Tree of Life, Jewels of Heaven

Dear friends,

In the previous post I spoke a little of the Tree of the Sephiroth, which is, in a sense, a map of levels of dimensional manifestation and the ‘bridging’ connections between them (although in truth they are all One infinite overlaying/interlacing of frequencies). Part of my role during this phase of the Shift of Ages is to ‘show’ how alignment with Source – with your Source/Higher Self – works as higher dimensional frequencies ‘overlay’ 3D vibrations in your being, to create magic: direct extension (and reflection) of Source Love alignment in manifestation.

Source’s guides are directing me to speak with and through tree symbolism/energies this year, so this will be the second in a series of Tree posts. We began with the pairing of (masculine) bottlebrush and (feminine) pomegranate in the last post, and the balance of energies between Kether (heavenly crown of the Tree of Sephiroth) and Malkuth (the dimension of matter). I have just moved house, and now have very different tree energies around me, which will take us deep into the heart, into the core of Gaia through the balance of God and Goddess, and into ancient wisdoms.

For this Now, however, I would like to honour the great tree guardian of my former home, with photographs taken on the last night there. I invited star family to a ‘farewell party’ and we had a joyous celebration around a lemon-scented gum tree. This majestic 20 metre tall tree has very smooth pink-tinted bark and is covered in cream coloured blossom in Spring. Its leaves are full of oil with a strong scent of lemon. The Aboriginal people of Australia used its oil on their skin to repel biting insects, and on an energetic level, the lemon-scented gum is a powerful purifier and dissipates dense/low vibrations.

On the night of our party, star family sent their energies (in Orb form) all around this tree, as if crowning it with jewels of pure Light. It was an incredible, high energized gathering, and I hope the photos below will convey to you something of the joy and beauty of the night. Enjoy!

DSCF9634 - CopyDSCF9633 - CopyDSCF9639 - CopyDSCF9643 - CopyDSCF9643 - Copy (2)DSCF9646 - CopyDSCF9646 - Copy (2)DSCF9648 - CopyDSCF9663 - Copy (2)DSCF9640 - CopyDSCF9681 - CopyDSCF9687 - CopyDSCF9687 - Copy (2)DSCF9697 - CopyDSCF9697 - Copy (2)DSCF9697 - Copy (3)DSCF9697 - Copy (4)

With thanks to the majestic custodial lemon-scented gum and all the trees of our home at Swan View Rd, overlooking the Swan Valley. (Those of you who read the earlier posts about ISON will know my view that the comet’s 3D form was ‘cloaking’ a 5D biosphere originating from Cygnus, the Swan constellation, under galactic fleet guidance). Our new home is in Darlington; a beautiful name for a place of heart sanctuary energies, isn’t it? 🙂

Co-create with Love, and enjoy your manifestations! I love you all.


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