re experiencing mild-to-wild oscillations in your own emotional, mental and/or physical energies, there’s a practice at the end of this post which I’ve been using for a few days, which is ‘heaven-sent’. The planet was given much stabilization through this period, with a 7.8 and 8.5 near/under Japan on May 30 (without damage) thanks to star family, our Agarthan/Inner Earth friends, the elemental beings, and those on Earth who held the Rose energy and spread peace through the grid at that time. Thank you all so much.

I’ve felt the presence of many more ships leading into and since this alignment and portal opening. On the night of May 26, I took these photos of a very large diamond-shaped ship with accompanying orbs. You can see the upper ‘triangle’ of the diamond-shaped ship, cloaked, passing in front of the Moon.




Here’s the largest of the orbs, upper left of the Moon, a projection in orb form of the ‘group consciousness on board the ship’, mostly of lighted Carians (birdlike beings, also sometimes referred to as avians, although we will note here that Carian beings in the highest vibrations don’t generally use the term avians about themselves).

DSCF6088 - Copy

Here’s a close-up, firstly from the original photo, and secondly, with brightness and contrast enhanced to show the beings within it more clearly.


DSCF6088 - Copy (2) - Copy

For anyone not used to reading/sensing orbs, in the next photo I’ve outlined a few of the beings within it. There’s a prominent humanoid blue face in the centre foreground, with a large blue owl slightly behind/right hand side. In front of the owl there’s a small feline being, and above the owl is a white hawk face looking forward. To the left a green-blue face can be seen, with smaller faces in front of it. Remember, the orb is a luminous projection or representation symbolizing their soul energies.

DSCF6088 - Copy (2)

DSCF6088 - Copy (2) - Copy

AiShii’Te’Ra’s face, above a blue owl.

The white hawk-like Carian seen in the top of the orb introduced itself as AiShii’Te’Ra, a 9D counterpart to Devin (High Arch of the Leonine beings), and had a soul expression well-known on Earth as Heru’ur in ancient Egypt, whom the Greeks called Horus (Horus the Younger). It is a deep joy for us to see/feel the reunion, repair, and realignment of Carian, Leonine and Angelic energies, with many Carian beings now returned to, and assisting with, the Ashtar Command/Intergalactic Confederation. Along with other work, their presence will in time supersede ‘disclosure narratives’ that blur the truth of who/what they are, since certain beings have sought to tweak humanity’s view of Carians and misinform their perception. We advise centering in your own heart and let yourself SEE from there. Rather than seeing discernment as using your intellect/analysis, which is susceptible to ‘suggestions’ both conscious and subconscious, always focus in your heart, the seat of your soul, breathe into it, pure love, and see/feel from there without any attachment, expectations or wanting. This way of heart-viewing can reveal the true nature of all energies to you.

At present, the ships over this area are mostly staying in the cloud cover ~ of which there has been plenty, with the Perth hills being chemtrailed constantly. Diamonds, discs and triangles have been ‘outlining’ in the clouds every day. The ship below, triangle-shaped, became just visible while I was focusing on clearing the sky, on June 5th. The trailing, from two planes, started as below (taken from my street, June 5th).


As the sky filled with trail-clouds, I felt and saw a Sirian Leonine ship (6D elongated triangle shape) arrive in what was by then widespread thin cloud cover (see the ship’s faint outline, upper centre of photo).


DSCF6200 - Copy

The ship sent a ripple of ‘sound’, which I heard internally as a long, rolling rrrr, like a non-stop purr. You can ‘see’ the ‘sound’ as long horizontal bands across/through the chemical clouds, this was how it visualized, then the sky looked/felt as if it turned into a whirlpool or vortex, and the clouds cleared.


Again, on June 9th, after detoxing the sky, this time a disc-shaped hole appeared above my house (this was the Shem Arua which was then captained by my Twin Flame, Ashura, in his 5D aspect Arnap, and overhead most of the time).


This day he signed a beautiful loveheart into the clouds.


P1020734 - Copy (2)

For those asking, the connections I experience with star family are both internal/telepathic/dream appearances, and visual, which can include sightings of ships, orbs, projections of beings close to me, or being guided to certain synchronistic words, music, images or text, and pictures or symbols in the sky, reflected in 3D forms. This way of connecting is all-inclusive, natural and truly available to everyone on Earth who connects in the heart, with their Higher Self in unconditional love, and has the patience, faith, trust and perseverance to clear all blocking energies. Our star brothers and sisters are here for all, not just the few. It’s a matter of converging our energies, meeting in the middle, allowing us to Be and act together. In the awakening community there’s a slogan, ‘We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.’ This is true. Also just feel this we is inclusive on a very expansive scale. Instead of thinking ‘us and them’ (duality) about assisting ETs and other light-beings, feel into the deeper unity, the wholeness of that ‘we’, in all our multi-dimensional soul expressions, relax and allow yourself to become a magnet for all that is of love, peace and unity in the universe. 🙂

Below is a new practice I’ve found helpful for stabilizing during this week, for tuning in with higher tones/frequencies, allowing them to come pure, straight and uninterrupted through the Soul Star Chakra to very gently purify and clear residual fear-based energies from all chakras.


The Rose Tube Practice

Sit comfortably upright, breathe gold into your heart centre, and put a Golden Apple of light around your auric field. Open your chakras from base to crown, including the two new heart chakras (sacred heart, between the solar plexus and heart, and higher heart, between heart and throat). See/feel your Earth Star Chakra (below your feet) opening, as a white star, then your Heart Star (heart centre chakra), then your Soul Star Chakra (above your head). See/feel a pillar of Light descending from Source, through your Soul Star, down through all your chakras, and to Gaia’s Core. 

Now feel this pillar as an air tube, your tube of prana, Life’s vital force, and feel this divine air flowing through you as you breathe in and out deeply, until you feel very relaxed. Then visualize a Tuberose flower, like this:


Hold the Tuberose in your Soul Star, then see/feel this flower slowly descending through your Crown, Pineal, Throat, Higher Heart, Heart, Sacred Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, Base, and down to your Earth Star. Let this flower’s purifying, clearing frequency gently fill your air tube and settle throughout your mind, emotions and physical body. Hold this seeing/feeling for as long as comfortable. Relax and feel your higher dimensional Essence permeating your whole Being. 

With love and thanks to Archangel Gabriel for this practice.

If visualization isn’t easy for you, holding the intention with Love is enough. Or in this case, the scent of the Tuberose is enough to open your Soul Star, so you may like to source some Tuberose Oil. It’s actually one of the most intense flower fragrances on the planet. Many years ago I read of Tuberose opening the 10th Chakra (in Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing, by Gurudas, channelled from Hilarion), but didn’t know what the 10th Chakra was. However, if you use the nine chakra system in your body, with the three heart chakras, then the 10th Chakra is the Soul Star.

After doing this practice, a beautiful vertical ‘air tube’ was represented by Ashura over the house among leftover chemtrails (Tuberose is closely connected to our energy).


It’s message is: when our breathing IN is pure, in Love, all else shifts away from our inner space. Our pillar is kept pure, within the spiral of the Rose. And the Rose of the Tube, the Tuberose, holds in its form the shape of an angel’s trumpet.

Love to you all. Namaste,

Joanna & Ashura ❤


15 thoughts on “Leonines & Carians: from the sky with Love

  1. Dear Heart Star, another amazingly high vibrational, transformational,loving,tuning inspired and inspiring message. I am amazed at your photos of the ship passing in front of the moon.Of the orb with the outlined beautiful beings in there wich makes my heart purr in love-joy and cry of relief for they do indeed really exist and are here for all of us. Your practice of the tube-rose flower i love ❤ Thank you …you are my true higher / highest connection to my star family. ❤ ❤ ❤ (-*-) ❤ ❤ ❤ Looking forward to read your next message dear Joanna. Much much love from my heart to yours and our star family. THANK YOU ALL for your love and help to us at this time. ❤ ❤ ❤ re-posting to my The World Is Shifting wordpress blog.( used to be called "The world is changing" …but since your last post it "shifted me" so much that i had to rename it to " the world is SHIFTING. The other tittle didn't resonate accurately since many weeks.Gratitude for your work in service to others ❤ LoVe and Tube-Rose Energy reflected back to you dear SisTaR ❤ 😀 ^_^ 🙂

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    • Dear Lucie, knowing how you resonate with the energies coming through these posts is always a joy to me. 😀 ❤ Our star family do indeed really exist, are helping in every moment, and are truly open to connect with every human being on the planet who opens their heart, in peace and love, and has the will and self-trust to heal and clear 'blocking' energies from around their hearts that prevent them from feeling/hearing/connecting with our higher dimensional friends and families. So remember you can connect too, if you would like to. Your heart-star is the key. So glad you're enjoying the Tuberose practice, and thanks go to AA Gabriel for that one too. I really love it too, very clearing and purifying. 🙂
      The first 'healing' encounter I had with Tuberose was more than 20 years ago, on a train platform, with a migraine. I was thinking I'd have to go home, then a young woman walked up to me on the platform with a bunch of flowers in her hand, and gave them to me. I didn't know what they were, but their scent was so incredible that I couldn't stop smelling them, and got on the train still smelling them…and after about 5 minutes realized the migraine had gone, completely. So i have loved this flower for a long time, and feel very happy to have this practice come through. ❤ Have a beautiful Solstice, dear SiStar. Much Love to you. xxx

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      • God Bless you, dear Joanna…I must have missed this post….thanks for the meditation, was just lovely. As I was reading this post, I was feeling aligned with All That Is….and the ‘skins’ (pictures) at the top of my browser were in Sync with what I was reading. I had a lovely set of planets, then when my eyes read ‘Tuberose’ the banner showed a row of beautiful pink dog roses, a deep, verging on burnt orange pink…..Not white Tuberose, but the meaning was obvious….then when I was doing the meditation, I got the beautiful fluffy white clouds with a Pink Love sky background….and lots more in between….I Love Loved the pictures, as usual, you are a genius with the camera, Joanna, I was def in tune today. I linked here from the Sept Posting, also wonderful…..
        Thank you for sharing your experiences, I AM most grateful….
        Hugs and sweet kisses, sweet Joanna…
        Sending Joy, Love & Abundance…..
        Sylvia Melaynia xx
        Oh, yes & I re-blogged this on SilverAngelsWings…..

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      • Dear Sylvia, thanks for sharing that beautiful ‘rose’ sync. 🙂 Love it!
        And thanks for your kind words – though it is really the higher dimensionals who are camera genuises, lol…I just hold the alignment/attunement as clear and steady as possible for them to connect with in this way. 🙂
        May Joy, Love and Abundance flow to and through you too, Joanna. ❤
        PS: Thanks for the reblog.

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  4. Just chanced upon your FB page…….Sending you much Love & Light, always my darlings….I find it hard to type these days….we are still alive & kicking, holding back as we really don’t want to leave the other behind! Yes, I know, how it really works, but still….a little fear there…lol…apart from wonderful help from other dimensions, well….still a little fear there…..silly isn’t it? Anyhoo, just tidying up the remnants of Xmas…..& that’s as silly as Xmas anyhow! It’s a leftover of my Nan & Gramps who were wonderful at Xmas, made sure I & everyone had a good feed & a little present or two or three etc! I was spoiled! My Nan was a great cook & taught me every thing she knew. I can still make a full Christmas Cake, with icing & snow men & a (mirrored) skating rink etc!……..I can still remember at 4am finishing off the sausage rolls n’mince pies!!! My Kevin had a big family of 4 boys, so I guess his Mum was very busy too!! Poor Kev is the chief cook & bottle washer these days, he feeds me & looks after me very well, (my back is still no good)….I made him go to the sales & buy himself some fishing gear after Xmas…..Not much chance of him killing any fish any time soon!!! But he still enjoys himself, loves being on Sydney Harbour, I am very happy for him to do that! Well, my dears, I hope you are well & as Happy as you can be……in the circs…..much Much Love & Light to you all, still looking forward to meeting your wonderful selves! Sylvia & Kevin over in Sydney!

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    • Dear Sylvia, it’s lovely to hear from you Star Sister, good to hear you & Kevin are in good spirits, and had fun over Christmas! Take good care of your back… 💛
      I’ve been ‘officially on holidays’ (interdimensionally speaking) since New Year, which has been blissful and nicely recharging, coming into this awesome year.
      Much Love, Light & Joy to you both, from ‘Us All’ 🥰😇✨

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      • I am glad you are having a ‘break’…. although I feel that we are just bubbling along under the surface, the excitement is just so palpable, I still read a lot, subscribe to a few trusted sites, now & then I wish I was better able to read between the lines, there is a lot of stuff out there re – the Virus……oh! to be as a fly on the wall sometimes! Conspiracy Theory’s abound! Mostly, though, I just try & surround myself with Love & Light & ignore it all….Just doin’ the best I can! And I give thanks for the wonderful person I share this journey with! Again, though, I give thanks to you & the work you do with Ashura…..sweet Hugs & Kisses to you both….(I wish I knew how to add emoticons!) And Love is all around!! Sylv & Kev! xxxxx

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      • Dear Sylvia, this reply didn’t come to my inbox, just caught it in the comments admin! Surrounding yourself with Love & Light, breathing it IN, breathing it out to All, is the way to go SiStar! 🥰
        As to the field of ‘Conspirituality’ (conspiracy+spirituality), well it speeds along, regardless of what is ‘real’ and what is ‘con’. 🤔

        Because star family presence (among other things) hasn’t been disclosed in an open, truthful way over the last 70 years or so from an official level, secrecy has paved the way for ever darker theories to sprout at every turn. So much of it is diversion, drawing spiritually awakening peeps into beliefs and emotional reactions that then affect their astral perceptions and so forth….while distracting from actual injustices covered over/unacknowledged in the first place…and taking focus and energy into anger, victimhood, pitting them against each other…while saying ‘We are One’.

        The best thing we can do in the current phase, from my/our perspective, is to keep centering in Universal Love, no matter what, and radiate it to all humanity, all beings and this beautiful planet, to strengthen the New Earth presence…and call in peace and clarity through the ‘swirly vibes’…

        And we thank you & Kevin for the Light&Love you’re holding for this planetary ascension’s fulfillment! Love&Blessings dearhearts, Joanna&Ashura(&Family&Friends) 💖🌞🌍🦋

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  5. Many thanks beautiful Joanna……I think I am going to have to delete Word Press, I some how ended up with around 50 – odd or more entries, (in one post!) and as you can imagine, I do want to be informed, & BUT that was ‘overkill’, so to speak, & not very good when one has a had a stroke! ……I really only was ‘following’ you & Lisa Gawlas, then I recently added on one more!….WOW! I think I will just delete WP, & just follow both you & Lisa, I took me ages to delete everything! I Love to stay up to date, but that just scrambled my poor brain! Anyhoo, you know I Love to follow your posts, so sadly, I think I will have to delete Higher Destiny Blog! It’s difficult enough without the fact that my left eye is almost blind, without the fact that I cannot sleep nor leave the house because of my back! I find that I cannot sleep (in my armchair) ‘cos of my brain whirling, so I sit up all night & listen to the radio (ABC)! I am so lucky to have my sweetheart look after me. He makes sure I get SOME sleep! So sorry to have a little ‘whinge’! So, I will continue follow your posts, but just not on Word Press! I just had to say, I Loved your recent posts, very clear, too! Really touched my Heart! Kevin is still unaware (mostly) of things, but has a very good Heart, we both have had challenging lives….Well, dears, that was almost a book! Can’t wait until we make the next steps, hopefully our paths will cross. Somewhere, sometime….how exciting! I LOVE, you see you soon! Love & Light XOXOXOXOXO Sylva & Kevin x


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