Meditation July 25, 26 and Lion’s Gate

Dear friends,

With much love for Gaia, humanity, and the ever-increasing pillars, sparks and stars of Light we see in the heart grid,  here’s a reminder for a meditation given by an Agarthan guide, Orana (details in a previous post, if you did not see it). This visualization came with guidance from leonine star family, to particularly focus it on July 25, 26 and the Lion’s Gate period into August.

Image credit: Isiopolis

Image credit: Isiopolis

July 25 is the Mayan lunar calendar’s ‘Day out of Time’, the ‘in-between breath’ before the 13 month lunar calendar (364 days) begins on July 26. The Lion’s Gate, or heliacal rise of the star Sirius, spans a period of July 26 to August 12, depending on latitude (earlier in the southern hemisphere and later in the northern hemisphere; San Francisco in the USA for instance will see the rise of Sirius on August 7. However, you can use the date of July 26, or if you feel inspired to do so, use this visualization each day throughout the ‘Sirius rising’ period).

Heliacal-Rising - Copy

Working with the energies of these dates, feel deeply into your connection with your Higher Self, your Oversoul, which exists in the light of Source beyond time, extending this light through many dimensions as various soul aspects, of which your current awareness is one aspect. Feel this aspect that is ‘you’ held, anchored and steered within the embrace of your Higher Self, just as all its soul aspects are….One BEing…One Wholeness, expressing, creating, experiencing through myriad aspects in the dance of Life. Feel yourself beloved, cherished unconditionally, feel the ‘your’ melt away from ‘self’ as the light of Higher Self flows gently and continuously, and the ‘you’ becomes ‘I’. Relax deeply into the arms of the One who sees, feels, and knows ‘I’ completely, and feel that ‘I’ connected in harmony with Gaia’s heart, and the deepening 5D grid of Light.

Breathe…….Relax……..deeply………..Be One  in our heart with Gaia and the Ascension…………

Grow in our heart a feeling of cherishing, for the land we stand upon now, love it, wherever we are. Feel it, as a holy place. See now beneath our feet a five-pointed star of white light on the land. Its light shines up around us, bathing us in Mother-Father’s grace…….

Now a column of rainbow Light flows down from the heavens, surrounding us, and flowing through us, through the white star, down into the Core of Earth…….

We say/feel: ‘Mother-Father, I love you…….I love all that I Am……..I love every cell in my physical body……I align my Self with you…..beloved Mother-Father, I am You….’

Now see a six-pointed star of Golden Light float down through our Being and land beneath our feet, surrounding the white star. Golden Light now flows through the Rainbow Light, through us, to the Core of Earth. It continues flowing, on a vertical line, to the other side of Earth, then rolls back up to the top of the ‘funnel’ where we stand, making a living torus of flowing golden rainbow light. Hold this for as long as we feel comfortable, and bless our Oneness with Father, with Mother…..breathe with the torus, the flow of merged Mother/Father love…… 

Return our focus to our heart centre…… Breathe……..Relax……..deeply……..Be One with Gaia’s Ascension……

Note: If/when we feel ready to enhance this meditation, after visualizing the six-pointed star of Golden Light beneath our feet, we see the two triangles that form the star begin to rotate, in opposite directions – one turns from left to right and one turns from right to left. We see these two merged triangles spin almost to lightspeed, and the golden rainbow light funneling down through a central golden cylinder below the star, to Earth’s Core. This is an amplifying technique given by star family.

Further note from Orana about the amplifying technique:

It utilizes spin like a merkaba does, of mother and father, not as a merkaba itself. See the double spinning star under your feet as a magnetic device, to channel light frequencies through you, and into the Earth Core. As they are received, they are fanned out and up, in the torus form. So through this ‘device’, grounded by your soles of feet, you are harmonizing, merging, with Earth’s torus field, and acting as a light conductor (he says, lightning conductor, and smiles) for frequencies 6D and up, that we perceive as ‘solar rainbow’ spectrum……

See this ‘device’ as merkaba in full mergence, the double spin is oneness; there is no bottom, and no top, no down or up; male and female have no separated state, merged as One. Hence this device appears as a ‘flattened’ star in our viewing, because it is ‘dimensionless’, or beyond dimension, to our understanding; pure magnetic construct.

With greetings from the Lions of Love. The Gate is Open! As Sirius rises, on the opposite horizon Vega descends. Feel their mingled light cradle the Earth, balancing in brilliance and gentleness the Leonine Way. Bless your hearts with our light effulgent, send it out as rays of the Star you are! We are with you…


Sirian Orb with central portal/gate; photo taken July 26, 2013.

Love and blessings to you all. Namaste ❤



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