Ashtar & Samarias: Lighting the Higher Heart

Dear friends,

Today I am asked to speak about experiencing contact with our galactic family and the opening of the Higher Heart Chakra. Some of you reading this already have substantial contact, some are beginning to sense the presence of beings of Light in various ways, others are journeying toward ‘sympathetic resonance’ with star families and friends. Know that when the asking has gone out from your inner heart, it will always be responded to, in perfect timing for your unique soul plan.

Every one of you reading this is an Ascension Expert.  We’re here, reforming and releasing individual and group ‘heavy energy bundles’ of lifetimes, and sending ripples of freedom and forgiveness through the collective as we do so, as well as the direct focuses and actions we contribute to the Shift of the ages.

When you open your heart centre, which in itself sends out a mighty call, the Universe comes to you. Source flows to you, to your precious divine spark within, and sets it alight. It arrives in the way, shapes and forms that will most deeply meet your soul’s desire for growth.

For me, Source’s response came in a rush. Two nights after asking if I could take photos of the galactics I was seeing and sensing internally a few years ago, the ship below arrived from between the Moon and Jupiter, which were in alignment at the time, and hailed me telepathically as Andromedans from the Intergalactic Confederation fleet.

Andromedan ship appears above the Moon/Jupiter conjunction.

Andromedan lightship appears above the Moon/Jupiter conjunction.

Ship close-up

Ship close-up

This was followed by visions/dreams of a dear leonine friend in the fleet, and a soul sister from Alcyone, in the Pleiades. Both signalled their close proximity by hugging me in dreams. In both cases, the next day I was able to photograph their ships.

With Ashtar, the approach was different, and hugely ‘illuminating’. My first connection with him was via a channeled message from Bareld, my twin soul, which was a practice from Ashtar for lighting the heart as a star. This practice totally ‘sang’ to me, and as I used it over a period of months, cleared a lot of ‘debris’. I started to see and feel Ashtar’s presence more clearly in meditations. It was, for me, the experience of re-opening gradually to an energy that radiated deep familiarity. I didn’t know at that stage that I have a 5D soul aspect on board Ashtar’s ship, the Phoenix, but memories and inner connections began to pour in fast after a night of full moon in early 2012.

I had a strong call to go outside and look at the moon that night, and felt Ashtar’s consciousness near it. He spoke into my heart, words of waking, and as he expresses it, ‘projected his essence as an energy form’, as a bird of bright white light circling around the moon.

Ashtar's projected essence in dove form arrives above the trees.

Ashtar’s projected essence in dove form arrives above the trees…

Ashtar projects as a dove, above moon.

Ashtar’s dove flies above moon…


Ashtar’s dove circles the moon…

The bird projection morphed through different shapes; eagle, dove, ibis, which all are aspects of his soul signature, and conveyed to me some of his different incarnation energies that were triggers for remembering.

Ashtar's lightform morphs from dove to ibis.

Ashtar’s lightform morphs from dove to ibis…

...then into an eagle form...

…then into an eagle form…

...and to eagle....

…eagle close-up….

As I absorbed these images and their vibrations, they triggered a cascade of memories connected with Earth and other planets.

I cannot express in words the inner openings that streamed through from that moment on; like a switch had turned on a very bright light. Pure Source Light. With this came the process of expanding my heart to encompass it, and clearing lifetimes of blockages from chakras, along with certain implants. That would be a book in itself, but it’s enough to say that when the Light has been seen and touched, purpose of will rises to meet it. What came through those clearings was the most soul-shaking and soul-freeing of all experiences, reconnection with my twin soul, who also has a soul aspect aboard the Phoenix, among other incarnations.

Direct inner heart connection with higher frequency beings, higher states of your own being, switches on your ‘truth sensor’, especially as your focus shifts out of the duality drama into unity consciousness. We all have galactic soul families; inner circles, wider circles, overlapping circles, quietly protecting, guiding and supporting us to clear our dissonant energies and align INto centre. Discernment is born of a Inner Heart seeing, beyond ego preconceptions, wants, needs and distractions. Please be aware there is much distortion in the field of ‘info’ pertaining to the Intergalactic Confederation and Ashtar.

When certain alignments allowed the Intergalactic Confederation to intervene on Gaia and humanity’s behalf, by agreement of the councils, the Ashtar Command came in through the electro-magnetic ‘envelope’ surrounding the Earth that generates the 3D lower matrix…which responded with misinformation and smoke-screens. However, as increasing waves of Light flow in, the screens will continue to drop away on a large scale, until we have ‘clear visibility’ again, the clearest since the days of Atlantis’s Golden Age.

Since early May, a portal opened (reflecting in 3D as a square ‘coronal hole’ on the Sun) that allowed an influx of higher frequency light connected to the Cube energies of the sixth harmonic/6D, which are propelling the opening of the Higher Heart chakra in humanity. This came with high solar flares, which were moderated by the AC fleet on Gaia’s behalf.

b4macifqxubqjzxirhiz (1)

Square coronal hole in the Sun, May 5-7, 2014. Photo courtesy NASA

At the same time, an enormous higher light correction was initiated in certain parts of the Pleiadian star system not fully in Light, starting with the star Maia. From Sandra Walter:


“…They speak of the star itself, indicating that the templates imprinted upon Gaia from Maia (Pleiades), which were designed to heal that star system’s distortion, are now complete in their task. That is huge for the Galactic rewrite. Let us remember that we are healing much more than our planetary/kharmic issues here. This is what I meant by creating a Galactic Legacy – we are changing everything through our dedication to light right here, right now…” (see full post here)

What is happening galactically is huge. Correcting/healing the distortions in the star Maia’s field has a deep connection to the liberation of the Divine Feminine energy here and Now, into 5-6D Gaia. I’ll speak of this more fully before the June Solstice, but for now, allow your Being to open to the sweet freedom of a merciful ‘dispensation’ that IS the vibration of Source through the Higher Heart, and know that more ‘screens’ are releasing Now from the sensing/seeing of New Gaia as she already IS.

I would like to include here a practice for lighting the inner heart centrepoint, and opening the Higher Heart chakra, which sits between the heart and throat chakras and has the colour vibrations of purple and gold. This practice comes from a message of my twin soul Bareld, from one of his soul aspects, Samarias, and is called the Purple Rose:

A healing session….with the Rays of Purple and White.

The Purple Rose: Look into the Core of the Rose, the INside, the Insight, Look at it from Inside your Hearts…open UP to its Light, its Purple shine, feel this Light flow through your aura and being, let it mix in with the white healing Light of the Mother energy, the feminine light of forgiveness, the feminine flow of yourself, of the Rose blossoming open to new possibilities and life force, creating a new sense and a new step into your next phase in life, you new path, your new cycle, your next dawning, your new doorway.

Feel rays of purple and white coming out of this Rose and engulf your being and let it BE, let it BE, let it BE. Words I give to you now from the Arua language of Light.

En Ra Adin, means , Be like the Star Light (a Sun) and warmth from the I, your Core.

(see full post here)

images (1)

Purple is the vibration of freedom through mercy – for self and for all – the light that opens the way into higher frequencies, the radiance of Source’s dispensation. Combined with the sacred healing white Mother Light, the threefold Heart Centre opens like a flower to the incoming flow……

Embrace it, and the Ascension path lightens within you. Keep clearing energies attached to the old template; nourish your heart with the wave of Love; every cell, ion and strand in your Being is longing to Shift….


From Ashtar now, a few words:

Seven Stars light again

Seven arms of God rise

Seven hands of God open

Seven Seals lie bared


Mercy mercy mercy IS


We are with you


The Rose lives

Nectar INfusion is Inception


Marry in the Murrow

Tarry not, come and flow

Purple Light seed sow

Be-hold your Star glow


Ashtar3 - Copy


To the Stars in all our hearts, the Love in me feels the Love in you. We are One.

Much love to you all. Have a glorious week! ❤


With love to Ashtar and all the Lighted beings of the intergalactic fleet. Thank you for all you do.

With thanks to Sandra Walter, whose site can be found here, and my Crystal Twin Soul, Bareld Nijboer, whose site can be found here.
















2 thoughts on “Ashtar & Samarias: Lighting the Higher Heart

  1. Sweet Joanna,

    Love dawns in ones heart, with the Gift of Light renewed.
    Forever shines Source divine, balanced IN truth.

    From my Jewish aspects, to your beautiful heart, I say:

    Gutan matis elam! (INto the Gift, of God, Forever!)

    Bareld ❤


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