Magnetism of the Heart

Dear friends, As we approach 2015’s first solar eclipse, equinox and lunar eclipse, on March 20, March 21 and April 4 respectively (this lunar eclipse being the third in a tetrad of Blood Moons during 2014-15) followed by Easter on April 5, I feel to address ‘centering in the Heart’ from the perspective of angles of convergence, axial tilt, and the Earth’s polar magnetic shifts in relation to our own internal axis, magnetic fields, balance of the elements, and how to remain steady through the flux. If you are journeying consciously with the Shift, you have probably already noticed the intensifying effect when your focus into an energy, situation or imbalance – in relationships, work places, families etc – isn’t centered from your inner heart, and other moments of crystal clarity and breakthrough ‘aha’s’ when your focus is right in/through your Core, aligned with Source. The feeling of the difference between inner heart-directed focus and mental-emotional push/pulls of the personality is becoming ever clearer, individually and collectively. For unity and peace within you, keep affirming (firming) your centre – your central axis – your own torus, within the currents of the Shift, the macro ‘angle’ of the 3D axis and the 5D axis that are converging on a planetary scale, and in us. As you look through the images below, feel the Star you are, and affirm your Heart Star centre. The first picture shows a pulsar (pulsating radio star), defined as ‘a highly magnetized rotating neutron star that emits a beam of electromagnetic radiation. This radiation can only be observed when the beam of emission is pointing toward the Earth, much the way a lighthouse can only be seen when the light is pointed in the direction of an observer, and is responsible for the pulsed appearance of the emission.’ (Wikipedia)

Schematic diagram of a pulsar, Wikipedia.

Schematic diagram of a pulsar, Wikipedia.

We’ll return to the lighthouse analogy in relation to ‘seeing’ our galactic family and their ships, but first let’s look at the angles of a pulsar’s two axes. The white loops circling the star represent its magnetic field, its torus, which everything from an atom to a galaxy has, including us. The vertical green line represents the star’s axis of rotation, and the blue beams represent the axis of its light beam. The difference between those two axes is akin to the difference between geographic north/south and the magnetic north/south axis of the Earth – as the poles are shifting, on their way to reversing: s The pulsar shows us the axis of rotation, and the axis of light, which is aligned through the centre of the star’s torus, the ‘core flow’ of light through its field. Similarly, the Earth’s geographic polar axis and its magnetic axis aren’t only not aligned as one, they are slipping further apart, leading to a full reversal. So currently, the ‘old poles’ are no longer aligned with the central axis of the planet’s torus field. Below is a map of what is happening to the Earth’s magnetics during a pole shift. In a reversal, the magnetic axis fragments completely before the ‘flip’: unnamedf This scatter of magnetic threads mirrors the energetic lines of the old 3D template as we have known it, in full collapse, before a reorientation which, because of the faster light frequencies that have been steadily flowing into Gaia’s new heart grid, is a key stage of the planet’s dimensional Shift. Now feel the flows of these two axes through your own heart centre/ heart star and torus field. If you’re shifting with the ascension energies, the light will keep flowing straight through your core, and its radiating torus. Ego-mind will keep focusing back to the ‘old north-south’ axis, because that’s the reality it believes in. When your being is focused to old north-south (the old 3D template), confluence with the Light axis is lost, or dimmed, until your awareness returns, or retunes, to your heart centre, and focuses from there again, which realigns you to the flow of higher frequencies. Well-being, harmony, peace, love. Using the symbolism of the pulsar, and our Earth’s shifting magnetic axis, feel how ‘walking in both words’ in balance, viewing and acting as a multi-dimensional being in a three dimensional strata, means BEing in your centre, relaxing there, and allowing the higher frequencies to flow through your heart and radiate outward. It means SEEing through those frequencies of unity with love, touching the ‘old north-south’ as needed, with a light touch, rather than clinging on to constructs that serve the 3D view. This includes linear/planar concepts such as timelines, whether ‘positive’ or ‘negative’ (which is inherently dualistic). The heart-knowing is holographic, not linear, and converges energies from ‘beyond the box’, into the zero point, and radiates them through the box, until it dissolves. See this post for a short overview of dimensions 1-6 and how we ‘see’ through them. tempoh4 - Copy Astrology, as it has been understood in 3D, delineates the ego personality through positive and negative energy attributes of planets and stars, and ties them to angles/aspects and transits between those planetary and stellar consciousnesses as they are interpreted through duality, an analysis that is relevant and precise in charting the personality and its movement through time. Astrology projects personal/collective ‘progressions’ forward through time, through the lens of those characteristics. Without going too deeply into this construct right now, can you feel how anchoring into a higher frequency state requires holographic rather than linear envisioning? It’s the difference between thinking, or viewing from, ‘inside the 3D box’ (geocentric/egocentric/spiritual egocentric) and viewing through the box, from the unifying/unified SEEing of 4D+, through the transparent, open ‘hypercube’ – because unconditional love sees/feels from all ‘sides’ simultaneously – meaning ‘sides’ dissolve, into Oneness viewing. This is how higher dimensional beings ‘see’…and we are here anchoring that seeing in ourselves and on Earth again. From the Heart and its universal omni-view. eye-heart - Copy - Copy As you travel with the Earth’s magnetic flux through this stage, what is your awareness involved with, at any given moment? Are you trying to sort out lines from the ever-moving skein? Attempting to control the flux, or at least your ‘part’ in it (and if so, what emotional or mental states focus you into it)? Are you centered, anchored in your core, viewing and feeling all from that point of pure Essence, touching lightly on the lines without gripping onto them for ‘survival’? Are you feeling the grace of ‘being in the world, with love, rather than of the world’? When your centre is open, allowing the flow of Love, you are a world, a star, in balance. 18881_10200111655971498_1993703493_n If you find it hard to love and forgive yourself or others, or to trust the goodness of Source, if your mind and emotions feel confused, lost in the whirl of the flux, blurring deep, high light with lesser lights, masquerade from revelation, then wrap yourself in the purple light of mercy, of compassion. From my Higher Self: “Breathe the purple into your heart, let its benevolence-light fill your field. Allow Mother’s white Ascension light to pillar through your centre. Let it be both anchor and compass. Feel it encompass your BEing, with joy. Be One with her and bring through your rebirth. No one comes to the Father, except by the Son. No one comes to the Son, except by the Mother. All is in Oneness, tri-angle of the Heart. The Archer holds the Bow; through it flies the Arrow. Do not let your heart be afraid of the arrow of Love, cradled through the Mother’s bow. It is the Flowering and Fruiting of Life.” 4731700 - Copy

Flower of Life, by Capstoned, deviantart.

Flower of Life, by Capstoned, deviantart.

Flower of Life, source: Az abszolutum mtafizika.

Flower of Life, source: Az abszolutum mtafizika.

From the wisdom and beauty of the higher frequencies of the planets and stars, beyond ‘character traits’, a being simply Loves itself and All. The picture below, of Uranus in its golden rings, shows into 3D view, its torus wrapped in golden light. In higher frequencies, gold preserves its field, it tone, just as we know how to maintain and self-love the integrity of our light-fields, the containers of higher frequencies we are becoming, wrapped in our own Golden Apple. As in the macro, so in the micro….

Uranus, NASA image archives.

Uranus, NASA image archives.

universal-torus-lightbody-copy hqdefault (1) Let’s return now to these words about pulsar stars, and visibility of their axis’ light-beam: “This radiation can only be observed when the beam of emission is pointing toward the Earth, much the way a lighthouse can only be seen when the light is pointed in the direction of an observer, and is responsible for the pulsed appearance of the emission.” Feel this in relation to visibility of galactic ships sitting in the higher frequencies of the UV bands. When our focus meets their focus, in Love, there is a connection made, in the middle, and they become visible to us….because our SEEing from our centre, inner heart, is aligned to their beam. Actually, they are ‘beaming’ continuously. It is our focus that allows us to see the beam, and heart blockages or mental distractions/interference to our focus that renders their beam invisible. I have seen ships suddenly appear to ‘pulse’ with light, and have read of this from other witness accounts. Yes, the ships may be ‘powering up’ at those moments, but feel how that brilliance of light is seen by us when our intent, our joy, our love, is most focused toward them. Like the rays of a pulsar, we see the ‘flash’ of the lighthouse. But of course, the lighthouse, in this case, is always alight. As my beautiful Twin Flame put it a few days ago to me: Love = L-UV. Or we might say, El-UV. Ultraviolet God, indeed. <3 I’ll end this post with some photos I took of the almost-full Moon, with some friends in Orb form, on March 5, 2015.

Photo: March 5, 2015, Sirian Blue Lodge orb.

Photo: March 5, 2015, Sirian Blue Lodge orb appears left of the Moon.

Sirian Blue orb under Moon.

Sirian Blue orb under Moon.

Sirian Blue orb, close-up, with feline face looking through it.

Sirian Blue orb, close-up, with feline face looking through it.

They come with this message: “Blue is the shield of the Mother’s cradle, white is the Light of the anchoring stable, true the heart’s eye in its Trinity Seeing, bright are the Rays held in the angle, we greet you through the Arched way of the angels. Four is the Door, we meet in the mitha*. Nua Asera Du. We love you.” estrella With Love and Light to you all. Namaste. <3   *mitha means ‘middle’ in Arua leonine dialect: for Sirian wisdom of the heart, read Bareld’s post about The Sirius High Council, and for more detailed knowing given him by our dear lion brother, Ruba, you can read The Ruba Messages.

Fare Well, Mr Spock

Today, I’d like to share a tribute to the late Leonard Nimoy written by my Twin Flame – and lifelong Trekkie in more than third dimension – Bareld Nijboer, which you can read at this link:

Thanks for showing the deeper, higher energies behind Star Trek, Bareld. They’ve been filtered through in a 3D way, but…it’s a start. Now to keep raising and converging the resonance of collective contact, in this generation!

“I’m touched by the idea that when we do things that are useful and helpful — collecting these shards of spirituality — that we may be helping to bring about a healing.” — Leonard Nimoy

May the shards keep unifying, converging, and the healing be global. Rest in peace, Mr. Nimoy.

Mr Spock's 'V' hand greeting. Image: Star Trek

Mr Spock’s Vulcan Salute. ‘Live long and prosper’.

Astronaut Terry W. Virts uses the Vulcan Salute from the International Space Station. Below is Boston, USA, where Leonard Nimoy was born. Image: NASA

Astronaut Terry W. Virts uses the Vulcan Salute from the International Space Station. Below is Boston, USA, where Leonard Nimoy was born. Image: NASA


To star family of the Ashtar Command and Intergalactic Confederation, may our paths continue to converge to the ‘point of the V’, the zero point of our meeting-in-the-middle. Namaste. <3

Below are a few photos I’ve taken, where the ‘V’ signature of the fleet is prominent in the clouds overhead here:

dscf4874 (1)

dscf4527 - Copy (2)

Photo taken July 19, 2014.

DSCF4755 - Copy - Copy

DSCF6967 - Copy

p1010529-copy - Copy

dscf4527 - Copy

dscf5213-copy-2 - Copy


Lights in the Sky Part 4: Fire and Rain

Dear friends,

We’ve had a fortnight of extreme weather here in south-western Australia, which I’ll speak of now in relation to connecting with our galactic family, and inviting them to act. As my Twin and I experienced it, these weeks exactly symbolized energies that have been laid in throughout 2014 – culminating right at the close of this ‘Year of the Horse’ of Chinese astrology, and opening the ‘gate’ (Feb. 19) to the Year of the Sheep/Goat….or shall we say, the Coming of the Lamb?

Bareld has posted an in depth article here about Centaurus, Taurus, Auriga, the cubed energies represented by Bees, and their connection to a beautiful golden ‘twin pair’ of lightships that appeared off the coast of Florida, filmed by one of Dr. Greer’s CE-5 extraterrestrial contact groups. (They’re ships, not flares, as some have thought, and connected to the constellations we speak of). You can watch the video here.

Still shot from video footage of twin ships taken during Dr. Greer's CE-5 ET contact expedition at Vero Beach, Florida, Jan. 27, 2015.

Still from video footage of twin ships during Dr. Greer’s CE-5 ET contact expedition at Vero Beach, Florida, Jan. 27, 2015.

I’ll recap briefly here the energy we perceived/felt build through the last year, and the stage of the Shift we’re in now, which asks and offers deeper centering, peace and heart-connection to all pillaring and anchoring the Light. A couple of years ago I had a dream, in which a crowd of people in a field looked up at the sky, and Sananda (in his Jesus form) stood in the air between the two words ‘Alpha’ and ‘Tau’, written either side of him (the Hebrew alphabet began with Alpha and ended with Tau; three extra letters were added to the Greek alphabet, ending with Omega). This was followed by dreams/visions of a planet of Tau Ceti, in the Whale (Cetus) constellation. and I was guided to focus on Alpha Ceti also – and the red star moving between them; Mira ‘the Wonderful’ (Omicron Ceti), which has a beautiful ‘bow’ of light and a 13 light-year blue-white tail.

Mira, red star/seed within the shielding bow, with a blue-white 13 light year tail.

Mira, red star/seed within the shielding bow, with a blue-white 13 light year tail. Image: NASA.

13 is the Feminine/Mother energy of Source, the wrap, of the petals of the Flower of Life. The Seed of Life, the Masculine energy, came through with the blue-white comet ISON and the higher dimensional biosphere (egg) from Cygnus, the Swan constellation, ‘wrapping’ it.

Sky sign Jan.22, 2015: The Swan flies to the south while the Shem Arua was behind me, to the north. 'The South Gate is open.'

Sky sign Jan.22, 2015: The Swan flies to the south while the Shem Arua (starship) was behind me, to the north. ‘The Gates are open.’ Circle of the Northern Cross-Southern Cross flow is reaching completion.

The next stage, the flowering, has stepped through several stages to ‘lever the gate’ open into 2015, taking the cycle of Ascension seed>>flower>>fruit up another vibrational notch. From Mira’s bow – grounding of the new life force energies with the aid of Alpha and Tau Cetian preparations, celestial twin sequencing has carried the sprouting and flowering forward.

Feel this in your heart: between the Alpha and the Tau, beginning and end, the divine child/rebirthing energy/resurrection shoots through the Mother’s Bow. Cellular ‘grails’, receptive DNA strands, soak up the new energy, elixir of Life, for that is what it IS. Gaia is anchoring the same energy, which has been ‘pressed through’, slipped under the magnetic/chemical/astral fence, by the people of another binary star system, the Alpha Centaurians – Alpha and Beta Centauri flowing the balance of blue-white/feminine and red ‘bull’ energies, as spoken of in previous posts (Alpha Centauri was seen/felt as a Bull in the ancient middle east, then as a Centaur, which means ‘new bull’).

Alpha and Beta Centauri (Proxima Centauri marked in the red circle, nearest star to Earth, after our sun)

Alpha and Beta Centauri (Proxima Centauri marked in the red circle, nearest star to Earth, after our sun) Image: NASA

Je’errne’on, my Alpha Centaurian contact, wishes to send a message of thanks to all on Earth who have persevered, pillaring and anchoring the Light into the heart grid – which allows star family to take deeper steps in. We’re a wonderful team, folks, meeting in the middle! Read  Bareld’s post to see/feel the ‘Twinned’ energy of Aldebaran and Capella, once the twin pole stars of Earth, thousands of years ago, before the planet’s axis shifted toward Polaris.

Aldebaran, Alpha star of Taurus, with the Hyades cluster, lower right.

Aldebaran, Alpha star of Taurus, with the Hyades cluster, lower right. Image: wikipedia.

Aldebaran (Alpha Tauri), big red star.

Aldebaran (Alpha Tauri), big red star.

I’ll quote from Bareld, about the Emu (see my previous post for the emu’s connection with the Centaurus constellation and the twin brothers, Alpha and Beta Centauri) :

“Now the Emu, the Earth bound bird, acts as an emulator, a synaptic kind of corridor, a new layer, a system wide upgrade, or input. The emulator layer, acts, for the time being as a guest layer, until the system it helps (Earth) can do it itself, on its own, so it can be removed again. It imitates, or simulates the new energy for a while, until the host system can function the energy on its own. It helps it along to become fully new and well learned on its own.”

Can you feel more of the function of the Alpha C’s light spheres, being anchored in/around the Earth, and ushering in the light of Aldebaran now – as a ‘guest layer’ securing and holding the 5D unity grid until it is firmly in place here, simulating, activating, enacting and equalizing the higher frequencies as a proto-template with Gaia, while humanity adjusts UP enough collectively to maintain it? And how the Bull (masculine ‘cow’ energy) brings through the Divine Feminine, crowned in her ‘crescent’ horns?

Returning to the start of this post, and the weather, the incoming Light puts pressure on the resistant lower density/old template – individually, collectively and planetary. For example, here, the ‘friction’ has ignited intense fires – the biggest bushfires ever recorded in Western Australia’s southwest, with much courage from firefighters and evacuated communities. Smoke is heavy in the air as I write, and I’m asking Mother and her sylphs and undines for another cleansing, after rain came last week. The first ‘friction firing’ started on January 10th at Bullsbrook (note the name) north of Perth. As it happened, it was my son’s birthday, and we went to a restaurant on the 33rd floor of a building in the city – a revolving restaurant, from which we had a clear view of the fire. From our arrival there, I felt the Shem Arua* close by over the city, and sent a request to its captain (Arnap) and crew to help with the fire as much as within their directive.

I took this series of photos of the fire a few minutes later, with the Shem Arua above the ignition point at Bullsbrook. You can see the ship in 3D, uncloaked as a bright silver-white disc, and a white pillar of light grounding into the dense part of the fire.

Photo taken Jan. 10, 2015, from the C Restaurant, Perth.

Photo taken Jan. 10, 2015, from the C Restaurant, Perth.

Close-up, Shem Arua and light pillar.

Close-up, Shem Arua and light pillar.

Shem Arua uncloaked in 3D above Bullsbrook, 42 kms distance from where I took the photo.

Shem Arua uncloaked in 3D above Bullsbrook, 42 kms distance from where I took the photo.

I had seen the Shem Arua in 3D once before, while driving down from the hills where I live toward Perth, when it decloaked right to left, revealing the same silver-white disc shape as in these photos, then recloaking left to right (which simply means, bending the ultraviolet wave-forms around the ship).

Shem Arua angling slightly, before heading slowly west. A friend who lives west of the fire site said later, she felt a clear message that the area she lived in was safe and there was no need to flee. The fire got into pine plantations but was stopped before reaching the major residential area.

Shem Arua heading slowly west. A friend who lives west of the fire site said later, she felt a clear inner message that the area she lived in was safe and there was no need to flee. The fire got into pine plantations but was stopped before reaching the major residential area.

Shem Arua, heading west over the fire.

Shem Arua, heading slowly west over the fire.

In the last photo, the ship was recloaking; you can see half the disc still exposed. It was visible for several minutes (for anyone wondering, this wasn’t a dust speck or light flare on the window, as the restaurant was revolving, and I took these photos through three windows at different angles to the sun).

I saw the Shem Arua hovering about 300-400ft above Perth in early December, 2014, while driving down from the hills east of the city. The ship decloaked and recloaked as seen in this photo taken Jan. 10, 2015.

I saw the Shem Arua hovering about 300-400ft above Perth in early December, 2014, while driving down from the hills east of the city. The ship decloaked and recloaked exactly as seen in this photo taken Jan. 10, 2015.

Close-up of the Shem Arua, half-cloaked.

Close-up of the Shem Arua, half-cloaked.

The Bullsbrook fire was contained, but during 5 days of massive thunderstorms, many fires ignited from lightning strikes. At one stage, while standing outside I watched lightning flash every 1-2 seconds for half an hour, before witnessing a mighty ‘light pillar download’ followed by drenching rain that kept the eastern hills area safe. In the photo below, you may be able to discern the form of a ship, above and slightly to the left of the ‘download’, as a winged disc shape, or a crescent with a ring in the centre – an Arcturian/Alectian form – just underneath a giant ‘V’ in the clouds.

Photo take Feb.2, 2015, crescent/bow-shaped ship just above the light column, slightly to the left.

Photo take Feb.2, 2015, crescent/bow-shaped ship just above the light column, slightly to the left.

Close-up of crescent/bow-shaped ship, with disc in centre.

Close-up of crescent/bow/winged disc-shaped ship.

Large open 'V' in the clouds form which the bow-ship descended. V stands for Vega and the Ashtar Command.

Massive open ‘V’ or boomerang shape in the clouds from which the bow-ship descended. V stands for Vega and the Ashtar Command.

Boomerang, crescent and bow shapes as reported by UFO witnesses. Image sourced from the internet, origin unknown.

Boomerang, crescent and bow shapes as reported by UFO witnesses. Image sourced from the internet, origin unknown.

Crescent/bow ship with centre disc, as reported by Kenneth Arnold: see Bareld's post for details.

Crescent/bow ship with central disc, as reported by Kenneth Arnold in 1947: see Bareld’s post for details.

By the next day, a town a few hundred kilometres south of Perth had been declared indefensible from the fires and its people evacuated. The fire department stated it could burn all summer, then that night unforecast heavy rain fell, miraculously, and fire squads were able to contain the blaze. I know many souls would have been praying for rain, rain-dancing, calling on Mother and the elementals, to bring about this downpour. Thanks go to all your hearts, and to all reading this, please work with Mother in your hearts, and call on our star families too – invite them to act. Whether or not you can see their ships or have conscious contact with them, they are well aware of you, and feel all thoughts put forth for the highest good, for Love. Above all, they are very glad to help!

The ‘running of the bull’ is part of the Light’s incursion through 2015, and Arnap gives this guidance, through his soul aspect that was known as Ashur, deity of the ancient Assyrians. Have a look at the stela below, in which ‘Ashur’s heir’ is pointing to an arch of five symbols: Sun/Star, Taurus/Bull’s horns, Moon, rayed Lion’s face, and Akkadian/Hittite-style Crown, topped with a three-petalled Lily.

Ashurnasirpal stela, British museum, with stellar/solar/lunar symbols and Akkadian cunieform script.

Ashurnasirpal stela, British museum, with stellar/solar/lunar symbols and Akkadian cunieform script.

Following the sequence from lower left to upper right: the Gate of the Sun has opened >> the Bull (Cetus – Centaurian – Aldebaran) energies have arrived >> they will continue to flow in until the next Blood Moon (April 4th) >> anchoring and bedding the light through to the Lion’s Gate (July/August) when the golden leonine energies will amplify, through to the final Blood Moon (of the tetrad of lunar eclipses of 2014/2015) on September 28 >> then begins the flowering of the Lily, the three-petalled Trinity Crown, toward Christ Mass, the birth of that which is immaculately conceived.

Ashur/Arnap fires the three-petalled Trinity Lily through the Bow.

Ashur/Arnap, in the winged disc,  fires the three-petalled Trinity Lily through the Bow.

In terms of reception of Christ Consciousness, the Immanu’el, feel into this as the crowning of the head of a baby during birth – the beginning of the ‘new child’ emerging from the birth canal, in Ascension mode, from INception of the Seed of Life: the internal ‘immaculate conception’ of absorption of the Word/Tone of God/Source by our DNA, in the tiny wells of our cells >> to the growth, the opening, the Flowering >> to release the fully-formed Fruit/baby self, with our 12 strand DNA blossoming through the ’13’ of the Mother, each strand ‘twinning’ (twining) the binary (physical) and Fibonacci (higher frequency) modes. My Twin Flame and I will speak of this in later posts, because the energy of Twins is connected to bringing forth and flowing the golden light of the Trinity Flame.

fruit-of-life-in-metatrons-cube-and-the-flower-of-life - Copy

Fruit of Life, arising from the Flower of Life, 12 spheres arranged around the 13th. See Drunvalo Melchizedek’s book, ‘The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life’ for more info.

Metatron's Cube on the Fruit of Life; physical light body (the baby self) 'built' with the INception of higher Light/Christing energies into the cells.

Metatron’s Cube on the Fruit of Life; physical light body (the baby self) ‘built’ with the INception of higher Light/Christing energies into the cells.

‘Arnap’ means ‘One who steers through the Bow‘. ‘Steer’ has a double meaning; both guidance, and as another word for ‘bull’. So feel this here, the steering in of the Cetian, Centaurian and Taurean star family flows. Ashur was ‘worshipped’ as a Bull god. Now, he captains the Shem Arua, ‘Light of the Lion’* and I see many ‘horseshoe’ ships around it, like petals around a sun – so we have the reunion of leonine and angelic, human and ascended human-reptilian-avian hybrid souls, for a common mission. As Bareld puts it: ‘Love drives them.’ They steer with love…….

Ashur, the winged (angelic) bull. (This is how the kerubim were depicted in ancient Akkadia/Mesopotamia).

Ashur, as the winged (angelic) bull. (This is how the kerubim were depicted in ancient Akkadia/Mesopotamia).

We’ll go into more depth about the passage of the Blood Moons and solar eclipses during the year. For now, note the necklace of Ashur, and the tetrad cross between the Sun/Star and Taurus/bull horn pendants, representing the tetrad of lunar eclipses. X marks the spot.

IMG_3584 - Copy

Ashur’s necklace: Sun-Star, Tetrad cross, Taurus horns, Crescent Moon.

If you are finding the incoming flow over-intense, shaking your centre or ‘firing you up’ in a dualistic mode (anger/friction/headaches/dizziness/restlessness/emotional imbalance etc), we recommend visualizing an ‘individual size’ light sphere, Alpha Centaurian style, with red/grounding light in the base white ascension light in the upper half. Put this around you, breathe deeply into your Heart, let a pink star radiate from your heart and infuse your light sphere, until the red base light turns a rose colour. Gaia’s Rose Heart absorbing and balancing the chi/red life force and wrapping the white light of Ascension. This is you. A perfect container and conduit of grounded, anchored high frequency Light, filling then with golden light, each cell in your body a grail cup, each subtle ion a well of golden merkaba spinning light of Love. Breathe. Relax. BE it.

Peace. Peace. Peace.

With much love and thanks to Arnap and all aboard the Shem Arua, Je’errne’on, Ashtar, Sesherat, Sananda, Lady Nada, Gaia, and all our star family assisting here. And always, to my beloved Twin Flame. <3

Love of the Rose to you all. Namaste! <3

1798477_457708574357183_1430346113_n - Copy

 * If you would like to know more about the Shem Arua, I’ve added a page dedicated to it here, with a detailed description, photos, and links to previous posts in which it features.

Lights in the Sky Part 2: Love on the Ground

Dear friends,

Continuing on from the first part of this post about the lightship Shem Arua, I would like to firstly share some photos, taken by Rob Hartland* the morning after I posted Part One of ‘Lights in the Sky’. Rob and his wife live a few streets from me, and he took the beautiful photos below from Darlington on the morning of October 7. I feel the Shem Arua‘s presence in them, with the concentric rings around the edge of the disc shape in Rob’s photos showing the effect of the ship’s wave form modulating aspect I spoke of in the previous post.

Rob 7-10-14

Photo courtesy of Rob Hartland, taken from Darlington, Western Australia, Oct 7, 2014.

unnamed (29)

Photo courtesy of Rob Hartland, taken from Darlington, Western Australia, Oct 7, 2014.

(Note: Others caught this on camera too, with photos posted on a news site here, where it was described as a fallstreak cloud. However, given the times/locations of the shots, it would have meant the ‘cloud’ headed east, then west/southwest, all while maintaining its form with the concentric ringed rim!)

Here’s one of my recent photos of the Shem Arua‘s 4D light-form, showing its rings….


The Shem Arua behind cloud, October 2014.

Many ships are broadcasting higher frequencies around the planet, a ‘wake up call’, if you will, to the hearts of humanity to open and connect with Source within, to embrace unity consciousness, love and cherishing of all Life, to take in the increasing waves of light coming from galactic centre, and ascend their emotional, mental and physical beings to a higher density.

Many galactics work to clear chemtrails, delete the effects of pollutants in air, water and earth, break down the artificial electro-magnetic grid around the planet imposed by those bent on maintaining the current control structures, and clear out the archonic beings behind those structures. More star nation groups within the Federation are arriving on and around Earth, with their own specializations. My newest contact is with people from Alpha Centauri, who are generating spheres of light around the Earth, higher dimensional ‘sanctuaries’. More about them and their work soon. For now, I’ll return to the Shem Arua, its captain Arnap (Ashtar’s brother, in the ancient Middle East known as the ‘sun god’ Ashur – see Part One of this post for details), and a small craft from the Shem Arua that landed here in May this year.

In hindsight, Arnap first appeared to me in April 2013, his projected light-form descending as a winged angel from an ‘orb’ (cloaked ship)….

DSCF0234 - Copy


I knew this figure then only as ‘an Arcturian’. Arnap became known to me by name (or, conscious memories of him reawakened) in February this year, when the Shem Arua was stationed in 4-5D on the ground here, with its Core connected into an energy channel into the centre of Gaia, marked by the ‘sacred circle’ in the photo below.

Sacred Circle in the beech grove in my garden.

Sacred Circle in the beech grove in my garden.

The Shem Arua ‘unlocked’ the channel to transmit specific higher frequencies from Source, through the ship’s Core, a charge-up for the grid, if you like, with the purple flame of compassion, mercy, freedom into the white flame heart of Mother. You can see an orb descending into the sacred circle to open the channel, in these photos….

DSCF1342 - Copy - Copy

DSCF1132 - Copya - Copy

I could see/feel Arnap, firstly seated at a control panel in the ship, and met him on board, during sleep. In form and features, he is similar to Ashtar, with the same warmth and immense calm. I ask him now what words he wishes to be described by? He says; loyalty, fidelity, and he holds in front of his heart a White Rose as the Mother’s Son, one who champions the White Rose energy – these are his attributes and guidance. If you have read the previous post, you may remember his name ‘Arnap’ carries the vibration of ‘that which steers/guides through the Bow’, where the bow or crescent signifies the Mother aspect of Source. To feel this ‘bow’ as it was understood in the ancient world, and how it is returning Now, you can read my Twin, Bareld’s recent post about the Mother energies.

After opening the channel, the Shem Arua stayed on the ground (in higher frequencies) for 10 days. When the ship was skyborn again, Arnap remained close, and many nights circled over the trees around the house in a small ‘pod’ type craft, which appeared as a pulsing/flashing white light over the treetops. The  next photo shows the Shem Arua in a semi-cloaked ‘orb form’ near the Moon. Below it are photos of Arnaps’ pod skirting the treetops…..


The Shem Arua, cloaked orb form, upper right of the Moon.


The Shem Arua, more distant, upper right, with Arnap’s pod descending, right of the Moon.

DSCF2718 - Copy

Arnap flies low over the treetops, on the left.

During this time, I had profound experiences, including a deep body healing, consciously aware, on board the Shem Arua and the Phoenix. My ‘guardian angel’ leonine being, Al’tara, stayed close in orb form, and also in her leonine form standing semi-visible to my 3D eyes on the patio near the house (she appears about seven and a half to eight feet tall). The Love that emanates from these higher dimensional beings is so intense, yet so deeply serene, beyond words, a direct, unconstrained heart-to-heart flow. I would love to beam it around the world – but of course, that is exactly what they/we are doing, BEing, constantly, as I know many of you reading these words are too, thank you. :)

In August, star family landed a small craft in the sacred circle, acting as a conduit for the Shem Arua to bring through a focused higher frequency of Light, during the opening of the Lion’s Gate (heliacal rise of Sirius). For deeper knowledge about the particular Light that was ‘earthed’ then, returning the Purple Ray to this planet, you can read of Bareld’s mission as Samarias (‘Samarias’ being another form of the words Shem Arua). The sequence of photos below shows the arrival and landing of the little ship, not into 3D but close 4D, what we refer to as ‘cloaked’, but I hope you will be able to see its circular rim in the final photo. With my neighbours’ house about 30 feet from the sacred circle, it wasn’t quite the moment for an uncloaked ‘light show’…yet….though their kids might have enjoyed it.

Firstly, Arnap’s pod appeared above a tree east of the circle….


Three orbs triangulated a space-time portal between the trees….


This small, silvery disc-shaped craft came through….

DSCF2834 small disc ship - Copy

An orb ‘oriented’ (that’s the word they give me) the channel in the grove correctly, and the energies felt highly amplified at this point. You can see the orb ‘grounded’ as a misty ball in the front ‘petal’ of the circle….

DSCF2857 misty orb in front petal of circle

The circle bulged upward, then appeared to lift a few feet off the ground (there were shadows beneath it on the ground), actually a 3D illusion or ‘translation’ of an interfacing of dimensions, appearing as a displacement….

DSCF2859circle suspended above ground_shadows beneath

The circle settled back into its normal place, and energies spun vortex-like around it. Objects began to appear and disappear – in the photo below you can see a white shape, like a stone, in front of the circle, slightly to the right. There, and then gone again. It felt like things appearing from different timeframes; time fluctuations in the vortex….

DSCF2863 objects appear on ground

The ship settled on the ground over the circle, almost fully ‘cloaked’, but with a bit of the rim showing. In the second photo below, I’ve drawn a line around the edge of the disc, in case you can’t spot it…..

P1010947 ship on ground - Copy

P1010947 ship on ground

The ship then acted as an anchor for light frequencies transmitting from the Shem Arua into the heart channel of Gaia. Throughout this operation, Arnap remained stationed above the tree to the east, with an orb alongside….

DSCF2868ship+orb over tree

A closer photo of the orb, directly above the tree, with a face visible in it….

DSCF2827 - Copy

From higher up, Ashtar’s projected energy as an eagle light-form circled the garden, a sign of his awareness overseeing…..

DSCF2820eagle above tree

DSCF2843 eagle behind tree

This is the clearest photo I have of his eagle projection, from early last year….


The night after the landing of the ship, many beings flocked to the heightened frequencies…..

DSCF2989 - Copy

These words from Ashtar back in March this year feel tangible now, very close:

When the Dawn opens, be ready, when the Door opens, be steady.

‘’I AM the Rock of Ages.” Know this, breathe deep.

We are the Stars of Sages to Light the way from sleep.

Here we keep the Covenant, bringing Love is permanent.

Bless our roads, the Way of Life, 

Know us true, beyond belief,

Beyond belief, Know the Life.

Remember, my friends, convergence with the realms of higher frequencies comes from both ‘sides’ – and when it does, we Know we are One. Our star families have brought their frequencies to touch the range of fourth dimension. It is up to humans on Earth currently focused into 3D to raise their frequencies higher, continuously centering in the Inner Heart, to meet that touch. Feel deeply now into what brings convergence with realms of Love, of greater Light, into your reality. Free yourself of linear perspectives of the mind….time lines….personality charts of any type that keep reinforcing ego identity….recycling of chronologies and old or current life events, negative thoughts of self or others. Trust deeper. Let go. Bless your ego, and surrender it to the Wave ~ let the Wave flow through it constantly, unlimited, into union and joy beyond its imaginings.

With love to all ‘on the ground’, and all beings guiding and assisting the Shift, to the Ashtar Command, and to Arnap and the crew of the Shem Arua, serving the White Flame, the Mother Rose, bringing the new golden dawn with all of us committed to ‘holding the faith, no matter what’, through compassion and mercy.


If you find your spirits flagging – or shall we say, false-flagging, getting caught in ‘the Game’ – breathe in the White Rose, hold it in your heart, fill your Being with it. Fidelity to Source is Peace, and that peace situates you in the point of convergence with the New Earth, magnetizing not ‘lines’, but all emanations of Source Love, as if you are the hub of an infinite sphere with no ‘edge’. Then your world can transform….

Two friends guarding, Nov 5, 2014.

Two friends, Nov 5, 2014…..Thank you for Being here.


Enjoy this music and video; our breaths are indeed a river, that goes far beyond this physicality. Much love to you all. Namaste! <3



* Rob and Shelley Hartland’s beautiful photos of ships, orbs and other light phenomena can be viewed at their website.









Lights in the Sky Part I: The Shem Arua

Dear friends,

Today I’m introducing more deeply a lightship with which I’m in contact, that has been present over my house since early this year (photos in previous posts). In 3D photos, it presents as an orb-like disc of concentric blue-green rings of light. In higher dimensions, it appears (to my current level of awareness) as a vast crystalline sphere made of white light, with a central ‘core’ of counter-rotating golden helix spirals around purple-white light-diamond. This ship’s name is the Shem Arua in Leonine Being language, rendered in our speech as the Samaria or Sumeria, which I’ll speak about below, since ancient Sumeria and its ‘gods’, have become ‘loaded’ terms in the New Earth-oriented community.

The Shem Arua is one of two ships I have bilocated into with full consciousness, a much loved sky-home to me, as it is imprinted with the energy of my Twin Flame (his higher dimensional soul aspect, Samarias; he is here now on Earth as Bareld Nijboer, for those who missed this previous post). Indeed, I feel this ship as an extension of our combined energies, along with other beings. The Shem Arua has interacted at ‘ground level’ around my home, in 5D+ frequencies. More about that and craft landings here in the next post.

The Shem Arua first signalled its presence, ‘camouflaged’ as camera lens flare, in early March of this year. At that time, I understood it to represent activation of the pituitary chakra – which it does, as the opened pituitary chakra, aligned with the higher heart and pineal gland, makes a ‘trinity complex’ of higher frequency reception in heart-mind fusion, and lightships like this one and so many others are literally broadcasting higher Light frequencies to the ‘Trinity Consciousness’ we are all capable of activating.

Ship appears as light refraction, symbolising pituitary chakra March, 2014.

Ship appears as light refraction, symbolising pituitary chakra, March 2014.

The next time I felt the ship’s presence in May, and the focus of its Arcturian captain, and our leonine family on board, I asked if they could show the Shem Arua in a clear and unmistakeable way. They then gave these photos, simply stationing the ship partially behind cloud cover, to show the ship as a spatial ‘object’ (lens flare could only be in front of the clouds).

May 3, 2014 Arcturian-Sirian ship appears from behind clouds.

May 3, 2014, ship appears from behind clouds.

'Mastery of Time is inherent in rings and spirals.' Photo May 11, 2014.

‘Mastery of TimeSpace is inherent in spirals.’ Photo May 11, 2014.

In June, the ship appeared again:

P1010654 - Copy

And last week, during the Equinox, like so:

P1020091 - Copy

During these months, my connection with the people on board has developed greatly. For a brief period while the ship’s core was fused into an energetic channel in the land here, sending light into Gaia’s core and the 5D heart grid, I was walking-living-breathing in the reality of my 3-4D house and garden and in the higher reality of the ship in a merged state (a quite different experience to bilocation). The Shem Arua is currently captained by Arnap Sheran (an Arcturian being, Ashtar’s brother) yet like many Galactic Federation ships, has a crew from many star nations, including Sirius, Lyra, Ursa Major and Procyon, along with visitors from other craft, Pleiadians, Orions, Andromedans etc.

Arnap defines the meaning of his name as ‘That which guides/steers (through) the Bow’ (Ar-row of Source). He was known to the ancient Assyrians as the ‘sun god’ Ashur and was depicted with Bow and Sun Rays, or winged solar disc, protecting the Asherah Tree, the Mother aspect of Source. (For a detailed explanation of the Asherah, its suppression by corrupt elements of the ‘Ashur priesthood’, and the return of the divine feminine now, you can read Bareld’s post here).

Asshur01 - Copy

Ashur with the Bow and Lily-headed arrow of immaculate conception; from Heaven, he fertilizes the feminine bow/arch, and the Asherah tree/Tree of Source blooms.

ashur - Copy

Ashur above the Asherah Tree

Mythologically, Asherah was the consort of Anu and El, father gods of the Sumerian and Uggaric pantheons respectively. An/Anu means ‘the heavens’, El/Il/Al means ‘god’ or ‘light’; many angelic names have the suffix El…Micha-el, Gabri-el, Rapha-el etc, as children/qualities of El. The Sumerian area was settled by ETs long before the Anunnaki arrived, and those older beings are remembered as the ‘lion gods and goddesses’….leonine beings, from Sirius. High dimensional beings also came from Venus to that area, and to Central/South America, in particular, and their energy and presence is also woven into the long ago prehistory of Sumeria, Elam, Assyria and Egypt.

Channelled (dis)information and evidence from the ancient world – tablets, texts, images – have been interpreted with varying degrees of intent and accuracy. The only person I am aware of speaking openly of the Anunnaki, from first-hand contact in this current time – the original Anunnaki, and other high light beings of Source who are indeed with us again in this Now – is James Gilliland, of the ECETI Ranch. He  has spoken in interviews like this one about the return of the benevolent ‘Anunnaki gods’ (ETs) and the concerted, cooperative effort of many star nations, including the Arcturians, Sirians and Pleiadians, to release Earth from the grip of later successive waves of beings grouped under the ‘umbrella term’ Anunnaki (who dropped frequency into a degenerate, controlling condition – fallen angels/archons – and teamed up with reptilians from Orion, mantids and their accomplices, the greys). The undertaking of the higher ET Light Beings in this Now – the removal of degenerate ETs and their mind/energy controlling technologies – directly and indirectly assists humanity to recover their Inner Truth, their own divinity, closely coordinated with the re-establishment of divine union of all living beings on this planet, with Gaia’s Shift, through a series of waves of Light bathing the solar system.

As planetary Shifts go, we’ve probably all noticed this one isn’t exactly a walk in the park….however, bear in heart-mind that the incoming wave, steered by Love, the will of Source, is continuously building, until a point is reached where the old 3D template is no longer a viable projected reality option, and the new 5D+ reality can really blossom, through each and every one of US. Fully holding and focusing our beings in this Knowing keeps us moving in harmony with the ‘Shift Wave’ and helps us actualize the New, through our own unique viewing points and experience.

This is an individual effort, and a deeply collective one, unified at the highest frequencies, unifying across all frequencies. The collective effort includes all of us ‘on the ground’, the Inner Earth beings, Gaia and her kingdoms, and the beings of all the star nations who are here as ‘lights in the sky’ until enough vibrational convergence is reached for them to reveal themselves openly and connect widely with Earth humanity ‘on the ground’.

Last week, aboard the Shem Arua, I was given a device to hold, a ‘wave form modulator’, and felt into the existence of everything as a wave form; light, sound, time, the elements, all thoughts and emotions, apparent ‘solid’ dense matter. As I held this device, and felt its relationship to the ship itself, I understood the ship’s appearance in 3D photos; the concentric light-rings/spiral energy symbolizes the Shem Arua‘s function as a giant wave form modulator. Feel the light of those rings/spirals rippling out, along with countless ships, working now with the Source Wave to help shift the wave form of life on Earth to a higher frequency. All balanced, all in equilibrium (equal-IB-rium) with the pace and attributes of the increasing Light. In balance with our individual and collective pace.

Feeling deeper into the sound forms of Anunnaki and Shem Arua/Samaria, let’s peel the onion a little. I could write a whole post about how the sound units of the languages of Lion Beings, Angelics and Carians/High Dragons are embedded in the roots of humanity’s languages. Bareld knows it deeply, and has taught/reminded me of much, especially Arua, leonine dialect of Sirius. So, anu-na-ki can be read from Sumerian as ‘those who come from the heavens to earth’ (Ki means Earth, in Sumerian). From Arua and Angelic, ‘anu’ A is ‘I’, Nu is ‘we’, Na is ‘word’/’name’ (as in Sanskrit ‘namah) and Ki is ‘life/energy’ (origin of chi/qi ‘life force’ in Chinese) and ‘tree’ (as in Japanese). ‘A-Nu’ is the Oneness, the unity state of ‘I’ and ‘we’ as One….I-We, Word of Life, sound of the Source Tree, name of Creation. An alternate version of the word, Ananaki, has the vibration of ‘Grace of the Word of the Tree’ (Asherah), where ‘Ana’ means ‘grace’ or ‘gift’ (origin of the names Anna/Hannah).

From Bareld, Shem Arua means ‘Light of the Lion’ (or Light I-Lion-am). In the ancient world, Samaria (land of the Samaritans), Sam-ari-a (light-lion-am), was under the protection of the Archangel Ariel, whose name Ar-i-El, means Lion of God (also seen in Arel/Erelim, the ‘Watchers’). Returning to Arnap, you can see the Lion prefix in his name also; he merges the energy of the Lion and the Bow, Archer of the Asherah. In the photo below, his face is visible (brow, eyes, cheeks, and nose) directly below a bow/crescent of gold light, in the cloud above the Shem Arua.


You may be able to see two more faces to the left of his; they were phasing in and out:

One more thing for you to feel into, as Bareld and I have just been discussing the way Archangel Michael has spoken to him of the Anunnaki, as the ‘Sons of Anak’. We both feel the origin as Arcturian (along with some other Angelic races), merged with Sirian and Procyon energies. I ‘see’ Ashtar from a Sirius B lifetime, and both he and Arnap in Procyon incarnations (AA Michael also, but that’s another story – will leave it to Bareld) ;)  So, feel into the interweaving, blending and merging that IS, among our star families. There’s a tendency to think in terms of; they’re from the Pleiades, or Sirius, or somewhere else (and to think of starseeds on Earth this way) but the connections and higher dimensional realities are so fluid, woven and layered.

I’ll end the first part of this post with a night-time shot of the Shem Arua, in ‘cloaked’ orb-like form, upper right of the Moon.

The Shem Arua and Moon, August 8, 2014.

The light just above the trees on the left of the photo below is Arnap’s small ‘pod craft’, which I’ll speak of in the next post.

DSCF2718 - Copy

Small ship, left of Moon, August 8, 2014.

I hope this gives some clarity to a complex topic. Feel free to ask any questions in the Comments below or by email (see the Contact page), and I’ll endeavour to answer, or incorporate relevant info in the second part of this post.

Love and Blessings to you all. Namaste! <3

* I’d like to add these words from Bareld, with thanks to his Lion heart, for those of you wanting to feel deeper into Arua and Light language sound forms. He’s writing an ebook about this knowledge, more thoroughly, but for now here is his comment:

The Cubed systems of the Darthu energies (among which Sirius and Procyon are inserted yes, but it contains more systems than the two mentioned in your posting) had a DNA influence in the eventual Anak race.

The origin of their DNA lie in the Arcturian realm, like Ashtar’s origin.

About the Light language, Arua. Ru is Lion of Creation, and to be more in effect, the sound wave rrrrrrrr, even in ultra sound (like cats have), or not, means the Lion sound. The U as a Bow is the Unified Creation sound as in Nu or Hu. These all are Universal sounds and waves of Light.

Arua itself means this: I (Higher Self) Lion i (lower self) , the Whole Unified me.
Shem means Light.

Nua means we, with a capital N…where Nu represents the Unified Creational energy force(s), of the I, the small a. Nu alone means it is a part the Creational force of Source.

Anua means Gate(way)…or Door(way). You see here a small(er) creational force at work, like a kind of portal, a nu energy, (or du…ha ha..)..Light language can be shifted, reARranged and singled into ahem letters. Kind of what happened with hieroglyphs going into the Phoenician alphabet, then into Greek alphabet. By the way…Rua means language…just another block or shift of the word…if one feels this? Even by shifting one letter of the word Arua, the Light and Sound of the energy shifts and becomes a new meaning and energy. It all goes much deeper.

It all goes much deeper indeed. Exciting times, dearhearts! :)

Convergence: All-Time is of the Essence

Dear friends,

My understanding of ‘time’ has been going through some refinements recently, and it seems fitting to speak about it on the Equinox, the twice-yearly point of equipoise of day/night in our planet’s annual ‘time cycle’, and address a bit of confusion around timelines, time spirals and a certain ‘Event’.

We experience the passage of time while incarnate on Earth, at least in the Age we’re in the process of leaving, through a combining of the masculine Source energy of the line (arrow) and the feminine Source energy of the circle (bow, arch, that which wraps the arrow). We identify with ‘moving through time’ in a physical body as a line – in 3D a finite line from start to finish/ birth to death – that is propelled through a series of circles; from the minute (a circle of seconds), a day (a circle of hours) to a week, to a month, to a season, to a year, to a decade, and so on…

The line and the circle cannot be separated in our lived experience; the line progresses forward, merged with the rhythm of circles/cycles, and the merging of the two, the ‘forward projecting motion’ of the cycle along a line, forms a spiral. Just as our Sun is moving through-and-with the movement of the Milky Way galaxy with its spiralling family of planets, so the ‘linear circling’ form is ever-present in the double helix strands of our (old template) DNA.

dna - Copy

When we focus our energies into timelines or time cycles separately, we align to one or other of the masculine or feminine motion of Source flow, rather than the unified Whole, and reinforce not only our connection to the limited 3D duality template and 2-strand DNA, but to its continuance at a collective level. By the way, 3-strand DNA has already been observed in human babies, such as this child born in Manchester, England in 2011. His third strand of DNA was only ‘discovered’ because doctors were trying to find the cause of disabilities he was born with. Unless there is a reason like this to look at the DNA of a baby, it would go unnoticed, so there could potentially be many souls arriving now with a third strand active, slipping in unnoticed. :)


Celtic triskele: return of triune energy, trinity DNA superceding duality DNA

Celtic triskele: return of triune energy, trinity DNA superceding duality DNA


Yin, Yang, Yu: three modulations of the wave form of creation

A very important experiment by NASA slipped under the radar of mainstream media, also in 2011, which proved Einstein’s theory that the Earth (and by extension, all planets) sits in its own localized fourth dimensional fold of time-space. The understanding that our planet exists in its own local 4D ‘pillow’ (follow this link to read the original article) is as huge a time-space paradigm breakthrough as humanity graduating from the flat earth to round Earth concept. It is a profound ‘shifter’, to say the least; imagine if the whole of humanity was aware of itself existing in fourth dimension, projecting the illusion of a third dimensional template. Changes the mental/emotional ‘hold’ of 3D, doesn’t it?

Artist's impression of the 4D spacetime fold around the Earth, NASA archives.

Artist’s impression of the 4D spacetime fold around the Earth, NASA archives.

Higher dimensional beings exist beyond the time-space framework as understood on Earth, and can express themselves through ‘All-Time’ at will – in other words, they can (and do) reach through to our awareness by, as my soul aspect Rowena has been explaining to me, modulating the wave form of time. She says all energies exist as wave forms, whether light, sound, time etc. Indeed, we are modulating them every moment, according to the projected vibrations of our consciousness, mostly unconsciously. Star family do it consciously, in alignment with the whole Source flow, and literally bend space and time to move lightships, and themselves, across dimensions (more on this in the next post) to be visible to us.

violet arc top centre-right

First photo I took showing the arc/bow (spacetime bend) of a lightship crossing dimensions, May 5th, 2013.

violet arc enhanced

Contrast enhanced, shows clearly the ‘pull’ of the Convergence/wave modulation, in the clouds at lower left, sucked up in a vacuum effect toward the ‘bend’.

Higher frequency beings conduct and express through Convergence of energies that alter their relative ‘angles’ in relation to our time-space focal points, and when we are connected to/merged with our own higher dimensional aspects, we too Shift into streams of Convergence. I notice this as a feeling of ‘time standing still’ or of ‘time racing’ in great disappearing chunks, and converging strings of numbers. Last week, the last numbers I saw on the computer screen at night were 14 degrees C at 11:14. The same happens in the car, such as leaving home in a temperature of 10 degrees C at 10:10 am and driving back into the carport in 11 degrees C at 11:11 am, so I’m seeing 10:10:10 on the screen, then 11:11:11. The more in heart centre I AM, looking/feeling through higher frequencies, the longer and more frequent the numeric strings. (The drafts of this post saved at 11:12:13, and 1:44:41)

To feel star family’s ‘relative position’ to you/us, visualize a right angle, for instance, a V-shape, with its ‘arms’ facing to the Earth/3-4D. If it touches the Earth, it forms a triangle or pyramid, with Earth as the base of the triangle. The energy of Convergence meets in the centre, the heart of the pyramid, and merges in that ‘point’ of All-Time. This is precisely the ‘meeting in the middle’ between Earth humanity and Galactics that precipitates the ‘Event’ of mass awakening on this planet.

Be clear on this; the Event we are bringing about, a breakthrough moment of the old template into the new, does not hinge on certain dates and times, it hinges on a Convergence of frequencies. This is already happening as more souls on Earth individually experience moments of connection (sightings of craft, orbs, communications) that become more continuous as they clear blockages and stabilize more deeply, providing anchors with star fleet. Small groups have started to form, and larger groups will follow, of people able to hold their balance in the Converged frequencies of Inner Heart.

Enjoy the equipoise balance point of this Equinox, dear Hearts, and flow with kindness to yourself and others when it comes to all old releasing energies. Focus into your equal-IB-rium, the IB, the Heart of You, in the centre of Convergence that you are, beloved of Source.

Namaste! <3





The Sun, the Moon, and the Arch of higher frequencies.

Dear friends,

I’d like to share some perceptions of the deeper aligning of higher dimensions on Earth during the period of August 31 to September 9, 2014 (and onward!) through a series of photos I took of the Sun (Aug 31) and Moon (full, on Sept 9), and the escalation, fusion and movement they ’embody’.

August 31 saw a tremendous cooperative work to balance the Sun’s magnetic field, with members of the galactic fleet and many higher beings of the Sun gathered to literally Tone the Sun’s field into stability. While feeling the vibration of this Toning, aligning with it deeply, I saw rainbows form around the Sun, partially visible in the clouds in the following photos. In the first photo, you may be able to see open-mouthed ‘singing’ faces in the rainbow areas, representing the frequencies of sound used to ‘hold’ the Sun’s field:


In this close-up, you can see a white lioness face in the clouds, looking upward, with the shape of an eagle behind/above her, with head and wing shapes visible, projections of Sesherat and Ashtar, overseeing the correction:

P1010995 - Copy

The next photos show a ‘shadow angel form’ closing around the Sun, and the condensing energies of ‘its’ focus:

P1020007 - Copy - CopyP1020012 - Copy - Copy

Light beings (see the upper rainbow area) converged on the less light energies and, as it was expressed to me, ‘wrapped them in a cloud-ship’:

P1020016 - Copy (2)


The Sun’s magnetic field was corrected/lifted with Cube (6D) frequencies, which visualized in the clouds as the Sun’s radiance becoming cube-shaped:


Since this rebalancing, there has been a continuous surge of higher light, which has been raising areas where release of pressure, rebalancing, healing and release of core wounds/divisions of the masculine/feminine wholeness, both individually and collectively, are needed, and in the planet shaking out old energies and releasing the ‘heat’ of the collective consciousness (I’ve been much aware of volcanic murmurings through the Western Pacific chain from New Zealand to Japan, and my Twin has noted the activity of seafloor volcanoes up the Atlantic ridge, to Iceland).

With this surge, energies of the arch, the bow, the rainbow bridge have come to the forefront (my Twin, Bareld, has posted Part One of an in-depth article of the ‘long arc’ of the bow/crescent arch as the Mother aspect of Source, through which the Son/Christ Consciousness is reborn, over at his blog here – along with examples of how this energy is currently symbolizing here). This week, Horus has connected with me for the first time this year, with recurring images of Nut, Egyptian depiction of the Mother energy of Source, the Arch of Life and nourishment of all Life:


Culminating with Full Moon on September 9, which appeared veiled in cloud amid a full rainBow spectrum, what the camera picked up was the golden tone in that spectrum, so the Moon in these photos appears within a soft Arch or cradle of solar golden light – the Solarized Moon:



Mother wraps Father (Nut arches over Geb), Father wraps Mother, Sun wraps Moon, merged as One, the child is birthed, guarded by the Arch-angels. In Horus’s mythic symbolism, the Moon was called his left eye, and the Sun his right eye…and the One Eye unites them. The meeting in the middle. Can you feel the Trinity energy of the eyes, physical and pineal? The photo below is an Orb of Horus, as he projected last year, with the white double arch of his wings rising around each side of the central ‘disc’:


Or again, the arch of wings in his hawk light form projection, like the wings of Mother Isis:



From Horus: Align the Heart’s Eye with the way of the Bow. Blessed is the Gate, safe is the cradle, be it in the Sun or stable. We bring reunion, Heaven’s Light, left and right, wing of the Lion, wing of the Dove, RE-meeting in the mitha of eternal Love. 

The reunion and birth energies flowing into Gaia’s Shift are truly universal in essence, the fusion point of an ancient galactic drama reflected in the dualism on 3D Earth. Horus returns me to the image of the gryphon, or simurgh, which I hear as ShiMuRa: the pure harmony of Light and Love that once was, and always IS, as my Twin and I remember it in the First Universe of Mu:

simurgh_church at Samtavisi

The Lion people and Bird people re-blend their energies once more, in this Now, in concert with the wholeness, the Mother-Father Oneness of Source, to and through us all. If we can open our hearts to receive it, the way is open to us, the dimensions are a flower – and a fruit – to our hand.

Last night before sleeping, I heard to the words, ‘Look to the Equinox.’ And this morning, saw this video, The Eye of Horus and the Autumn Equinox 2014, from Magenta Pixie, a lovely synchronicity through the collective field. My interpretation is not astrological (a precise predictor of the 3D personality and its trajectory, individually and collectively, however our higher dimensional aspects are not governed by the ‘personalities’ of planets or constellations) and I feel to say this about the Thirteenth Sign she mentions; feel in to the sacred geometry of Fruit of Life*, in which the Thirteenth Sign, or Sphere, of the Divine Feminine, sits in the heart of the Fruit (or heart Chakra, of twelve ‘petals’):


When Magenta speaks of the ‘Path of the Sun and the Path of the Moon becoming One’, feel in it the realigning of the ‘Source Mother-Father wrap’ and the loosing of the arrow of Love, the ignition of Christ Consciousness, the return of the Son….the fruit birthing through the centre of the Flower of Life.

In the continuous flow of reflection, yesterday a flock of white Ibises flew over me (perhaps not the first Egyptian migrants to Australia). One landed beside my car, the afternoon sun lighting its crescent beak. Thoth’s bird, of the arch, the bow of the Mother, from which comes Thoth’s (and the Mother aspect of Source’s) association with the Moon. In ancient Egyptian, the word for the heart was IB; IB IS On, or is that IB I Son, the seed of Ison in its culmination path of unison through the Heart…


In this footage of an X-Class solar flare which has just reached Earth’s magnetic field in, have a look at the heart-shapes origin spot of the flare. The ‘heart of the Sun’ is open, light flows through the portal. Be ready to receive; heart open, in peace, relaxed, drink plenty of water, and take care of your own torus field, so excess flare energy flows around your being, in whatever way feels good to you. (In HUG, we use the SunStar and Golden Apple practices, which you can also find in the Practices page on this site, and I also suggest cooling/calming Blue practices. You may even want to drink ‘blue water’ – pour water into a blue glass or bottle, in sunlight for a couple of hours, and drink the frequency of ‘solarized blue’, with blessings to the water).

May we all feel the beauty of the ‘golden end’ of the rainBow…or is that the ‘beginning’?

Much love to you all. Namaste! <3


PS: In the last two weeks here, the Sun has looked like the Moon, and last night over the hills here, the Moon looked like the Sun, not yellow or orange, but pure shining gold! Mergence is deepening, so focus on staying at ease with intense or extreme energies surfacing through you, release them with love, relax the busy mind into simplicity, to receive gracefully…and enjoy…. :)


NB: You can read about the Fruit of Life in Drunvalo Melchizedek’s book The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life.


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