Imagine Peace ~ Mataariki Pacific Prayer Circle June 28

The invitation below came to me a few days ago from some beautiful souls in New Zealand who are holding a ‘Pacific Rim’ meditation/prayer circle at sunrise on the 28th of June. The intention to bring peace, harmony, balance and healing to the waters of the Pacific Ocean can be joined by all people living around the Pacific rim, and indeed everyone on Mother Earth.

Via the water within us and all life, intention connects and flows through the water element all around the planet, so please feel free to join in at your dawn time, wherever you are. ❤

Matariki Pacific Prayer Circle-1.doc Final (1)

Thank you to Grandmother Makere Chapman for this vision of deep love and peace for Gaia and all beings travelling with her.

Let’s meet at the confluence of the waters within us all…and Imagine Peace…. ❤

To see how water responds to intention and vibration, watch this beautiful video applying the understandings of Dr Emoto:

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