Welcome to 2015: Sky Horses, Dragons and the Life Force.

A warm welcome to 2015, dear friends! Very warm on the south side of the globe, and a fresh breeze is blowing, with subtle presences riding it. They speak of the rising of the life force of Gaia to a new level. Of channels opening, small and large, all around the planet, connecting to its Rose Crystalline Core. More dragon paths (ley lines) unblocking and flowing clear again. The network of the higher dimensional heart grid growing new threads, interconnecting and unifying the life stream of this planet. More souls anchoring the Light, becoming pure conduits of Love. A year of energies made very plain and clear, as awareness continues to grow in the collective….and much more!

The skies are a canvas, painted with signs for humanity of what is occurring, of what IS, across the dimensions. Feel into the photos below, taken here two days ago. Can you feel/see channels of pure love, Gaia’s Core-light flowing, the energy of opened dragon-paths, the horse/centaur steering of energy in motion?

DSCF4724 - Copy



Yesterday, I went to the sacred circle in my garden and found that in the space of twelve weeks, a crescent of beech tree sprouts a few inches tall are now 7 ft high. Beeches send out suckers, but in the hot weather the trees usually conserve their sap. These new tree-lings are growing beyond normal 3D capability, drawing in the light running up through the channel opened last year from/to Gaia’s Core (for healing and replenishment, I’m guided to stand in the circle, and touch the tree-crescent, be in touch with their flourishing; Divine Mother’s energy in action – they are simply growing on life force).



If you read this previous post, you will know that a small ship landed into 4D, cloaked, in the circle. No ship will be landing there into 3D now, as these tree-lings have grown there, and star family will not harm any living thing. It’s all cherished, all One, to them – which is what we on Earth are remembering too. 🙂

Hold this vision, if you will, of the Earth, as we come into 2015: You are at total peace in your heart, with Source and self, your Source Self; planetary channels at major hubs of the dragon paths are open, stabilized, pouring with higher light frequencies; small channels like the one described in this post are opening all around the planet where dragon paths run close to the surface, allowing and holding ever more conduits open; around these conduits and many places inbetween where the energies are rising, our ‘centaur friends’, the Alpha Centaurians, are establishing vibrational spheres of white light, surrounded in angelic blue and gold; these spheres become sanctuaries – havens of higher frequencies that dense energies slide past without breaching; as these light spheres and stable conduits increase and more are anchored, the denser energies have less room to occupy around the planet. From my 5D soul aspect, Rowena: There will be pressure as the lower energies are compressed; keep breathing into your centre, let go of the old template, keep relaxed, steering your focus from the overview of all energies, with deepest of compassion for yourself and all beings. Where pressure builds, there must be a release; thus the Light will be Seen, by all.

Ashtar, Sesherat and my Twin Flame, Ashura, come with this message for the new year:

We will speak now of steering your course. By what lights do you choose to ‘see’? Are they of lesser lights or that which is One? In the new energies of the Heart, threefold, triple-lighted as One, the unrecognized is known, the unseen is seen.

Ashtar: Golden rose INfusion has become – let it flow through your Being. Steer by it, Source steer, in every moment. 

Ashura: Now, you see the life force spring forth, brothers and sisters. Bear witness, yes. Embrace the Life. The sap is rising from Mother Core, as She bathes, golden lighted. Feel within yourself deeply. Any hindrances, let them go, whether you perceive those energies to be within or without, all is connected. NOW is the REfining. 

Sesherat puts her hands in the middle between us, with a Heart Infinity form of golden light upon them.* We all lay our hands together on it, fusion of Love.

Heart Infinity symbol from Sesherat

Heart Infinity symbol from Sesherat

Rowena cups the Heart Infinity in a purple Rose. Aron, her twin soul’s arm is around her/me. They speak as One: Raise your bar now, bring in the ‘new year’, the new Ye Are, in the embracing of All Life, in gentleness, beyond all self-wantings. For, in the golden Infinity of the purpled Rose, you meet Us. We RE-meet! Gaia is ready. BE ready, and allow, in your own beings, as one with the planet’s Soul. 

With great love, we are with you All.

DSCF4755 - Copy - Copy

Love and warmest blessings to you all for an awesome 2015!

Joanna. ❤


* Sesherat’s Heart Infinity also has a visualization that can be used to anchor and steady your focus-point in your heart centre. See the Practices page.





5 thoughts on “Welcome to 2015: Sky Horses, Dragons and the Life Force.

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  2. Thank you, Joanna, for this beautiful Light filled share, received with gratitude and appreciation.
    Much love and warmest blessings to you and Bareld for a magnificent 2015 and
    the Best Ever yet! 🙂 ❤


    • Thank you dear friend! All blessings of joy and peace to you for the coming year. May it be magnificent indeed. 🙂 Love from both of us. ❤ ❤


  3. New friend here, dear Sister Joanna. Wonderful message…I look forward to reading more of your Divine offerings. Much Love & Many thanks for your contribution, I feel the wonderful Love energy from you both. I have not yet ‘remembered’ my Twin, as yet, but feel sure it will happen when it is meant to. Loved the pics, BTW….and those tree-lings..wow…I Love our Tree Brothers & talk to them when I can….here’s hoping we get some rain to help our land grow & to extinguish fires etc…Peace & Love, dear Joanna….x Sylvia


    • Dear Sylvia, thank you lovely SiStar, from us both, and star family. 🙂
      My feeling is, conscious, aware re-meeting with our Twin happens in pure divine timing, and when the ‘current’ of that One Flame, One Soul, is flowing back together in 3-4D (in higher dimensions, our energy is never truly ‘apart’), nothing can stop it!
      So glad you love the tree-lings. The ‘bow’ or ‘arch’ shape they are growing in carries the energy of the Divine Mother (if you know images of the Egyptian universal mother Nut, her body arched over the starry cosmos, this is the feminine energy of the arch/crescent/bow), and Beech in the celtic/druidic lore was seen/felt as the Queen of trees. the mother goddess. The tree-ling bow has sprouted on the east side of the sacred circle, representing the new energy of the Dawn, the divine feminine energy coming in from the East.

      Rain was forecast here today, but has ‘evaporated’….calling with you now for cooling summer rains. Much Love and blessings to you. ❤

      PS: If you'd like to read more about beech tree symbolism, the grove here, and its connection with Thoth and Seshat (now here as Ashtar and Sesherat), have a look through the archived posts for February 2014.

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